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Stronghold Kingdoms Castle Sim

Stronghold Kingdoms Castle Sim for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by Firefly Studios located at Firefly Studios Shakespeare House 168 Lavender Hill London SW11 5TG. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Violence, War Themes) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Game has some bugs For example meat and bread will steal 0 but i have 3 pig farm and 2 bakery same with inn
Fun game but too easy for a high level player to demolish you before you can get into the game . You can lose everything while not playing.
totally drains the battery. apps stay in bufer aftre closing and continue. so battery extremely discharge
I play stronghold crusader few years ago now I can play a mobile version of this game. its really enjoyable and timepassing game.
the bad. it is pay to win and people can "cheat" in the game. But it's an addictive and immersive game and the faction, teamwork and friendship aspect makes up for all of it. The game does require time and/or money to be elite but I must say this is my favorite game.
Game loaded only once thereafter it's not opening. Need to be fixed. Further the game is also required to be developed more user friendly and like strong hold crusader pc game. I will suggest developers to make necessary changes in game to make it like strong hold crusader pc game. The mobile game is boring 😑 don't waste your time 😤
This game is fun. I just have one question. How are players getting 30+ parish votes without the need of monks? This is unfair play, it's happened to me more that one time. I don't get it.
As many have said, this game is a disgrace to the Stronghold name. The game is painfully slow paced with the research and building being average time, castle construction reduces the game to a snail's pace. The time it before you can even play the offensive side of the game is over a week and once you get to it, it is quite the let down. To further ruin the experience there is a heavy incentive for microtransactions. TLDR This game does everything wrong and is nothing like the stronghold series.
Terrible. all based around how much you pay, so stronger players can destroy your villages endlessly. Plus i repeatedly had multiple items vanish from villages, with no attacks etc and "support" were absolutely useless, is they bothered to reply to a message at all. Quoting stock answers rather than answer the actual question. Really disappointed. Honestly, don't waste your time or money on such garbage.
The quest does not complete Tax does not generate money Some corners of the interface (right left) has not been responding
If they made it so you could just build peacefully I'd even pay for it, however as it stands it depends on fighting and constant managing or you lose everything you've done. Just add a setting to just build a kingdom please and instant 5 stars and $$$
Pay to win garbage. Literally a player can destroy you and every penalty he gets he can counter it with money. This game is still a joke after 7 years. Pathetic.
Still figuring it out but so far its good. I was looking for the old stronghold crusader but this is close
I was so in love with this game. Then I realized, after spending tons of money, that the world would end and everything I paid for would end too. Really frustrating. Been a fan of this game even on pc back in the early 2000s. What a shame. Now I'm just now finding out I can't even move my village hall without a premium token. Should have made a paid version of the game instead of making every single aspect of the game something to pay for. Probably won't even play anymore. 0/10
This game is pay to win. YOU MUST HAVE the ~£5 Subscription unless you have the game open 24/7. It allows you to que up buildings, researches and occasionaly you will auto scout/trade/attack stuff but this doesn't happen that often and makes little difference. I like this game because I can spend 15 minutes on it twice a day, or have it up in the background as there's always something you can be doing. I don't like that some spend £1000 to buy their way through and getva huge advantage.
So you can buy tokens that assist you for a week or a month, but worlds are subject to very sudden ending and the token dies with the world .. a convenient way to get ripped off. Not really worth spending your money on unless you are planning to play about 16 hours a day. Interesting, but you must pay after a couple of days to grow. Then you get wiped right out and must start again. Basically a poor, slow-to-load pay (a lot) to win.
Its totally different with stronghold crussader in computer game.. Too boring and takes time.. So wasting time
Edit: I LOVE IT !!! at first i thought it might be another generic war game in disguise. i despise them. but this is actually a fully fledged MMORTS. ive only just started learning the deeper mechanics but still feel like im only just scratching the surface. this is what ive been searching for. theres a few little things that need fixing/debugging but over all its a very deep, long term mmorts that scratches that long forgoten age of empires itch. bravo.
One of my favorite games on desktop years ago. This mobile version, I can't play it conveniently. The text on buttons are so small even on my 6"+ phone display.
I logged in like 8 times and still game doesn't working bad very bad...this game is classic so I'm gonna try I more time love this game but not developers.
Pay to win for sure. But a very fun game. This game is full of strategy insane deapth and requires lots of communication with your teammates. I have spent countless hours having a ton fun with friends. But be ware this us a war game and people will take your villages. You will get frustrated you will be disappointed at times. But playing with the right people and communication makes it very fun
Great. I play in on my pc via Steam, but mobile version is so comfy fo check up on vilage and all more often. Its a nice game, great to pass time while Im off work due to lockdowns.
I have only played this game for about a full week. If you love the other Stronghold series games then you will love this one. The thing this stronghold has that the others do not have would be focusing on building and training without it resetting itself after each mission. That could be mostly an online component but I have always wanted a stronghold game that was an open world and you conquer the map bit by bit. I would really love and always wanted a offline game in the series but I will Set
I loved this game on the computer, but it freezes way too much and I get way too many bugs.. for example when you start out I went quad rations early and then all of a sudden it tells me to raise them to triple when I already did and it makes it so you literally can't even progress in the game so you have to restart the whole account because you are frozen ... plus its pay to play, which takes absolutely no skill to boost your popularity with cards.. you guys make more if it wasn't...
Interesting, but you must pay after a couple of days to grow. Then you get wiped right out and must start again. Basically a poor, slow-to-load pay (a lot) to win.
This game could have been so great... If only they just recreated Stronghold on mobile. I would have gladly paid full price of a desktop game.
I enjoy this game ... And remember this game from my childhood so ... Don't not give up ... And pls give us more more more great update next time Ps. sorry I'm bad English but I'm appreciation the dev :)
Very poor. You can't even choose your start point accurately. You click on bit of map and despite having to choose your village manually, it's chosen one for you 100 miles away. Would have given zero stars but for some reason you can't do that. So false positive No thank you Will be removing in 48hrs devs.
Played for 2 weeks had an amazing time then got my village restarted. Yes you lose everything this will happen to you don't play this game it's hot garbage
Just as addictive as i remember, we would love to see a "3D effect" on the world map and a slight zoom out option while in the village and castle veiws. As far as gameplay how about adding some faction/house sparing/practice attacking also please provide regular updates, gameplay/interface could always be improved.
Nearly unplayable now. Constantly goes on a go slow and you can't do anything. Contacted support, told a bug on the android app, some basically can't put LL troops on your castle. This was about 5 months ago and still not fixed. Update still not fixed, developers ignore messages about problem, don't bother using this as if you get attacked and have LL troops you can't do anything to defend, waste of time
I was hoping for SO much more, I'd love for you to create a game exactly like Stronghold Crusader. (Offline game) Although this uses similar sounds and looks, it's far from the original and the game is explained very poorly, played a week solid, pressed a button to change my map and lost everything. Bring out a stronghold crusader, you know everyone wants it? Will you let another company beat you to it? First to create it will make millions, it makes no Sence..
I was very disappointed I was really enjoy the game I was doing well had 4 city just got the 5 then the world ended meaning I would have to start in a different world and do it all over again the truth is I can't be bothered with that so won't play it again and would have to get another prime token what would cost money
AVOID AT ALL COSTS. I used to play this game years ago on and off. Thought Id return, only to move next to someone who told me if I didnt leave, theyd get my account temp banned via abuse of a bug. They did, and when I brought it to the support team, screenshots and all, I was told they cant comment on it or investigate it (basically to go fk myself.) This was by "Lady Insightful." Ironic name...I know. Just a money hungry corp. leeching off of dying games. Avoid it.
Add Arabs civilization and forces like your pc stronghold crusader. It will be more interesting then. I and my friends will give it 5☆ . Hope you will think about it. Good game.
A couple of days ago I would have given this 4 to 5 stars. Castle and village building is great. Then the world ended, literally. Having spent a year building 8 castles with different villages what I hadn't understood was that at a certain point a world end competition is run and the winning faction can choose to literally end the world. So you log in to play the position you spent a lot of time building and get a message appear with stats and no other info and your game is done. Game over ☹☹
It's the lack of a tutorial and the players inability to have direction. We have to guess. The framework is fine but helping new players seem not to be a priority. It is worth a try but bear in mind you in the fog of the designers leaving no clue. Uninstall.
I've played this game on and off for a decade, including wolf world beta - just popped in to see how mobile version worked. It does everything EXCEPT cash in cards, which you NEED to play. The ability is supposedly there, but there is no button to process them after you mark them for trade. Woops, I think you missed a big thing, ff - or you need to make mobile interface more user friendly.
Fun medieval economy sim. Don't get to attached to your assets and you will enjoy it. Player interaction can range from helpful leige lord's that enhance your experience to raiders who will leave your village a smoldering husk. Once you are combat capable and have some teeth the game experience is rewarding.
really disappointed with game platform. played over one year and paid money for buy staff. suddenly announce the world is over and all effort, time and money put on t over in very next day. again need to going to new world and start from zero and this is crazy
I absolutly love this game...but fyi you can get banned long term or for a few days with no reason given...I've yet to know why I was given a 3 day ban...how can you fix somthing when you don't know what you did wrong :/
I really wanted to like this game... I have played the various Stronghold games on my PC. This has potential but I am not a pay to play player. So disappointing. on another note now that my PC doesn't have a disc drive how am I suppose to play Stronghold without purchasing it again?
I played this game since covid started,played close to a year and then global world 6 just ended .all this time and even money amou to nothing.dnt waste your time. This game is a money trap.
The game is amazing, but the production, research and other actions takes to much time. But beside from that overall the game is good.
Much detail. You need to rank up, you need to save wood, stone, research points for the market guild. It's a lot to memorize for a beginner.
I was just notified from another source that the personal infirmation I shared with your company was lost in a data breach earlier this year. "Thank you Firefly Studios" for personally letting me know my personal data was exposed and not letting me find out about this from other sources.
It's to much 'pay to play' (having to buy crowns to get a card (you give us a free card once a day cool, if we could opt out to get say a 1:5 ratio of the value of the crowns it was worth) of your choice or get premium tokens) in my opinion, but I love stronghold games. I'm enjoying that this one is unique and I can play on the go.
best game ever! amazing graphics, stunning cutting-edge combat technology, a MUST play for all strategy fans!
Its Is My Most Favourite Game Since My Childhood, I'm Playing It Since Last Year But Suddenly The World Has Ended😲 I Swap To Global Realm 7 But All My Progress My 500,000 Gold & 18,00,000 Honour, My Researches & A Defensive Castle Everything I Had Was Lost☹ Its Really Disappointed, What Rubbish Is This, I Want My All Progress Back, Tell Me How Can I Claim or Revert Back My Progress, Resources My Village & Castle Then I Can Play, I'll Wait or I Uninstall This Strongholg Game & Never Play Again.
Lost everything like my account and I can't recover it I do not recommend this game to any one and it's pure pay to win. What a money thirsty company!
4 days in a row of showers and storms with -24 through -30. You literally forced me to quit a game I enjoyed. Thanks for completely having no idea how your games are played.
5 minutes to log in, "Downloading world state (75%)" so I can play for 20 seconds and then I get a connection error.
Can't play.. The loading is not working. Its saying "Downloading world state.. (0%)" and doesn't running. Thanks for the response. Yes you are right.. This game need a stable internet connection.
I love this old and classical game. I just don't like the issues like bugs, network problem, lack of daily activities, missions, campaigns just like the old time in pc version. I hope the devs will develop the game and enhance network stability because it keeps on logging me out which is annoying. It's a free to play game but you get stronger faster when you top up to hasten your kingdom growth. Overall I am satisfied but I will gonna give you 4 stars and probably 5 starts if u fix the problems
Every one is using scout bots... No many players and the game is stagnant as 99.9% players already max rank and dominates.
Loving it. Used to play the original Stronghold games on PC back in the early 2000's. This is a perfect replica of it with added options to purchase basically anything. Cash grab but a good one.
its a very fun game! its involving and engaging and well-thought out! well done! i only wish i could choose exactly where the castle went!
I've played this game since it was a PC game I am so happy and I am so excited to someone decided to put it on a cell phone since no one seems to carry a Gateway computer anymore LOL but I do love this game I still have all the hard copy PC games of this from the original Stronghold all the way threw stronghold 4
This game is great. But the whole experience, and players hard earned savings are ruined due to some people being allowed to cheat with multiple accounts. Review from a player who's in the Hall of heroes twice so far.
Its been 13 days since i last logged on. I had not finished the tutorals. I log back in. And found that my account was banned for terms of service?! Is there a term that says you have to log in on a timley basis. Game probably works as intended. Uninstalled.
fun slow game for occasional pop In and out , tutorial dosen't explain much so need to figure it out on your own or Google it.
4 stars ... still early days. The learning curve is pretty steep, in-game tutorial barely covers the user interface. Fortunately there are youtubers (like RazingHel for starters) who are gifted enough to make the complexities much simpler and ... who have seen/made the "noob mistakes". If you're new, you ignore these guys to your own detriment. Having an early guide is crucial! All that aside, the game itself is well done and worth playing. Well done!
I Love it. Though I do understand why people don't like this particular game. It takes a certain mindset to like this Game and Ilikethisgame..!
I can play according to how I feel. One day I may feel like building and gathering resources, and the next day I can spend time attacking. It's a well planned game.
Game is fun. Just do not join houses where people are to cowardly to fight. A maxed out credit card player with multiple accounts will randomly want your villages, you'll lose everything and your house will not help you because they are scared to lose anything of their own to help out.
I'll give this game 5 stars if you guys fix the notifications when research and building is finished.
Do not download, the same people run every map and will threaten to wipe out all your work if you do not farm for them so, you will inevitably farm for them or get completely wiped. Any money you spend will go directly into their pocket not your success. These players run with bots on computer and use a bully system the devs do not seem to mind. Unless you want to do the work for other people's success do not waste your time or money. If you do not believe me, look at the other posts.
This is a great game. It brings a sentiment of nostalgia by reminding me the first Stronghold I have played. Unfortunately, despite the deep diplomacy, natural from a mmo, I see to much pay to win here. I hope they could address this with some adds maybe? This way the game would be accessible to many more players - maybe more fair.
During playing after some time game get crash as connection to internet error shows but connection is good.
Thanks to a lot of fixtures after 2 years of not playing and finally coming back to the game, i honestly feel lots of things have been fixed and improved. But somehow whenever i play a card or attack someone and minimize the game its not letting me log back in. I have invested a substantial amount of money into the game, so the least you guys can do is fix this bug. Its super difficult to time attacks when you dont let me log in into the game.
Brings back memories of playing the first Stronghold game! My favorite PC game to this day! With the old music and everything with some improvement to gameplay. I just wish they kept the voice audios which were great, and the advisor holding the popularity book.
This is a great game. Whoever understands it becomes accustomed to it. The only thing I want to Be able to move buildings in the Castle after build
O.k I've been trying to work out what the hells happened to my game only to discover that global 6 has ended thanks for nothing it took me bloody ages to rebuild after the last time it had problems.
Overall experience is pretty high. Played for few days so far. Although there are few disadvantages. 1. First of all is UI which looks terrible. Basically it looks like some test version. Some of icons are too small 2. In-game payments. It's super expensive. Smallest coin package in PLN (Polish zloty) costs 11 PLN! That's crazy price for just 10 coins for which you can buy just 1 normal card pack. 3. Production's etc. should also be displayed as per hour, in the end it's MMObrowser game right?
Played a long time ago on pc, eventually the alliances got too big for me and you couldn't do anything, but this version on tablet seems better.
Good game. Very sorry i wasted 7 years on Clash of Clans with this game around. Like all the aspects of the game especially that it does not feel like chore. You can put the game down, come back 2 days later and things are still fixable.... Hope you guys keep up the good job your'e doing on the game... just love it...
Since the update this game is so laggy, glitch everywhere i cant event put my present castle, and the developer dont care about this they dont event put attention ! Lol Ive been given 5 stars before but after see my complain some months ago dont ever get attention i give this 3 stars
I really love this game... I played stronghold 1,2 & 3 in my pc and I am glad to see it in my phone... the moment I saw it... I download it and played... and I was very satisfied with the game... just like when I am playing in my pc.
You made me very happy with this game, I just wish it was more like a castle game or a computer crusade. Thankful.
i hate you firefly studio...you lost my internet mb's...i was thinking that this is like original stronghold Crusader😱😱😱...but this is so tough and so bad😭😭😭...specially research option should not be available and we can't trade products... i totally hate this... plz make this game 100% like computer
Best game Makes you have to use your brain 90 percent of the world dont use their brains anymore it seems play this game peeps get your brain back
I do really enjoy the game. However there appear to be features for the PC version that aren't accessible (maybe I just haven't figured it out, but then that means the controls aren't very intuitive), things like recalling troops that are reinforcing, or even simply forwarding on reports. These are advanced issues, but when they crop up are very annoying.
owned and played that game on pc before. Give a go to the app, its a tutorial prison, there is no getting out of this annoying tutorial, lousy and useless, dont waste your time.
Interesting game, unlike where those cashgrab games where you heavily relies on your wallet, this gane have much more depth in it
Nearly unplayable now. Constantly goes on a go slow and you can't do anything. Contacted support, told a bug on the android app, some basically can't put LL troops on your castle. This was about 5 months ago and still not fixed.
Building huts, lumber miles, stone quarries, hunters hut, and progression and the real time aspect of I like no lag easy to get in to
The game is great, I love that they stuck with the old-school 2D Graphics instead of the newer Stronghold game's graphics. The ONYL reason Im giving it out of 5 stars is the wait times (yes I understand thats pretty much the general build for most mobile games these days but guys spending 45:16:48:06 to build a castle is a bit much ya'd think. Anywho the games amazing and have no plans of putting it down anytime soon.
Compared to what it is on PC, it's dumbed down, a lot less effort in the whole look of the game including HUD. It's giving you a few more cards so that helps the start. It still slows down to a snail's pace, but I'll work with it.
Please make ability to donate gold to Parish. As a Steward I can't raise gold cause the Sheriff collect taxes too high.
I'm missing this atmosphere of stronghold. anyway the team needs a serious coding to enhance the game, bit laggy but still playable, dunno is it from my phone or the game. and i think it needs a major ui/ux enhancement to get more smooth, more intuitive and more feels into the stronghold. feels good to play this game again. i know you can do it 💪💪💪
Awesome game the most freedom when building over seen in a mobile game The idea of actually a another players village (and owing more than one) is awesome and I feature I always thought should be in other games like coc.
Thanks for allowing me to enjoy this nostalgic game on mobile. Love all aspects of it, its like playing a real time board game like 7 Wonders
overall good, graphics a bit old and the controls are quite hard to grasp at first. but the game is rather close to the original game.
Been having problems since the new update. Can't figure out the issue. Each time I try to. Load the game, it just stays at 0%.
If you are playing Stronghold Kingdoms on PC, then this app is definitely a must. To the dev: I appreciate the fact that you are really checking out our reviews and I'm willing to give this a five star once my issue with the buttons is resolved. :) First, can't go to settings due to the app crashing. Even then, the settings button is still to small so I can't tap it. Already reinstalled the app, freed some space, but it always crashes after downloading the world state.
I played this game back when it was on beta and i loved it, but I stopped since all my efforts were resetted. However, I started playing it back again, and I'm enjoying it. ( My rank is Baron, have 4 villages, and I still haven't been attacked by stronger players... in which it might change my opinion depending on how constant I get attacked or if they use pay to win cards when they do so).
The game is mature and well developed, except for the UI, which has some issues in putting units or buildings near the edge of the screen on phones. The gameplay is less fun than I anticipated, because the power players are sensitive, angry snowflakes who demand you lick their boots. There's nothing the average player can do in the game from day to day except to stay out of the lway, because the houses have everything locked up tight. So the game gets dull fast. I regret spending money on it.
Somewhat different from the other multiplayer games in the genre. Screen is too zoomed in and we can't interact with characters like original stronghold. Wish Devs would bring the experience closer to stronghold 1.
It's like stronghold inside a huge game of worldwide risk! And you can play on any mobile device or pc! Uses little data, so it's ok to literally play all day! Or at least I tell myself so! A++!!!
great game, but horrible lag/bug when ever deploying vassel troops to castle. the app becoms almost nonresponsive and can not repair castle without removing troops, this can lead to accidental removal of pitch pots ruining castle.
Nice game so far, still figuring out so can't say much now but would be back for detailed review...... So after playing for 6 days as a total free player, it's pretty fun. Start in multiple worlds at regular intervals so u can improve next start from previous mistakes and more chance to find good & helping people instead of raiders. Great game if u focus on mechanics.👌
I love this game, problem is, most of the time i cant play it. several loading/login issues, game crashes randomly. If these problems were fixed I'd give 5 stars
love and hate it.. this game seems to be dying just due to its age and lack of players. You can enjoy this game if you invest many hours into it, but if you are looking for a casual play move on.
Thoroughly enjoyable game - much much more in depth and realistic than most mobile real time games. Only downside is the game goes very slow and glitchy when on the castle screen if the castle is full of reinforcement troops, not entirely sure why. Other than that, it's fantastic.
I use to play the Stronghold strategy games all the time with my uncles growing up. Our favorite was Stronghold Crusader. So far this games seems better than most base builders. I like that it offers a lot to do while waiting instead of pushing for microtrans.
I played the game for 7yrs in the pc and when it launched in mobile. Its great than you can monitor your game on pc while your outside. To those who think the game is too slow and takes time to progress well!!! your not playing it right.
I love this game i like how it is muityplayer and you get to build and upgrade your own city and attack people with your soliders
Played the original and Crusaders for years. Didn't get into SH2 much, but seems pretty much the same. Slow going, but if you liked the pc versions, you're there.
been playing for a while, just started my 3rd world, its fun, and challenginghave made a lot of internet friends here.
Such a great game. Reminds me of my child hood. They should add ladder men, crossbow men and mace men
It deserves zero star, I had downloaded it on my computer and played it yesterday but today it doesn't work anymore so I downloaded this app and the same problem here (problem with connection to server), fix it...
It is a very addictive and quite fun game once you get into it, the learning curve can be steep without a more experienced player advising you. It is basically a sandbox that relies almost entirely on social gameplay with discord being the place where the game is really played. The factions and houses play a political game with coordinated strategy using the ingame sandbox as the battleground. It is however riddled with bugs and the developers do not seem interested in fixing them whatsoever.
I am enjoying the game, but it's slow and it requires High speed network. This is the only problem that I found.
i can log into my account. as soon as I click on the field to enter my email, my keyboard doesn't show up...
do enjoy firefly and stronghold games.. but i wish their was daily log in bonuses and other ways to get cards. seems like all they want is your money.. i thought this was firefly studio not EA!. but its a fun little game.. people are leaving the castle! ():)
well it's not really playing if you can't play with premium tokens once in a while and there's no way of earning them on a regular basis even if for one day per week!!! except for payment so I wouldn't call this a free game I love stronghold but I'm suffering here
Its a grest game but 1_ we need chat room in game Chat room for faction , for world and making chat room with players who you want to talk 2_ im come from iran there is any way to buy crown??
I like the game have played it before but will not load up i tried it 6 diffrent times even let it load 30 mins it starts to load and never finishes just frezzes up i have plenty of memery and ram on my new phone and still will not load past loading screen i wiil leave better review when it fixed till then i uninstalling
Timers are way too long for new/low level players. Hours, days!? Not going to pay for instant on a game that takes weeks just to tryout. :-(
All the maps are already dominated by other players and they can wipe you out anytime they want to. Started new realm and it still sucks because the players that can spend a lot of money will be the winner's and the others don't have a chance.
used to play this game on my pc whn i was younger..best game ive played so far on the mobile platform...its slow but it covers all the aspects of feudal times...immensely detailed n fun to play... keep up the gud work..ciao
do not play !! too many cheaters and hackers and bots...this game has become worse than Evony. the support team doesnt answer requests and even after multiple forum posts they just lock the forum and disregard all evidence towards cheating. they have a game rule that says u can have multiple accounts as long as u pay real money....which is pay2win and cheating at its finest. really regret downloading this. EDIT: This company supports racist players and tells victims to just block them everytim