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Storypick for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Com2uS located at 서울시 금천구 가산디지털1로 131 BYC 하이시티 A동 12층 (12F, A-dong, BYC Highcity B/D, 131, Gasan digital 1-ro, Geumcheon-gu, Seoul, Korea). The game is suitable for Rated for 12+ (Moderate Violence, Nudity) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
omg , i cant wait <3 and why are people mad over the fact that you have to wait for 5 minutes , the app literally just got released , surely you could wait awhile.
So I was finally able to play! The art is very pretty and I love that you can customize your character a bit. Sadly... It's pay to play. Like... By a lot. I put five dollars in and I already need to pay more to pick the better options or do the date. Seeing as this game just launched, you would think they would give us more incentives to keep going. I will try to finish the story I started but will most likely delete the game after. Please let us play more without having 2 pay so much
I like the story and art, especially heart signal. And the fact we can get gems with roulette and watching videos is cool too, though the choices are expensive.. I'm giving it 4* because of the mistranslations sometimes and the fact we can't choose who we want to send the text message to.
I like the art style and the UI so much and I don't mind the gem system in games at all but it's a bit expensive here. Wish there is more balance between paid and free choices or lower the cost per choice a bit so you could progress with the story easier. I'm reading Way Back Into Love first right now and the skip option is locked so I have to spend 200+ gems on a special story which I would really love to read anyway if I have enough gems but otherwise I can't proceed past that.
The gems system is generous. Marked by king bs have manhwa adaption & i'm happy i can play all three series in storypick. The ads is buggy in my phone. When i watch ads for choices hint , the app crash. The manhwa panel intro , bgm & sound effect r so cute. The characters & art r gorgeous. I'm happy i can support developers just by watching ads. My first stories i pick is Heart Signal . The fl is so beautiful & cute . All the characters r wonderful. Luv from Malaysia 🇲🇾💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕
This is an amazing game, the storylines, art, the ui but Im not fond of games that prevents me into choosing what I want. I wouldve much preferred that an episode costs 100 diamonds or so than 50 or more diamonds just to choose a good action everytime. Great game but will kill your wallet, play at your own risk.
The art is amazing, but the game itself is cash-grab. You don't really get choices, 2 options out of 3 require you to pay for gems. Plus the endgame seems predictable from the very start even though you are supposed to be choosing the character's path.
I'm giving it 2 stars because 1.) occasional translation errors, 2.) expensive use of gems required in order to receive the good outcomes of the stories, and 3.) the developers' response to reviews pointing out flaws. The developers sound a bit rude in their reviews and seem to gloss over the complaints of the reviewers. You can earn gems by watching ads and doing games/surveys via Tapjoy, but it's not worth it.
I downloaded it cause i thought they will feature many webtoon as encounter but I see it still relatively new and so little title to choose for my taste but i saw a few popular webtoon feature there like king bs...i prefer time travel or ancient times kinda vibe so i pick threaded time... It such a great story .. kind of bum because there's not much like this story(cause i already finished it all 5 and the other story does not click with me)... So waiting is my choice for now😅😁😁
It keeps crashing, it's my 2nd time to reinstall it but still crashing.. I can't play this game if it keeps crashing.. I can't even play it. It would be nice to fix it.
please fix the game in oh blossom story. I have clicked whole day the minigame and still stuck like how can you have 2 tries within 1s time given?
I think it could be good, I was just a bit disappointed to see that you need 100 gems just to pick an outfit. Most games like this usually make outfits cost 15 or 30 gems but not 100, that seems quite alot to me.
Love it and great art! It consumes quite a lot of gems in the story but love the fact that we can get good amount of gems in ur events.
I hope this is worth the wait because I have been waiting to play but the time cross. My fingers I hope it's not what the reviews say and sense it's new I'm not mad I BELIEVE!!!😁🤭 ty com2uS this is amazing!
It is working but when i start playing and i press the watch ads the game crashed. But the app is really great❤️ tho but my problem is that like what i said first that the game crashed when i press the watch ads.And also it crashed sometimes when i try to open the app hope you can read my review and fix it. 😊
It's new so there is some issues, but it's actually really good! The only issue I have right now is that I have to use Gems for the story. Otherwise, I like the game so far.
For now i am giving 1 star because then i try to join the game it kicks me out of it. I tried few times and it still dosen't work.If you can fix this please do and i will change the rating.
Junk food of the mind. You know it's mediocre at best, but you consume it anyways. It's free, and the wrapper is gorgeous anyways.
I have a complain i can't pass the chapter 3 of oh blossom because of the mini game part the one that you need to slice the potato it keeps want me to do it again and again even if i already did it
Stories are good but the choices are too expensive. That's why, I'll delete this game. You can check choices or romance club to see how a story-based game should be.
Pls fix this, in the story oh blossom i cant seem to get past in the part where i have to slice the potatoes, it only gave me 1 sec, im really frustrated but i really want to play the game so im willing to wait until you fix it and ill give 5 stars 😠
I chose to read Heart Signal, and there were a few times Aiden was referred to as Glen. That isn't a big deal though. What I don't like are the expensive gem choices. Even with my pre-register gems, I still only have enough gems for 1 choice. I'd appreciate if the gem choices were half, or even 2/3, the price they are now. Other than that, I like this game a lot. The graphics are beautiful!
Reviewing again, this is amazing and the art is really pretty too ofc alsoo story is like how can I say...... AMAZING but the thing is, this kinda looks like an app called "maybe" Ya know the system how it works.... And I hope you can make the choices a little less diamond bc you ask for a lot when you give so little. Anyway so as I was saying this game is amazing😍😍🤩🤩👍.
You're better off just downloading the actual game. This app is just games that already exist on the play store just put into one game. Just made everything 100x more pricey. It's really good, but just that they charge waaay more than the original game.
I love this game. Stunning visuals and great replies. Outfits that do not require gems look great as well. Can't wait more future updates!!
This game is definitely worth it! The amount of gems you can earn daily is quite generous, might I say. I love the game's illustration and storyline, but cute and interesting. Definitely getting a 5 star review from me! Awesome game!♡
omg- (excuse my english because english is not my first language) the quality- MSJDKSJDJD too pretty it even has a bl(boys love) i don't really have a clean review about this so all i can say is its good!! ( ◜‿◝ )♡ edit; the characters are beautiful too NSJDJDJDHD
The game is nice, and the art are amazing. Tho I do have some complaints. In one of the story for example "Oh Blossom" I couldn't get pass chapter 3 because the game is bugged. I've tried reinstalling but it doesn't seem to work.
First impression: Art is gorgeous, dialogue seems relatively natural, and the mechanics are easy to use. The whole gem thing is like in any other; tough to aquire but there is a way. Everyone is incredibly beautiful in this artstyle; I'd rate it 5 stars if the love interests included the girls. (Well at least in the story I've played idk if it's like that for everyone)
I Have Been Waiting For This...I usually Doesn't Download apps which has more than 40 MB but this one Was really Cute and The Screenshots was amazing so I'm Gonna Test It Out...Hope it's Worth it. I will Edit My Review when I play the game.Have a Good Day✨❤️
Can we have a gender equality have for BOYS and GIRLS at the same time? So bois can play too (so ma man can not feel ashamed for this). Also i wish there is a community custom made once?!
I loved the game. The story, the animation everything are just perfect. There is only a single problem that it takes too much time to get one ticket and it asks money for each and everything. I hope you could look forward to it. Otherwise it is the best game
woowww this is a really great game! i pre registered because i saw that they have "Kingdom" which is a hit netflix series. I really love that show, also! all the characters really look similar to the real live character which was so amazing. keep up the good work!
I'm enjoying the game so far. I only tried No-Dating Policy and Light on Me so far. Both of them enjoyable! Especially Light on Me since I'm into BL hahahahha plus I have read Behind The Desk XD. I hope there will more BL stories in the future 😊
I'm sure this game will be great by the screenshots and such, but all these people complaining about waiting make me laugh. Have some patience. It literally gives you a timer for the official release. Just download it and reopen it when the countdown's over...🤦🏽‍♂️ Thank you devs for making this game available ahead of actual release and allowing me to download it so I remember to open it back up!!
Its the best game I have ever played! The amount gems you earn per day is actually quite a lot. This game overall very well made. Thank you for the effort! :D❤️ Would highly recommend to play Heart Signal!😆✨
this game is worth waiting it's so cute the graphics are beautiful the stories are interesting i really love this game it feels very realistic i kept smiling like the guy is actually right in front of me and it's so easy to get gems not like the other otome games I played
The special choices/outfits are ridiculously expensive. Even with the pre-registration reward, I'd have to use real money just to buy one of them. Disappointing.