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Stunt Car Racing - Multiplayer

Stunt Car Racing - Multiplayer for PC and MAC

Is a Racing game developed by FOG.COM located at 801 Palace Towers Dubai Silicon Oasis Dubai, UAE.. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 2.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Racing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Its a great game but you guys kinda need to fix the wifi issues and bring back the festive cars for Halloween and make more festive cars for e.g Christmas, Easter, new year and whatever else you guys think of plus you guys could also make more cares in general like the ones on the screenshots you guys took eg. the slides that are next to the vid could you guys make this game somewhat more compatible/better for older devices.If you guys read this and try to do it it would mean a lot to me.Thanks
the tank needs to be fixed up with the aiming and accuracy and its hard to get the good cars cause its hard to make a lot of money or you can make the vehicles a lil cheaper. i really see greatness in this game i really wanna see this blow.
I love this game very much when I was a child. I left it for many years because It's have a lot of problems. PLEASE FIX ITπŸ™πŸ’”. also, add middle east server will open the door to join new and many people to the game. Thank you.
The game description is true. It is one the best multiplayer racing game I've played on my device. The game is simple but fun.
I played this game a few years back but now it's just... Dead there's literally only the max amount of players I've seen on the server so far are two that's it also there's a bunch of missing textures and I just want to say this game was fun when it was played by many but devs I would do yourselves a favor and just shut down the server's from what I can see no one else is installing the game mutch anymore this game was fun while it lasted but just let it die peacefully don't keep it hanging on
Awesome app but it needs something so people can know what the soundtracks are in your app. Please can you update the app and make sure that players can know what music is playing please.
Don't get me wrong. This is a really good game when it works. It was working fine the first day, but the next day the car would not move. I tried other vehicles but they all had the same problem. After using boost it began to move but would not turn. It also said no connection even when I was on a good network connection and could use the internet. Please solve this problem because I really like this game.
There's a glitch (or cheaters?) that allows players to go under the map. The people doing it are ruining the game. Super Kayla, all VIPs... They sit on top of the shield that makes up the borders, the whole round, just honking, FOR 3 MINUTES. How is that fun? I've been playing this for years. These people have ruined it. In Infection Mode, if they're the Host Zombie, they quit. If they're about to get infected, they quit. It's like, if they can't cheat, they can't play. Losers.
This Game is so cool u can race and do many things but the breaks seems a little wrong so I gave a 5 star for the breaks
Nostalgic, Gives me back those memories. Nice and simple, too. Its supposed to be like that, not super high quality whice lags everything.
FOG. You need to fix your servers because they're damn annoying. I disconnect all the time for NO reason and it takes AGES to get back into master server. Dont get why I have to connect to TWO servers instead of just one. Are you even gonna pay attention anymore, considering your LAST update?
man this game bring back memories when I was a kid one of my favorite games to play and I enjoyed it but didn't played it anymore just end up deleting the game cause of the space it's taking but now I return to the game and what happened to the game it's not the same any more I wish that the game is back to normal but sadly the game died but I'm happy the I came back to the game
Sad to see no one playing good game but if there's no I'm playing you can't get coins and if you can't get coins you can't get a different car can't get a different car the game is just stupid
Graphics and gameplay is good, however 4 stars because whenever I stop holding the turbo button and I am still holding the accelerate button it stops holding the accelerate button so I have to hold it again. Still, good job.
If youre just beginning without spending any real money, good luck placing 3rd 2nd or 1st. (Only way to earn coins without spending cash) Everyone has already upgraded there cars to be fast af, not giving me a fair opportunity buy my first upgrade. Seeing you need to place 1-3 to get coins, I'm screwed. Not a fair playing field for new players at all. Not worth.
OMG nastugaila hit me so hard when I first downloaded it because I used to play it all the time when I was younger πŸ˜‚. Also thanks to all the great people who helped make this game it is a great game but you guy really make less adds they are so annoying but apart from that it is a great game πŸ‘
*epic.* Most epic multiplayer car game ever. Sure the graphics are like Fortnite on PS1, but the gameplay is just incredible. No wrong answers, I don't see why you shouldn't download itπŸ‘πŸ˜»πŸ‘
I love the racing modes and it works well on lower end devices as well,its overall very exciting to play
It's a great game! I just wish I could actually PLAY! In case you aren't aware, this is 2020, and games like this are dead now. That means only about 20 people play the game on an irregular basis. Except me. I check the server every few HOURS, and each one almost always says "Players Online: 0." And when you go to CREATE a server, nobody will join. I think you should be able to host a game with bots. That would be fun because you would always have someone to play with! Until Then, β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜†β˜†.
I absolutely love the game there are two things you should do in an update. #1: Fix the "Collect Hourly Bonus" Button because it doesn't work. #2: Add a reset car button in case you get stuck but the game doesn't automatically reset.
Tf is wrong with the bikes?! the cars are overpriced. the videos don't pay enough. the bikes are too flimsy. They fall at the slightest touch. Put in a reset button plz. I really just can't with this game.
This game is good, however once exiting the game when you come back you just cannot move if you are on a Samsung your vehicle will not move. I also think that there should be a reset button for when you get stuck.
I was playing in offline mode n suddely i got out and a msg was displayed that you have been disconnected from the server.... But how is it possible??? N in online playing it was showing 0 players n suddenly it got 12 players but when i changed my vehicle and starts game again just in a few seconds again it displayed 0 players.....
I love this game! This leave so many memories! Highly recommend! One thing: They need to take out the car cause, its too slow and it goes like 15 miles per hour ;-)
its horrible. Or maybe its just my phone. This app lags so bad and i have a pretty fast phone. most of the time it wont even read my finger responses. its also pretty annoying trying to get coins. i used to love this game but it has gone bad. sorry.
It is a great game although I had to delete it and re install due to it keeping my game unconnected and would now let me reconnect
Awesome app but it needs something so people can know what the soundtracks are in your app. Please can you update the app and make sure that players can know what music is playing please. Also I always like playing with other players online it's just that I always talk to them and they like me
I dont know what the hell the creators of this game are playing at but its not funny. I spent 5 minutes watching adds to get coins to buy and upgrade a new vehicle, and when i join again the controls go batty. I can change my camera angle, my car wont turn or go forward. The only thing I can do is boost. I lasted played this game 2 years ago and it was great. Now it rubbish.
update: I liked this game until I updated my phone and ounce I got back on all my cars and progres was gone. I would also like that when bikes wheelie and come back down it stops it completely. I would also like you to either fix the Papua map or replace it because during race mode the bikes have terrible gambling. I will keep playing only cause like this game
omg worst game ever i installed the game and reinstalled it and i loged into my play games accont and i lost all of my progress fix this!
Great game, still addicted to it even 3 years after I found it. Only problem is...when I load the game after having it installed for a day, I can't drive the car. It doesn't do anything at all...please fix this!!
it's an okay game but the music in it Drives Me nuts I wish there was in option between dubstep music and that crappy heavy metal musicπŸ˜–πŸ˜– and I wish you was a free mode for multiplayer with more larger tracks and maps
Basically the game was trash every match you join into is the last few seconds last a short time and you can't just hit through the cars they don't move just still object there's ads every end of game and beginning of it there is so many ads it's trash I'm not some picky gamer it's just true
I can't find any players in the game I rate this game for star and also why is there a single player mode And why can't you add any robots and make the cars cheaper
It is a good game but there are never any people online I dont know if it is a problem on my end or the game just died, but the game is no fun without other people playing
I used to play this all the time a few years ago! Now, the game is having wifi issues even though I'm using mobile data! Not sure what's going on! It worked just fine last time!
I love this game but I need more cars. I want need some updates to get more wonderful car like sports car, rally car or even flying car. I need more maps and that would be awesome. Happy to 2021 in Stunt Car Racing.
Has so many cars but i would be happy if u added more cars like ghost rider bike and buggati still its a very good game love itπŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€
It's a fun game but what's up with adds but the game is cool you may pick a car for multiplayer mode with some one infection mode is better like tag
BI like the game. But I think you should add more details in all vehicles and add like a dogfight mode. On the other hsnd its a very good game. I recommend "you", yeah you that reading, download it.
Your game is buggy because whenever I go into a lobby I can't control my car and it happened every time I repeatedly downloaded it again and again and it kept happening please fix it I love your game and it would be great if you can
I think it's a great game and I have no problems with it. I know the maps and how to get out of some boundaries but I think an update would be cool, nee cars and new maps.
This is a good game but there is one thing wrong with it. My car won't move unless I use the boost, and even then it won't turn. It is always saying slow connection even though I'm using a good and stable connection. Other than these problems its a good game, so please try to fix these bugs. Thank you
the first time I played it worked perfectly fine πŸ‘Œ now the second time I played it didn't work! the car just slid around the map for every gamemode.
I love this game still I will support u guys even after 3 years pls remove the bug but not all of them and thank u and also I know nobody is playing this game but I hope y'all come back and play it soon so I wont be the only one playing it also I actually dont know how long I played for or when I started but still I love this game and I'm starting to get lonely do u guys think u can get on right now
It would be if you guys could add a bluetooth a controller to use for this game but overall it's a good game.
Why am I giving 3 stars? Well its because... Some maps are glitching trying to fix the maps. Some are not glitching (which is perfect) but almost 3 maps are currently glitching. So please fix it.
Stunt Car Racing isn't your average racing game - there are many different modes like infection, stars, flags, racing, stunt mode, and many more. It's so addictive and is the perfect multiplayer game for any racing fan. But, there are some flaws. Please add a reset button so that when you get stuck, you can respawn without leaving the game. Other than that, I had a blast with this game. I played the multiplayer mode with my dad and we both really liked it. Seriously, it's that good.
Please update the game! It's been 3 years since the last update. At least tell us that you will ditch the game developer, and fix your servers! They are hell laggy.
This games is the best. You could play with other people even your family members. There are cool game modes. My favorite one is infection mode. One person is all green and the other people have to run away. If the infection person gets you, you will also be infected and get the people that are left.
I love this game, i just wish there were more maps, and i wish they would open up the highway ranp on the "town" map.
All in all its a great game. I've been playing it for close to a year now and I know the maps like the back of my hand. I have also completely maxed out most of my veicles (which im pretty proud of), but I have to admit it does need some updates with minor bugs. Oh yeah and a rocket league mode would be epicπŸ˜‚πŸ‘Œ
This is not pretty bad I like it 10% chance you will get ads and the game itself is funny like the Facebook thumbs up car XD this also gives me back memories when I played this when I was younger untill I found this and then I realized that it looks like no one played this game anymore so I got my brother to download it to play with me but cool game :)
Its a good game but there is a horror when I use the Duck Kart in the Port Location in single mode, when I press the horn button, and sound it like two quacks, then after a few seconds, a small quack sound coming nowhere and I was nervoused, cause I am the only one, after a few days, I repeat what I do, Its still going... Please fix this bug or glitch, I am totally freaking out😰😰😰