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Subdivision Infinity: 3D Space Shooter

Subdivision Infinity: 3D Space Shooter for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by Crescent Moon Games located at 488 Charlton Road Ballston Spa, New York 12020. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence, Occasional Swearing) and required Android version is 4.2 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
A game with good potential, but I was put off and uninstalled since you need to pay to travel to other star systems, you could just play on the first star system, but the game would just become monotonous doing the same thing over and over.
5 stars for awesome graphics, controls, music, interface, pacing, gameplay and no annoying ads. But the dev wants to get paid too so when you want to continue the game you have to pay $3.49 to unlock the other systems to continue on. I don't begudge the dev choice of monetization this way except im not really hooked on it before being forced to make a buy-me-now choice.
Alot of fun. Addicting. Alot of grinding but fun. Finally a decent game that doesn't require a cashshop to enjoy.
Fantastic, by far the best game I have tried of this genre. Incredible graphics, great music, challenging but always fun. A wide selection of weapons. Extremely well done. Definitely worth the small price for the full version. I've tried other space shooters but nothing else was close to being this good. Hoping the developers expand this game. Even though the game was huge I wish it was longer. The environments are spectacular and the ship designs are very cool and original.
This is the first space game I've ever played so far and I'm loving it! Graphics is great as well as controls. Buying new ships takes longer though but that's fine with me, just need to accomplish more missions faster. I can't see any problems with my experience playing this game and hopefully it remains like this so for now, it's a 5 star for you guys.
Very nice the graphics are superb but it is hard for me to progress to the next stage any input or help would be appreciated thank you and keep up the great work.
Not bad, a little slow, upgrades take up all the cash that's been earned. Grafics are primitive by today's standards.
Paywall is a joke after first mission they want you to pay to go to next system. GREEDY!!!!! Don't bother with this game you will only be disappointed! UNINSTALLED!!!!
A good 3D spaceship arcade , I wonder why isnt it more polular than iy is right now. Its difficult to find a decent 3d spaceship right now, and this is a breath of fresh air.
2 stars for the game play (control, graphic, etc.), the rest 3 stars for pay-to-play. While it's free-to-play all of Star Map Missions, not just 1 Star Map/Mission, can Replay Star Map 1 only (leveling for nothing)? Better play another space combat games, so uninstall it, n' keep my 3 stars. BTW, good job.
This shooter is beautifully created unlike most other shoot em ups on the playstore which are just pay to win. I love this game and i would recommend it to anybody who loves tech and spaceships!!!
Great controls. Very smooth. Enough progress to keep you interested. Short levels are good sometimes.
This game is incredible. The only game that can handle my .... unorthodox.... piloting skills. I can do my flips, barrel rolls, I can even trench run! To say the least, I'm beyond impressed. Good job devs.
The game is almost perfect. It just need a little bit of something. Just like online games. But less cluttered with ads and more clutter with Thier brand
Nice graphics, never thought I would find such a game which has challenging levels and an awesome storyline πŸ˜€ πŸ‘ πŸ‘
Beautiful graphics and production design, characters with a bit of personality, and being able to spend all the time one likes on mining resources is AWESOME. In-game currency is relatively affordable, too. One good laugh: the "pixel gun." It fires pixels. I can tell from the pixels, and from having played several video games in my time.
Good so far. Just 3 dollars to have the full game. Worth it. Controls could improve though. But I doubt that since the game was last updated on 2019. Seems dead now. But they left it great. Best 3D space shooting game so far.
Amazing and fyi this game turned me into a damn good pilot as far as galactic space fighters are concerned ive noticed my ability go waaaay up i would also like to know if i get the items i purchased back if i download this onto another device?
It would be a great game if it wasn't a money pit. Graphics are good the controls are smooth. If all you plan on doing is mining and grinding to unlock ships in one area get this game. But if want to do more well it will cost you per area. Make this more about playing and less of a cash grab.
Graphics are amazing and i mean outstanding!! However gameplay seems a little repetitive so far and I'm hoping for some sort of freeroam...
Yeah.. okay, that is a coooool game.. I hope, more spaceship and some feature will added.. (but please add camera mode, cockpit if u can :).
Liked the simplicity and enjoyability of the game. It has just one level remaining you are forced to buy. It rewards 5000 coins for giving 5 stars that's the real reason why so high ratings are there for this game. Sad
Too bad this game keeps crashing! I'm on a Pixel 4 XL, android 11. Kinda new for a game that hasn't been updated in a long time. This is a really fun space game with a better interface than most, although the controls take some getting used to. I love how big the game world is.
Wonderful, could be one of the best space explorations out there. But can only try a tiny sandbox demo before hitting a brick payment wall. This is not free with in-app purchases, 1 star.
Nice game first level not to hard till u get to the boss best to use some clever tactics, hopefully it will get harder n progressable with out real money's.
Its a great game!. Especially when you can grind in it. So we dont even need to worry to fight boss. Cause we were ready
3 star for gameplay and graphics but only 3 star because u have to pay to unlock other levels. I understand that the developer/creator needs to make money somehow but it should be modified to play ads in say a free gameplay and if u pay money u can play ad free, just a suggestion to the maker of the game. :)
There should be a way to enter the new systems without paying. Think about it and implement. Otherwise I will play repeatedly the first system until getting bored, get the 50 level XP, buy the most expensive ship and upgrades and delete the game. The response of the ship when controlled by the accelerometer has a lag. You need to work on this. I've seen action games which response was very fast. You have to skip the dialogue without confirming it twice once the mission was played once.
Nice space game, but keeps telling me theres no internet connection, when i clic on the daily page, or the little present icon, my internet is working fine, so whats the issue?..
Excellent game. Β£3 gives access to All areas on the star map. Best on screen controls I've used in a long while. Highly recommended.
It works great on Chromecast with google tv with xbox controller. Worked great one time on my phone with xbox controller. After first time on phone, the white selection box is gone. The controller works, just can't see what I have selected. Reinstalled the game and it works fine for one session. As soon as I exit the game and start it again, selection box is no longer there. Restarting the phone does not help.
Glitchy. The controls mop out at a one inch distance from the center of the navigation arrow while steering around using the left side navigation arrow. When doing a 180 degree turn and after moving your finger back to the center, the hovering joystick keeps steering the craft out the same direction and the hovering joystick has to be let go of and then it floats back to the center of the navigation arrow where it then works again to enable you to finish the 180 degree turn that you were making.
I enjoyed the game play, but the storywas just way way wayyyyy to short. One can finish the game in less that 3 days. Please expand the game
Not much of a story but fun. Great controls though a little grinding for purchases that gets annoying. Wish they would do a followup to this. Id buy it.
Graphics are nice, Option's are nice, just hate reading a game this early. I'll update it later. SO FAR, no Ads, I love that.
First boss is too extremely overpowering. This guy is allowed to shoot while turning and has remarkable accuracy and you only give me one yellow crate? ONE??? This guy is taking most of my health on one pass. This is unacceptable. Your "tips" for a hard fight are pointless when your first ship is maxed out and it is still barely causing any damage. Your thinking is backwards. Forcing players to buy is NEVER ok. I only purchase in app when the app is easy to use but i wanna see what they offer.
Solid space shooter. Decent controls, so so story, lack of configurable ships. Upgrading the ship is straightforward, and not complex. Totally worth the $2.99 unlock though. Fun little adventure.
I never thought I would receive a spectacular space thrill in this miraculous space shooter game. It kind of correlates with some of the space games I played in the past, but playing this on mobile does a majority of wonders, with amazing modes such as mining, even a humongous ship selection. I would TOTALLY recommend it.
Very good space combat simulator, but requires you to make real world purchases to continue your experience with the game!
Only the 1st location is free. If you like it, then support the game dev and pay for the rest of the game. But to be honest, I got bored while going through the tutorial, and uninstalled soon after.
This game is very good and enjoyable in many aspects. But, somehow in my latest save data, I can't do daily quests and get the daily bonus. The message was "please check your network connection" or something like that. At that time my network connection was good. Thus I uninstalled it once again. Will reinstall it when it got fixed.
Great game wish the fighter had more maneuver graphics like when you turn the plane tilts that direction or a quick spin to the left ot right
So far, so good! I can't speak for the whole game, because I've only reached the second area (+ some mining on the side), but I like it! The controls are responsive enough with the on-screen joystick, they give me enough control to feel "in control" (direction, speed & firing), but still keeping it "Arcade" enough for a mobile game. Also challenges to get more upgrade $! I've tried a few other mobile space flight shooters, but they either needed a real joystick or were too clunky to control.
Really nice game iv been waiting a long time for this style of game. Lovely sharp graphics, and very smooth game play. I will be playing this game for a long time I love it.
Subdivision Infinity: 3D Space Shooter let's you fly first person sitting inside your spaceship's cockpit. You get to shoot down other ships and steel their resources too. Also, your ship has tools for mining asteroids for rare elements, which you then use or sell for money to upgrade your ship or buy new ships and weapons. So you neither can or need to spend real money in this game to advance levels or get new stuff. It's Awesome Lots of Fun!
Seems to be a pretty good space shooter for mobile, so far. A little grindy, but good graphics and I'm interested to see where it goes.
Decent game overall. Dialogue is really cheesy, storyline feels kind of flat too. Graphics are pretty slick. Ship control is a little lacking. It's got me hooked though.
Always promps to check internet connection, does this mean that the server does not support the game anymore? It doesn't give you dailies and gifts. I'm feeling that this is a dead game already.
Really good so far. I've read the reviews and likely will pay for the full version as I've been looking for something like this for awhile now. Have played a few of the other free flying games out there and, in comparison, I'm really liking this one so far. Regarding people complaining about this not being a "free to play" game with in-app purchases, you don't make a game THIS GOOD (graphics, music, etc) without asking for the business. I personally find more value in a game that way.
Fun space shooter, no commercials but small fee to continue playing past the first couple of maps/systems. Totally worth it! Controls work very well, sounds are cool and then graphics are actually pretty awesome. Upgrading ships isn't too tough, grinding just a little mining space rocks will get you all the coin you need, and it's kinda fun. Would recommend.
Great game, excellent controls, graphics. I just wish that you could land on planets and possibly create a pilot that can exit the ship while landed. Also I wish you could give the pilot tasks to do while landed on planets. This game is great, I wish for the developers to add a multiplayer mode where you can play against or with online players.
Really nice game smooth, like the combat, better than most ship games, the graphics are pretty good. Could improve on graphics and a little more stuff but overall pretty good.
I saw such great potential in dis game but i come to realise that... after the first part of the game, you'd to pay money to continue. This was such a disappointment as there are many ways to make money other than dis. Enforced ads(not too much) and ad free features are much better than paying to continue. 😑
It is one of the funnest space games i have ever played! Some of the levels are hard but that is what makes it fun, finally beating it after a few tries!! The only thing wrong with it is that you have to pay to move up further into the story , it shouldnt be like that , they should have made it to where we had to pay for special guns , places , or ships. It could have been a huge hit if we didnt have to pay just to move further in the story !! That is so stupid!! Besides that everythings fine.
A very good spaceship game so far, however... The game could bring some more tools e playability like, statio docks, warp gate, etc.
This is actually pretty nice for a space shooter. The controls are tight, the upgrade paths look good, and there's plenty to do. Unfortunately the game itself appears to be dead or unsupported. There's a "Daily Quests" tab that never has anything listed, and there are a couple other options that say "Internet Connection Required" when I'm clearly online. This usually means the game can't contact its server, which in this case, is probably because there *is* no server. Basically, you can play this and enjoy the single-player story, but everything else will probably never function as intended.
Such a great gaming experience this game is . Storyline sucks. Actual play is amazing. Very accurate and highly responsive to the seasoned pilot. Its a money pit though. Thats why the only three stars. Greed. Should be ashamed.
You guys really have to add barrel roll button to be more thrilling to play just like star wars battlefront 2 but this game is still the best space shooter that can played offline on Android i believe
It's a $3 game with no ads, forced or incentivized. If you just want to shoot stuff with good simple controls than this one is for you. On a side note, forget collecting blueprints, just kill area 1 boss a bunch of times, get to level 12, then buy SuperNova with 200,000 gold.
Excellent game. I have played plenty of space shooters before, but this one is the best so far that I have played as a phone app. The controls are easy to handle and the graphics are fantastic. The storyline is not as strong as it could be, but that's trivial considering this is a phone app shooter game.
This is a very fun game, but some levels have too many enemies for you to handle with the starter ship. I've tried many times and keep failing. It would be helpful to have the number of enemies reduced. 1 vs 10 is not very fair. The gold return for missions is also too low in comparison to ship upgrade/weapon prices. These missions are difficult and need a good reward for when you do manage to complete them, otherwise a good game.
The visual aesthetic is the most appealing thing. The gameplay is great. And the control are easy to learn. Mobile games usually don't have an engaging story... But there is one here. Overall 4 stars. Don't know what it has to do to get 5. Am not about to figure out what that X-factor is... not my job
Awesome games ☺️ flight controls very easy. Iike that you can earn coins that's super awesome. If the characters voices were actually dramatically acted out in audio the game would be even more exciting.
Tricky in the steering especially boss battles because you got to worry about crashing and even if you try to dodge its then difficult to do a u turn to immediately fire back. (Note:didn't realize this would cost money to play bummer great game though).
Need to pay to unlock other levels. I like the graphic, nice control, good story, but i can't play it anymore cause need to pay. What a waste 500mb+, I used my data cause I like it in the first sight. So sorry 1 star.
Great game,no ads ,so far the best space game I've found ,challenging but not too difficult, even for someone as dense as a neutron star like i...depending on how it goes,i may pay for the upgrade, as long as it's not too much..after alll,you have to make a living