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Stranded Without A Phone

Stranded Without A Phone for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by Gilligames located at Todd Gillissie 4205 Dot Dr #34 Austin, TX 78727. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Nice gameplay, i'm liking it. More options like- having a boat and travel through it to more other islands would be better.
After an update, the issues I had we're resolved. The developer was quick to make the fix! As far as game play, it's pretty good. I managed to finish the main quest in just a few hours. Hope there is more to come!
Update has ruined the game, everytime i exit and come back in to play again, all my stuff is gone. Tried to message support, no response. Im just gonna delete
This game have potential just refine the game like the icons and the crafting process i think its better if we can place where we will put the build item and shortcut mechanics like double tap the food to consume and add more animals like feral chicken and other, and also its a good thing to add boats and go to other island and the stick is kinda hard to get i think you need to add gather stick with palm tree and the most important i suggest to add multiplayer mode to play with friends
I love this game! It's fun, completely free, not really any ads that I can remember(been a while sence I've played), and you do not need internet to enjoy it. I highly recommend anybody and everybody to play this game!
So far I am really enjoying this game. I love that there is a goal to work towards. I have only been playing a couple days but am excited to see how it goes!
This game is simple. Like.. too simple. At the same time, it is kind of confusing. It lost my interest after only a couple of minutes. I played a little longer, hoping that it was just "the grind" that most survival games have at the beginning. It's not a bad game, but.. it's not great either. It could use some work to be better imo.
The game is okay so far, just a few things that can change. One, the hydration and nutrition bars drop very fast. I do one thing, like chop a tree for logs, and it consumes most of my nutrition and hydration. I barely have time to walk around and feed myself, not even counting how fast the dog's bar goes down. And two, why can't more than one of the same item be placed on one another in the inventory? It's very annoying having to keep dropping items to fit others that are the exact same item.
Update: I've been playing this for years. There was a little glitch in one of the updates with things disappearing but owner of the game fixed it fast and was very nice and responded and fixed the problem. So still 5 stars . Great game
Best game, But just problem is this game is too limited. Means at last we create a space phone and we leave and game is over everytime. I wanted that we should create more items and more island discovered.
Just updated, and lost my bags,and my axe,and my bandages that I used my gems for. Not happy that, that happened
Good fun game. Maybe need new variations of islands and things to achieve do, but this basic game is really enjoyable
Loved it so much I'm addicted but why does all games needs money can something be free in the game like the avatars and other stuff there but I love is so much it amazing I recommend it u will love it I AM SOO ADDICTED
I played this game many years ago and now that I have it again I will never uninstall I'm addicted completely.
get lost in this game! so addictive to play... once you start you dont want to stop. doesnt have abunch of annoying adds which allows more game time. I love that I can do my own thing in this game... it is my way. I love being able to have so many options and choices within this game..and the detail.Thank you to the creator/s of this game ! <3 <3 <3
I love everything about this game. Super addicting. Everytime you play there is a new map. I highly recommend this game
Nice fun relaxing game....been playing for a while...love the dog feature....one of the top crafting survival games for me...thanks:);):);).
I was really hoping with the last update you would've taken some of the advice of the other reviews. I like this game but it lacks variety. For example, only 2 choices of food boar and fish. Why not add snake, bear, tiger, something. Then add more variety to the different lvls. Only difference between hard and brutal is brutal it rains all the time. As for the dog, most of the time it's more of a hassle to befriend it then use him cause all he does is eat up the food and fetch sticks.
It's a pretty good game. The only thing I don't like about it is that it seems to take a while to move about the island.
Well this kinda blows, when ya chop down a tree you only get logs, no sticks. ya gotta have sticks to do anything... Start a fire, a torch....limited sticks really sucks..and that lemon tree/Bush after you get 12 from it then it's gone, but the berries that's the winner. There should be some kind of deployment map. Sure you can see the lemon tree and fire but what about the items you have to search for, ie: Berries, ham, wildbore... Getting an idea of what island they are on would help.
The game is relatively simple you collect items to craft the items you will need for survival. Explore and learn more about your environment.
Fun game to play, once. It's basically the same game over and over... Not much replay value other than finding different ways to tell the same story.
My favorite type of game! I've pretty much exhausted it, though. I would love to see an update with more variety, and/or a Stranded 2. :-)
Great game . Good job on making a fun game . The key to completing is storage . Two small pouches & one large . The dog is a fun part , if you want it but not needed . The in-app purchases are cheap for that extra boost & you can play without spending a penny if you want .
Best stranded game I've ever played. Makes it feel so real as if you're the one really stranded without phone.
I am in love with this game. I have been looking for something like this for years. I hope you keep at it and continue adding content.
Best game ever. It brings new ideas and strategies to solve issues .i finished the game and got rescued on Day21 .i was so happy it was fun. I urge u to download it u will enjoy it if ur the inquisitive type of person like me. At first u won't understand but with time the fun comes out. Hope it was helpful..
I really love this game. Your health and hungry go down way to fast. 75% of the time in getting food. And the days and night go by way to fast also. Please fix....
Well balanced survival game, good controls, no ads. A storage box might be a good feature but it's not really needed.
I have played this before and i complained but now i understand things better. I keep coming back to this game because its an amazing adventure/survival game! Would definitely recommend. This game will stay on my phone... Forever lol.
I have been playing this game 1 week now, on 2phones /2 app, and there's a learning curve - but if you win once on easy & on medium- then you can 'buy' a 2nd island to play on. I change until I like the island & then earn my green gem. Once you feed, water & tame the dog he/she is awesome and can gather sticks for you - just stay in one place because otherwise the pup has to fetch same stick to follow you 🙃. Fishing with net or pole: best(qty&#lbs). I play this game waaaaay too much.
This game is addictive, takes patience, and time. Surviving on an island from scratch, I mean you start with nothing. Having to gather what you need to survive. Using limited resources the island provides, and or what washs up on the shore. The controls are easy to use, the graphics are good, the story simple. Survive on the island until you can get rescued. The dog is a nice touch. You can utilize him to help you or not. So I rated it 4 stars because there is always room for improvement.
Fun game so far. Only minor thing for me is the lack of storage such as a chest or trunk. I may not have gathered the correct materials yet though. Back to exploring for me. Give this game a try if you enjoy crafting games. *edit* After a bit more work I did get pouches and the hut. First time through I was rescued on day 18. Currently working on second play through. Great game dev's.
Just updated, and lost my bags,and my axe,and my bandages that I used my gems for. Not happy that, that happened 1/14/2021 I finished a game and didn't receive my gem. Please fix this
It's good at 1st gets really boring later, if u eat the bubblegum it's game over as it takes forever to appear again, the dogs loyalty is the biggest pain in the *** to maintain just scrap him leave him stupid mechanic,once you did easy mode there really isn't any more fun to drag out into other difficulties. The rescue is so un-satisfying no clip, no outro, nothing just a little sound from the New phone, and congrats u survived... I wouldn't pay for the extras in the game due to boredom.
Bought the time totem and found out it's only for THAT PARTICULAR GAME. Not even for the character, just one game. 🤦‍♀️
Have not played but read reviews. Upset that you told someone that its not a good place the say what wrong has happened. Review section is a perfect place to so other people can hear problems with game. Didnt even say it nice. So low stars for you.
Finish the game on easy in 18 in game days then uninstalled the game. The game needs more work. Moving around is slow as hell, the dogs loyalty drops way to fast. There's no cook all option or craft all option. Also making an online game playing with other people in a multiplayer say 5 or 6 in a team would make it alot more fun, also a bigger map would be great. Do these updates and I'll be sure to come back 100% 3 stars is a good start normally any other game would only get 1 star.
I play slot of puzzle tactics and strategie games. This is one of the smoothest so far. Thanx for the game guys!
Good game. A little slow to respond. A little more fine tuning may be needed, but overall a nice game.
Really difficult to find what I can do with an item unless I take it away from general storage. There's no search or hint. At least allow me to filter by item.
Getting angry. Every time they sleep or i leave the game my hard to make items leave my inventory. If these got fixed i would give 6 stars
Love this game. Developer is very responsive if you have an issue. Updates regularly. Highly recomend
Good peaceful little virtual getaway, could be expanded in lots of ways - like more ways to interact with the ocean, add crabs, more stuff to craft like a windmill, other uses for batteries like a radio, veggies and ways to make stews & soups, a journal you could really write in would be cool, graphics especially characters could look better and move smoother - but very nice little Indy game. I hope you continue to expand on it. Disappointing that you probably won't. Gets boring too soon.
Fun little game. Very nice to sit back and relax, and just harvest and craft. I didn't see any game killing flaws. I do wish it had more animals other than boar, like maybe deer, or monkeys or something. Wish dog could drop sticks at a specified location, instead of my feet. Wish it had more crafting things. But those are just thoughts for improvement, not major game issues. I truly hope the developer continues to add to this game. This game has potential for greatness!
fun getting used to get traps out for the boars then gather durring day (except mushrooms) craft at night always have fresh meat for nutrition fish and boar meat easy to get