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Subway Surfers for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by SYBO Games located at Jorcks Passage 1A, 4. th. 1162 Copenhagen Denmark. The game is suitable for Rated for 7+ (Mild Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Perfect Time Killer Just wanted to report a small bug in the game. When playing, and when you complete a mission, a portion of "Mission complete box field" that appeears on top of screen remains stuck on the edge of top. (Reason could be extra top area that is reserved for camera cutout/notch on other phones...might cause problems) Device: Samsung Galaxy S10
Nice game, been a year long fun. Recently updated the graphics engine which causes many bugs but every subsequent update reduces the bugs, so that's okay. But I can't play the game any more now, because the music keeps going on randomly without warning blasting my ears. No matter how often it has been turned off. Edit: I was asked what's needed for 5 stars? Fix the bugs (what happened to jackpots for instance?) and stop the music from going on randomly.
This is such an amazing and nostalgic game. It brings back so many memories of when I was younger, and how I used to rage everytime I didn't have enough to buy a certain character or when I lost after having such a good run. Personally, this app is amazing and great for curing boredom, the characters are unique and the graphics are cool. This game, I believe is one of the first runner games (Temple run, ect), and I strongly recommend this to other people. Hey, you, download this game!
Nice game, but one day I opened the app and most of my progress was lost. (including the missions I had completed, the boards I collected, the coins, keys and the surfers I bought) When I collect tokens, it doesn't even record the amount of tokens I have. It just says 0/5.
One day I went onto the app to okay the game, but then my game updated and now I have now progress at all. I didn't know my game was going to change so none of my stuff saved. I never had spent anything and had over 150 keys and over 100,000 coins. I really want my stuff back. Thinking about deleting the game just becuase if that. I worked so hard for all of that stuff just to be taken away so I could play in Mami instead of Bali. This is stupid I want my hard earned keys, characters, and coins.
The game is amazing! But one thing, I get bored after buying new players and there is no uniqueness in them. Nothing differentiate them from the others apart from their costumes. No special powers for each characters. Playing the game for a long time has made that situation constant in every updates and it is getting boring. Please do something about it
Ain't a bad game. But there are BIG bugs. First of all, whenever I try to play a run, it says I have to pay 5 keys. Like, why??!! Second, if you want to buy a character it's like 30000 dollars! So much money! Every run you get like, 300 dollars!! Man, I wanna say something good about this game but it's so hard, like, the only good things are the daily rewards! LOL. But, think A LOT about this game before downloading it. Subway surfers, I hope your seeing this so you can help improve this game.
I wanted to give it 5 stars but I want to tell some improvement that you can do:- 1. When our game ends, there are only two options- use key or watch ad and the timer goes on for atleast 10 seconds. So my suggestion is that you include one more option that not now or exit so that we can go and play another game easily and quickly...
5 stars for the game, 0 stars for Halloween theme. Maybe it's just my eyes, but I find the lack of color very difficult to play and will wait for it to go back to the regular theme before playing again. **Halloween has passed. Please go back to the regular theme**
This is an awesome game and I love the new updates that come. I had a lot of money, hover boards, and character, but after a little while I saved the game with my Google play games account,and deleted the game. But after a little while I installed the game again but the save button was gone and all my progress was gone 😟😦please do something , I want my progress and everything back! Otherwise this game is one of my favourites πŸ‘
Can I give a suggestion❓Can you put an option for us to enable/disable the jetpack❓I mostly dodge jetpacks to not miss anything below (like tokens and letters), but many times I could go nowhere and was forced to hit the jetpack. It's good that I didn't upgrade my jetpack so it only lasted for nine seconds, but it must be hard for those who fully upgraded itπŸ˜₯ It will be the best thing ever if you add this option, thank you😘
I really like this game. I always play it to pass the time or to destress. I like the powerups and all the new characters you can get. The awards you can get are always so varied and that is what makes it fun. The only thing is I wish there were more settings. The game has been set is Seattle, Japan, Moscow ect but I have yet to see a South Korea setting. I would love to see it
There are issues with powerups disappearing, the wordy weekend starting over even tho I finished it, but the real reason you get only 2 stars is that characters cost real money. Idk how long it's been that way, but it used to be that you had a reason to earn coins, that you had to grind each week for the wordy weekend. It's not fun anymore. I already watch ads for hours every day to get to 500k every week, I'm not gonna pay you real money. You ruined my weekend. It used to be fun.
I have been playing this game for more than 5 years now, honestly NO REGRETS! one thing I find disturbing is when I try to double my winnings, it reports internet connection problem when actually there's no such issue with my phone and also my area of data coverage is superb. This is a bug I believe. Fix it! The version I had before updating to this one had no issues with internet connectivity but it stopped opening, days after downloading it and hanged on the loading page.
This is an amazing game!! It has basically no ads and all are practically optional. Theres just a small issue, for me some times when I try to enter into the game it takes really long to load or it just doesn't load at all. Sometimes I have to relaunch the app multiple times before it will actually load me in. Other than that there are no issues and it's a great game.
I would say it's been a good ride but that would also be a huge stretch of the truth. It's is a somewhat fun game, but becomes very tedious very fast. Also, you can NOT restore progress with cloud save even when you have them all connected.
Amazing game, one of the "originals"- I remember when everyone I knew had this game- and it's continued to develop amazingly! One idea though, would be an option to change the theme, as I, personally, prefer to other themes than the current (Halloween) one. This would be a really nice thing to see added, but still a great game either way! Thank you!
I love the game except for an few issues losing my saved progress, my high score I had and the list of friends in the game with this updated version. Now I'm just playing against the top run players only please fix this problem as soon as possible I don't to uninstalled for a third time or restart from scratch again. You had a five star rating but I had to drop you down a bit because of this issue Thank you in advance
Fun & Great Game!, I appreciate they still cycle the events, however, as others mentioned: glitches, issues in game. Glitches: This might depend from phone to phone. Some are funny, others are frustrating. Game Save: The game will ask several times how I want to save the game (online or offline), either option resulting in LOST PROGRESS, LOST KEYS, LOST COINS, LOST MISSIONS. (if lost chars or boards, will un-install the game) Last I played, I had 8m points, 30k coins and then the game exited.
I don't know why but since last month the game's screen is like expanded and I can't play correctly the game since I can't see things like my keys, coins, etc. Why does this happen to me? Because I've tried intalling the game a second time but it stills happen.
Lost the interest in the game. By putting sneaker and other powerups with packed all the 3 lanes by trains, makes the game to destroy the rthym. Graphics are still not up to mark. Hoverboards comes automatically without double tabbing. Adding this comment on 25.10.20. Lac of accuracy. Not satisfied on any issues. Since 4th june (latest update) destroyed the soul of this game. Playing since 2013. Now thinking to give up.
Really good game however when the Halloween update came out in October 2020 I bought a pack with all my keys. After purchasing it didn't give me half the stuff that was supposed to be in the pack and a couple of days later it deleted all my progress from the past few months, took away whatever I had from the pack and didn't give me my keys back. would be 5 stars if it wasn't for this issue but haven't got the items back since. updated the app and still didn't get my items back
This game is SO addicting πŸ˜‚ I find myself at 3 in the morning playing this because it's so fun! I'm still a kid but when I was a lot younger me and my brother would play it and we would play like forever! It's so fun for all ages and they don't force you to buy in game purchases which is great because some games now only want you to do that and there is barely any ads which is a plus!
this is one of my favourite games since i was a kid however there is this problem that i need help with.. i finished the halloween event which means that i collected all the pumpkins.. however i didn t get the second outfit of zombie jake and the 10 keys (from the level before zombie jake).. when i go to the event, it says that i got them but when i go to the second outfit zombie jake, it says "view" and when i click it, it takes me to the event.. can anyone please tell me what i did wrong?
This is a great game and I love it very much, sometimes there are a few bugs but that's no big deal πŸ˜‚. Also just a suggestion to make the game the littlest bit better, I think you should have different characters for the wordy weekend because they are just the same over and over again. Anyways I know your busy and it is a brilliant game so thank you!!! πŸ‘
This is a really good game. One of the only games that's been on my phone for a long time. I love how u can get other characters and boards. I love how every update it gets is different. But the only issue is that it has to be signed into a facebook account and cant be signed into a Google account. But otherwise really really good game. Great time killer.
Awesome game!!! I love it but I have a few personal issues. The Wordy Weekend event is annoying to complete because it requires me to die & lose progress to change characters so I can get onto the next word. I suggest you guys create a system that allows players to switch characters mid-run either by double tapping (their characters or a popup icon on the screen etc.) or by picking up a power-up exclusive to the Wordy Weekend event similar to Mystery Monday. Also the jetpack's glitched.
The best time pass game I've ever played. It's awesome. I have experience several games but this is the best one. It doesn't show any stupid pop-ups. It doesn't show ads mostly. And altogether, the updates, trains, missions, characters, boards and powers are awesome!!!!
I had so much progress on this game and connected it to save my progress. But after signing in on a different device after my old one broke I lost ALL of my progress. If I ever get my progress back my review will change but until then the only reason it has more than one star is because I like the game so much.
I love the game but there are some issues with it. It's kind of laggy and I ALWAYS get caught when it's laggy, and the Quality in the game is kind of weird. The Quality in the game is like half blurry sometimes and half normal. I don't know if this happens to other people, just me, Or it's my phone. It can't really be my phone because it's never Half Blurry And Half Normal, maybe you need to fix the Quality? It can't be my eyes because my eyes are perfectly ok when I stop looking at the screen.
I really appreciate it that you guys have responded to my complaint.my problems is that w everytime I press a key the surfer starts to run in one spot and it frustrates me because I have made so much effort to get the progress I have made. Secondly when jumping on the sand of the train the surfer will not move at all and I die which means I have to use my keys to save the surfer. Please make a fix and the game will be much more fun and better than beforeπŸ˜‰
This is a great game over all and really fun, but if I try to watch and ad to, revive myself, get coins, or anything else, the whole game just restarts! It would be a five star review, but I won't be playing this game until this issue is fixed, and AFTER that MAYBE I will give a five star review, but for now, it will remain at four.
Very nice game relaxing I have been playing for a really long time and all the updates have been AMAZING I have nothing else to say I have absolutely nothing wrong with it there is no problems you dont need wifi to play so that's great very nice art style and that's all I have to say great game for younger kids!
Love this game! Excellent graphics and mind - blowing set of characters and boards. Love those updates, they make the game better. Kills time! Loved all updates till today except the last two... They brought the game down. There can be a little more effort put in those two... Other than that, it's a 5 stars. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 But I want better updates from now on, PLEASE because I've been playing this game for years and so far I've loved it!
This is a great game. The developers did a fantastic job with the colors, the music, and just the over all feel. I especially like the Hallowen update this year. I think that the characters are at a reasonable price for in-game money and for real money. I have two suggestions that might make the game more interesting: 1). It might be cool if we could store the power ups and use them later in different runs, and 2). It might be cool to have an option to keep a certain theme of gameplay on.
This game has been great up until I opened it earlier today and all of my progress has gone. Including my characters, coins etc. I don't understand why this has happened and I'm hoping there is a way to fix this. Update: once again this app is not working properly. For the Halloween stations/tracks the pumpkin tokens are glitching. I collect 10 and they go back to 0. Is this happening to anyone else or is it just an irritating problem that is only happening to me.
This game is a very fun! You can collect new characters to add to your collection! I've only paid once for something cause I really wanted it, but Ive never paid after that! And I have a bunch of characters all earned with no money! Some characters that have a limit when you can get them most come back for a few days so if you want to buy them again! You can also collect boards! Which help you a lot in the game and they pretty cool too! Also has missions to complete for rewards and power ups!
Used to love playing this game, especially during deployment. The update during Halloween, it just doesn't load if I'm not online. I stopped playing due to it since I would play while on the ship without service, so yeah.
It's a good entertainment game. But it have lots of issues. Especially ""I disable music so many times but it automatically enable itself while I'm playing"". It's irritates me more. Fix this problem soon or otherwise I'll uninstall this game as soon as possible.
It's good. The only problem I have with it is the season hunts. After a while, it gets a little boring. And not only that, but trying to get them, even when they are in an almost impossible spot to reach, it's taking away the aspect of just having fun. Take the limit to at least 200, so that we can still get them, but not get overboard with it.
I have been playing subway surfers for years, its a great game when you don't lose your characters & progress after a phone reset, even tho you saved/synced the game. Its disappointing & puts you off playing because you lose so much & you can't get them back. You are then just wasting time because all your progress/characters are lost. Its frustrating.
Plays good, fun. But there are intentional bugs and glitches that screw up runs in order to push advertising and spending of premium currency. There are plenty of prizes and unlocks to get and they arent too grindy now so thats good. But the blatant use of failure state bugs is ruining gameplay a lot. Like stumbling into trains whilst ontop of them, of a lag glitch that causes a crash. Also current halloween update made some trains same colour as ground so you cant eveb see them coming.
Pretty fun game. But theres this glitch where when I leave the app and use youtube, it makes me restart the game (?). Like seeing the start up menu. This doesnt happen with other apps but it does with youtube. Sometimes i dont hit anything twice but i still die. But can we just appreciate that this app hasnt been giving us an overdose on ads? Its rare to see that with mobile games
This game really brings back nostalgia...And I absolutely love it! Been playing it for years now on multiple devices, only probelm I have is the progress saving... For example you can't carry progress over from iPhone to a Samsung device... Other than that this game is brilliant with monthly updates, multiple characters and boards to keep it fresh!! Highly recommend!
I am reducing one more star. It's because since updated version after lockdown, this game is becoming worst. It's like cheating me. I clear the task and then suddenly it shows I haven't cleared the task. I can see the score doubler approaching me and suddenly it disappears. I am getting again and again an option to select save on mobile or save on internet. I have choose both options but still it keeps on asking. After my review why don't you solve the problem instead of giving another link.
I enjoy the many challenges and different rewards of this game and trying to beat my records butnI feel like the scenery should change as you go further into the game. E.g. from train station and railway to streetcar, country lanes, forest, beach etc. AND I really need you to add a setting with night and day so you get a sense of real time passing
This was my favourite childhood game. Like , from 3-10 years of age , I was addicted to it πŸ˜‚ and u can say , that I'm back here to download it. And I can say , there have been so so many changes in this game. Extreme upgradations of everything ! Idk how m gonna get used to it cuz evrything's so changed πŸ˜‚πŸ˜œπŸ˜‚
This game has had a huge place in my life ever since childhood. It's a good game and (unlike all the other mobile games that boast this) is really addicting. In my experience, having to wait for more lives kills the mood of a game, so I'm glad you can play this whenever, wherever you want. Highly recommend.
Great offline game that I've had since I was in like kindergarten! Basically has no ads. Doesn't have any glitches, any that I know of. Was never laggy for me. And I love the characters I can't with them!
I spend 75000 coins in one chracter (lauren) but next day the chracter was not in my chracters and the bezzel board is not unlocking. And i also buy morgan but she is not in my characters. Do something fast the sale will ends fast then i will never get those chracters. No, i updated the game but the chracters are not there. I have 2778469 score in this game but when i go to see my scores in top run, there are only 661733 on it.
Date 23 June 2020 The game has been with me from ages now.... But the latest updates.... In which the powerup and weekly challenges are mostly invisible.. they suddenly appear... So the planning that sometimes we do when we see a powerup from a distance cannot be done and are missed... Missing the old game... Date 20 July 2020 Thank you for the changes you have made in the powerups and the weekly challanges...making them visible again... Loving the game again... Thank you again
I have been playing this game since I was very young and I have always loved it the same, I especially like the fact that you can play it offline, and the updates always make the game a lot more fun and interesting.I have never had any problems with this app apart from times where it gets a bit laggy, though it only last for a minute or two.
Nice game , i liked it . I gave it 4 stars because , .......... I like a character boombot but to purchase boombot we have to purchase coins or keys with real money .......... So please fix that so i can purchase it with keys or coins in the game . If it is developed , then it is the best arcade and action game for me . I really love this game but please please fix that problem.
Its a good game and not many adds overall I love it but I would like it if the game makers wouldn't keep changing it. IT'S GOOD AS IT IS PEOPLE! Any how I also wanted to say that it says you can get your progress back after uninstalling it but I never do when I reinstall it. And yes I did look for a "saved progress" button but I couldn't find it. Please fix this. AND STOP CHANGING IT! Thank you!
Super upset... I downloaded the game after a year or two, only to find that despite connecting to both Facebook and Google play games, none of my progress was saved (16,000,000 highscore, +30 characters, etc). Furthermore, the mechanics have been changed making it unreasonably difficult to move from side to side. Very disappointed with the quality
Overall gameplay is simple and fun, and collecting cosmetics is a good side objective if you enjoy the grind. Item costs in game can be steep and off putting to new comers. I tend to get the permanent coin multipliers in endless runners that I enjoy a lot, and it helps a lot in this game but is by no means a requirement. I also recommend syncing your data with an account, otherwise you lose all your unlocks/progress upon app deletion.
I love this game but the problem with it is that it's switch it self from stage 30 back to square on,I don't know why and please fix that. IT DID DELETED ITSELF AGAIN,BACK TO STAGE ONE AGAIN. I have to start from the start again and it glitches when i m playing it please fix this problem. I hate this game from the word go....it's erase itself again & now.pleeeeease fix this problem
It's really very interesting game! If you want to waste your in time any game Subway Surfers is the best. I play this game with very focused mind🀣🀣 to earn the highest score. LOL! One suggestion Please remove buying the game because there's nothing to buy there's no use! Very Addictive! Time passing game! Thanks
I used to love this game! I had so much progress and a seasonal character that I worked super hard for and finally unlocked her. I lost it all. I lost my favorite character, Lucy, including the goth outfit and a character I cant remember the name of because shes gone. I loved this game and would stay up until 2 in the morning to get that one character. And dont comment that bot message about the 1 star! You deserve this and you know it!
Great Game!!! No ads, bugs, or glitches. The only thing I would add, is where you can preview a skin. I bought a skin thinking I would like it, but then hated it... Otherwise, GREAT GAME!!
The game is okay, the music is catchy, but the game makes you pay real money for a costume that only last for a couple of months, dissatisfying really. Like if you spent real money on a costume and the world tour ended you would have to wait more time to play as a character you spent real money on. Not cool.
The game is fun to play. But please fix the bugs and glitches. Besides, this is 2020, can't the graphics be any better? It's no doubt a very interesting game but crash board actives automatically sometimes. And it sometimes has a mind of its own... Please look into this... That notwithstanding, the game is awesome... So I give a 4 star...
Your game is great i just feel like you guys should create a way where we can start a race where we make a username and add our friends and then we race to see who would have the highest score. Sometimes playing by yourself can get boring so i just wish there was a way where i can play with other people/friends basically. Thx:) other than that your game graphics, characters, trains, colors etc. Is very good keep it up:)
This game is awesome and I love playing it. But the thing I don't like is when I watch ads to get coins or rewards the ads never seem to work? Sometimes if an ad works it's a blank screen. But most of the time it's just a glitch where the game menu is shown and a timer for the ad and when the timer is over the game turns off and I have to open it again without and rewards. If this is a big please fix it. Thank you.
Really great game but recently I found a problem.. when I want to put other music, I mute the sound from the settings, but after a little bit they turn back on casually and when I go to settings I see them turned off so I have to turn them on and off again every like 10 mins. And this makes me interrupt the game a lot of times and it's annoying.
The new season has many geometrical bugs... The runway physics has changed... There is some changed in the game jump ... When i used pogo stick i end up hiting the railway tunnel wall... This doesn't happen in any season.... And there is some train glitches too... At some point there is trains at all the tracks and you can't do anything other than use surfboard.. I dont know whether it is meant to uae surf board but this never happen in previous seasons... Do something ...I love this game
Great game. But there's always an issue with Top Run, Season Hunt, Diamond Surfer and Always on top awards, progress of Achievements, Jetpacks, etc. Update upon updates, we hardly see problems fixed. First the game wouldn't even give the my Top Run award, now I get my award but my Top Run score for the previous week still shows up for the next week and the next and my Always on Top and Diamond Surfer (and or Gold Surfer) achievements show no progress. Uninstalled.
I love the game so much,I just played it recently and it was very addicting, however the one thing I hate is the waiting time to farm the tokens for this limited season,I mean why does it need to have waiting time when you can hardcore farm it,please do consider removing the waiting time,over all the game is very well made,keep up the good work😊
This game is amazing. One thing I would like is for there be easier ways to get keys, and maybe even be able to make your own customizable characters. The first one could be for free, then you have to pay coins or keys to get more. There should be a Subway Surfers and Sonic The Hedgehog crossover. I love Sonic The Hedgehog so making the game have Sonic characters for a limited time would make me play until I had them all.
This game is really fun but a few times I get into the app and all my progress is gone. I don't know if it's only me but I bought 1 or 2 people and the next time played it was gone like it was the first time playing and I even had to do a tutorial. I would be really happy if you could fix it πŸ‘ Another thing is it would be a more fun if you could add a feature for "endless or levels" or you could be able tho choose "hard, medium easy" cuz the game gets kinda boring after a while
I think this is the best game for time pass. I have been playing this game since many years. Jake has been my favourite character and I just don't need any other. Of course this game offers a lot which you must make the best use of! Good luck team, hope you will in time come up with new and more interesting features. Good luck once again, Thank you
I've redownload this game on different phones over the years and do really enjoy the game. But one issue seems consistent despite the device. Maybe it's because I have little fingers but the movements aren't always accurate and it gets really frustrating when you get to higher speeds. I try to slide over and end up jumping instead. Or flat out don't move at all and go splat into the train I was trying to avoid in the first place. It's fun and a good game but the tolerances need to be better.
I loved this game! πŸ’• But after a while it started getting boring. Then school was starting and I didn't have time to play. So I stopped for 1-2 weeks. I do not know if it was the reason but I lost all of my progress πŸ’”. All of my coins were gone, keys, high score, and all my characters! (BTW I did not delete it and download it back) Be careful! Thanks :/
The game is awesome, amazing graphics and very creative. The downside that I have is that it's mostly a pay-to-play game. Since most skins cost actual money, it is hard for kids to play since they dont have credit cards. And the world tours are good, but when you are saving up for a world tour skin, you will only get about like 10 days to save up if you dont want to use actual money. And again, the skins that DONT cost real money, cost lots of virtual coins. So SYBO, please change the prices..
Honestly a super fun game, but HOLY HECK the app is awful. For a game that's existed for what, a decade? It's still ridiculously buggy. NO I DO NOT HAVE A CONNECTION PROBLEM. My wifi is high speed, full bars, so let me just double my damn prizes. I crash right after i pick up jetpacks. I miss turns and jumps because the app lags like hell when my phone is CLEAN. How does this app suck so much after like over a hundred updates? Don't you even try to fix the bugs?
Love this game. Supper fun and playful, the one thing I love about this app is that they have so many charaters to chose from! I also love how easy it is to play and that if it's your first time playing it gives you step by step instructions. I've been playing this game since like 2012 or 2013 it's so fun and I loved it since then. Right now I'm trying to unlock all of the NFL players and it easy to do. I love this game and the people who created it. Thanks for making my childhood great. LOVE U.
I used to like this game but now it's become so frustrating to play. You have to buy everything with keys now which are so hard to get by the way, thereby rendering the coins we worked so hard for be useless. It just makes the game so discouraging to play. Now there's a glitch problem. Things just disappear. I was about to get a powerup in front of me and it just disappeared and another time my character just flew out of the screen on a jetpack that is said I'd lost the game.
This game is very fun but there is this glitch that happened to me before which us the jetpack glitch. Whenever I get a jetpack, sometimes it doesn't lift me into the air. It makes me stay on the ground and I always die. ; ( With that, when u jump, it is double jump from mystery Monday. Please can you fix that. Updates that should be added to the game: Make it so that you can boost your time for the mystery Monday powerups. I can't write any more so I do in another reply
Overall a nice and simple, easy-to-learn gameplay experience. Thankfully there arent too many ads, and you do not have to rely on pay to win. Unfortunately, this app is subject to quite a few glitches that are really not fixed fast enough. Apart from this, thanks to the easy game experience and nostalgic look, the game is loveable and widely treasured in everyone's hearts
You keep telling me i have a connection problem. What you need to do is recognize my wi fi. I don't have a problem with any other game that i download on my device. The one star stands until something is resolved. FIX IT. It amazes me that i dont have an internet connection but i can still post on social media with the game. How does that work if i dont have internet
excellent game. high quality graphics, smooth gameplay, love how the ads are not constant. cool boards and characters, nice infinite run. a suggestion i have is to add back in when you roll, the guard rolls too; its not that important, just a funny feature. wish some boards & characters weren't as expensive or rare, but that sort of brings the drive out of the game. 10/10.
Hi! (No criticise comment) I am in love with this game! I really like it. I'm literally addicted! I have NO problem with your game at all. It runs smoothly, the characters are Dynamite, everything is just so. I just have one request, like you created the NFL team, can you plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz create a BTS team? Please? I would really enjoy and rate 5 stars on higher websites! This is not a bribe😝 btw, thanks a lot for creating this game, I really like it!
Game still great. But it could actually be better than this in some ways β€” small changes. Honestly I see no reason in buying characters, PRINCIPALY the real money ones. They don't change anything in the game. Literally nothing. Why would I buy them? It could be easily solved adding different characteristics, being that an cool effect or "power" that gives you and advantage on run. Also, I don't see why there's no option in connecting with a Google Account as well. Please consider the suggestions
I wish I could rate this lower. I seriously want all the money back I spent on this game. You've ruined it. It's full of bugs and just overall awful. Seriously, why? Why would you fix something that wasn't broken? You literally had the perfect game. 17/11/2020 Ya'll really trying us huh? Now our mystery boxes got taken away after completing our missions? Ok
I quite like the game as now there are many new characters every 2weeks later. So we are able to have many more new characters OTHER than those normal ones. Not only characters, but also there are many styles of skate boards , so it's a really fun experience. But I also hate how we have to pay money to buy gems. WHY ??? Please change the features of paying real cash to watching ads as it's far better. This is all I had to say and please note that for one feature , your game is not disliked.
I really like the game I enjoy playing it I'm just tired of whenever I get a new device/redownload the game. I always have to restart and get everything I worked really hard to get. Even if I try to restore my old game it never works and leave me doings everything again. Other then that enjoyable game would have given more stars
This game is a literal goner! But developers, (instead of giving dumb updates) you can make something new. Eg. Run online with friends and highest score wins, no keys, no skateboards! This would be a heaven for old players! I'm sure this game then would come back in top! Like before! Now people playing it are literal dumbos, that's what I feel! So please consider this comment and update the game! πŸ˜‰πŸ‘ You guys always do same thing except the name n color is different πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚
Good game ever. New updates. New characters. New boards. New challenges. New places. You will find everything new here. Those who are rating this game 1 2 or 3 stars I don't know why, but really this game was good. This game is better. And this game will be best forever. I am in love with this game. It's a 5 star game, so I gave it 5 stars. A most loved game forever and ever and ever.........
I think this is an awesome game, me and my girl friend, love to trade and take turns playing. Cool thing is we both have several characters to choose from. Also, really like that you don't have to spend real money, you can grind it. However the game makes you want to spend real money. You can get neat characters for a couple bucks. To us, it's worth it on occasion. It did lose a star with the repetitive nature of the actually running. I'd like to see more detail in the environment.
The game itself is okay, very good effects and graphics. However, what i dont like is the music option in the settings. Coz every once in a while after i have disabled the music, in the middle of the run the music starts playing again which is really annoying. I had to pause the run and disable the music again. Try to fix this issue.
Fun game. There is a problem with the inner workings of the game regarding connection. My data or wifi would be working fine, then the game would tell me that there's a problem with the connections and, inevitably, it happens when I'm going to watch an ad to double my prize when the reward is something good. I usually don't have network problems on my end. Please fix this.
The new update is brilliant and I love it but I noticed that the guard is a little bland so I thought I could make a suggestion. Maybe the guard could have headphones on and like some sort of gaming outfit and his dog could have a controller in its mouth? I just think it would make the update better than it already is!
the game is really fun and I like how theres a new season every 3 weeks, but I'm experiencing a glitch where the daily word hunt doesn't work, every day it says that I already completed the word hunt even if I haven't even played at all that day and I can't figure out how to fix it. please release a patch to fix this glitch.
Everytime an ad pops up, sometimes its a playable ad, so I play it until the ad is done. When I tapped the ad, it took meto the app in the play store and when I press the back button to go back to the game, it took me to my home screen and it said "unfortunately, Subway surfers has stopped working" and I have to restart all my progress. But other than that, i like the game a lot.
Its a great game, really fun to play. Graphics are great and such. Unfortunately, I can't see my awards. For example, I recently got the amethyst award, but when I went to see if I could look at it closer, the option never popped up. This is the only problem for me. I even looked up how to see awards, and it was never displayed on mine. I'm really disappointed that you can't see what you win, because I was really excited but it never showed.
I grew up playing this game, and I still like it! I'm glad they didn't take the game down since it was some of our childhood games. But I have a ssmall issue, and this doesn't happen every round. When I swipe in any direction, it sometimes doesn't make the animation feature follow my gesture. I don't know if it's my phone's screen or the game, but fix if that's the case!
I used to like the game more but the new update made it more laggy and kind of worsened the game. I'd really like to know the reason you decided to entirely change the look of the game after so many years of it having the same player list style and look. I haven't really seen what's the new update is all about but I willing to fully explore every new aspect of the game sooner or later . Thank you and I hope I will be able to change my opinion about this game and put five stars.
Generally fun game, seems somewhat harder to achieve high scores than when I played it years ago. Color of one train in latest update is really hard to notice, but that will change in future update. The reason why I'm giving 4 stars is because music starts playing about 2 minutes after starting the game, even though sound effects and music are disabled in the settings. After I enable and disable music two times, it does not start again no matter how long I play. This issue is really annoying.
Fast paced, never gets boring. It's one "stage" so there's no "end" but I like racking up high scores and earning stuff to get better hover boards with different features. Little tip: go into settings and choose the option to see ads that are based on what you look at online. You can get lots of free stuff watching ads, but you'll see ads for stuff you're actually interested in. Plus many of those ads are only 15 seconds long instead of just 30 second app ads, which means it goes by faster.
Subway Surfers is so much fun! I think it is a really cool game and there is nothing that is really bad about. The only thing is that some things are really expensive and you should lower the amount of things you need to collect to get characters. I've never gotten one of those characters before because it takes so long. Otherwise this game is a lot of fun, and you should download it.
Ok, I'm not gonna lie, this was amazing, it was, it would always, when I was bored, it would give me entertainment. I was shocked when I first got this game, I saw so many subway surfers stories and like that, pressured me to get the gate. Game, I meant I'm so sorry, but when I got the game, it was so amazing, and I was running out of thoughts to get other games like, it's just so amazing. But if I wasn't close to my satellite.like a couple times it wouldn't let it would like start lagging so...
I would have given this game 5 stars considering how obsessed I have become with it, But I recently had to reinstall it because it was glitching out, thinking everything would be saved because I was signed in online - it wasn't. I lost everything, my diamond score, my millions of coins, my hundreds of keys and all my exclusive characters... I'm so so dissapointed πŸ˜–
Pretty enjoyable game, but the shop is a bit annoying since you have to klik once for every purchase, doesn't seem like a problem until you want to buy 2000+ hoverboards and since i play fairly regularly i have to do that once every few days, i literally have to sit and click repeatedly in one spot for 20 minutes, please do something about that it's really annoying.
This game was probably one of my favourite childhood games,i am 13 now-and i could say that i used to play this since i was 5 till i was 10.now here i am, playing it again. I could say it is amazing how you don't need internet to play this game,it also isn't forcing you to spend all your money to actually enjoy it like other games. The characters are creative and great,the game is pretty challenging as well which gives me a reason to play it. If you haven't downloaded it,i recommend it buddy :3
What's wrong with this game.... I loved this game since my childhood ..I always played it and loved it.. But what u did with this game... I had got so many characters and boards and everything in this game but I don't know what u did and it has all gone.. It's like I have come in past months back... Plzz just fix it out I want my all things back.. And new season is also coming so plzz just do it fast...
This has been my favorite game since 2013 but is it just me or have they hieard amature artists for the new update or what as this update has just distroide the look and feel of the game. All in all I still love this game and I strongly recommend this game to others.
Everything's fine, graphics are just GREAT but it's really annoying that when after ads make my music stop playing and I leave the app to turn it back on, once I'm back the app starts again and I lose my score. I didn't have this problem before. It would be great if I could leave the app for a moment during the run and continue when I'm back.
This game is AMAZING!!! I've played this game for years and it's always been a constant game in any phone that I get. I'm giving it five stars but I do have a teeny tiny issue... the wordy weekend is the same characters over and over again. This takes the fun out of wordy weekend because the fun behind wordy weekend is not knowing which characters are going to be there so.... Please consider this. Thank you.
This is an amazing game and it never gets old. It great to play and can help you relax. I just have one thing to say, like in miami the characters to unlock with keys and then changed it to gold, could you do the same thing liek with Manny and 5he halloween characters in a pack?? That would be great if you could.
It was a great game after all. I took 15, 000 high score + 16 characters. When i opened it some day, it will start from the beginning telling your progress is lost. This is not fair after all. πŸ˜‘. But i like the game very much. It's graphics, quality, characters are superb. As i like this game so much, even again i am going to start again. So developers please do the corrections. Only of thos problem, im rating 4 stars.
A great game but the characters are priced way too high. For example Tasha is like 30000 coins. Like what the... ive been tryna do some more runs and collect more coins but its so hard to reach my goal. However this game does use a business strategy to get you to take more runs for more coins and its a good job that the characters are priced so high. But im dying yo get these characters. This game is a lot of fun and ive been playing it for a couple of years now. Great game. Really addictive.
I am so much disappointed because after watching the ads I don't get the closing symbol as well as every time it says connection problem... I won't double up whatever I get... I miss the three keys because of this problem every day... Pls rectify it.. Till now the problem hasn't solved.. I am going to uninstall it... You are so much disappointed me... I like the game very much..but I can't double up my rewards... Even watching after the ads... It's not good from sybo.....
I do like this game alot...but I don't like the fact that when you have your game connected to Facebook it basically doesn't save anything. My problem is why connect it to fb if it's not going to save your characters and boards, etc. I also, updated this game because I was really looking forward to getting Morgan from the Halloween update and now I'm disappointed since the only way you can get her is by buying it with actual money which is crazy.
This game is actually the best game which we get to play without internet and this game doesn't force anyone to pay money πŸ’° πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’° . It is probably the best game I have seen. There is no competition to this game and it is endless also. After every update there will be new characters and boards and new city tour will be given. Love this game❀️❀️.