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Stray Souls 2 Free. Mystical Hidden Object Game

Stray Souls 2 Free. Mystical Hidden Object Game for PC and MAC

Is a Adventure game developed by Alawar Entertainment, Inc. located at 16192 Coastal Highway Lewes, Sussex County, DE United States 19958. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Abstract Violence, Occasional Swearing, Rare Scary Situations) and required Android version is 3.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Adventure game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Since I paid for the game, it froze on TEA PARTY screen. I've tried everything, it won't let me go to another screen please fix or refund
I paid for the full version which I never do and after playing the game for a little while it froze. Will not back out move on or let me click on anything I'm upset to have spent my money for it not to work
Very enjoyable - good story line, nice mix of puzzles and hidden object games, interesting graphics. Controls were easy. No glitches (yay) Excellent value for money. I'll be exploring more games from this developer!
Brilliant game, Alawar games are longer than most and yet.much cheaper to buy, fantastic value for money. Can't wait to play more of them. Thanks Alawar x
I really liked this game it took awhile but was ok. Story line and graphics are great. I would suggest it to people
Way too easy to finish. Would not pay to unlock if the demo is any indication of how the rest of the game will be. Not worth it in my opinion.
This a "free to try" game. You are asked to purchase the game to continue playing. I paid to unlock the rull version. You pay once and get the full game, including the bonus chapter (which is kind of a prequel to the story). I enjoyed this game very much! Totally worth the purchase price!
WTAF!!! HAVE TO PAY TO PLAY DESPITE ZERO DISCLAIMER IN WRITING hard to play, the screen is dark and confusing and hints offer zero help ... I'm greatly disappointed in this game
I love the Stray Souls games, another great one! Good graphics, great HOS, and fun puzzles! And the little ragdoll helper is adorbs :)
Was good untill I paid. Then it froze up.... Deleted data, started game over and it worked fine. Is a fun game.
Really enjoy the puzzles, the theme of the game ,and play is very enjoyable. Love the story mode ,they really put a lot of thought on the game . Thanks well done ✅
Fantastic game. Dont miss this one. Can be a bit dark in places but over all I loved it. I am now looking for a similar game
Very strange game. I love it. I played one similar to this one years ago. Guess i just like strange things. This is so much fun. As soon as i saw the sock doll, i knew i had to buy it. I bought the first one years ago too. I think it was for my computer though. Cant get hurt buying this. Keep up the good work. I'll be looking for a follow up.
This is one of the best games that I've played for quite a while!! The games, story and the graphics are great! Loving playing it, more like this please!!
I played the free part of this game and i loved it, it went straight to my to buy list and will be the next game i buy. It was fantastic.
I have fallen for the trick twice or more times. When I see the word 'free' in a game like this, I expect the full game except for the bonus chapter to be free. I do like the game but I need more of the game.
It was fun until I got to the scene where the game wouldn't recognize anything I attempted to click on. Must be a bug. I want a refund.
Fantastic game, great story, good puzzles. I will definitely be looking out for further games from this developer. Condidering the time and effort which goes in to developing games like these I certainly don't begrudge paying a small amount to enjoy the entire game, not just the part which is free.
Nowhere does it say free to try not free to play in the about the game it says enjoy this free game. I was enjoying the little that I could play now after being mislead I will NOT be enjoying the rest of the game. It needs to be removed from the list of games that truly are free to play. I don't mind paying for a decent game and this was shaping up to be that.
Help game stopped letting me play at brians house tap area to go to scene i know is available does not go hint button will glow to go there acts like will let you but no response area will show u tapped it but no response liked game before trouble tried rebooting phone same issue going to uninstall i purchase games regularly would like a refund dont even have the option to restart game to see if that would fix the issue thx
Actually downloading this to my third device as it's so enjoyable to play. Well built story and game, both flow nicely. Gameplay itself is challenging without being frustrating :) *edit* currently having trouble accessing game. Seems that when device signs in to google, the game still attempts to sign in to google+ which leads to loading screen that goes nowhere. Temporarily altering rating while I contact developer and attempt to fix. If anyone else has experienced this I'd like to hear :)
After purchasing the full game the app completely froze. Its not allowing me to select anything or move forward/backwards. This is the first app I've ever had a problem with.
Pretty good so far. Nice graphics clear storyline. The first one was creepier but I haven't finished yet. Soooooo
Major Glitch in Game Purchased and could not play through to end due to game freezing up at tea party table scene. Game would not allow examination of active areas nor backing out of scene. Please promptly issue a refund to my account.
I love these games, only giving 4 stars because it seems like I have to slam my finger down sometimes for it to register. Nothing else on my tablet is this way so I know it's not the tablet I'm playing on. I recently found this series of games and played another one first that after I bought the game in the bonus it didnt give me certain key items so i wasnt able to finish that game but so far this one is doing fine and giving me each item after the HO games.
I enjoyed it but there where a few graphic errors had to shut the game off and turn it back on. All an all the game was good 👌 like I said I enjoyed it...
ok game. but after i payed i relized that i played it before so payed twice.how annoying as could of went on another game.playing the collectors game its just the same and no different.
Very awesome game graphics but it was too short. What did I pay for it I ain't even able to play the full game still?
Horrible. ..game froze... can't go any further. ..I purchased this game 2 week's ago. ...trying too contact developer for a refund ...no response. ....... do not waste yur purchasing this game. .--UPDATE REVIEW--... (1-29-2020) Finished the game. ..issue was fixed or was a glitch. ..great game. .fine graphics!
I really enjoyed playing this game, the graphics were amazing and the story was good, the only downside was it was not long enough.
Could be a great game but the twinkling light seriously spoils game play, is there a way to turn it off? I cant stand games that have this I dont understand the reasoning behind it, especially on expert mode.
Incredible. Strong storyline, great gameplay, Beautiful graphics. Well done all those involved with the games creation.
One of the most enjoyable plots I've seen in this type of game, and I've played many! Loved everything about it. It was a little short though, especially the bonus game which you do have to pay for, but still worth it! Great work! Make more!
Very good story but it seems like Alawar Games all have pretty much the same plot and storyline. I enjoyed it but it was too short for the money it cost.
Game description states that '"This FREE fantastic hidden object quest game for girls and boys, kids, teenagers, and adults, contains exciting various challenges, greatest detective storyline to investigate, cute characters and unusual and supernatural content" Lies-Must Pay to Continue to Play!
Would be nice if was as advertised . Well started as nice but then they hit you with the lie of the game needs be piad to unlock it. Nothing worse then wasting my credit downloading a game to find out it's not as advertised like the 4 times i says the game is free in the description
Love the game! I like to have to work a little to try and find hidden objects. Story line was good as well as the bonus chapter!
This hidden objects mystery game is very fun and enjoyable. I tried it but halfway through it asked me to purchase the full version. Other than that, I would say it's a good game.
It was all great until i exited the game, when I downloaded this game it says full version free. Not even..I went to play again and it ask me to purchase the rest? Does that sound free!
Firstly, your games aren't free. You play for a while and then get asked to pay. Domini Games that are advertised for free are actually FREE ... the whole thing. Your graphics aren't great either. They strain my eyes. Most of the time I was tapping around aimlessly.
This one is a lot better then the first one. Game play and graphics. And you only have to pay for it one time.
Not free, lets make that clear from the start...first "chapter" is free, to get you hooked, and then you are asked to purchase. Does the purchase include the entire game, or just the next chapter? I dont know...do i invest the time and $ for it, just to find I have to purchase subsequent chapters? The game looks good, not sure if I'll go for the next chapter or not.
Please help game has frozen I have purchased this and would like to finish it as I am enjoying it could you please fix this for me I have asked twice now
Found a bug. The spot where you heat up the raspberry tea and the bear with the honey When you make the dog toy and give him the bone and when you try to leave the room it wont let you. PLEASE FIX this issue I really enjoy this game I had to restart a whole new game hopefully that would have fixed the problem it did not now that I just found out. Again PLEASE FIX THIS ISSUE. Thank you
Hands down my favorite HOG series (this and the first game). I love this game. I have re-played it over and over and never tire of it. I won't spoil anything. Great job developers!
great game I like this one better than one because it's really free you don't have to buy it like the other one
Disappointed its a very short game. If you want more, you have to pay, gutted by that as I won't be paying, think it should be free and maybe make us watch ads or something to get the next part\chapter. So uninstalling
No where i read about this game says try this game then pay to keep playing. Now i must uninstall. Also the word free does not mean play then pay. So not to thrilled.
Super game just sorry there was not more. Pensioners can't always buy the rest unfortunately. But a super game super graphics. Top class.
Enjoying the game immensely, because there is something different about it, but couldn't honestly say what. Good work team.
This has to be one of the best stories I have played in one of these games in years. Your games are just top notch and have beautiful graphics and the voice acting is lovely. This is the first time I have left a review after have played over 50 of these type of games. Keep up the great work ! Thank you 🌹
Bizarre, creepy, sinister! Very different to anything I've played before! Good puzzles but didn't realise "free" meant "partly free"
I liked what I got to play, it seems like it was going to be a good and I was happy with it but then it wouldn't let me play without having to pay to go on. I guess you don't understand the word free as you advertise the game to be which is a shame because I would have enjoyed it I think but now will never know.