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Street Dunk

Street Dunk for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by SayGames located at 220088, Republic of Belarus, Minsk, Antonovskaya 14b, office 300. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Scary Content) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
It's nearly the best game I have EVER tried. But sometimes I get a real creepy glitch of I can't move anything and my character has a weird effect while it's looking at me. It gives me the chills..
this game is fun and sort of easy but challenging that sometimes and I really like it because it gets my mind off of things and it's just something to do in my free time
I like it. But too many ads. When you miss a shot it asks if you want to continue, you do this by watching an ad (that's reasonable) or you can opt to not continue and restart the level but doing so also plays an ad (why even give a choice then?)
A rrally fun and addictive game. It really makes me try hard and get the win, I love it! If they can add different game modes thst would be fun!
Too many ads. Puts me off. I play other games that have no ads even spend money on those games because they're good. Ads are just sickening. Already get enough ads as it then just want to chill back and play a game without being bombarded with ads.
Im on an actual basketball team and this game is accurate! This game is also so fun and amazing with little to no adds without paying for no adds.
cant spend gems or diamonds, whatever they're called. cut the adds and let me earn game currency and spend them. other then that great game.πŸ™ƒπŸ˜‰
this game is very funny and great.The game relaxing me and It have physics.The developers do a great effort for the game.There are so many cars and characters.When I'm angry I'm playing this game and it relaxing me.Only the one little problem are the adds.Evrytime when I'm finished a level it comes an ad.Please do that adds to be removed.5 stars!!!
Any game that forces me to watch FULL 30 second commercials without giving me the option to skip is not worth my time. You want me to watch for 30 seconds in exchange for some perk, that's fine. But to just randomly force me watch the entire ad for half a minute is ludicrous. Uninstalling.
I love this game. it really helped me line up my shots. I won many games and recommended this to my team. they all love it and the whole team is better now. I suggest that everyone download this game. it is fun for ppl who don't play basketball and helpful to ppl who do. Everyone, I cleared up space for this app and it was so worth it. Everyone, you should download this app.
some of you said you can't use your gems. but I can.i use my gems to buy gem characters.go to characters and look through the left side.you will see gem characters.500 gems to buy a gem characters.you do not use gems to buy or upgrade your cars πŸ€“πŸ€“πŸ€“πŸ€“πŸ€“
It's the same stuff over and over. Went to level 50 and all is the same. Level 1 is the same as 50 all you do is get new cars which is stupid. Also full of force fed ads. Uninstalled !
It is a very good game I like it alot can't stop playing it don't skip up or nothing I just don't like the ads 😧😲😀
ads absolutely murder the game. they dont make you watch it for 5 seconds and then let you skip. they make you watch whole 30 second ads after every level and after you miss. theres a ad every minute of the game and then you're watching a 30 second ad.
its pretty kool maybe u could make it alittle more for adults more realistic maybe but over all i give it 4 thumbs up keep up the good work thank you for some awesome games
it is good it has a lot of different people YOU can switch on and it has a lot of business going around the developer had a lot of hard work trying to figure out what game he could do and he chose the perfect game for him to download and play allso you can download it and try it out and l promise you it will be good there was no lags or something like that it had a lot of work to do thow to throw all those basketballs in the hoop and l loveed it byeπŸ³οΈβ€πŸŒˆ
the game is really fun,but the controls are very bad because you put it somewhere and it goes somewhere else so they are BAD AND THE GAME IS BAD.
Far to easy, no music and way too many ads, i was completing a level every 10 or so seconds and then you would have to watch a full ad with no option to skip, wants you to subscribe $5.99 a month for an extra ball what a joke how do developers get away with conning kids, unbeleivable.
There's something nice and bad about this game the nice part is that it's probably going to help me with my shots and there's really cool balls and cars and the funniest car I've seen on the app is a tractor with a hole bunch of wheat in the trailer with a chicken on the top of the wheat looking scared and surprised at the same time and the bad part is that I died and I thought I'd get to go strait to going to playing but it had an add so that's it peaps see ya later
Asking for access media storage n pictures, are you selling information? Ads are recklessly playing every minute. lastly, every level is the same, very repetitive
Just got this game for a laugh. Don't let the simple animation fool you; its harder than it looks. Rating it 3 bc of ad overload which spoils game fluidity
good game, fun to play, but why so many ads, after each completed level, a 30 second add, uninstalled
terrible I can't even enjoy the game without an ad popping up, fix it and I'll enjoy it (but like that will ever happen).
Not that hard pretty easy and very addicting and the characters are cool too very good content really
I don't understand the point of the gems. You collect them and there is nowhere to spend them, plus the ads need to cool it a bit
The ad for this app I saw on Snap chat was SO MISLEADING. The ad showed a cool game that was a parody of another great game called "helix jump" but it had hoops instead of gaps. Turns out that this game is way different and is very boring, not addictive, and lame. Overall I'm just very disappointed.
Hard at first but then once you get the hang of it, it's really easy. (Little tip for those who are having a hard time getting the hang of it, all you have to do is aim at the basketball above it and if you are on the last hoop just shoot straight up.)(P.S I don't mean that you have to be straight.)
I like this game I think it's Awsome. There's just way to many ads. This is the only reason I'm uninstalling. Way to many ads I mean way to many. Cut the ads in half I wouldnt mind reinstalling. TO MANY ADS.......
Asks if I want to watch ad. I choose no and it plays a video ad anyway. Also charges $5 a week for an extra ball?! Basically just trying to steal money from kids.
this game would be decent if it weren't for ALL THE STUPID ADS. only download if u want to watch 3 hours worth of ads. if you play this game, you will spend more time watching ads then playing the game. 1 star.
Enjoyable game, it would be a lot better though if not for the ads popping up way to often except when you want to upgrade. Every time I click to watch an ad for an upgrade magically no ads are available.
I personally like this game because it teaches you how to aim and too make sure you make mistakes in life and too try again ,and give people second chances and thats what I like about this gameπŸ€πŸ€
I like the game, the different people, cars & balls. But it does seem to be lacking something. Maybe instead of making the "coming soon" ppl, cars & balls VIP, let us spend the jewels we have saved up. The VIP cost is rediculous! I do at times spend money on games but really? Your game is fun but not worth that price!!! Idk if i dont get as many ads as others or what but its not overly much and when you do get an unexpected ad, it only lasts maybe 15 secs.
The ads just kill this game. why do you guys disable our navigation buttons in the ads? By forcing me to watch your ad do you think i would use the avertised product? you have acxess to our phone control's for your apps. when you disable my back button so I'm held hostage in you ad its malicious and does nothing but piss off your users. I'm installing your app. I wish I could give you a negative 5 stars.
I played this game for only 1 day and realized how many ads there were. every one of these ads were the specific type that would not let you skip. If you don't want people to have the same issues that I had then I would suggest that you should dial back on the ads.
Another pointless cash grab game, with tons of ads. Having said that, i can see how it could hook you up for a short while.. other than that, i don't see the point of it :/
The game has to many ads every time I loss or in the middle a game there is a ad so bad I can't even play
This Game is too Simple, all you do is shoot hoops, and why would any of us buy VIP because Ooh, it gives you stuff, it is not fun, I understand that you need ads for money but can you not put them after every game of "Street Dunking", and it is like 4 ads every time I installed it then uninstalled it Imeadeatly, it is that bad, anyone who is going to install it, don't. and I am a basketball player myself. if you want a good basketball game, play "Basketball Stars" #NotSponsered
I LOVE IT!! My dad and I are always playing together, and it is a great way to pass our time. The ads do get a little annoying though.
its actually a fun game very repetitive so after a while it will get boring but helps pass the time sometimes for a quick 5min wait or so
Great game to many pop up ads tho. Also i good time killer πŸ‘ i have one thing to say and it is get this game it simple and on the easy side
Unexpectedly arcade-skill requiring yet so smoothly helpful in the come-along advancement makes for the blend of exciting arcade action with thoughtful inclusion of rhe now/next level.
It was amazing at first but as I was getting closer to level 100, the game began to crash during gameplay. Sometimes I'm upgrading my cars and receiving playable characters and it shuts off on me. BIG FAIL. Uninstalling until it's fixed hopefully.
Music and sounds stop way too much and too many ads. I get that that's how they get some cash but still that's a lot of ads
There are way too many ads. Get rid of some ads and the game will be fun. There are way better games than this.
Waste of time always acts up frequently freeze up on you all the time please don't waste your time dealing with this game sucks if I could I would have gave it - 0 - O - ZERO - 🌟 - STAR'S AWFUL GAME - ZERO - ZERO WORST GAME EVER
I really like this game. A few suggestions though: 1. Some sort of leader board 2. a little more depth. The concept is great but it would be better if the different balls did different things.. Such as having one that gives extra points for perfect, one that extends the shooting guide, one that causes aim to be a little off, one that increases points, etc. 3. Different shooters with different skill levels. 4. Something actually worth spending diamonds on
Don't like the 30 seconds plus ads that automatically pop up. Let me have to do something for the longer as. This game sucks
most of the time when you're asked to watch an ad to continue or select 'no thanks' and start from the beginning, you'd still get an ad even after selecting 'no thanks'. ill change this to 5 star when i no longer see an ad after 'no thanks'. uninstalled. the ads are unbearable.
Best basketball game in the world. wish it was the only game I learned as a little kid. cause I did basketball so I used games to help me. this would have helped me a lot
Why do I need to watch an ad to upgrade? I don't wanna sit through a 30 second ad every time, I just want to spend the in game currency on upgrades. And how about you make the characters available for purchase too?
my experience is when I get a shot at the game it lights me up and I want to know the other people who play this game and who thinks I'm just going to give up well don't give up!!!!!!!!!!
This game is awesome, but maybe have a set of a ball and a skin for 1000 gems? and could you put a fully golden skin/ball in the game? thank you!😊
The graphics are awful, the game is laggy, you can't control the ball properly, and you the gameplay all together sucks.
No change from one level to nexts...just like they are being repeated again and again. But for a short boring, it's good game.
Really fun game, but way too many ads! After Every 20 second match, theres an ad! Come on! Let us play more of the game without being Forced to watch an AD every single time..
Forced advertising after every level/try. Same ads over and over. I wanted to punch my tablet after playing 10 minutes.
It's good. But one problem. I have a ton of Gems stored up and the game won't let me use them to upgrade my vehicles. Any ideas why? Would hate to have to uninstall the game.
This has a good concept, but the ads drain out the goodness in the game. After I played a round, there was an option to watch an ad to continue. I clicked "No thanks", but guess what: they gave me an ad anyway. So I uninstalled it. Remove the ads and I'd love to reinstall the game.
Ads are just everywhere, i love how they present you with an option to watch an ad... but get this if you choose not to watch that ad as soon as you click play an ad suddenly pops up. It was a fun game that gets boring the more you play it, turn off your wifi if your planning on playing it because if you don't most of the time will be wasted on trying to close ads.
really fun and addictive game......ads are the worst.....but still fun.....I would give 4 stars but because I can't stop playing I give it a 5