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Streets of Rage Classic

Streets of Rage Classic for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by SEGA located at Sega of America, Inc 6400 Oak Canyon, Suite 100 Irvine, CA 92618. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Violence) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Such a good game. The same as I remember it, same gameplay and graphics. Little bit of a bug when it comes to sign in. Haven't tried two player yet but looking forward to it.
the game was so good i cant even play it it always freezes on the 1p and 2p thing they have to fix it
I have download it but its not opening tell me what is happening i played this game on PlayStation. Its very good. But i want it in mobile and its not opening
Takes me right back to my childhood when my sister & I would play this together & sometimes complete it, but I rarely did on my own
I have never played this game before, but I love it. I wish I had this game when I still had my SNES, but it is pretty fun on mobile too. The controls are pretty good for the most part. My one problem is that when I want to pick up a knife, I end up accidentally throwing it most of the time. But I love the variety of moves you have when you fight enemies, even though it's hard to pull off some of them. Sometimes I don't throw an enemy I grab. I know how to do it, but it doesn't work sometimes. The soundtrack is awesome too, so badass.
Good game this games moves and players are fantastic but it takes a very time to install in 3g phones please fixx this problem
Do not get this if you want to use free version. Tried to save and it wouldn't sign in to Google play. Then when I finally managed to sign in the game just closed without warning and I lost all my progress. Maybe if you purchase the ad free game it saves properly, but I did not want to start the whole game again so I will uninstall.
The D-pad on the 8BitDo M30 controller does not work in this game, and there are no in-game mapping options for the D-pad. Please fix this. The game itself is excellent, and I will update to 5 stars if you fix this issue. Thank you.
I remember my childhood when i play this game with my brother at mega drive..and now i can play this on android..this game totally great but loads of ads
One of my favorite game series. Can somebody tell Sega to put this back on the PlayStation network and for the love of everything that's holy in the universe, tell Sega to remake this game with update graphics!!!!! I will gladly pay $60 and many others like me too
I like this app immensly but paying twice to remove ads! NOT COOL! I paid once and it keeps coming back. NOT COOL. But the app and game ports are brilliant!
1. Too many ads. 30s long, when you pause, save, want powers etc... 2. Controls are difficult and sometimes unresponsive. Too many ads will therefore uninstall, bad controls so won't buy it either
This is an awesome game.So much memorable.I saw it in my childhood and remember its name,that one day i will must play it..and look now,i succeed.✌😊
This game is so awesome! Love the vintage graphics and fantastic gameplay, plus it's a perfect introduction to the Streets of Rage Series!
The amount of ads is EA level greedy, thankfully there is a solution to not getting ads, don't buy the ad free version and just use an emulator with cheats to get to end of the game.
Just like I remember from the Sega Genesis, but can you add a combo button for b+c, it is difficult to hit both together on a touch screen with your thumb.
I think these so-called classic games were either designed to limit players intentionally or had bad controls because they couldn't do any better. This game is pedestrian and repetitive, although it may be an accurate reproduction of the original. Also, even today, being this pixelated is not okay. Seriously. Pixel games today are cute and simple, not blocky attempts to draw. Games like this should generally stay in the past, but I'm glad fans can play on their phones and tablets.
It's an absolutely amazing experience, playing this game again after so many years. The issue that I believe needs fixing is the compatibility with a Game-Pad or Controller, cant get my controller to correspond with it.
A 30 second ad even before starting game play? You gotta be kidding. I didn't even get to try it. Pathetic money hunting thru these companies is really ruining app gaming.
It's arguably one of the greatest Beat 'Em Up series of the 90's. The sequel that's on the Play store has AMAZING controller support. Why doesn't the game that started it all? Fix your game and I'll re-install. You're SEGA, not some hacker that out to rip off innocent retro gamers. SEGA! Who gave Nintendo a run for it's money. I'm not demanding a refund yet, because, I have faith that your company has the power to fix this. My 8bitdo M30 works well for other SEGA games. So, fix the problem.
Good game but charged me 2 quid n didnt remove ads..ill change my review when they fix it..problem fixed 5 stars..a classic game well worth a download and 2 quid to remove ads is money well spent..dev team sorted problem quickly so no complaints
problem solved quick and smooth i paid for the game and it can't be played anymore, the only display after payment is "processing" so what's the meaning for me paying for it
Very nyc game this game is my childhood game I play this game after many years I feel very good feeling But now ads are added on this game but when I play this game in my childhood there is no problem like this many problems now in this game but in my childhood this game is very nyc But this game is very nyc game in present
Downloaded this game on the Note9 and it had unbearable input lag. Downloaded it on an s10e and there is still a bit of lag, but it is almost negligible. Had no input lag issues on the sequel. Seems this entry can only get better with time. Using an XBOX One pad via bluetooth.
Doesnt work with my xbox series x remote i can hit but cant move! Same with half of your games please fixx
The controls are shockingly bad. The D-pad is horrendously unresponsive, and while it is a trip down memory lane, I don't remember the two ninja women being impossible to even hit, let alone beat without the special.
Terrible. Cant even start because the "start" button is blocked by an ad. And if you do happen to start it crashes immediately
I had my old save online data but .there is an bug in the apk that doesnot allow to restore my saved data please do fix..i played on 2018 last time
My favourite old times game hits From chilhood times i played manny times but still its sound its stages And streets are well nice And my lovely character in this is blaze she fights the toughest in the streets of rage with partners axel & jones
Its not the commercials that are annoying. Its the overall clunkiness od the controls, lags and poor quality of the emulation that makes this app bad. Having to watch full length ads between stages is too much, considering there are erm... Other options available. Seriously sega, independent guys make better job of emulating your system, maybe give them a ring :)
The controls are really very bad . You guys kind of ruined it for me . Buttons are too small . Even Sonic the hedgehog had better . Two stars for nostalgia . Hope you change it soon .
Awesome game. It reminds me my childhood memories that I steal money to play this game. Thanks for uploading it here....♥
This app is trash. I couldn't even start. It said press start and keep sending back to the intro screen. Every time!!!
It's 2 player if u have a bluetooth controller u can connect it and the other person can use the screen just like the game bomb squad
Great game. Reminds me of my child hood when i used to play it on sega! Always one of my favorites of all time!
This game is super nostalgic for me and I am happy to see it preserved so beautifully. Still can't get past Stage 9 though
I really love this game. But I can't sign in. Please help me to sign in to save my progress. Because I am unable to sign in, anytime I visit the app I would have to start from level 1, which I really dislike. That is the reason for the 4 stars Please I need a feedback asap!!!
Classic sega game . drop kicks witch are critical to some game play are more difficult to exacute then they should be. Other than that I would rate it 5 stars . release the sequels & I'll download them for sure.
Sega Forever is SUPER fun, I always wondered what the game was like but now I dont need the Sega Genisis :D
Sometimes when saving there is a cannot connect to server error and you have to watch another 30 second add to save. Sometimes it happens several times in a row and consequently takes 2 mints to save. Would be nice if saved first and then add. Still small price to pay for awesome free game!
great game on the original console but man you guys need lessons on how to make an Android port and I am referring to the controls. buttons getting randomly pressed without an input and when i give it an input it does the complete opposite. If this game had been play tested before releasing I wouldn't have been writing this review
Pretty impossible to beat without cheats (continues and saves mainly). This sure is a classic, and even though touchscreen controls are the nightmare for these, thanks to Sega these games won't be forgotten, as well as for being a nice beginner beat-em-up! Though, had to give 3 stars because it's pretty inconvenient to play on the touchscreen (and I'm talking about Easy level of difficulty here).
I mean, I love this game and all but this update made it unplayable. Everytime I start the game, the Sega logo appears, rings sound effect plays then immediately cuts out, and the game is stuck on the logo. Nothing else happen. Same thing in SoR2. I would really appreciate it if you can fix this problem.
Can't get past single / multi player choise. You didn't had to write the game, just wrap it in interface. F for effort
The game itself is a masterpiece my only problem is the app. The onscreen controls are not great but that's probably coz they're onscreen controls and the ads should be removed. This is a premium game badly disguised as free to play and I have to watch ads for extra continues and specials after purchase? No ads in the paid game please. Make this an up front purchase and we're cool.
Loving this game. Brought back some playful memories. Need some more classics like MK, Terminator vs Robocop.
Streets of Rage is a fun game where you basically play on a Streets of Rage and the the people are really rage on the streets
Love the nostalgia of the gameplay. Hope y'all can bring back some other games too, my suggestions: "Joe & Mac "(two cavemen/duelplayer) from SNES. "Demolition Man" "Donkey Kong Country" Definently a fan of the game choice. I'll be watching whoever producing these apps for more like it
Firstly I totally love this game series. But two sides to every story and accuracy with both and what I mean is too many intrusive adds in this shareware version. Maybe buy a sega console. Or else download it on some place like steam's games.
Game looks and plays as great as it did, however, recently has been struggling to start. Same issue with Streets of Rage 2. Big shame. Needs to be worked on, urgently.
Absolutely amazing..brings some of my childhood memories right into my phone..easy controls to use and the only other is getting rid of ads.. Totally worth downloading
You got to be joking me! I couldn't even play one game. It stated press start and it would send me right back to the story line. I'm out!
Fav childhood game. Try part 2, 3 Part 1 still the best. Nicest music, graphics better. Serious gameplay was much mature and the city scenary. I love the stage music alot. Nice composed
Just started playing this game again getting used to it all over again so not sure if it's the controls that are off or I'm just rusty. Who knows maybe it's me just getting used to playing on my phone.
The controls are a little tight, but luckily they do have options to enlarge the buttons. Up to 1.5x, though I do hope they implement up to 2x the button size. The lack of controller support is a little jarring, but at least they added multiplayer support. Simply put, a masterpiece from the Genesis Era now on our phones, and for a reasonable price.
I love it!! Because this game got a coolest thing like, Fighting bad guys and chooseing a favorite characters and you can go tryhard on some enemys just loke my friend or best friend, Jeden
Streets of Rage is definitely a great action game. It does bring back memories. Though their was a total of all four of them in order which was Streets of Rage, Streets of Rage 2, Streets of Rage 3, and Streets of Rage 4, though the first one take place somewhere in downtown, as in a history of ex-cops trying to clean up the city, find themselves on the Streets of Rage, it introduced 3 characters from Adam Hunter, Axel Stone, and Blaze Fielding. Only Blaze has been their all the way.
I dont know what people in the reviews are raging about, the controls are absolutely fine. Remember the original on sega didnt have an analog stick, neither does this. You need to work it like a D-Pad, stop being remedials...
Loved this game as a kid but now sega have ruined it! It won't play off line cos sega needs to monetize it even though we've probably all paid for the game quite a few times over our lifespans (i myself have bought quite a few versions and sequals to this game) it wouldn't be so bad but the only reason it needs a connection is so it can flood you with adverts
I am very happy to get this game here as this is one of my favorite game I played in my school days (1996). My Mom bought the SEGA video game with a cassette containing 6 games from USA. I haven't played this game for 16 years. Thank you so much for making the game available here. Still now I have the tv video game, unfortunately it is not working. I never thought that I will get a chance to play this game once again. Thank you for this wonderful job. 😃👍👌 I am waiting for Super Monaco GP Race.
Excellent game yes but only exciting if your playing on a actual joypad because it'll be more easier to move around. I'm only giving 3 stars because sometimes when let go of any button and press the button again to move or use the action button, it's completely doesn't work unless i press it again. Yes my screen is clean and not cracked. Only suggestion I would give to make this and all sega mobile games better if you can connect your ps or xbox controllers to your phone. Thats be great 😊👍🏼
Got this game for nostalgic reasons. It's just like the original. Music and all. Ads aren't bad, and graphics are the same. I'd give it 5 stars for that. Problem is, when trying to go left, the character does for a second, then the d-pad automatically keeps trying to go right. And will even jump on it's own to your death off the elevator. Because of this, I give it 3 stars. This needs to be fixed ( which I highly doubt because most games from big developers do not get fixed. They are too big to f