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Stray Souls Free. Mystical Hidden Object Game

Stray Souls Free. Mystical Hidden Object Game for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by Alawar Entertainment, Inc. located at 16192 Coastal Highway Lewes, Sussex County, DE United States 19958. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Abstract Violence, Occasional Swearing, Rare Scary Situations) and required Android version is 2.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Thought I'd enjoy this game but no where does it say I had to pay for the entire game very disappointed
It said video file error every time. So from the start I had no idea what was going on and missed the important bits. Also the actual interaction was very buggy, I couldn't do the one mini game on the gate as it wasn't sensitive enough for me to move the circles properly. Very disappointed as it looked good and has a sequel. If the producers can tell me how to fix these I would enjoy playing it. But sorry one star for a game that doesn't even work for the 10 minutes I got to play the trial.
I love the game, although it will ask you to pay after playing so I did,and finish the main story which actually is enjoying. but when I get to the bonus chapter, it started to get buggy. and when I try to get a piece of object from the lamp I broke, the game freeze and closes. by the way this never happen to my Z3 (I actually finish it before and it was great), but after I switch to a new fone(Reno4) and started playing it,things become more buggy. please fix this... then I'll change my review.
I'm giving it 5 stars due to it is a good game with great graphics. The only that I don't like is why let me play 5 minutes then tell me to buy the rest. I just want to play a game. If you want people to buy it them don't offer for free cause that is miss leading and false. Charge for it right off the top.
I am enjoying the game but for some reason I can't get past chapter 10 , I did get the paint thinner and the mask but it didn't go into my inventory .kind regards Christine
Love your games, stray souls keeps crashing. Where you file the cage And the crank comes out then it crashes. Could you fix the problem. Thank you
Rating would be higher if it weren't for a glitch in bonus chapter. I completed a hidden object game, but didn't get the three buttons to continue. The hint feature didn't work after that as well. Disappointed I paid for it.
Awesome game deserve 5star I recommend it to everyone, to alawar costumer service!! It been a week now waiting for you guys to check on this game because it was telling me to purchase it again so I bought it again but I expect a refund.
Claims to be free but when I try to download the next chapter for free I get an error message stating "can't keep profile on the server" yet when I click on the buy it button they don't seem to have any problem keeping my profile on the server. This Is NOT a Free Game!!!! Do not download unless you want to pay to finish it!
Lots of fun until the bonus chapter. I've played through 3 times and every time it glitches and I don't get the keys from the jail cell after the hidden object challenge so I can't move on. Sucks
Great game! Graphics are good and storyline is chilling. For those who didnt like paying for cbapters, it was nominal. Nothing to shout about. I do wish it was longer. Im on to SS2! I plan to check out the rest of this developers games.
I loved playing so I bought it! I want my money back! Go to burn the doll and it just shuts down! Tried 6 times! Money back!!!
I was really enjoying the untill I opened the door with a child's missing arm with the saw on it to open the door, came up with a message to pay for full game , very disappointed
Just wish the whole game was free free. Especially now, being in quarantine. I have an autoimmune disorder and have to stay home. I'm a teacher and going to school.
Was enjoying the game until the bonus chapter, like other players I didn't receive the buttons needed to continue the game after completing the hidden object puzzle in the jail cell. Bit disappointing.
really wanted to play this , the few minutes i had were really good but then payment was needed to play on! but it was called Stray Souls Free. !!!!! where is it free ? i uninstalled - shame.
Good game but total lies it says free everywhere in the write up about the game and also it says free in the friggen title , don't say free if it's only one quick level then nothing until u pay for the game so clearly it's not free please take that out of the title irs not fair to people thinking there downloading a game that they can actually play for more than a minute
Was really enjoying the game but when i got to the funfair location and completed the hidden object game i didn't receive the paint thinner or mask part so i cannot continue
is a good game. wish the other stray souls games were still available to play. A lot of them you have to buy. Spoke too soon, in order to keep playing this free game I have to pay, to continue. Not too good.
Nice time killer, the puzzles are fun and a decent story for this type of games with a sequel. Not to mention good visuals.
A good game. Sometimes you have to hit the items a couple of times before it accepts it but overall not bad
This is a good game I played it all the way through and I loved it. The plot was really good and the story was cool. It really isn't free because if I have to pay for it it's not free so why say it's free.
I was enjoying the game until i purchased the bonus chapter and now i just get a message to say it has stopped working
It's not free & it's not good! asked to pay almost immediately. Items either disappeared from my inventory or I wasn't given them in the first place, I should've gave up when it happened on the first HOS, but I deleted the data & started again, that's a few hours of my life I'll never get back. Bonus chapter was severely flawed & I was booted out at the same scene 4x after that I gave up. You've got a cheek charging for a game so badly glitched... It's also false advertising! Disappointed
Awesome game!!!! It was worth the extremely small price I paid to play it. I highly recommend this game.
I paid 3.99 instead of .99 under the impression you receive more levels. To my dismay I reached the bonus chapter only to find out it rips you off. You are not giving the items needed to continue. Soured my opinion on this game not happy I paid more to be ripped off... My own stupid fault for not reading previous reviews.
I got to around the end of chapter 10 and now every time I open the game it closes out as soon as I hit PLAY. It's worked fine until this chapter! Please help!! I'm not liking the fact that I'm so close to beating the game and now I can't even open it!! Update: it's been over a month now since I paid for this game and I still can't open the game. Would really love a solution because I really loved this series. Please please please help me!!!
I was enjoying the end of the game by means of the bonus chapter, got to upstairs police station object search and finished it but it didn't give me the number pads to open the safe. Never able to finish the game that I PAID for, and when you like a game and story and you pay to play that last little part bc you're just not quite ready for it to be over.....it's a HUGE let down to not get to finish it. Again...not happy
Immediately did not give me items to continue and could not proceed further from the first room. iPhone version works perfectly so why this glitch on Android?!
This wasnt free as advertised it was cheaper to buy the collector's edition. Anyways theres a nice storyline some parts actually spooky lol. I had one glitch on the bonus level where I didnt get the safe buttons but after I closed the game and reopenesd it, the safe buttons appeared. Rather than that nice game! Worth the $1.
I would love to continue past the demo, however it will not allow me to do so. When I tapped on the get free option it gave the message " Can't keep profile for this server." As well as a message about the internet connection which is truly not an issue. NEED TO FIX THIS ISSUE OR REMOVE THAT OPTION!!!!
Safe buttons in HOS don't appear in inventory in the bonus chapter. So paid for collectors edition for no reason! Very disappointed! UPDATE: If you completely close the app then reopen, the safe buttons will appear in your inventory.
I am not paying 99¢ per chapter or $4 for a game that I will only play once. The option to unlock chapters for free via Getjar does not work. When that option is selected, a pop-up states "Can't keep a profile on the server! Please check the Internet connection!" My connection is fine...I attempted to access the "free" unlock using data AND wifi. Don't offer a "free" route if you do not intend to honor it.
It seems like a great game with a good storyline. Unfortunately you only get one chapter for free then you either need to buy the full game or open an account then to be recorded whilst you play.
The game is really fun to play. My question is, what happend to the daughter?.. the whole game went really well, till i tried the bonus game, went threw the first hidden object game. But it didnt give me anything, think it was supposed to give the 3 buttons for the door puzzle. Now im stuck. Plz fix
Fantastic game, so don't be discouraged when it seems as if you have to download it twice (I think the second download is an update). I was not charged twice which is what I thought happened. Buying the collectors edition was well worth the money.
Your game apps are teaser apps to try and make people buy the games so I wont be using your apps anymore and will recommend to my friends to not use them either
I'd give 5 stars except the getting part of it free doesn't work. I don't mind the little it cost cause the storyline, graphics etc are great but don't give an option that's not actually an option. It's well done and I enjoy that you have to explore around and it's not just step by step in order even with the mal and hints. Good job! Will purchase more from this developer.
You say free, not free. Got through chapter 1 and was told have to pay for the next chapter. Dont advertise free when not. Only played for 20 mins. Very disappointed. Uninstalling
Very good story. I felt it was more tragic than scary. If you're into HOP games, THIS IS THE GAME FOR YOU! I've never played so many, almost back to back, in one game? The artwork is awesome and this played well without glitching on Android mobile 7.1. A big plus. Bravo Developers!
Excellent game, but shortly after paying g for full version I came to a game breaking glitch, in the graveyard part where you're meant to get paint thinned and a mask fragment I didn't get the paint thinner and game is stuck, can't get to back of graveyard and can't restart chapter. Also shows film reel in grave when I've already picked it up.
I finished the main game then started the bonus game, when I found the buttons for the safe they didn't go into my inventory so now I can't open the safe and finish the game. Please fix this and I will gladly give 5 stars, I really enjoyed the game until now
I've played this game for seven years now, and it's just brilliant! Shame you have to buy the full version, but it's so worth it.
cannot get past 1st screen since cannot get into the basement for the pliers, so cannot go any further
I don't like being deceived. It says free game. Only 1st chapter is free. You must pay to continue. Description states "If you looking for “find the hidden object game for free”, please, welcome to download this perfect game! ". The option to get it for free doesn't work, but payment option works flawlessly! SMH
Are you kidding me? I played for 1 minute and you wanted money to continue!!??? I'd give it a negative 10 if I could.
Good game love the mini games. Good graphics. Good storyline. Wish it would tell u what object u have below so you don't have to go to inventory and click on, because it wont come off until u try using. It is also a very short game for free.
Totally awesome game! Lots of puzzles, hidden object scenes, and a great storyline. I paid for the full version. Totally worth it! Thanks!
I got hooked on this game when my friend told me about it and absolutely loved it!! I love my little helper Teddy, love the storyline and love the hidden objects and mini-games. My only complaint is that in the bonus chapter, both times I've played it, I had to restart the game to get the buttons from the locker at the police station at the mini-game. Please try the sequel!!
I loved this game, did the first chapter and then paid for the rest, well worth the money. The bonus chapter doesn,t give you the buttons after playing the Ho game, but if you log out and then back into the game and go to the spot you played the Ho game, it will give you the buttons so you can complete the game. Puzzles not to hard and an enjoyable game to play, kept my interest all the way through, with no glitches apart from the above mentioned. Now going to download the 2nd game.
yep it's cool,.... I messed up tho, I played the second one first..😬....but no worries, games great...
I love the game and would have given a higher rating but the app stoped working as soon as I got through the doors past the knights. I am VERY disappointed. I have tried many many times to get it to reopen but the game continues to close. Please help me get to finish the game.
As I began playing the bonus chapter I discovered a bug in the game. Early on in a hidden objects scene you are required to obtain three buttons so you can progress further into the game. However, I have bug whereby I complete the scene but am not given the buttons consequently I can't move forward with the game. When I get help I will leave a more positive review.
Great game. Sound effects are good and creepy. Pt2 was good I know their cant be a 3rd game the way pt2 ended it would be great tho
Enjoyed for 5 minutes after which you have to buy or download another app. Will be deleting all your games from my tablet as I suspect all are the same. Cant really give a better review as haven't had time to enjoy or test it. Looked good but fake.