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STYLIT - Dress up & Styling Game

STYLIT - Dress up & Styling Game for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by Rubycuve located at 경기도 성남시 분당구 정자동159-4 젤존타워2 301호. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 7.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Edit: Stylit is a fantastic game. It fills the void for syn Sophia's Style Savvy so perfectly. You can add custom backgrounds to play around and be creative with. No matter how old and "hardcore" with my gaming I get, I'll always have a weakness for a great fashion game. I wish it would update more often, though. -- Reminds me of Style Savvy, which I loved as a kid. I just wish we were able to use our own background images again, it killed the creativity.
Great game! I love making all of the cute outfits and such! Some of the missions are a little hard to accomplish, since they don't give you many gems to buy the items needed, but otherwise it's simple and easy-to-play.
The graphics and and overall concept are fantastic. The new missions and request are nice. Im not giving a full 5 star rating because I feel the prizes are too disproportionate to the requirements of the levels. Like you can get 25 sapphire for completing something but in order to get a full 3 star rating you need to spend 1200 or more sapphire. Its difficult without paying real money. I also feel their should be a login prize each day
Hi. I'm enjoying this app and I really agree that this is one of the best styling app that ever existed but after the update.. I found that it's more to thinking about how to get money, ruby and all those badges. I thought that this app would be more enjoyable and relaxing like before the update happened (and I thought you could update with more amazing outfits, we really like those outfits though).We are looking forward for your better update. Thank you for your consideration.
This is an amazing game but I would like to see more skin tones or body types besides the ones you have also different hair colors would be great like some vibrant colors or ginger hair. All of the body types are exactly the same, skinny and perfect but not all models look like that. Also there isn't any nude lipstick for the darkest skintone I have to put no lipstick on the model for her to look natural which is the look I often go for.
I love this game. Have been playing it for months straight. I wish there were more curly hairstyles and more options for the cosmetics. There is a current issue where everyone is having trouble posting where it fails to upload your lost to your profile. I hope it can be fixed soon.
The latest update has changed the game. Its now designed to increase ad revenue for the app. Ads are definitely optional but it restricts players activity in game. I much prefer the game before this update. The game feels less fun and more grind and rinse. - pressing different menu animations are too slow (clicking coupons, finishing quests, accepting awards) - collecting badges one by one is cumbersome - shopping/ dressing room still needs work
I love this game, the graphics are super nice, the dolls are really cute and the clothes are gorgeous. I'm really sad after reading the news about the ending of the game, I hope you guys keep making awesome things like this game, I truly loved it and really enjoyed playing it. Please keep up the good work!!!
Please don't close this service! The app is so much fun! I love styling outfits and there is a good variety of cosmetics and clothes to choose from. I seriously enjoy playing it so much!
I'm writing this again I didn't get any answers before.... I used to love the game but now we can't upload any pocture or like others pictures... The posts are getting deleted by themselves what are you doing.... The game is becoming worse day by day... Fix the issues it's getting annoying what are you all doing.... Such irresponsible behaviour
I really love this, I was looking for a simple dress up game and when I found this I was so shocked on how in depth things were. The clothes always look amazing, I loved every second of it and I even got better at everyday fashion. I'm sad to see it close down, but I'm happy I got to enjoy it while it was still here. 😭
I love this game, but there are too many issues to ignore. 1) Support says they'll respond in 2 business days, but my own experience along with others' says otherwise. 2) Sapphires are required to full star some StyleUps but they're rare to come by/there's no option in the premium shop for them. 3) The FAQ mentions a checklist but even after finishing my new player login, I've seen none. 4) Style World has stopped letting me and others post images. 5) Reinstalling bugs badges. Fix these.
Don't Close up! I loved this game the first time around and I was so excited to play when all of a sudden a closing notice came by. I really love the simplicity and everything else in between and this game was just for me so when I noticed that this game was closing, I was shocked. Please don't close the game...
The only complaints I have are 1. If I watch ads it'll completely close the games. 2. It takes too long for the energy to refill. 3. Sometimes the graphics slow down a bit. Other than that the game is really good, no ads are forced on you, the clothes are cute and there customization is, not terrible though I wish it were more diverse. Otherwise pretty good. Besides the word ethnic being used as a clothing description at least.
So far, so good! The outfits are cute, I love the variety of poses to choose from (which look natural), and I enjoy being able to take pictures and post. It's also fairly easy to earn money, but now it's more difficult to earn rubies since the new update. I hope future updates would give us more opportunities to get them. Also, I think it would be nicer to have more makeup and skintones to choose from. Overall, this is a fun and easy play!
It used to be fun n great game. Until i updated the game. There is the RABBIT always tell me to check on the BADGES. When I check it, i cannot click anything in the badges room. When i click back, the rabbit showed up again. I cannot even play the game. I tried to reinstall it 3 times in several months to check if the game is fixed. But until now the game is still unfixed. The rabbit wont move.
this happens a lot now. when i try to watch ads to gain energies, gifts, coupons, etc. the app crashes and closes. sometimes i would need to restart the game and then it would take like 15 minutes just to do that. i actually like this before but it just gets annoying. oh and rubies are hard to earn. the clothes and accessories are so expensive
I love this game so much and❤❤ enjoy to play as well. it has rabbit and🐰🐰 it tell me click the badages. I try to click everything but it doesn't work.why?So Just tell me😭😭 and i want to play this game.
I absolutely love the game,lots of items,hopefully you will add some more makeup and hairstyles as well as some fashion items too!,can't wait for more requests to play,overall an excellent game😍
I really love it. Its like bringing my fashion ideas into life. And I get to decide for my outfit before going to shopping. I love it and its sad to know that it will be permanently closing in few days :(
This game is AMAZING, like no other, like never. Really. But lately, there's suddenly this problem, I can't login with my Google ID, it's say "failed to login with Google ID", i keep trying, but always fails. I can not enter at all, i can't play! Please fix this, i can't wait to see my contest result...
This game is awesome!!! You start out with a variety of clothes and accessories, graphics and gameplay are great. The only problem is I finished all of the requests now there's not really anything to do. When is the next update? How frequent are the updates?
I feel really sorry that it would be closed. This game is such a great game. It's the best fashion game I ever play in my whole life. If this game closed, I will never have a chance to create new works again. Anyway I really love STYLIT. It helps a lot when I'm bored. It also helps me increase my creativity. Thank you so much for creating a high quality game like STYLIT. I will never forget all of memories in this game.
I am so saddened to hear this app will be closing!! This was an absolute joy to play while it was available, completely unique in my opinion. May everyone who worked on this game go forward and achieve great things!!
I love this game. I just have a little concern because these past few days whenever i upload a photo, it says upload failed. I dont know why it fails. Another is i tried to get coupon but eventhough how 0many times i finished the ads, i still dont get a coupon. I hope this helps for the improvement of the app. Thank you. I'll just wait for the update.
just keep on happening twice. At first it was just working fine and I have all my badges and data. But as soon as I upload up the second time, my badges end up being deleted and I end up having this bunny in front of me who saying that I need to have more badges. And that means I can't play the game or get off the screen cuz all the badges have been wiped out and I can't even gain any of it.
I've messaged your support team regarding about the series of reports done by a person abusing the report button.I'm not certain but I think the series of reports began approximately two to three months ago and they've said they're checking on it but it seems that they're NOT working at it AT ALL.Very very disappointed at this game, so much potential but still wasted since the game developers are not listening to its users.I give it a one star but I may reconsider if you fix this problem.
Getting Ruby's is my issue, can u include Ruby's in challenges...spending real money nowadays is really an issue, many people now hold their pocket tight and this game is really good and can take off your stress even in a while so please don't make this hard for us to play this game...thanks so much... In addition to this... it's so loggy considering it is an offline game..
Could be better, like more energy given to the player. EDIT: I figured out that when you level up you get more energy. 5 stars! But, the post report system is AWFUL. My posts get reported for no reason! Change that. EDIT: My account was suspended and nobody is listening to my reasoning. Open my account. (Username: Dinraal)
Please dont close thise game!!! It is so fun and interesting!!!! I dont know what to play!!!! The graphics are top!!!! Other fashion games arent like this!!!!!
This new update has a few no's for me. Requiring me to buy certain items that i don't want to spend on for style up is a hard NO. Rubies, cash, etc. is not easy to make. The Sapphire system did nothing to make the game more player friendly. Contests were free before and i see no reason why they can't be. It's also more tedious to get to another player's profile if i want to see their posts. More hair and color choices are needed. Makeup that doesn't look bad on dark skin is sorely needed. 3/5
Love this game. Love the look and feel, it's great. But I wish there were more clothing options. I feel very limited in what is available and that is why no 5 stars. Also some styles in glasses would be nice. Love the game, just needs more. Additions to shop don't seem to come very often
Please don't close. This game is one of those who has less ads and very imteractive. I really admire the creator for bringing this creative game. Please don't close it this game means a lot to me.
This game is AWESOOOOME! I love it!! But theres some things that i want to point out. First, i hope theres gonna be more see through top so i can mix and match it more. Second, i hope the outwear like jacket can be wear with style. Like with one shoulder only, put it on the waist or wear it on shoulder only. Also, there seems to be an error on this game. I cant spend my money on this game. All the price is the same and everytime i want to purchase theres an error message. Fix it please. Thx ❤
I think it's a really good game in theory. There are couple of minor details. First(which I commented about before the first time I downloaded the game) was plus sized models, and I'm glad you're working hard toward that feature! Other things though inlcude, not having diverse hair. I mean like- textured hair. While I am white, I do like to style my models with other skin colors, but with the euro centric hair, it's very difficult to make it accurate, or how I want the model to look.
The game itself is pretty fun. I tried it because I saw people saying it was similar to Style Savvy. Like other reviews say, items can be pretty expensive. I haven't gotten that far into the game yet because every time I try the style up activity the game crashes.. kind of hard to enjoy playing when every 5 minutes the game freezes and shuts itself down.
Update: I have encountered a massive bug that keeps me on a neverending loading screen with the different models posing. I can't access the game at all now. I have also had an issue with another bug that rarely lets me upload an image from my gallery. Instead my game reloads to the title screen. I have reported the second bug twice. However because I can no longer get access to my account due to the other bug I can't report it. Is there an email that I can use instead?
Exactly the type of dress up game I'd like and would play for a long time. However, after opening the app, it stayed white screen. Couldn't play the game at all. Edit : Recently re-downloaded the game a few days ago, and the white screen problem came back. It just stayed on a white screen, and I couldn't play at all, just like the previous time I played the game. I'm quite disappointed since there were new features, and I quite liked the game.
This is my favorite dress up game! You can style your client, enter a challenge, or just having fun dressing your character. Some clothes and accessories are pricey tho :( I really want some jacket but it's too expensive. Maybe later I'll buy them with real money. And can you please add more gothic and lolita clothes? It would be perfect xoxo
This is my ideal styling game app. There are tasks and challenges to test your skills and flexibility in styles. When you are out of energy, you can dress up your character whenever and however you like. The clothes and accessories are beautiful but some are expensive. And some required items for the Style Up are too expensive for such a low level. I request to re-evaluate the pricing or the requirement. Also, please add mid-length hairstyles because the ones available are either short or long.
Honestly, I feel scammed. The game said it was offline. And it didn't tell me I couldn't play without signing with my google account. And I only realized this after I used 500+MB to download which is quite a lot compared to other styling games.
Please dont close! I love this game! Its super fun and nice, its unlike any other fashion game, no ads, free to play, friendly community, etc. Its flawless! I just hope that you can stay open forever, I really enjoy it!! But if you continue to close, I understand, but if you change your mind and stay open, I would be happy! - SpaceKitten the 8yr old.😭😢😥😱
It's a great game but I would like to know when the updates are coming since it started saying I need to wait until they happen to continue on. Also I would of liked to know when a contest is happening without having to find out after it's finish! Furthermore could u fix the tutorial of the game because I didn't even know you could do some of the things on the app that I am doing now, please🧐😤🤔
The game is good. But it is annoying also. It keeps on crashing. I can't join the contest and I'm having error message that maximum server capacity has been reached. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling it again still having the same issue. I feel like I wasted my money buying stuffs in this game coz this keeps on happening. The latest update did not help much. You should have fix the bugs in your games first before adding contents in your game.
This game was so much fun and unique. It brought back the childhood magic of dress up games for me. I really wish the team had stuck around and listened to the community, I feel like this game could have had decent success. What it majorly lacked was variation of events, a story or story mode and more variety of styles.
I've been wanting to play this game since the first video ad was uploaded on your YouTube channel. I subbed right away but forgot about downloading when it came out. And now that I did, this became my absolute no 1 favorite game of all time! I used to play Covet a lot but the players somehow got less active. But in Stylit everyone is pretty much active and play all the time. I really love the graphics and how the game's not glitchy or laggy. It's very smooth and well designed. Love it!
Really liking this game so far, the challenges are detailed and easy to understand, the graphics are really nice, there are a lot of styles and options and LAYERING ❤❤❤. My one and only complaint is that the tutorial is too long winded.
The game is so Beautiful and enjoyable But when I want to download a picture, I hope that the problem will be solved, and I am not the only one that happens with it, and also my friends complain that the pictures when they are downloaded will delete themselves😔😔
I liked the game a lot and enjoyed my time with it, because it filled a void I have playing videos games like Style Savvy. My only real grip is that I wish the skin tones and make up options had more variety. However, I cannot now due the fact I have a new device I use for my mobile games. I was originally playing it on a Android device and now I'm using a Apple Device. Despite the fact my Facebook is connected, I cannot use it to connect to my old account like it said I could. The support was pretty useless as well. Despite the fact I stated I have it connected to my Facebook and the issue is that my IPod will only connect as either a guest or from Game Center, I still got instructions to do so anyway. Then offered to reset my account, but it don't solve my issue either. As it would only start my account from zero, not transfer my information from one device to the other. This might seem petty of me, but I don't want to make a new account because I got so far with the one I had. Though I would settled doing that, if I had the option to delete my already existing account. Even though I enjoyed the game a lot, unless they find better ways to help players with issues like these I won't re-download.
Please don't close! We understand the difficulties. It's not easy to maintain a game, the stress, the money, everything, but it's a great idea of a game. Making people share their costumes as if they were real stylists sharing their new costumes in Paris. If you are going to close, please make a different game but with the same base and ideas. It takes time to be a famous and known game, it takes a lot of time, especially because there are plenty of other games, but... don't give up.
i think this game is gorgeous and i love the outfits but every request you essentially have to pay for to get new requests and buy new clothes. also sapphire is impossible to come by and no option to pay for it either. also no updates after a month? this game isn't doing me any good except consuming phone space.
I want to like this game so bad. The first major update made it almost impossible to get any new clothes that are actually stylish.. being able to buy clothes and make your own style was the best part of the game. Not to mention to get "Perfect"/3 Stars for the challenges, you have to spend sapphire, which is so hard to come by. It also never works when I'm on data connection, only works on WiFi which is disappointing because my data is so good and my WiFi is trash.
After a couple of problems i finally got the game working. Game itself is nice. At the beginning you post a few looks, get votes and meanwhile you shop for new items. Then you get a thing called badges, to which you also need to style for and get more of them. More badges unlock special assignments. It's a nice idea. What i also like is that you can watch ads to get coupons for a discount.However, they do have premium content as well. Too bad they quit though. Lack of service doesn't do good.
I really like this game, and it's a lot of fun, I play it so much on my lunch break and at home, I do have a problem though, when I make purchases they won't let me buy the packs, even when I clearly have the money, and they've even taken a dollar off without giving me the item, please help me resolve this?
This game is AMAZING! It sharpens your styling skills, the game has fashion requests and it also gives a lot of information on your outfit. It's a really fun game. 5 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟.
Love the whole experience! Very little ads and so much content! However, one complaint of mine is that I do not receive notifications in the app when someone commented, liked or saved my post and when someone replies to my comment. I hope that yall will work on that thank you 🙏 :) [EDIT]: When is the new update coming?? I miss yall so much
why are some of the clothes I bought that suddenly disappeared and have to be repaid? while I already bought it! for example during the style up mission. the first chapter is the 4th challenge. I was required to wear a sports shirt. so I already bought the sports shirt. however when I checked back the sports shirt was lost and required to repurchase. not only that, many other clothes have been lost. please respons me.
The game is pretty good. I really enjoy the nice community. But lately, there has been a lot of reporting issues. All my friends keep getting reported for no reason. The report button is getting misused. And now my account has been suspended (My suggestion is that, any reports made by someone, should be sent to rubycuve and get inspected carefully)
This game does work in my mobile and it takes time to load please solve my issues Or else make a new game of stylit sure I'll see to it by downloading it .And thank you for responding so quickly. But then also the game does not load please look forward to solve the issue . Or else make a new game please solve my issue .I love the game if you will solve the issue I will start playing the GAME .from today itself.i want you to add more levels
This game is actually really good and it really defines what fashion is but then, the diamonds and cash and the ruby is so hard to gain. I hope there's a mini games atleast to make us earn money and diamonds since the game style up tend to ask for diamonds and cash. Hope there's an alternative to make us gain money and diamonds.
Um.... Is okay when I play it first but then I have a request by a stylist and then this what happened I wanted to press shirt but cannot I think is lagging but after that it happens again then is not lagging. Anymore so I give below then four so I hope you can do better than that 😉 so is a very good game 👍
Amazing, Super cool, I really really love this game 😍🥰🥰 I can want the answer that what is going on in the game there have a big glitch we don't able to post anything they can show post failed and delete what is this and we don't able to see real amount of likes, comments and save style I don't know what's going on please do something 🥺🥺
This game Is nice but after i update the game i cannot continue to play because the screen is all white. So, i Uninstall and reinstall and sign in on the same account and also I play 1 request, after that i change my profile picture and cover, but the game has started again for the beginning i lose all my badges and also a rabbit tell me to click the badges when i click, it cannot click anything for the badges room. Please fix it because there is no reason for my phone, 🤧😤🤒
This game is one of the most beautiful fashion simulation games to ever exist. The attention to detail & their quality is outstanding. There may be some glitches with certain clothing & actions, but they never fail when it comes to quality in its gameplay. I have played this game for 7 months, & I never got bored; it is a really addictive fashion game. Now that it is being deleted, I will miss it for it has played a helped me deal with staying at home. Stylit, I will miss you.
It is nice and all, but I would very much appreciate more lolita clothes and hairstyles and hair colours with colour fades too because I'm genuinely starting to get tired of the same old hairstyles. I would also like there to be decorative items like parasols a pool float or whatever. Update: I would also like nail designs as well as jewel makeup and such, oh! And also some cute garters. Thank you!
My favorite fashion game shut down in April so I d/l many popular fashion games. I usually uninstalled within an hour or so until I found this game. I love it! I do have a suggestion or two, the prize money 💰 needs to be proportional to what it costs to style your model. I like the badges and levels. The past few days were a bit rough but this game is fun and worth the wait. Thanks Stylit people! Nonee
the game is over on a good one but I had a one problem with this came that when I go to recover my life by using at their tell me that there aren't any advertise available and so I can't play the gamethey should not have provided the option or is this if they have provided they should keep their advertise it's very bad thing but the game is overall good Also I have completed with levels but it's not giving me the next level unable to understand how to go to next level
The recent update was not that good. Before you could do daily missions and try different things. Now its with energy that takes forever to recover and the request are only a few and you have to wait forever for the new update so you can get missions. Also the ruby diamonds are hard to get and the clothes are really expensive now. What a shame... This game was so wonderful before...
GREAT GAME! Art ★★★★★ Music ★★★★★ Gameplay ★★★★ Interface ★★★★ it has a very wide range of fashion. it has good concept like exploring your feed and see other players' posts. also fashion contest! EDIT: after the major big update, the currency has become grindy. it's hard to get cash and ruby now. ads is actually fine, but the amount is so little.
I love the game and it's so addictive. However, I am still stuck without being able to get new requests because it says that I have completed all the requests and to wait for new update. When will I be able to get new update, or when does it usually refresh for the new updates?
Hey, this game is great. I've played it for like half year? But there's a problem after I reinstalled it is that I'm stucked at the 'badge' tutorial, it's like the instruction wants me to tap in the 'badge' icon and after i did, all I see is I've achieved 0/242 badges, but I rmb I already achieved for like uh 20-50? (i forgot) And I'm stucked, can't do anything exept tapping the 'badge' icon. You know what i mean rightt... There's a bug!! Hahaha can you fix it asap please? Or is it just me? 😣
This game was so much more fun before you took away the "Your favourite daily outfit" and other themes - where I could have the freedom to the choose a theme and dress my character with any of the clothes I want. Now it's just doing requests and stuff, which is not bad if it was an add on to the game instead of having it replace the themes. Are you bringing the themes back?
I like this game sooo much. I just gotta rate it 5 stars. I love the fact that you have like your own Insta in the game, like posing stuff there and all. It's fun! I don't know about others but mine is great! I also like how your own character is represented, like you're own anime character. Great graphics, controls were awesome. Simply put, the game itself is amazing.
I love this game so much! There are no ads and the in-app purchases are reasonable. I never have a boring day whenever I play Stylit. So sad that you guys have to close down, I really hope you'd stay. But I wish the best for Stylit team and hope for a comeback!
Update: I still think this game deserves 4 stars because it's really nice and still enjoyable, but sadly even with the update the problem with currency is still there. Instead of not being able to make money very fast, it's diamonds which you are unable to buy and must grind at 3 star jobs. It would also help if the jobs were a little more detailed in what they wanted as well, as it can be easy to fail a job because the wording wasn't clear.
This app is my favorite out of all of the games I ever played, it is fun and there is a great STYLIT community on there! But... i have to give it 2 stars due to the lack of upkeep. There is someone reporting peoples post over and over again.. and the developers are doing nothing about it! Now my account has been banned because of the reporting. FIX THIS! IVE SPENT SO MUCH TIME ON IT, AND THIS IS JUST RIDICULOUS. They need to be better with fixing issues. (Username: rxby)
it used to be a great game but now i re-installed it, it wont let me play unless i start the badge requests and it erased all my badge progress, all my work was gone. i hope you fix this issue. my name in the game is @jojinaro, thank you.
I gotta say, this app really impressed me. In most fashion apps you have a few items and the rest you have to buy (with real $), but in this app you recieve all the hair and makeup. The clothes are pretty easy as you always have some way to earn money. Its hard to get off the app because there's always something to do. Not to sound cheesy but this app is pretty stinkin' fantastic. I do wish that there were more options for body types and hair, but that's just a sidenote.
The game is really nice and fun to play , but since the recent update some clothes and accessories are now very expensive, can you do something about that ? Because it is hard to earn ruby gems now, also please add more categories for clothes and accessories, like example; ring ,umbrella, swimwear. Hoping that you'll read this and take my suggestions.
It's really fun and I love the interface and interactions too. My complain would be for the developer to add more clothes or accessories like belts, corset, rings, more head decorations, etc. also make it easily accessible. But so far I'm enjoying it. I also really love that the game doesn't make things hard to get money or diamond (not too hard or too long but not too easy either, just right). New comment: Dear developers, I find that the new system makes it so harder for me to gain anything!
I love this game and the great variety of clothes is making this game interesting, but it could get a little better by adding more colors for clothes...like T-shirt with different colours such as green, red, cyan, etc. The hair can have the option to have more then one colour. Another thing that can be added is the skin tone much darker or much lighter, but from a game that just released a few days ago is amazing and hopefully it will get bigger and more amazing then it already is.
I was playing this game before the badge big thing update. Please bring back daily checklists, that is the only way we can earn money. I cannot do requests or advance in a story because I don't have enough money and of course I am not going to pay I just want to enjoy this game in a free way, the daiky checklist was a brilliant idea to help players but forcing us to buy will not get you more players
Very disappointed, I liked the style of this game... But before you can play there is an enormous download that takes forever, and there is basically nothing you can do until it finishes. I literally left my phone on and took a nap. When I woke up, the download had barely moved. I tried again half a day later and it was just as bad. I will give it one more try before deleting this game.
Love this game, however after not playing for a while I reinstalled it and I can't progress because it tells me that I can get famous with more badges, and to go onto the badges. The badges won't load other than two (01 Nov badge and 30 consecutive days on the app). Please let me know if this is a bug or something.
this game is so fun, addictive, had good graphic and the gesture really smooth, but when i wanna shop sometimes happen lagging and crash, so i must to reatart the game. also, can you add more hair colour? The last thing, can you make it possible to delete account? i really want to restart my game bcs i messed up and spend much money in game bcs idk how to used it when the first time;-; thank you so much developers and fighting!!
This game was great but now it sucks, a lot of my friends got reposted and few of them have been banned from the game which was annoying,my account has been banned too (salmaqueen)it was really hard to me to get a lot of followers and it wasn't easy to earn Rubys or sapphires , I'd to ask RUBYCUVE politely to fix these issues soon because I lost everything I had , I used to have a lot of friends there and it's wasn't easy for me to leave the game . User:salmaqueen.
This fashion game was really good until the new update came, which I find now quite troublesome. I really don't like the new feature called "Style Up" where you need to use your own wardrobe to meet the requirements. For example, It says to wear a rattan hat or something, but the problem is, I don't own any of it, so I still have to buy the rattan hat to complete the mission & it drains all of my money which is supposed to be spent on clothes for the contest. Outfits are so expensive now.
I really like the new version..it is pretty awsome👍So far it is the best dress up app I've ever played❤..At first I was going to give five stars but there is one problem.I love the idea of getting coupon if we watch ads but sometime eventho I've watched ad I didn't get any coupon.Idk if it's because of my device or whatever but I was really annoy by it.
It's a really nice game, this is my favorite styling game. However, I've had no requests for a week now and I will finished all the style up except for the last one which I can't open because I need to finish 9 more requests but I none. So I haven't been able to play at all