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Strike Fighters (2012)

Strike Fighters (2012) for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by Third Wire Productions located at 401 Congress Ave, Suite 1540 Austin, TX 78701. The game is suitable for PEGI 16 (Strong Violence) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
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Can u pls add the f4 phantom skin 1969 from gunship iii? I love the skin and want it to be added in,btw it's not the us navy skin
Beat maderen jet game onnthe market, we do meed cockpit view, and that would make the game even better
sir please update button control, otherwise it is very hard to control now. if you don't give any reply within 24 hours then ready to loose your 5 ratings to 1 rating!
This is the number one air combat game with real real mechanic! Please add Strike Fighters Multiplayer!
its the best game ever. But one thing is missing there is no option for cockpit view inside fighter jet. So please add it.
This is one of the best flight combat games to get the graphics are good and there is such a wide selection of aircraft to choose from over all smooth gameplay
Best in class!! New planes unlock too slowly though... Please add Ground-attack targets on the land as side-objectives to earn extra points.
I have played and enjoyed the game in the past, but after the last update it looks as if the models in game have no texture or don't exist at all while some planes have only half of the texture while the rest is pink.
Love the game but what happened to strike fighters Israel? I loved that game and wish I could download it again.
All your Strike Fighters games are the best air combat simulators on Android. Please could we have more updates and few more jet fighter planes and some attack helicopters, Keep up the good work. And cockpit view like in the other game please.
although it's not that bad, the game is really bland and boring. I have to play MANY hours using older soviet planes or pay money just to get 4th gen soviet planes while the bots get to use newer f15s, f18s, and f14s? ABSOLUTELY UNFAIR, like atleast make 2 mig 29s or su 27s to be unlocked by key and not level, also make the plane's customizable atleast. the sounds are also bland, they sound like they came from an old radio from the 70's. also pls make graphics look better atleast. thank you.
I miss the interface and slightly more challenging gameplay of Strike Fighters Legends, but at least you can unlock jets faster.
Really wanted to enjoy this but constantly fighting pitch control. Time limits for missions too short.
Ive been playing this since i think 2014 or 15. Have had many phones between then and now and i gotta say. Even though its an older game, its still great and pretty much how i remember it. The graphics and controls for the game are great for handheld devices considering what they can do compared to a pc ( which would obviously perform and look better). Its a great time killing game and plan to continue to play it and any newer variations of the game( to include the ground strike version)
Good game, bad comm voice and after the campaign its nearly impossible to get access to another plane, please change that
Love the game could use better graphics, and if you could update it like Gunship lll it would be a Amazing game, please add Cockpit view and be able to do missions is much needed . Lastly with a few more modifications this game would be the best jet Fighter game out there but over all very good gameplay good job!!
Ok at the beginning but each combat is basically identical to the last. In the early stages you unlock new aircraft at a reasonable rate but later you have to play a loooooot of games. That said, gameplay is reasonable. I'd say it's an okay, occasional time-waster.
Sloppy controls and just chasing dots in the sky over a bland landscape. No throttle lever, just temporary arrows you touch for temporary braking or temporary afterburner. No cockpit view. Just the view from behind the plane. Unrealistic flight characteristics. Get old really quick.
The best in my opinion, no other AIR combat sim can compare with AIR craft selection and graphics, you even have my all time FAVORITE ATF FIGHTER THE YF-23 wish never made it in to production and as a future AIR FORCE pilot this is the best there is.
I've been playing Strike Fighters since 2014 and if I'm gonna be honest, is one of the coolest arcade style combat flight sims out there. One of the very few of it's kind. It's unique from other games because of the aircraft variants and what's special about the variants that makes it different from the others. I like how it actually tells you what type of special tactical electronic equipment and advanced avionics the aircraft has as well a brief history of the craft. All in all, it's an A+
Its a wonderful game, tackling the Cold War era fighters with relatively accurate flight physics for a mobile version. My only gripe is either upgrade this game with multiplayer or bring back Strike Fighters Legends, version that has multiplayer. Oh and the Swedish Air Force Fighters will be a welcome addition too. That aside, the game still stands great but the need for multiplayer, both team-based and free for all, is pressing.
most discriminated game I have ever played. American aircrafts are so easy to fly and shoot on the flipside Russian planes have sluggish controls and even after lock on the missile misses its targets Russian aircrafts are way better in real life.
PLEASE DO A WW2 PACIFIC GAME! It would be great, this one is good, but modern warplanes aren't really my cup of tea.
One of if not the best fighter jet games out there. Good controls and easy easy to get more planes. Very little ads. If your a pilot this game is a must
Stumbled upon this, looking for a Mirage 2000 sim and I love it. Hope to unlock the 2000 at some point
Game blows. The controls on tilt are insane. You spend more time correcting your flight than actual fight. You spend 3/4 of your flight upside down. Then, to add insult to injury, here comes the charges. You have to buy the aircraft. No thank you. Blood suckers.
Please add Asian crafts too like HAL tejas or Jf 17, and cockpit views, more details to flares and destroyed aircrafts.
The controls are super ridiculous, the AIs easily outrun me, and the very short time dosent help the game be better at all. This is fun, but there are some problems with the game . I SPEND SO MUCH TIME FIGHTING THE CONTROLS WHILE THE MIGS OUTRUN ME AND I DONT GET ENOUGH KILLS
this game is amazing, although it'd be great if it also has a first person view mode but still what an amazing game
Wish the game had more content, and the new strike fighters game has plenty of content, but you have to pay for it, so it isn't really worth it.
This is really interesting game But it can be more interesting if you add jf17 Thunder aircraft please next update you must include it....
Really fun game provided with the specification if my device. I wish though for an easier progression once you finish the Cold War campaign.
This game is fun at the start and near the end, but for like 20 to 30 levels its very boring and a super grind. Also i hate at high levels that the enemies can just spam missles it very annoying.
Great game! Very realistic design and in-depth graphics, although it could be much more fun amd addicting if you could also make this in multiplayer mode or any wingman within a single-player. I definitely recommend this to others. Ps. I'm from the Philippines and I would be much delighted it you add the Philippine Air Force variant of the FA-50 to the game. I just saw only the South Korean version of the aircraft. So that I can do battle with Chinese J-10s. Would really appreciate that. Tnx ;)
Very nice game, until that very bloody update. Now Im very pissed. Now can't see the action when in battle, and can't see my last aircraft. Pls fix it for hell's sake.
This is the best air to air combat simulator for smart phones truly captures the essence of the cold war air battle
Outstanding And Amazing graphics and GUIs for a 2012 game I've been playing this game since 2013 And i never get a problem in this game
good. But something need more devoloped. And unlock 100 level to free all kind of plane. Add total all of fighter and ground attack plane. Please this game devoloper,s please you give me promise you and your team, to keep my request. And devoloped this game on my demand. All the plane has been added. I enjoy this game.
Best in class!! New planes unlock too slowly though... I'll give 5 stars, but please add features from "Strike fighters: attack", ground-attack targets on the land/sea as side-objectives to earn extra points.
I like the Tilt control that's the best part of the game but the movement is sloppy other than that yes it's a good game
closest game to details,facts and play action to my ps3 and real life combat,thanks,i was wondering if you could put vietnam and Israel woul be awesome