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Strung Along

Strung Along for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by Tommi Saalasti. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
anyone who hates are just raging noobs who cant even beat a simple game lol anyways the game is good tho but maybe you can add more equipment
Very good game, simple yet fun but only one question arises. What puppeteer has strings so weak they snap as soon as you drop down a little.
It won't let me jump so I can't make it to higher levels/acts. Please make a jump button or an easer way to jump. Thank you for taking your time on this app. Please fix.
It was good really but it was a to difficult I already have anger issues this made me pissed off But other than that it's fun
For anyone who likes a game that makes you want to rip your hair out (not that you should) and make you want to play it more at the same time... IT'S HERE!!! This game is out of this universe! There is no game like this. Ever since I saw this game, I was hooked for life! You might say I was "Strung Along"!
Great game. Everything about it is AWESOME and it keeps you occupied and I think you should get this game! Don't judge a game by its looks! If you think it looks dumb, just try it. I'm sure that you will like possibly love it if you don't give up, keep playing when it's hard. Great game! I love this game sooo much!
This is so good but put m16 and shotgun and pistol and attachments but I want kill mode and zombie mods
It's fun but it's annoying I'm on level 13 and it's annoying how? Will I will explain when I get to the finish line a barrel comes when you push both buttons to jump when I did I barely jump I hit the barrel even though I push the buttons it's annoying
I hate walking and it is stupid and act10 I can't get past what t is ENDLESS MOD FOR ITS USLESS and wast of money and can you at least put cat ears and tail already equipped plzzzzzzzzzzzz(〒︿〒)( ^ω^) I can't get past 12 or 11
i quittex this game when i was 5 and i downloaded it when i was 3 wow i spent alot of time with devices fun fact i made animatronic
There is a slight delay in JUMP..... And i think there is a bug in ACT 16, as the hook drops me on a spring too far which is further than the actual finish line......when i try to get iff at tge perfect position all the ropes SNAP...PLEASE HELP
Trash dev didnt updated it in 4 to 3 years movment is trash and coding in it is a delay, all the fricking time and when u "jump" its also a delay and graphics are in the 2008 trash!! I uses to rage quit and install this game because OH its rigged and horrible this game is dying anyways "_" controlls are werid AF unrealistic and level 16 is impossible because of the dumb physics. lazyness!!!!! Btw this game was abandoned for 4 to 5 years so of course this game is going to be trash Iol!
Fun little game. Addicting and simple. I like how I feel like its no big deal when I mess up. Can we get more outfits to put on the puppet?
I love this! It's pretty unique, the controls respond well and animations are smooth. My only complaint really is level 16,how is virtually impossible to even land on the platform. Other than that though, I love it and can't wait for more levels~
Its frustrating, the game is glitche and for one example any time you touch something somehow the strings snap. Add a barrel update where they no longer cause trouble, and lower the difficulty. Once I also got to the time limit at witch it said it was and I didn't even get two stars. How do you suppose I can enjoy this game? Did you purposely make it frustrating?
Oh my god dude. Why so difficult on level 22. Was tgat like your worst age of life that scarred you so bad tgat you make level 22 so hard. I cant pass it so i guess the game only goes up to 22 levels...or might as well be cause most people cant play it
This app is amazing you really really really need to try it it has great controls and so far no ads. Great job tommi saalasti! Great work! It's my favorite game!
To be honest the first the most funnest game I've ever played it's a real challenge so if you are up for competition this is the game for you.
A time killing game that I would recommend if you don't have a short temper. It's fun but can get super frustrating. I've been on level/act 22 for about a week now. Very difficult.
This game is a very good game. It keeps me occupied when I'm bored and doesn't have levels of too much difficulty. When you reach a level it is just right as you are a beginner or higher leveled player. I think I gave this the right rating and I hope this game doesn't make any changes at all. 😊👍😊
Its a great game its just that act 5 when i walk i take the smallest steps but my strings keep snapping when i get on the lift and it goes up. Please fix this and i will rate 5 stars
This game is good. It really is. Except that my game only has 16 playable levels because level 16 is literally impossible to pass. I don't know what is causing my little wires to snap but as soon as I let go of the hook, it says everything just snapped. Please fix so I can play all the available levels.
Kind of hard but the more harder it is the more challenging and fun the game thank you so much for making this game and making it challenging peace out ( because I am going to play that wonderful game )
I cant get past level 16 because everytime i let go of the hook the just imediately snapped u still need to grab the hook after 1 time but you'll waste 1 star for overtime that way u can get past the level luckily i completed the game
It's a great game. All the negative reviews and people saying it's a waste of time are just normies who don't know how to play a simple game.
It's a cool game and actually I found a cool glitch on stage ten if you do the splits across two poles and jump once your on both you fall to the bottom of the level
I tried this game a long time ago and it was awesome,I love the way the puppet moves and how it walks it's so cool and realistic, thank you. I recommend that you download it and try it out 👍