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Storyscape: Play New Episodes

Storyscape: Play New Episodes for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by FoxNext Games located at 12121 West Bluff Creek Drive Playa Vista, CA 90064. The game is suitable for Rated for 18+ (Extreme Violence, Strong Language) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Amazing Stories ... so far. None of the available stories are finished yet, but I've enjoyed what I've played so far. Unlike similar games you can make interesting choices without having to pay premium currency every single time. The premium choices are saved for really special moments, optional clothing, or if you want to pick more than one option. You can earn free diamonds for completing chapters and free tickets if you're willing to be patient.
I would actually place this one on top for most interesting plots. It's cool to see your choices actually do make a difference and have consequences. With most immersive stories, they give you the illusion that you control your outcome, but most are preset so that you end up with the same conclusion. I only wish that you had real opportunities to earn gems and there were more stories. Right now, there's only 5.. Also, when is Eternal City 2 gonna come out??
If someone is having trouble playing their episode, try deleting the cache on the app itself. Hope this helps! | Absolutely amazing! I love everything about this! From the stories to the art style- I AM OUT OF WORDS. I can't wait for the wonderful future of the stories. Unlike other ones, they let you spend time with your LI and you can make an impact on the stories without needing too much diamonds. The stories are well-thought-out and I'd give a standing ovation for every. single. thing.
By far the most compelling stories from any story app. However, it's almost impossible to accumulate diamonds, (although it's possible to enjoy the story without them) and the biggest drawback is easily that there are only 4 or 5 stories at the moment. I'm sure in a year or two as more stories have been fleshed out this will be a 5 star game.
I like the the X-Files game and the animation is plus. 1. It'd be more enjoyable if the diamonds had twice as much value though. 2. While I can't imagine the work that went into this, especially the AI used to animate, a bigger catalog is needed. I might try the other games but they don't appeal to me as much as something like Stargate SG-1, Alias, Fringe, Star Trek, or Buffy, or Firefly would. These two points drop the app from a 10 to an 8. Would be nice if you could restart previous eps too.
Really wish this app didn't close down. It was one of the best story apps out there and I was so sad you shut it down.
I quite enjoyed this app, especially since it used graphics and texts. I only was interested in the "Titanic" story, and I love the storyline, choices, and character design. It truly felt like a side story to the movie, and it was great seeing the iconic Rose and Jack Dawson. I'm quickly trying to get through it before February 3rd. So far I'm loving it. Just wished I saved up more diamonds before the "buying" option quit working. I'm sad to seeya go. Maybe we will seeya make a new game. ❤
What's in the boooooox!!? This is the best choices style game I've played. The animations are impressive, the writing is thoughtful and realistic, and I actually feel invested in my character's story (and she didn't even have to look like me). Theres something about it that makes the monetization seem more toned down than other story games which I appreciate. I usually monetize on these games anyway but the others make me feel like a cash machine. Well done. I am thoroughly enjoying this.
I absolutely love this game so far! The graphics are beautifully detailed. I love that the characters mouths move when they talk and expressions change. The stories are so immersive and the choices you make really affect it. I wish I could earn more diamonds, but not buying premium options doesn't really ruin the stories because there's so many other free choices you can make. It's one of the best story apps I've ever played.
Good game so far, just needs more content. Also, the reward system needs to have some kinks worked out. For example, from what I can see, you are mean to earn a diamond for each new chapter you complete, while also having the option to earn a diamond by watching an add for each chapter you spend a ticket on (all chapters except for the first of a story). This is similar to the reward system in choices: stories you play by pixelberry, but like choices the system doesn't work consistently.
I'm really missing the Titanic story, plus Matteo. Hopefully something does happen and they make this game available to play again. No other choice-based game was like this one.. I'll keep crossing my fingers. 🤞😔
I decided to get the game again after a year of not being able to find it I finally did but after installing it and opening the app it would load for a few seconds and then say "error log in" I hit retry a few time but the same message would pop up I'm just really confused and kinda upset because I was looking forward to playing the game again
I'm absolutely addicted to this app. Every story I've read has had fabulous writing, choices, consequences, and animation. The Titanic story especially hooked me and it's going to take me days to get over it (I would love this app forever if it added a Titanic epilogue btw). I'm trying to patiently wait for more content and I hope it comes out soon!
The stories are interesting, the choices you make have a real impact on how the plot develops and the content is original. It helps that the graphics are beautiful. There are some diamond choices that you have to pay for, but there aren't many and it doesn't massively affect the story if you don't go for them. It's also very easy to collect diamonds without playing, since you basically get two at the end of every chapter. The only thing I find annoying is that the tickets take ages to recharge.
Great app, my favourite of these story telling games (I've tried multiple). This one is so polished and the graphics are stunning, if I had one complain it would be the time between tickets but that is only because I am so invested in the story that I want to continue reading, i highly recommend. Currently on my second read through of the season one of Titanic, which is written so well and so beautiful.
This game is incredible. The graphics are so incredibly realistic and dynamic and the stories are so immersive. I love how even if you don't use gem choices you are still able to have an enjoyable experience which is almost nonexistent in interactive story games. And you earn passes relatively quickly as well. I can't wait to see what else is to come in the future from Storyscape.
This is the best game I have ever played, i love the Titanic story and was hoping to play it again but at the moment everytime I press on the game app it says there was a loading issue so I hope that gets fixed so I can continue to play this amazing game
It's really fun, the artwork is amazing, and the wording of the storys really keep you hooked on whatever story you pick and it really makes you feel the character emotions
I've been playing this app for a while now and it's became by favorite story app. The choices actually matter in later chapters. The diamond scenes are usually worthwhile and they're not the usual do something or so nothing like I've seen before. The graphics are terrific. You can also reply chapters individually or even go back 3 and play from there. I love it and can't wait for more stories.
I'm updating to 4 stars. I still feel that diamonds and tickets are too expensive, and it sucks that none of the stories are finished, but after investigating similar apps to this one BY FAR has the best writing and graphics. I am genuinely attached to the protagonists, and I love that some interactions can shock me, make me laugh, or in general can provoke some sort of emotional reaction. Kudos.
I really like the app, the stories are very in-depth. The only thing I don't like is how many crystals it costs to choose certain options, and there's no other way of getting the amount except buy paying quite a substantial amount. I believe it to be better to sell each book for a set amount and have all options unlocked, otherwise u could be spending quite a lot in one book. Other than that it's a fantastic app.
It's the first of its kind; an absolutely incredible story app that isn't completely drowning in romance and outfit choices!! The graphics are beautiful, and the narratives are intense, captivating and wonderfully complex! Eternal City has phenomenal depth and detail. THANK YOU for the creation of this masterpiece! There are decent options without the use of gems, but I think if it were less gems per premium choice, this game would dominate in the market of storybook apps!! Can't wait for more!
My initial impression was that once you used your tickets, you had to pay for more. It turned out you just have to wait to recieve more tickets over time. It is hard to enjoy some of the options in the stories without paying for diamonds which is why my review is 4 stars instead of 5. I had initially set it as 1 star thinking it was exclusively pay to play. I am glad I am wrong because I am enjoying this interactive story telling that us very similar to choose your own adventure books. Worth it
I'm absolutely loving the Titanic story so far! I had a slight issue with the game and emailed the developers. They got back to me in record time and actually helped me through the problem instead of sending a cookie cutter "have you tried this?" message. Feedback from them was friendly and fast. I'll support the developer fully in the future!
Great game! But I'm having problems with the app opening. I undownloaded it once, not every time I open the app, it says there is is log in issue. So I can't play it anymore, but the game is amazing.
Storyscape was a revolutionary visionary out of all the CYOA games out since their conceptions esp with the assets actually moving with life-like actions, having intriguing & intricate BGM, AND ABSOLUTE OUT OF THIS WORLD STORYLINES FILLED WITH PLOT & UNIQUE CHARACTERS-- The first and only of it's kind. To me, it's a particular sore spot that Disney sold Fogbank & consequently shut it down.... Let me give an "F" in this chat, bc Storyscape forever lives in my heart rent free.
Very different and unique compared to other choice games. The story that hit me the most is Titanic. Never played a story that had me immersed and emotional after the ending. Unique and realistic art style and great stories. I wish there are other ways to get more diamonds and also know when other stories are available. Overall a great game.
This is my favorite 'choose your own adventure' type app. There are premium choices but they're not the ONLY good choice and the story progresses just fine with the free ones. The art and music are very good too. The premium currency is also pretty easy to get, with one diamond for finishing each chapter and another one for watching an ad.
Used to love the story app but company sold out and stopped the app, had paid for more chapters but lost money, not impressed.
I had this app a couple years ago before they announced that it would be discontinued, and I had uninstalled it, thinking that meant they would remove the app from the app store. This was one of my top favorite choose your path apps, and I really missed it, so I reinstalled it a few weeks ago to replay the stories, but I can never get past the loading screen due to a login error. I'm not sure if it's because the app is no longer being updated or tended to, though.
After several glitches and this game forcing me to use multiple tickets for one episode I became frustrated. I reached out to support several times and the last person straight called me a liar!!! Their support team takes hours to get back with you as well. I really love the stories but customer service is important to me and it hurts they think I'd lie over a game that I actually really enjoy and wouldn't mind paying for. I would literally sit for 20 minutes for one episode to load sometimes.
I went in with very low expectations and was pleasantly surprised. First story I ran through was Eternal City and it was really well written and engaging. Now I need the next season! Only real con is the diamond paywall for some of the story options. I know I can watch ads to wrack them up slowly, but it still feels as though I miss out on important parts of the story. I'm excited to see what other stories are introduced to this platform! Playing through the others now.
Best Story App Yet! This is my favorite of all I've played so far. Life 2.0 is just an awesome story. You get a lot of story for each chapter without the need for tons of tickets and waiting. My pocky complaint is that the outfits and options are a little pricey. I would love to see those lowered, more affordable, or done with all together. I am excited to see more stories in production and to see where this app goes!
I uninstalled the app last year because one day it just stopped ketting me play. An error box would come up every time. I installed it again this morning for the first time, and the same thing is happeneing. I happen to like the stories.
Love the game and the animation and the first story I played was great! My one dislike is that you only get 2 tickets and it takes so long to get them after you use them. Also the outfit choices in the story could've been better and there has to be a better way to get diamonds without buying them. Other than that I really like it so far my first story was Life 2.0
I was loving this app. The other day, however, the game asked to link to my Google Play Games account. No big deal, I said yes... But since then I've been unable to even start my story app. It will splash up about connecting to Google and then I get a loading screen that never loads. Support hasn't been much help and keeps harping me to get a code from my game that I cannot get because it refuses to load. I've rebooted, reinstalled, cleared cache... I'm at a loss here. I'm on a Google pixel 2.
One of the best story based games EVER !!!!+ amazing art, interesting, complex stories and honestly deserves better than it got, BRING IT BACK, please !!!+
Well written, immersive. The only dislike I have is the 'choice shaming' - which is entirely unnecessary. If you don't have enough diamonds for the premium options, the free options are described negatively and your free choice is usually chastized afterwards. Not all of us can afford diamonds. We don't have to be shamed by it. However you do get a good chance to get free diamonds and that redeems this app quite a bit. Cost of diamonds is very reasonable, I will say that. Developers have to eat.
Still disappointed these guys were shut down. Damn you Disney. Best app of it's kind with the best stories. A league of its own.
I am impressed! The visuals, the storyline, the characters. Everything is absolutely stunning and worthy of installing. But it is misleading to start us off with 5 tickets to then reduce us to two. Also, it would be a good idea to place the stories into genres, so that a person can bypass whatever they are not interested in without ever having to see it on their screen.
Really great graphics! I appreciate the animations and I can't wait to see more stories from you guys! However I will like to say that as someone who recently purchased diamonds and did NOT receive them, I am a little disappointed that I have not received a somewhat prompt reply. I have already contact support and spending 27.99 is nothing short of cheap.
I so incredibly loved this game. It was in my opinion definitely the best choices game out there. Graphics and storyline were so well done and the whole gaming experience was truly magical. I just recently found out that the servers of storyscape were shut down, after not being able to play due to log in failures. And I'm devastated! I don't get why the best out of all the choices apps had to go. I just hope that where ever the talented creators are, that they might create new stories for us! :)
I still don't understand why Disney decided to shut down their studio. Honestly, this is the best interactive apps out there and it's just unfair that they did not get opportunity to go big. This app is a solid 10/10, no lie! This app deserve recognition for what the team has done to make this masterpiece. It's been a few weeks since this app got deleted but I think most of us will cherish our time playing your stories. Thank you so much for your hardwork!
I play A LOT of story type games, and this is my favorite besides Choices. The art is beautiful, the stories are actually well-written, and you're not penalized if you choose not to take the route that costs diamonds. My only issue right now is the lack of variety, but they're working to create more and I am just SO excited to see them grow!
This is the best story based game out there! The stories are well-built, complex and exciting. Your choice really shapes the story and you don't have to pay for interesting options. There are of course diamond choices but they are more like opt-outs, rather than musts. I can't thank enough the producers for such brilliant game and I'm paying voluntarily for diamonds or tickets because they deserve every penny.
Except for the limited diamonds, this game is purrfect. Every story is good written and aesthetically beautiful! It's like interacting with a novel! I just think there should be a way to gather more diamonds/tickets for free like, for example, through watching ads (it's only 1 diamond per ad and no sign of extra tickets). But it's worth it!