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Strongblade: Match 3 Game

Strongblade: Match 3 Game for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Dekovir located at EDIF. PRAT DE LA MOLA, BLOC A - LOCAL 2 AD300 Ordino, Andorra. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Very cool awesome game. It just keep cutting out after 1 or 2 levels. And there are levels that are difficult,you use up your boosters and loose a few lives before you pass. Those levels need more moves.
Why don't you give out daily rewards I have never played a game where was not one think about it please if not I feel that you will not have many players I will give it a few more days to see what happens I'm deleting this game it's not fun to play bye bye
I enjoy the game. Like the characters and storyline. But I play it to relax and pass time. When levels are exceedingly difficult, with few optional moves, too few moves given to finish, it becomes stressful and not relaxing. Takes the fun out of it. Your directional boosters only destroy one piece? That's not fair. Trying to beat a level 20 times with too few moves and no good move options makes me feel unhappy. You want me to be happy playing your game, dont you? Make the levels easier to beat.
so far its really fun except for the boosters, they make u use them to show u how they work. u shouldnt have to use one of ur own n if u do it shouldn't deduct it from ur count. i will give 5 stars if u fix this, other than that its ok...so far. im on level 15
It takes away too many coins when you play round over again. This seems like a way just to get more money. Taking away so many coins isn't fair. A smaller amount should be required.
Cute game. It's very similar to Gems and Genies. I love the little mouse. I wish you could use the 30 mins of unlimited lives whenever you want though. Sometimes I don't have time to use the prize that I've won at that exact moment.
Very generic match the pieces game. Nothing really new or overly special. Cute graphics. The one thing that bugs me majorly though. Before completing a level, the top scores shown on the level select will change randomly every time you select and deselect the level. They will also change after beating the level to put you at the top of a bunch of "Anonymous". Very strange and bad choice.
This game is so cute! I would good as far to say that it is one of the best match 3 games out there today! It's fun, and the characters are too darn cute for words! A fun time filler! 4 stars though, we'll see how things progress! I'll be back soon to update, as I get to higher levels! Kudos to the developers!
Lovely little match 3 game with a cute story. Enjoyable and challenging enough to keep interesting. Can play without paying. Had it for ages and the updates are lush.
The game is too good but even after winning the game with 10 moves left it is giving only 2 stars.... i didnt getting the logic behind. And another point after completing the stage it is again showing as uncompleted level....... fix it..... graphics are amazing but the colour variant is a bit dark try to make it bright bro. 😊 after helping so many people make them useful in my further play dude i am at 1k level still the game is interesting one
This is such an enjoyable game to play! The little mouse character is just too cute for words! 😁 I love the fact that there's a story to this game & that it's not just a run-of-the-mill gems-eliminating game! 👍👍👍
its a wonderful game. great story line and different from your normal match three. with that being said some levels are almost impossible to get through. you dont give enough moves to get past the really hard ones and you can go back to play past levels and on some you can get some coins but only three. others you dont get any. this game would be fun to play if the levels were not so hard to get through.
very well put together game. thank you for not having me watch an ad to.....well.....do anything. except if you want double coins. which is nice on the money levels sometimes.
So far a pretty good game,good graphics. Only thing that would make it better is getting more options to get more power ups, lives without spending money.
Gorgeous art, great game play - super helpful game developers (there's a support feature in game settings so you can email them - don't delete the auto attached file - it helps them to figure out the problem. This recent patch has fixed my game play :) Did I mention the gorgeous art??
Soooo so interesting although I would have given it 5 stars but I don't like downloading additional data. Cute characters by the way
I think Strongblade is a cute, fun, wonderful little game. It's better than the average match games. very relaxing and the music is pleasant to listen to. Nice storyline. Adoreable characters.
The game is nice and the graphics cute, not sure about the rest yet. Do you realize match 3 mechanics are pretty much the same everywhere? Please stop pushing dumb compulsory tutorials down our throats
I can't get enough of this game! I truly love it! Even though the hard levels are a challenge, I can't quite! I only stop long enough to build my lives back up!
I love this game! It's cute, but fun. If they only offered a soundtrack because some of the music is incredible and I'd love to have it.
I really like this game. My only complaint is the downloads take so long. And now it won't download the packs at all. Keeps saying error accrued. Gonna have to uninstall.
Amazing game! I am a big fan of puzzle matching games, and this one is incredible! Lovely graphics and truly soothing music. I really recommed you to give it a try!
cute game I like it. looks like the little mouse is running around in the great big woods with a little tomahawk swinging it around .
I just bought the starter pack and i didn't get it. I've been having all kinds of in game issues and have sent in a few emails all telling me that this is normal game play. The game has changed the way it plays and i'm not getting any help from developers. You asked for screenshots and then tell me i have to edit the screenshot to 1mb. I want my money back or the game fixed with the starter pack.
The story and characters are cute and dance. But the levels get hard right around level fifty. Not enough coins to play at that level.
Level 940 is broken. I have been playing it for nearly two weeks and i am unable to achieve all three stars. Please adjust so I dont have to uninstall.
** This WAS becoming my fave app smh & I absolutely LOVE IT but all day I've been trying to purchase items & it goes all the way thru til i try 2 make the purchase then it sez "no internet connection" which isn't true! Please please fix so i can open the trunk ..and play more! 😒
What sucks is the booster and mini game you play to get extra money or boosters would be nice if they were different going to delete game boosters really sucks the end bye bye baby bye bye
This is a cute little game. The task are fun to do to create your mouse camp but and this is a big BUT....it cost to much of your own 💰 to play the game in order to complete the different levels, especially the harder levels!! Do something about this to make it so you don't have to spend your own 💰 to complete levels and you will have 5 stars from me and probably others as well!!! From a 64 yr old game player.
The cost of buying extra moves is outrageous, drop the cost or increase the extras, it's a shame because it a great game, uninstalling now, goodbye.
Fun match 3 game. Different from other match 3's. Graphics and story are great! I highly recommend it.
a cute, easy game. I played it for nearly 1 hour before an ad break. it's a match 3. graphics r good too.
very addictive, beautiful graphics, love the game a lot, I truly recommended, please do more games like this one I love it.
I'm so loving this game, & glad you finally got it working as it wouldn't start up for me at all & had to uninstall it but worth the wait as the story line is so cute, lots of different things happening, & just good interesting fun! Great game!! 😘
A very adorable game. Lets see how far I can get as I suck at match 3. Edit : Game gets insanely hard at times, way too hard for me even when I use boosters. I wish the levels were more balanced, to prepare for the much more difficult levels.
I'm so glad I found this game! So cute! The mice are adorable and funny! His little attitude when it takes me too long tomake a move..priceless! Love it!
Update, I am now on level 868 and still adore this game. Beautiful relaxing music, the storyline is so lovely as is the graphics. The detail of the drawings if you take time to really look at them are wonderful it is like a gorgeous picture book. Unlike other games of this type which become impossible early on all levels so far have been possible. Best game on playstore and I have played a few. Highly recommend this one.
Not another gem matching game! Well, that is correct. This is far superior to your gem matching game where the goal is to move a mouse along a path and meet new friends along the way. Animation is cute and the game uses bright colors. Update: Here I am 500 levels in and I still love the game. The quests are interesting, the characters are delightful, and no level is impossible. Sure some are hard, but the game helps you if you are stuck and have to come back the next day. Definitely tops.
Probably one of the best match 3 games out there. Cute story line about helping, but the best part is it recharges fast. You don't have to but if you don't mind watching ads you can play for hours. Been playing for over a year on both my phone and tablet. Also can play when there is no internet!
Unfortunately just another same old same old. Cute story, cute graphics..but once again level that leave one with a gaming experience that equals watching mold grow. Ridiculous levels add zero to the game but DO Take All the fun out of it and make it 100% deletable. Please dont waste your time with scripted excuses about balance..the only balance you are truly interested in is the depth of players bank balance
I LOVE this game!!!! It is really fun to play, BUT BRING YOUR CHECK BOOK if you want to play it. No more than 18 moves a level no matter what you need to accomplish, no way to get coins or boosters unless you buy them. So sorry to be uninstalling but can't afford this game.
it is a fun game and you should download this I mean that's a puzzle game but it has a story behind it and refund game to try out
At lvl 565, still RECOMMEND THIS TO EVERYONE! 😎Never been on Facebook 😃Deserves 100✴️A NEAR PERFECT GAME&FOR FREE👍atlvl114 discovered you can move the figures at camp! ❤️At lvl53 loving it even more. Side games are different match3s!!! So you don't get stuck on 1over&over again, like in many others apps👌Loving the animation and graphics❤️ Fun variation on MATCH3 you'll find NOWHERE ELSE👌👍 ❤️ Deserves 10stars LOVE IT &support quick&polite👍👌💙Don't like occasionaly needed ads being scary
Awesome game keeping adding to the game and it will be more awesome once of the best match 3 games I have ever played and played a lot of them keep up the good work
Wonderful game it never sticks or lags got a cute little mouse and the Devs always respond to your questions can at times be a challenge but great fun.
So far so good. Has a little bit different twist than other match 3 games. Characters are adorable too. only about 12 levels in. we shall see.
love love love this game. it's so cute and fun, not to challenging just mindless time wasting with out to much thinking. characters are funny and i like how its different to other match 3 games. throughly recommended this game to anyone
Too difficult after a while. Yet another game that starts well and then you have to start paying to get any further. Really spoils things . Am going to uninstall.
Graphics are awesome, game play and story are intriguing, but Some levels are so impossible that you need to spend either a lot of money to beat or use up all your boosters that you've been saving for 2 weeks. I think there should be more chances to acquire more boosters if the levels are going to be so hard.
Fun game...a little slow for adults, unless it gets harder as you go along !!! I love the little critters !!!
Have played for about 4 months, now reached the end. 3 stars on everything and finished the chests. Awaiting new levels. The teaser, Sean using a hang glider was soooooo cute. Will there be more new characters to play? I haven't actually spent any real money, just repeating levels until I cleared them. This is a great game, there is time to think about how to match the colours to get the most out of the characters abilities.
So far so good. I'm really enjoying this. The graphics are so cute and it's challenging but not too much. A delightful amalgam that I don't regret downloading.
really enjoying this cute match 3 game so far. Want to see how hard levels are as I level up. Pleased there is no adverts to spoil game. x
I had an issue with an in-game purchase that I was pretty angry about, but the support team fixed it within a day. The game is actually fun. I play it often to kill time.
This game is adorable. The mice are cool. Love the graphics and so far the story line. Thank you to everyone who participated in creating this fun family friendly game.
Game was running well up until the update, now it consistently crashes on P20 pro. A great game when it's running right!
All of my settings and wrong few days before now I reached 87 level it is very fun the first second and that levels was very easy the releasing butterfly it is very fun I like it very much it is the most super game in the world
THIS GAME IS SO CUTE!! I downloaded out of curiosity and am glad I did! It's going to be one of my favs. Gameplay? Take every match 3 puzzler you've ever played, combine them and add a cute mouse who meets friends and completes quests. The tutorial is way too long. Anyone not born under a rock knows match 3 games inside and out. With that said, the hints provided on the loading screen are sufficient and easy to understand! Great game for kids of all ages!
It's a fun game to play but game won't move pass downloading resources page. The game is no fun if you can't play it.
Hi...was wondering why i am having problems with watching the ads and the loading sometimes? I press the watch video thing and it kicks me off and i have to re open game. Same with loading it does it maybe every 3 or 4 th challenge. Hope you can help.
This game just gets it right. Especially the ads. You choose when to watch one, and you always get something useful for doing so. Ads aren't otherwise forced on players. Add to that the creative world and stunning art, and you have a winner.
Cute little game! I've always had this weird obsession with Match 3 games, and gotta say this one is pretty good! I love how the animals talk to each other in the camp! I do sometimes struggle with the directions of the boosters, but nothing bad, game wise, really comes to mind. It's a fun little time waster, but I can see it becoming addictive!
Downloaded this game yesterday. Enjoyable and relaxing. Unfortunately I can't load the game today as it keeps crashing. Hence the rating of 2*. Uninstalled and downloaded again and now working thanks for your prompt reply
I was enjoying the game until it became impossibility hard to win levels to the point that it takes days to beat a level even with boosters and spending money which ruins the enjoyment of playing the game. It has a nice storyline and ok graphics and I have no problem with challenges but I no longer look forward to playing this game, hopefully you will do something about this because you have a lot of competition
I absolutely love this game. No level is too challenging so far. I can always figure it out, even if it takes me 10x. I like it a lot, and it is my go to game all the time. I have zero regerts. I love all time spent on this game.
This is the cutest game! The graphics are great, the mice are adorable 😊 And I like the differences in the levels.
Been enjoying this game for sometime (done 1500+ lvl). But since last update developers have increase the difficulty quite high. Now it take multiple (10-15) tries to finish one level. I used to enjoy casual difficulty of levels. But now it has become frustrating.
A great game when you need a secret magical exscape. very cute and pleasant. Enjoying it very much so far.🙃😉
My account just fast forwarded about 800 levels! It shows 3 star completion for most of not all of those levels as well. I was just beginning the cave camp, and now well into the desert camp! Is there any way to reverse this?
it's a fine match 3 game, but very disappointed that the ad for the game didn't show it as a match 3, very bad falsely advertising as something it's not
Takes to many stars for rebuilding most game 1,2 and 3 thru out game this is 7 sometime you need 7 twice to finish a rebuild. Could be better
This game is a very fun game that mixes doing somewhat gallant deeds to setting up your own camp. And, it hints that you will be making quite a few friends. But I have no idea if that's true since I've only been playing the game for about an hour now.
I really like this game. The characters are cute, the story is fun, the mechanics aren't overly complicated. Really nice game!
Love this game! I can do this even when I am tired out and just need to relax & Enjoy this game. No time stress just fun***
From level 37 including, it s only a pay to win. No other option. Terrible cause i eeally loved the game. Old: it has some new elements, cute graphic, a bit funny, i do enjoy it alot, i just hope it won t turn into pay to win later like the rest
Fun match game. Made it to level 17 and haven't seen an ad yet which was refreshing. Normally I shut the music right off but it's part of the show. Good times.
So cute! The graphics are great...also like the sound effects..☺🐭 just started playing but its a keeper! Try it...you will love it too.....😊
This is the cutest game. I love the music and the mouse and his friends are delightful. Truly love it.
Not good very difficult to move on. I uninstalled this then reinstalled it to see if any better sadly no.
Was really enjoying it until levels became impossible without lots of coins and boosters. Uninstalled it. Shame.
I am tired of being stuck on the same level day after day, game after game. This is the kind of thing that makes me lose intererest in a game and eventually stop playing.
(4.2.21) I just started playing this game and it is fabulous! Visually it is beautiful, I love the little hero mouse & his squeaks! This game is one of the BEST match 3 games!! I am to level 14 & have watched 1 ad & it was optional...FANTASTIC job to the Devs...if you like match 3 games I definitely recommend this one
Simple and superb game with a good story.Wish more events or different methods of puzzles were added for balancing more lives.
I like game well enough. I wish some of the characters would do or play when you move them to a device. I am on level 800. Will you add more levels. I see I only have 54 left. Doing 20 a day.
Well I am on 1006 you have made this level imposable. I will not buy the assists. There is no pattern to his flying. I am almost tempted to .....
I really like this game !! the graphics are great and the characters are really cute. After level 30, the games are difficult to complete without purchasing help, which I cannot afford to do, so I play each day, until my lives run out.
truly a great game. adventure. match 3. quest. I truly enjoy playing this game. oh...its nice playing a game you can actually have a chance to win
Since my last review wishing there were more moves because i couldn't relax playing the game i am very happy to say i was so wrong, more moves are good, but i have gotten through every level, i love it, I WAS WRONG 😆😀 I get my brain started with this game and my morning coffee, and as a time out in the afternoon, then to de-stress at night, i love it, top job guys 😀💞. Just wondering if my phone is causing the game to crash, still love it 🙂👍. All good now 😁.
it's a lovely little game helping a little rabbit set up camp and find firewood and go on adventures with him very relaxing very nothing as extreme as Candy crush and gardenscapes no I'm in the early stages and I'm sure it's going to get harderthe right now I'm having the time of my life and very very very relaxing
Such a beautiful game, love the characters. Just hope its not going to be same old, money making game. I will be so very upset.
A very cute fun little game. The characters are really sweet. This game definitely becomes more challenging the further the go along. Adorable, love it!
I love the twist on this game. So different thsn the other match 3 games. Try this one, you will not be dissapointed! Thumbs up
Levels need rebalancing. Some normal levels should be labeled as Hard, and the recommended friend for each level isn't always right.
game play is nice but a few more moves would be nice. 900 coins for 5 extra moves bit much and lives lost 5 on one level. should have option of unlimited no friends to ask or get.. that turned me off from game..
it could be better by cheaper boosts, most levels take FOREVER to get thru which makes it diffucult to play for any length ..i will probably uninstall before long...:-(
I like this game because because it's challenging enough to keep my interest but not impossible so I want to uninstall. They rotate how hard the boards are so you do one that takes two days then have one I do in minutes. I will say there idea of hard and mine differ. I like the small quests and decorating the camp. I have never spent real money on a game in my life and this is no exception so be patient and reserve your gold and boosters for when you actually need them.
Sweet story about a mouse on an adventure, I think it's so cute to watch him help all the creatures he meets. I keep wanting to play to watch his adventure unfold. The only issue I have is it takes way too long for the lives to recharge
Finally broke down and installed this game and so happy😁 I did! So far can't find a thing to hiss over so that's 👌👍. Graphics are wonderful and not glitchy..so far.. kudos to developers
Enjoyable game with pleasing graphics. The only problem is being forced to one horizontal. I prefer having the power outlet on the left, but game will not rotate.
Very cute and entertaining game. New twist that gives additional heroes to help along your journey to bring more joy and excitement. I'm liking this game very much and hope it continues to surprise me. This is how games should be. If your looking for a game to make you happy and smile, this is it, give it a try.
Great game! Beautiful graphics! Easy to play! Enjoyable 10/10! Adds only when YOU wanna play them, and plenty of chances to get boosters! Love it!
just started playing so I don't have much to critique but from what I have seen it looks like a very fun game. the little mice are adorable and the storyline is interesting. easy to understand what to do. I think it is going to be a really fun game to play. can't wait to see how the story goes.
Upto lvl 248, still RECOMMEND THIS TO EVERYONE! 😎Never been on Facebook 😃Deserves 100✴️A NEAR PERFECT GAME &FOR FREE👍atlvl114 discovered you can move the figures at camp! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️At lvl53 loving it even more. Side games are different match3s!!! So you don't get stuck on 1over&over again, like in many others apps. 👌👌👌👌👌Loving the animation and graphics❤️ Fun variation on MATCH3 you'll find NOWHERE ELSE👌👍 ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Deserves 10stars. LOVE IT &support always quick&polite👍👌
It still removes too many coins during a round. I keep playing some rounds over and over again. I am still wasting money trying to complete some certain rounds. I cannot afford this anymore.
This game is so pretty, the music is lovely, the quality of the game is awesome.....great job devs! 👍👍👍❤❤❤
Loved playing the game. I was at a really high level, bought a new phone, downloaded the game and it's making me start at level 1. Not happy! I did what you said but when I go to settings, there's only music sound and power on/off.
Cute game and fun to play when it works correctly. Too many glitches that kick you out of levels in the middle of playing or shuts down the app entirely. Today I 've experienced continual freezing of the game and blank blue screens. Developers need to fix the game.
Game is cute love the story, the characters are adorable but I am stuck on level 26 played 5 times and every time it cheats me out of green gems that I wiped out. Game is no fun when one has to play it over and over again and feels cheated. Giving 5 stars for graphics and storyline. For feeling cheated out of my green gems I give 1 star, hope I can change the 1 star in the future.
Really cute game with good puzzles. Ironically... its fun enough that id probably spend a ton if the gold were cheaper. As it is, the price of gold and the cost of the extra turns in gold means i spend zero. I wish more designers realized that they could get a lot more if they made the in app stores cheaper
Love it!! I have been playing for several months now. I had to reset my phone and my game restarted back to beginning. When it asked if i wanted to use old saved file i refused. I am now replaying to really pay attention to storyline.