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Stretch Guy

Stretch Guy for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Yso Corp located at 2 rue malleville 95880 Enghien les bains France. The game is suitable for Rated for 7+ (Mild Violence) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Would be awesome if there wasnt an ad every 6 seconds..literally every 6 seconds, even if your in the middle of the level.. i could see an ad between levels, but DURING levels is ridiculous.. no point in playing. My young son enjoys playing and some of the ads are INCREDIBLY inappropriate. Like naked ladies inappropriate, makes my son uncomfortable to the point that he doesnt want to play. The makers might want to be more careful with their choice of ads..
Multiple ads mid level that took longer than the levels themselves. Very annoying, made me lose interest almost immediately. Why have 2mins of ads in a 30 second level? LAME!
Anyone reading this, play these games in airplane mode, that way you get no ads. Which is the only way to have some semblNce of enjoyment out of this. Just a boring game that was made the same as other games of it's kind, hastily. No sound effects or anything just a boring quiet game made to make money.
I Was a loyal player until today... the new version had 3 ads During the level, interrupting my play. This sucks. 3 ads of any length in 30 seconds of play time is utterly ridiculous. Deleting immediately.
Who thought it would be a good idea to put five ads in the middle of the level? Like, while you're PLAYING instead of between every stage?
I was forced to watch 4 ads for one level. Literally, it was every time I lifted my thumb off the screen. No point.
It's a fun game. But the levels do seem to repeat, and for whatever reason, almost every single time I make a move, it gives me adds. I make two moves and it gives me an add. It's very frustrating
This is quite a fun game and all, but im giving this 2 stars bezause theres a LOT of ads. Before a level, after and even during it. Im only on level 36, but ive encountered a level with 5-6 ads. Otherwise, its pretty enjoyable.
If youre looking to watch ad's look no more and download this game. Its exactly what I was looking for. 1 minute of game time sandwhiched between 3 minutes of ads. Perfect! 👍
Too many ads Every 7 seconds it gives you an ad, even when you are in the middle of playing the game.
I've stopped playing the game because of the ads. I think it's ridiculous how many ads are on there. I think there should be one add every three or four rounds. Definitely not in the middle of a round.
Giving only one star just because it's fun but way tooooooooooooooo many ads that one can't even play even a single level. I am going to uninstall it because i cannot play and have fun due to millions of ads. The creator of this game is the most greedy person on this earth. To hell with his game.
This app is AWFUL! The ads pop up before, after, AND DURING GAMEPLAY! Seriously? You interrupt the game several times to increase your ad revenue!?!
Good but too much ads... before the level, during the level and at the end of every level you have to view at least 5 ads...
Man this app stresses me out. My 4 year old is obsessed, but after about 20 levels, the levels pretty much repeat themselves (my 4 year old is up to about level 650). Sensors for his hands and feet often get caught, which makes the character die a lot, and the number of ads is ridiculous, I paid to remove them which helped a lot. A shame now I know that the levels don't vary much or I wouldn't have bothered.
Good game. But since update ads appear during the level like every few moves you get an ad. Going to stop playing as ads are popping up all the time. I didn't mind after you finished a level task but during it . Come on! Fic it.
Ok so Its a fun game but why I rate it 3 stars is because one REALLY annoying thing. The first thing is level 70 is really annoying because your supposed to press a button then the block with the key comes out of the lava, but the key falls off the block when you press the button, you cant grab the key out of the lava so what are you supposed to do? I restarted my phone then tried the level again but it doesn't work no matter how many times I try.
The game is fine but I'm gonna have to give it a three until this is fixed. So basically on level 70 there's a key in lava and there's a button that controls a platform that is supposed to lift the key out of the lava but everytime I try and get the key out it falls threw the platform making it impossible to bass the level because you can't grap the key out of the lava if you can fix this problem then without a doubt you'll have a five star rating from me. Thank you.
The reason why I'm giving this game a for because when I trying to beat the level it randomly starts a ad I think u should fix it.
fun gameplay, but ads every 5 seconds, if I didn't spend more time watching ads than playing, it would be better
Fun game but way too many ads! Will be uninstalling as you spend more time watching ads in one level than you do finishing it.
I love the game it is good but their is way to much ads every level and even during the level their is ads I can't play the game without being killed by ads every minuite
Fun idea, but once you get to lvl 7 there are ads popping up during the lvl. TOO MANY ADS. Uninstalled.
I dont entirely enjoy this game. 1st of all, there's like an ad every minute! 2nd of all, it's way to laggy. And 3rd of all, your body parts get stuck way to quickly. Please change this for our enjoyment. Thank you!
IT SUCKS I saw 5 ADS DURING ONE GAME. All are the cambly adds, may I add. What the **** dude. I can't olay the goddamn game, it keeps on interrupting! I wonder why I play games like these with my internet off! I wouldn't even give that one star if I could.
The older version of the game was much better because now like 3 times in the middle of a level it makes you watch a 20 or 30 second ad that you can't even SKIP!
Ads in the middle of a level is trash tier monetization. Played less than 2 minutes before uninstalling.
If you want to watch 4 or 5 30 second ads per 10 second level, then this is the game you've been looking for.
I like the concept of the game but an ad pops up every 10 seconds, even in the middle of a level. I get the need for ads but put them at the end of levels
am giving this a 2 star cause there is too many ads and inappropriate ones they make me feel uncomfortable with the inappropriate ones so please fix that I would give it a 5 star if it didn't had that much ads 🙄😀😟😡
Unplayable if you dont pay to remove ads. I literally sometimes get 4 to 5 ads per LEVEL. Its absurd!! Don't waste your time unless you are willing to pay from the start.
Ads after every 10 second level and then ads in the middle of levels got to level 14 and had 4 ads in the middle of it, more ads than gameplay deleted and goodbye
Kind of fun game, but it switched from ads every couple of levels to ads about every 15 seconds no matter where you are (not just between levels.)
I installed it because it looked fun and to be fair it is fun. But in one level you get at least 2 ads and its really annoying. Also the ads for some games are really innapropriate like some you have to rub away a girls cloths or something else utterly unnacceptable. I'm uninstalling because I hate the amount of adverts and the uncomfortable ones.
I get ad revenue but some games do it too much. This game included. New level start, level completion, sometimes even during a level you get an ad