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Story of Redflower

Story of Redflower for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by The Endless Hills located at Russia, Saint Petersburg. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence, Rare Scary Situations) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
its good and all but, i only got like two minutes in then it ended, please and i mean please im beging you to make it longer!!!! but in all its a good game
Same problem as a few other people. Played message of the stars, open this app, and kicks me off. I really enjoyed message of the stars though. But please fix this game, I don't even know why I am installing this.
Really nice and sweet story although make it a bit longer? it took me 1 minute to finish it but it was sweet.
Honestly, I wish I could really write a good review about this, the art looks great in the photos, but I can't even open the app! It just says something really quickly (I can't read it, it goes to fast) and then closes. That's all I can really say about it.
I loved the concept, like Message of the Stars, but this one simply won't open at all. I wish I could play it, the graphics are lovely from the pictures, but I unfortunately cannot. I've tried restarting my phone and re-installing the game, but it still won't work. Is there a way to fix this at all...?
I used to have this app on a past device of mine, and it was super good! Sadly, though, I've downloaded it on my new device and now I am unable to play due to being kicked out when I try to open the app. It's a pretty great app other than that!
My exprement with this is the same as the others it keeps kicking me off! It look really fun and interesting but I can't play with it. I hope you get this fixed.
WAY to short but I also loved it!Please please make these games longer because it's pretty boring, and add a twist maybe? I think it's too short and bland
This game was very fun, but very short unlike message of the stars. I would like for endless hills to make more gamed like this one but longer and with more endings.
It keeps kicking me out of the game and it is not pleasant so plz fix it and if u paid attention to my review Thank you I really appreciate it because usually people do not fix the game and leave it not working and if ur reading this Have a great day or night thank u again
I played the game once. I liked it. But now, when I try to enter the game, it kicks me out. Please, fix this!
I think this game would be amazing if I could actually play it, like other people it kicks me out when I open the game. PLEASE fix this I'm really excited to play it!!!
I love it!!! I think you should do one of Fire star. Blue star. Bramble claw.Squirrel flight. Leaf pool. And ash fur.
This game is WAY too short. I really liked it for the like 2 minutes that it took to complete it, and then it was over and it was boring anyway. However if they were to make this game longer I would love it.
Oh my god nooo, the reviews are righttt.. I realy liked message of stars,as im a warriors fan,but uh.. Fix tbiss!!s!!s hcehjwbwedwh-- It does the endless hills intro,and bam. Kick outtttt!! Fix pls. This looked like a pretty nice game tbh..
I LOVE THIS APP!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE MAKE MORE GAMES!!!!(also the haters arent warriors fans)<3 love your games keep up the good work
Good gameplay and story. The art is also very talented. Overall a good game, but I wish there were more to it.
I can't get into the game at all I tried to get this game last year and the same thing happened, I couldn't get in I liked the last game and I would love to play this one but you need to fix this bug!
I tried playing it and I got the common glitch. It kicks me off at endless hills. I played message from the stars and it's was great! I gave this game two stars because I know if I could play the game would be awesome!
It looked interesting and fun to play but as many people say it just kicks you out of the game the moment you open it! I don't know if it's a scam or just a bug. I had the previous game the creators made and I loved to play it and now this just ended up to be a disappointintment! I also downloaded this game many months ago but the same thing keeps happening! It's quite disappointing.
I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!!! Please make more! And have them be just a teensy weensy bit longer? Besides that, OMG I LOVE IT ALL! Please make more! I love you!
It won't open for me! Please, devs do something about this because I loved message of the stars and I want to play this game... Enough people have complained! I really like the look of the screenshots but it just shows endless hills for a second and then closes... PLEASE FIX!!!!!
hey... so I played it but... I like it, it was SHORT though. your other game was better. but... I would really like it if you made a story that included getting a mate, or becoming deputy, or going into exile... so there's some ideas for ya!
I love warrior cats, but it was sad that it didn't let alote of people in. Please do something, I think if this bug was fixed everybody would love the game.
Probably a good game, but when I open the game it quickly flashes "The Endless Hills" then crashes. Haven't been able to play the game πŸ˜₯. Please fix this.
OMG! I NEVER SAW SOMETJING SO GODD! The problem was it's short, so there's not much to choose from. But still a 5 stars! Keep going and stay pawsome!
im going to give this game 4 stars because it was so short but it was very fun i hope u continue making more games like this
It is a good game, but please make a longer one. It is fun and I like the options that u can make. It is kind of like life.
I LOVED IT!! KEEP MAKING GAMES!!! :) I played message of the stars, and I have now found the other endings, thank you for your advice. Keep up the good work! One more thing: in the next game, could you name your apprentice? I know the leader is supposed to do that, but I thought that might be fun. Also incredibly excited for the sequal to message of the stars! Any idea when that might come out?
nowhere near the greatness of message of the stars. to short and the dialog just doesn't work that well.
It looks like a great game but every time I click on it it kicks me out I loved message of the stars and would love to play this game to so please fix that issue
So I see that the game is still unplayable. I really want to play this game since I have played Message Of Stars and absolutely loved it. Please fix this so your game can be played because I know from looking at other reviews, I'm not the only one having this problem.
It won't open. I installed it but it won't let me enter the app. I've played Message Of Stars and enjoyed it, and I'd love to play this one. I'm sure I would give it better ratings, but I can't even enter the app :/
I hate this I am deleting this I can't even get into it once it goes into the endless hills page it kicks me off! Please fix this
I would Like the game if it stops kicking me off!! It is a pain....i watch vidoes for trailers and it is short. Fix the kick off flitch and make it a bit more longer, it is 1/5 the art is good, I had too many games and got arid of the ones i don't play anymore or not oftenly and i hate alot, it did not work, fix the bugs, Thank you! -aviationbuff of 2020
even shorter than the other XD it's very cute and at the right moments it made me excited maybe the next game will be longer but I still enjoy these and will play the next.
this is the best game ever!!! please make more!! These games are really interesting and you never know what might happen next! It's all a surprise!!
I've have encountered an issue that seems to be common, the game kicks me out whenever I try to play so I haven't experienced the app fully but I'm sure it's great.
It's really short but I did enjoy it! If u have a few minutes to spare and get bored easily it's a good game. I'd like it more if it were longer, too many time transitions too. Over all it's ok, not the best game in the world, and then again I might have just had short gameplay cuz I'm really kind and didn't snap or be rude ever. I liked it and like I said, good time killer if u only have a few minutes to kill
Well this look really EPIC and FUN game but I don't understand why it keeps kicking me out so if you could fix that issue that would be great because I really want to try this game out it look REALLY fun :3 so please can you fix that? Thank you!
There are too many glitches and when u want to play it and u press the app it glitches out of the game!!!!! πŸ€”πŸ’’β˜ΉοΈ
This looks like a really fun game! But theres a problem and I bet you already know what it is. I have the same problem with others, it keeps kicking me out. I completed Message Of The Stars and got every ending, so I wantes to play this and yeah. Wish it would actually work, if it did I probably would love this game!
it's super short! she goes to hunt and sees some cats! that's practically it! I wish people would stop getting these games and wasting there space. at least update it so it's longer. your amazing dj, mad beats😎
it look really great, but when I download it the app wouldn't open. I was really sad because it looked really fun. please fix this.
Pls Pls PLS PLS PLS PLS fix this game it kicks me out at endless hills and i relly wanna play it i played mesege of the stars and its THE BEST GAME EVER pritty pls fix this and pls make more games like messge of the stars Example: messge of stars 2! Or blue stars back story or have a game where we make the story and we can controle what the cats say and what they do and we can customize our cat and the other cats and there names now THAT will be awsome if you do it! Pls make one like that thx!
It was a great story.... But I agree with the other comments. It's short I finished it in a minute so... But I love these novels! Oooo and you guys should do one about shyfeather, a white she cat with blue eyes, and make her story! Before she came to the clans, she was a loner and met a clan cat (which became her mate) after her parents went missing. She had kits and then became med cat because of her connection with starclan. But yeah, make more of these!!! They're great!!πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€
I dowlanded it , Ignoring the 1-star-ratings . Now I understand. Nobody can enter the game . When I enter , it crashes in 3 secconds , not being able to play it . Tried re-installing it . No , didn't work . The pictures seemed to be lovely , but can't say the same thing for the game . Is there a way to fix this ? Please respond soon , I really want to play it .
thete is a slight issue where it refuses to open the app you should attempt to fix this bug as it would please fans m
The game won't let me open it. What I mean it I click on it and it says endless something or another then it closes the app. If anyone knows what's wrong please tell me. It could be a really cool game but how would I know?
I love the way it looks and all but when i try to open the app in crashes on me and wont open. It looks like a great game and I really wanna play it, mostly because I played Message of Stars and it was awesome (could be a bit longer though) so I hope you fix this because it looks awesome and I really wanna play it. I would rate it more stars if I could, but I can't even play the game. Pls fix this soon.
Love you games but make more and make them longer this one was shorter then the last and i want more and i was excited to see what happend next after redflower licked her cheack..
It is kind of short but lovable either way. Keep up with the good work! Waiting for the next story!!!!
a little to short, now if this was a series kinnda game then this was great. Good story just, too short.
It looks like a realy fun game but each time I try to play it kicks me out please fix it I love message or stars and this looks just as fun!
It Is Terrible!!! I had the worst experiance ever, When i opened the app up it instatly kicked me out! Terrible app, i dont even think it desevers a one star... It desevers a zero star!!!
doesn't even open. it only gets to the screen that shows the dev. and it closes. :/ kinda disappointed
I can't even open it. I love Message of Stars but this one won't open. I wish it could, but maybe the update that you did last affected some devices differently. I have a Samsung Galaxy S10+, so maybe at affected Galaxies and not other phones..? Check that.
oh. my. lord. thank you so very much for making this game! now I did give u five stars, but it would be so great if they were longer! I literally gasped when it said the end. whew, such a good game.
I can't even enter the game. I didn't have a problem like this with Message of Stars. I'm going to uninstall and try again, tho.
Dont bother, i couldnt even open the app and based on other reviews this is common. Would have been a 3 star review anyway because i expected a super short story like the other one.
I do absolutely love your warrior games and believe you should make more, but you also need to make it longer, it is WAY to short and you should make so we can train the apprentice more, so we can see how they grow. You should also make one game with a bunch of warrior cat choose your path game all in one, although it will take a lot of code! It would get lots of downloads!
I seen to get kicked out the game after it says 'Endless hills' and it looks like the same thing happened to multiple other people. I have messege of the stars and loved it. I thought this would be the same but as a you know, a warrior. I have tried deleting and reinstalling the game and now it just doesn't let's me download it at all.
Hey! Why can't I play? I really want to, but this won'y even open! I'l rate this 2 stars for a chance, but if you don't fix it by this year I might not play it anymore! Please do fix it, it looks fun to play!
I love both of the games you have made but it would be even cooler if we could make our own cats and name them ourselves. That would be Cool! -Thank you if you do make another game just like this I would be so happy. 😊
hey if your reading this creator please add more things its pretty boring with only this but i love the game so far so if ypur reading thiscreator id. love for your to add more endings, features and other cool stuff like that i would love you to do that for the game so please id you see this add this to the game and thank you!!!
Loved the Game πŸ’œ ^w^ People KEEP Saying that it's too short, but I know that making things like that takes much time and effort So I really appreciate it. (α΅”α΄₯α΅”) I hope that you will make something Longer One Day <3 Keep up the great work! Greetings πŸ’œ Vaporeoncia13 ~
this thing is terrible and i can't even get into it so don't even try it's just a waste of time 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😑😑😑😑
I played the other one and it was good. No glitches just perfectness. This one won't even let me play
I personally love this game and think it's one of the best it has been working until I updated it. Now because I updated it it won't let me in the game. I wish you could fix my problem but idk if you can. Anyways it would be a great game if I could play. 😒😁✌
it was good with the story and all but it was much to short. you should make more thought just needs improvement on the amount of choices you have and storytelling.
It had really good art, but there wasn't much gameplay. It only lasted 2-5 minutes, because all that happened was that you got an apprentice, then got into a fight. After that you go home and it's the end of the game. I still give it 3 stars, though, because of the art.
I know it must be hard to make a game/app and I completely understand that, but it kicks me out before I even try the game! I know the game is good by the art. But tbh its annoying to be kicked out before you even see the main menu, take your time. But please fix this I would love to play this but I cant. Thank you for reading.
I love this game! But, it's pretty short. I'd love if you updated a new scene onto it or something like that! Over all, great game!
Evertime I tried to even open the game, it would crash. I tried everything I could think of to fix this, but it just kept crashing. I am sure it is a problem with the app.
Not suggested, as I read in the other reviews that there was a bug where it just opens and then closes. Thought I would give it a try, but nope. Didn't work. Please fix this I am majorly disappointed. I love warrior cars and I would like to see more warrior cat choose your own adventure games like I think the name was Message from the stars.
It has potential to be a great game. I just think it's a little bit too short. Make it longer maybe? Thank you. I agree this game had been getting A LOT of criticism =( but I'm just recommending what you can do to make it better =)
App won't even open. I read Message of Stars and really enjoyed it, but when I downloaded this, it doesn't open. Is this happening with anyone else? I can't really rate it until I can actually play it, you know?
Great game! But in the future, I suggest makeing them longer, I flew threw 2 story's in a few minutes
Sadly i get kicked everytime i try to play it like lots of other people. I played Message Of Stars though, that was awesome :3
I think the story should be a little longer because I finished in like not even a minute so pls can u make the story longer but other than that I loved itπŸ˜πŸ˜†
I'm glad to see they re drew the characters, the game looks a lot more smooth than(I think, last year?) I just wish there were more endings or games like this
I liked the over all story but it is way to short it would have good to add some More to the over all story line
it's an absolutely wonderful game, i loved the art and the dialogue. but i agree with everybody else, it's much too short and is over too soon. even taking the different paths took no time at all. i just wish there was more.
much like your other games. bad art and too many ads. Way too short. It's just one short battle and the games over.
This was an amzing game and im glad theres a warrior cats game for phone i wish there where more and to all the people who say it sucks and wont let me play thats something wrong with yoir phone not the game also thus game dose not suck its amazing
Once again the story was really short and no matter what the frig I did it was always short. You COULD have made it nice and long and interesting but NO. Next time PLEASE make it longer and more interesting.... Otherwise waste of time and done in five minutes.
full of adventure! this gives a great look of Red flower's life! but we need a game where we can be our own cat, if that isn't too much.
I played message of the stars and it was so good the i decided to play this game when i clicked on it i just saw endless hills and thats it i just got kicked out of the game, Please fix this bug
I'm seeing some problems when it says endless hills it goes back to my home screen but I gave it 3 stars because I might be a good game if I could play it
I'm sure that this is a great game but it wouldn't even start. When i open it, it just automatically closes.
Well for me and a bunch more other people the game just kicks me off sooo I haven't played it i did play message of stars, loved it ;), but ofc it might be my device or something but either way it's not working so only one star...ofc if you fix this I may love to put 5 stars PLS FIX THIS
I loved this game, but it feels as though your games cut a little short. If they would be a bit longer, (I timed my playing and it was 2min 29sec) that'd be a solid 5 stars! Otherwise, the game could've used some more endings and that'd be good.
I was exited to try this game, because I played Message of the Stars and really liked it. But it doesn't want to open. I uninstalled it and reinstalled it, but it still didn't work, pls fix!
Don't get me wrong, I LOVE warrior cats and when I found this I was so excited! I played Message of The Stars, I think that's what it's called but I finished it within an hour and I want another game like it but the game just won't open. It seems like it would be a great game, if it would open. I've tried everything to get to work but it still won't work. I might try reinstalling it in the future but I doubt it. Anyways, please work on that. Bye!
I really liked this game! I didn't give it 5 stars for the fact that it had so much more potential and ended shortly (at least from my experience and if there was more powers tell me). Over all it was an amazing game!
It had great potential but there's nothing really to it, it's just so short and we don't even decide the ending just out if nowhere they say "I love you" to Greyfur.
I can't play. When I enter the game,it crashes. I tried again,and again but it doesn't work. Please,make it work.
I hate this app it won't even let me play it every time I try to play it it kicks me off so I don't even have any information on it "the 2020 me" You guys need to improve the app it just kicks you off when you join I'm trying to download it again I thought you might have fixed it but it doesn't work
I didn't get to play this game because right after I try to play, it automatically shuts off! Please fix this I love message of stars, I'm DYING to play this game!
I love this story especially when Redflower proposed to grayfur so romantic ;) XD no really it's good to all the haters that hate this...U SHOULD RE THINK UR LIFE NUBS.so dont write rude comments that's how it feels to be called names haters. take care and make more stories like this one :)
Make a story about blindedeye a she cat who was blinded because of scourge oh and scourge was her father her mother was demon heart and her mate was bloodeye a handsome tom they had kits blindkit demonkit and bloodkitalso another tom was in love with her his name was fangedeye he was mad and tryed to kill bloodeye and then fangedeye killed blood eye and he threatened to kill bloodeye kits and the pedants died
This game seemed like fun and interesting so I downloaded it and to my surprise I could not play as it would kick me off after the screen showed 'The Endless Hills' this was console I tried the app on other devices and it still wouldn't open. Please fix this problem.
I seen to get kicked out the game after it says 'Endless hills' and it looks like the same thing happened to multiple other people. I have messege of the stars and loved it. I thought this would be the same but as a you know, a warrior. But none of us warriors fans can discover what will happen until the problem is fixed. I hope what I said helped and I wish you all a great time.
Can I need play I didn't not try this game play I like it but it's have cutely warrior but it's this game was warriors cat i am wos like so much playing I like do not be 1 star BC that's always hated your need 5 stars to like him play this try the game if u hated 1 star Me I got be like 5 star with no hate Fix this game I wanna play this game of story of redflower that's cat cute face and tail or eyes and anything more than cute fix pls the game that's so very good game Nice, cool game much :)
It's a cool concept , but game play is way to short . Finished this in 2 minutes , I'd love to see a longer version :D
I installed this game and guess what happened, I crashed for no reason. I don't know if it's the problem that my phone version can't install this game but I just wanna play some if these warrior cat games, I would appreciate if you could fix it, if not, then no five stars.
I played the last game (Message of the Stars) and I quite enjoyed it. So, once I found all five endings and unlocked ALL of the achievements, I searched for more. I found this game. I installed it, then clicked to play and guess what happened! It just randomly popped up for half a second and then just dissapeared. The app was still open, but every time I clicked on it it vanished. Is this game just not compatible with my device?
Hey, just a question at this point. Did the creators just, abandon this game? Because most of their reviews are complaints about the same exact bug, being kicked out after the company name is shown. I'm getting the same bug and have been for a while (AKA several YEARS.) When I first found this game it was a few years ago and I wasn't able to play it then, at first it was only an issue for Android devices but now it's spread to everything. It's honestly just disappointing.
As I read the comments, I noticed a few people were a bit harsh, and this game really isnt bad. You know when your bored and download a game for an hour or something? Its kind of like that. I wont criticize because I know how hard developing games like these is, especially since these are hand drawn, most games are CGI and pros are hired, but this is nice, simple, and comfortablely rough feeling. This game is good and would deserve 5 stars if it was longer.
As many people say, as soon as i open the game it just kicks me out! I am hoping this can one day be fixed.
Again, I remember having this game when I was younger. I was sad when it ended, but, it made little me happy.
I'm so sorry. I downloaded this on my old phone and it worked but now, on my new phone it won't work. I can't rate it until I can play it. It opens and then closes within 1 second. Please fix it and I will play it and rate it AGAIN. Again so sorry. Please fix if possible.
When I try to get on it it just kicks me out and puts me back at home. Maybe it's just my device. If it works on the next device I try it on, I'll fix my review. Edit: I downloaded it on my laptop, as it wasn't working on my tablet, and it STILL would not work. This was before I read the reviews, so I didn't know it was a game-wide thing. This seems like it's a really cool game, and I want to play it. But I can't. Please fix this.jjj
I really loved message of the stars but this one i really want to play it but all it does it say Endless Hills and turns off please fix your game. PS I love you're games
This is a great game. Yet another warrior success. The graphics could be a bit better though. And even though you make different choices and lead different lives Redflower always wins in the end. That is the kind of great story I like. I just wish these stories were longer.πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜‰πŸ˜πŸ˜€πŸ€—πŸ±πŸˆπŸΊπŸ…πŸ†πŸŒ·πŸŒ³
I think the game is so short, you can make only three choices in the game and the story is pointless. I feel like the game has potential to be a good game, but the story is to short. I recommend trying to extended the length of the game.
This game is really fun but I also think it should be waaaay longer because it's short. I really enjoyed playing it and you should make more. After playing it a crave more and I already played your other Warriors visual novel. I uninstalled it after I played it once but I'm reinstalling it now to play it again. Definitely five stars. Thanks for the great game!
I think you know what I'm going to say every time I try to open the app it kicks me out I don't know why does that maybe because of extreme lag or anything like that and I know you've probably gotten a lot of complaints but I believe this would be an extremely good game from your previous game, message of the Stars, but I can't even get into the game I'm sorry to bother you but it really is that bad I'm not hating at all I'm sure it's an amazing game this just needs to be fixed as soon as possib
This was amazing 🐱❀️ It may of been short but most people dont know how long it takes to make this stuff. I have a friend who does something similar to this. I think you did a great job. I hope for more in the future. Keep up the great work.πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘πŸ˜Έ ~Alpha