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Street Basketball Association

Street Basketball Association for PC and MAC

Is a Sports game developed by ShakaChen located at China,Guangdong,ShenZhen. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Sports game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
So much Much Awesome And the best game Ever!!!πŸ˜πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ’ŽπŸ’ŽπŸ’ŽπŸ’ŽπŸ’ŽBut Please Can you Add A 5v5 Or 10v10? Because i really like the game πŸ’ŽπŸ’Žits so cool. The graphics and More And Can you please Add some more Outfit There I swear i really Like and Love the game . And please Do that if you do it All will play this im gonna say this to my friends. So please Add that in the game! πŸ‘‰5- Star I really Like the game so Please Add it!. So much Thankyou.!!!!!!! #TheBest#TheAwesome#TheAmazing#CheckTheGame.
I played this game on a other platform it was great! I highly recomend if you play basketball and love video games! Thats all l gotta say really good game download it!
SBA (Street Basketball Association) is a good game. But, however the controls are so sloppy and you get little gold. There also needs to be archetypes and more dribble moves. Also, it needs to be less pricey and a good sign up. There is too much Chinese bots with a nba star. One time I played against 90s kobe with high overall it was a Chinese bot controlling 90s kobe and I lost instantly.
The reason why I play this game because basketball is what I like and to do when I'm bored, playing on my game, basketball has been a journey to me ever since I was nine years old, the most popular games, one time when I was nine years old and I was in about 4th grade with my friends kayden, and some other friend from 5th who wearing glasses every day, and we always go the basketball court at a school called edison elementary school from Pre-K from 6th grade
This game is really good but you can take it online that we can play with our friends. I also play basketball it is like that only but playing make it online that we can talk with our friends
1.U should add More Tatoos like leg tatoos and more are tatoos. 2.You should Support a Microphone and a Speaker so that if the person you Play with is friendly you can talk. 3.You should add a way to Friend people as in a Friends list. 4.Create a way so Friends Can team up and play with each other like Duos. Bye
Add a storymode, add a online mode where you can make your own character and also walk around a town where theres a few parks where you can 1v1, 2v2, 3v3 and scrimmage players, tattoo shop, clothing store, boost, Career.
Everything I make a character or try going into a match it would put a rolling BB ball on screen and then time out WORST GAME EVER!
I give you the skin of 3-star cuz it's kind of good kind of bad you can't really do it answer I'm not sure this game to Classic cuz I did not know when it came out yes this game is customizable this game is nowhere close to a vehicle simulator so while they didn't give me that answer the games pretty great and I kind of love it
The game is lit but it needs more dribble combos added and it needs a new shot meter and needs build archetypes like sharpshooter, playmaker,slasher,lockdown, ECT;
I would recommend this b.s. two issues it's no fouls...ppl quit if they lose and let the annoying a.i. guard you.....
It's fun but it has like warnings and u have to share and some ppl can't otherwise it's good and good graphics
I love this basketball because its the first moble game that when you green or get an excellent release it 100% goes in no matter what unless you get it blocked. Good workπŸ‘πŸΎ
This game is 100% for kids but I give it a one and a half because too many commercials and ads but it's still good for kids my tablet doesn't working on it 101 Penn station and I'm going to have to get a new phone and I honestly don't know if it will 😬 to me to get you something out there and I'm not πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ˜£πŸ˜” to get a wonderful day πŸ˜” to you and sleep well and have fun!!!
This is one of the best games I've ever played but there are some issues, Like its very hard to level players up and get more gold, Also should be other kinds of shot meters. Overall this game is very fun. Also I think it would be nice if controller was compatible
Really nice game to keep one busy from stress and its just flexible with the controls, graphics and everything
Honestly this game is like the best basketball game ever it's not to hard but it's not to easy there's only one thing to make the game better if you see this plzz add it. (Green animations) That would be dope after you green a shot you do a little dance or sum but the gameplay is good and I like it ❀️
SBA is an awesomr game but I feel like this game information and controls should change or have different control settings. Also the created character should have an option to upgrade a skill with coins depending on how much you want to upgrade them.
Only and because when I Finished rule the city it didn't give me the 200 coins other wise I would put 5 stars. When I went to achevments
This game is in 3D and that the moves are unlockable and u can play with ur friends anywhere and u can play offline and is a pretty nice game for me
Its a great game but because i gave it 4 star is because there is so many bug and glitch and please add some more speed of the player then i will gave it 5 star.
I rate this a three star cause the basketball net is long and it doesn't move like a normal net when you make shot the net moves every they should fix that.
Plz add park or when you can play with your friends not against but you can play with them against a nother random 2 people
there is something that need to be in this game that is not there and that is multiplayer both offline and online please that was the reason for two star ..... and if is there you could show me cause I really want to challenge my friend
Very good game bit the reason i rate it 4 stars is because the 3pt contest when i hit the middle line it doesnt go green and i miss and when i reach the top of my jump i still miss so the shooter rating doesnt even affect the shot by making the middle line thicker or somthing like that
Really good better than basketball arena where you never miss a shot and I play in a tiny Court. Definitely recommend it πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜„
i love this game but we was going to win we always shot the ball bug we did not have points and we always lose please fix it
This game is trash 😠 it's to easy to miss shots and to hard to score 😠 the inability to make steals is so frustrating that I am about to delete. THE GAME IS TRASH ALL MY THREE POINT SHOT MISS AND THE COMPUTERS CAN'T DEFEND.😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑
This game is 100% for kids but I give it a one and a half because too many commercials and ads but it's still good for kids my tablet doesn't work
This game has improved. The last time I played this game it was filled with sweaty tryhards, only had 2v2 and 3v3, and the gameplay was horrible. But since they added duo mode and 1v1s. The game also has better gameplay. Now that they actually worked on the game, I have a reason to play this game. That's the only reason this rating isn't a 4 out of 5.
This game is fun I like how you can like play league and you can make a character and I can't wait to bye the jackets oh man.
They need to make it to wear you can upgrade with attribute points and add more animations but it's still a good game
I really love playing this game. I'm giving it 3 because I'm not fully satisfied, when there is street basketball there is street music, you should add some hip hop rap to the background music and there should be different styles of board and net that's all. Nice job anyways πŸ‘
I really like this gamr but ehen i try to invite my friend it keeps saying connection error on both of our screens even know we both have really good wifi in battle room and also the game has alot of glitches
I logw the game but there is pnly 2 promblems. First: centers and pfs are too powerful, they can block anythong to the point where you have to pass it around. second:you giys need to add acrhetypes, you cant make the perfect build without archetypes.
Personally I would rate it 0 stars lots of reasons 1 accuracy 2 the rule "Did't outside the 3 point line to switch from offense to defense" then it also happened in 1v1s also good players hard to get
Rare 1 star because PF and C are to op,plus they can literally bomb into off us and we fall and they get the ball,FIX YOUR GAME,WE NEED EASIER CPU
So happy you all been updating the game wish list make a full court 5 on 5 or 3 on 3 and exhibition play follow by playoffs mode draft players and trade as well
It's fine but when it comes to animations (such as falling or getting stuck holding your form) it gets upsetting when it's the reason you lose games. Then the cpu makes everything when it comes to being clutch
Good app game. Can you add a low post game and a jump hook and a fade away shot to make the game more exciting
This game is awesome! If you love basketball you will absolutely love this game 5-⭐. The creator is also cool and friendly as he reach out to top players for special rewards that you will definitely enjoy. So if you are looking for exciting and challenging league, try this game!
I love this game I really do but how does is not have a 1v1 mode both offline and online. Im confused this should already be in the game they have everything but that.Plus they need to add characters or players that shoot left handed.
This game has so much potential, but the developers are too lazy to improve and update regularly. Just look how laggy the servers are, the shooting mechanics and contest system is terrible. Stats for your players don't even matter anymore, you can have 99 shooting and still miss open shots. Not to mention, the CPU's defense is just ridiculous and difficult to play against. Online PvP is a struggle, as the servers are so laggy and inconsistent. Everything is expensive and you get little gold.
I give this game a 5 star rate, because you can play with different players in Asia and North America and you can also get different kinds of equipments, abilities and they give you rewards and this is also a competetive game.
I LOVE This game it is just like 2k let me give some examples. 1 The dribble combos are SO saucy and look comp asf 2 it is super fun to play and the shooting is just like 2k20 3 it runs great and no bugs this is 100% deserving of a 5 star review great job!
A very fun game, can play online & grind your players, & can even grind your players offline. Only thing i wish is you guys can add the retro jerseys like Orlando Magic, Seattle Supersonics, & more. Other than that game is dope!
Please fix the way the I shoot if I'm wide and I miss a slightly late shot I should make this is not 2k play fix and let point guard's dunk please And please let me creat my own beginning character because I hate the auto generated faces
I put 4 stars bc they need to add no shot animations when you make a green they do a new animation that's why pls add that pllllss
It's a one of a kind game it's fun you can play with friends and it's not laggy so I would give this a 10/10
This game is very awesome, closest thing you can have to the perfect mobile streetball game: not much space needed, great features in terms of game play and has a great depth to it. However, It'd be great if you made the LAN gsme available on offline mode, so it becomes available to play on direct wifi without having to use mobile data. I'd like to have a run at my friends on our school bus but unfortunately the option isn't available offline, so it'd be really appreciated if you made it so.
Dear developers If youre reading this...please add a dunk contest and a career mode where you only control 1 player...ive been playing for 3 years ..im the best player on this game mario zeng ...pvssy godz account ...me and manok na pula 2019 run this game..would love for you to check my account and send me some coins for the years of grind.. thanks
Shooting is completely inconsistent unless you have an 80+ovr shooting and hot then every shot goes in green or not as long as your open, game lags constantly, half of the game play is your opponent teleporting to the other key and shooting an open 3 or running straight through your defense and dunking, and the only thing I've noticed from the last 2 updates is more ads and making ads longer to skip.
This is a good game but sometimes it gets repetitive can you pls add more content like more dribble animations more teams and improve the online pls
Wayy took long to download I had to delete the game before i was able to play it don't get it until they fix the loading time
This game gets on my nerves because i played it but i went to play it and it freezes on the page and thats so frustrating and i wish they would fix it PLEASE
Good game just to hard but pls install its awsome u can make ur own player and make ur own team looks like out of paper lol bye
This game is fun and all but the computer does one move all the time and they always make it there is nothing to do about it either other than that i like this game
I really like this basketball game it is pure fun i never played a game like this before all though i find 1 issue i wish there was ranking like when you first start i wish the game matched you up with other people who just started but that concludes my review
Its awesome completely competitive but plz add more of a chance to make the shot cuz my player is missing all even 5 feet away shots
I overall love this game. It has everything a basketball game needs. I would say add more ankle breakers because there is only two. But apart from that, i have no problems with this game
The game is fun but the controller is hard, it's like my 2 players are playing with some oily shoes, it's slippery
It's a great game, play it! But for some reason when I'm playing with an AI it's like I never miss but when I'm play with real players I always miss, is this a glitch or am I nervous or.... when you play multiplayer your difficulty changes idk but I highly recommend playing this game if you like basketball or if you don't still play it it's fantastic!!
This is a good game but sometimes it gets repetitive can you pls add more content like green light animations or archetypes. Edit: How do we get access to the beta
The game could you use a little more work, but especially on ads after every single game is very very annoying. We dont need that many ads popping up after every game that is the worst.
Games trash ngl no proper ranking for newbies online control movement dosent go with my fingers soomthly and i think theres a glitch when u dunk and the enemy is at the other rim and ur at the opposite side of the rim u will be block(online match) my wi fi good tho
The point guards, they just cant block, or steal much less shoot, lag is guaranteed when you are online which is a problem, the CPU is glitchy where they are not in position to grab a rebound but glitch through the user's player and grab it anyway, and why is it when I switch the sound and music off it turns back on. If these issues are to be fixed then I'd even reccomend this game. Heck if you make it so we can upgrade our stats somewhat then I'd give 10 stars with 2 reviews.
Please add a daily spinning wheel, add a city where you can do challenges and quest for coins, add more settings, add better button designs
You can be a dribble god on this game, shoot, play defense, do everything. I love this game, and I have so many clips because of it.
Can you make it where you can play on pc i would love that if you could also could you make it where it was more easy to get your player up and the last thing could you make a type of mycarrer thing so you can get your player up in a carrer idc if the mycarrer will have bugs or something i just want these to be added
Legally retarded Devs. They block out most words saying they're bad words. Must be too retarded to understand the English language. Other than that great game. I just wish they were smart enough to not block out non bad words like "someone, record, pay" and so so many more. If this game was made in America and actually knew bad words it would be the best basketball game ever invented for mobile.
The next animation has to be left or right fadeaway and add new shot meters with skill archetypes for certain positions.
Can you just put fouls in the game and be on the Same team as your friend and stop the same dance animation pls and why is it hard To get coins
Best basketball game and its like 2k i love it thanks to maker of this game. My problems is the shoes is soo expensive but overall is soo perfect
When they were supposed to give the ball back to us they kept it and shot it and it counted and when a picked the ball loose the center picked it up from the 3 point line so thats why i gave this 2 stars
This is the best game but can you add a park or rec but mostly a park and open up the green window but yeah can y'all add a park please and thank you
I love this game I really do but how the hell does is not have a 1v1 mode both offline and onlineimconfused this should already be in the game they have everything but that
U see why i put 3 stars game good in all but fix the thing with bots on offline can we 1v1 ppl on quick match that not a bot
The fact that i'm able to create characters my own way is amazing only for 25 coins.but i wish there'd be more choices
My experience. For a mobile game ,a mobile basketball game , this might be better than NBA Live mobile , thrust me . I love playing this game , but i hate when someone leaves because u dont get the win the game freezes up and u cant move which is so annoying. Please when new players join give them tutorial where u teach them to play and teach them how to reset the game when it freezes and how to accept , because it frustrating . I was going to give a 5β˜† but those issues , but the game is fun 4β˜†
Funding has no physics or nothing so bad don't play such a waste of time and no fouls so you get hit or something you ain't gonna get it back
I'm gonna almost rate it 5 star but I think you guys must make more rules in this game like out of bounds,fouls and other things that you can see in an actual basketball game.You should also allow players to rename their character that they created.Almost fun but still lack of other things.
I can just play it one time with my facebook account and none at all,plss fix this and If I want to login to my facebook account again it always crashing and I cant play my saved account and then I need to download it again to play it but just one time .Sorry if I rate it One star cuz ur game is not working well.
This game is fun I play it every day, hear are some things to add. - add a New shot meter - add a Park - New upgrade system -New online modes - archetypes for players -Add Backpacks to the shop - Fix lag issues
This game is very delightful and is a good game. You can play with your friends and family to. If there were more start I would vote thenβ™₯️β™₯️β™₯️ I love the game
Fix Sbp like Mario i need you to have better cpu and put 105 players make them hard WE NEED the update for ios so us Android players can play sbp and against each other
make some story each characters that he can roam in different places and also make the love life of our characters
It's a pretty good game,but the control need to fix a little bit,it's hard to use.Also I would like this game to have more outfit.And I also want to use full court ,I don't want to use half a court it's a little hard.
Its a enjoyable game, I'd recommend it. The game itself is really good and I like that you can grind and unlock skills. The one thing you should do is add screens onto duos.
The game is amazing but I tried making another character but it won't allow me. This game needs to allow to have over 5 players and In the NBA there are people on the bench. Why can't we have a five on five in the game and substitute players in the game. They need to update the game, it's close to a five star, but the game needs improvement. Also add a my career about going to the nba. PLEASE
It's a great game tbh..The problem is when the game restarts you have to log in again and sometimes it won't even let you log in..That's the reason why I gave it a 3 star..So just fix that and all of it is okay and Overall it's an great game..
This game is cool but y do people hack it and jump from one side of the screen to the other and new jerseys and new colour of sneaks should be added, The game is so monotonous now, and may be u can have ur custom made field or ur custom made jersey or something
This game is bad it's literally on the line and it doesn't green and people can goaltender without getting punished
This game is a 3 star Cuz there is still bugs but the real reason why is a 3 star it's because of this: if u delete this application and than u forget ur account password you'll have to restart it all and most people will not like that and they will not install the app anymore so if u can do something like a account saver please add it and the other reason why it's a 3 star is i don't like when I green and it doesnt show that I greened it that's what annoys me a lot so please fix that too!
I would give this game a 5 star but their isn't that much clothes/gear also I think the shooting meter should be changed to something alittle more cooler like the one in 2k21 where when u shoot a lot it turns on fire also needs more customization for characters
Good game, but at the end of my game it makes me start over like restart the whole game from phone home screen fix this My buddy has an iPhone and he good with having to start over
Its a very fun game. You can play offline and online whenever you like. The reason why I didn't give 5 stars is because it still has some bugs. Not as much as it did before but it still bugs and lags sometimes. One of the things that annoys me the most is when I stop the shooting thing right at the line and it doesn't go green and I miss. This happens alot in the 3pt contest but I ignore it. Last but not least, the ads aren't bad either. You get an ad every time you finish a game. Try it out!πŸ‘
The app is great if you do not know how to to play basketball it can teach you some good skills and that is why I gave a five star rating
I am using my huawei p40 lite and it is not worjing, unable to play offlinr, unabke to sign up, and unable to login using facebook.
Its an okay game. But there more bad things than good!Theres random frame drops,when ever im on defense and i switch.The 2 player just ignores the person with the ball.
This game is pretty good, but its better if you will add some rules like out of bounds and fouls and fix the movements of the characters or controls because its so many delays and sloppy movements
Really good game I feel like I'm playing anime basketball game that's a major complement from me but can you also add really cool corn rose hair and more hair options and other custom options and can you make so you can customize your character after you made it like change its hair and stuff
This game is cool but why do people hack it and jump from one side of the screen to the other and new colours of jerseys and new colours of sneakers should be added, The game is so monotonous now, and may be u can have ur custom made field or ur custom made jersey or something.
Nice game. Very. It's just need improvement on the handling of the Game but..it's nice.. Shoot button keeps disappearing..
This game ia very well but i want to play with my friend but he has an iphone when is this going to be fixed
This game is so good to play when you are bored and have nothing to do so just go on this game it is awesome
Really good game it allows me to play by myself in the freestyle mode really good I recommend this game
It is a great game, a great past the time game. The only thing I wish it did was call fails and a little easier to gain coins but other than that it is fun and active.
It says we can play it offline. But why doesn't it load even if its just a quick game? I can only play the 3 point contest 1 time and then when I continue it doesn't allow me to be able to play anymore.
I'd like to give it five stars 🌟 🌟 🌟⭐🌠 but it falls short by one reason. Lack of choices of colors in several of the different categories of equipment, and basketballs. πŸ€ πŸ€
I rate it four star because its super slow in the loading screen and im super bored waiting but the game is good plsss fix the bug ok keep up the good workπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ’ͺ
It's lit but I just feel like they should add more dribble moves/combos and a new shot meter but other than that and the ads it a cool game
This is a great game, it's in a good condition to play and ads aren't a problem to me so it's a genuine gameπŸ’― I'm loving it
Game is wonderfull but sone things need to inprove, like a full crout more player like atleast four(4).thats it the games is amazing already but if you add them stuff it would be even greater.
It would be better if the controllers (joystick) is a bit larger and more responsive. Response is delayed and can't really do it supposed to.
Great update. A few things that could be added to the ability in the "improve skills" area are: Spin move Half-spin Stutter step Behind the back To make dribbling even better is fixing the game mechanics to allow us to HOLD the "dribble" button WHILE moving the directional stick left, right, up, and down to perform different dribble moves. For example, a spin move could be performed holding "dribble" and then rotate the stick clockwise or counter-clockwise.
The game is fun to play but its so btoken like some games would hide the bugs but this game is just BOLD.
I like it really but why I rate four stars cuz when I done every online mode there's ads but I still like this game we can customize and upgrade, custom icon and can write team name
We need the lags to go away shaka and mario come on we need them gone for good ok πŸ˜€πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Žplz and thank you plus we need a match like GF34 and breezy vs Manok and SBA just like that ok with each creator choosing one player.
I like the game and all but there's only 1 thing that makes me not like the game It's the shot meter, where the line is where u green it doesn't green it's just yellow Can u fix that please and can u add like where u can change ur meter to off and back to normal if u can't do that please just fix the meter.
Graphics are great. Gameplay is great. but in my opinion I think u should add jumpshot landings 1v1s and more dribble moves
This game is fun but they need to add stuff like 5v5 and the bugs they need to fix and it should be they also need to add more stars
can you please do a new update were if the ball dosnt touch the rim u dont have to take it back and when you steal it you dont have to take it back, and add more sleeve colors like cyan or teal, and a camofloge motercycle helmet ,and shoes, and lower the prices of shoes
Well everything is fun and all the reason why there's 4 stars it because you need to add a park like 2k and add a the voice thing to the chat I really love it very creative game to make like and you need to add badges so I can't be so hard to make your team good cause it's hard to get the coins so many reasons why 4 stars
Its the best game you can ask for.Just when it comes to better players we don't have badges so for me and the community so, can yall make finishing badges, shooting badges,playmaking badges including defensive badges thats all we asking for so if u can make it we will appreciate it thx.:)
I know this game is good but I got to give it a four-star I'll tell you why you need to fix this sign-up and log-in please fix it and fix the Facebook sign-up and log-in
great game unstilled it because needed to save save space got to doload it again which i am great game /5 star way better then all the basketball games
Its a good game the graphics the gamplay the controls on the graphics it looks realistic the gameplay is good you can 1v1 friends you can join a clan you can do all sorts a things the controls are set for right hand people and you can change it nice game i advise you to download it
I always loved dis game whether if I delete it or download it I always no the tutorial anyway I take it for fun
Its a nice game but the only problem i have with it is that the game i play offline there should be award even the online i can't get gold to buy players
I have been playing a while now and I still love this game and keep the rating at five. I will add a addition to what I just read to the spin moves idea one person had which was smart and would be easy to add without ruining the game. Regarding shooting. It needs to be either the players rating that affects shots or the timing needs to when the player reaches the hight of his jumpshot. The green doesnt show as easy as it should when your at the top of your jump. Hitting open shots isnt that easy
Every time I shoot a green it always gets bought I can't do nothing everytime I dribble always get ripped and like this game is horrible how can I even shoot if I broke someone's ankles