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Stormfall: Rise of Balur

Stormfall: Rise of Balur for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by Plarium Global Ltd located at Hamanofim ,1 Hertzliya, Israel, 46725. The game is suitable for Everyone 10+ (Fantasy Violence) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
No problems with the loading or the game itself. If you don't want to pay you have to learn patience which leads to learning all the small and very clever options within the game. Really we developed, well done.
Haven't been able to log in for over a month now. Hoped the new update would help, it didn't. Support is a waste of time, nobody's listening. Been playing this game for years now, probably time to move on, shame. V.2.03.3 is the update I tried. Didn't work. Gets to the "attempting to catch dragons "on the load screen and says can't load content. Sorry cant remember which server I'm on. Character name is Urabus Tarb (lvl 84).
Enjoyed the game early on. I have played for years. But now it gets many bugs with each update and it has come to light the game moderators are players. A lot of cheating has come to the surface. When addressed they tell you they are sorry you feel this way and to befriend the ones cheating to see how to play the game. The game is not that desirable anymore. Until they figure this out. I will look elsewhere.
Wish I never made a platrium ID now I can't login with google play account which I put it in that platrium ID what a big disappointment to my league and the support box dosen't help if I reset password nothing happens dumb developers hope you learn more coding and programming
Poor customer support. Have played the game for several years and never rated it til now as I just got on with the game despite some flaws. However my latest is reporting a bug where I didn't receive troops from BGs and the response was I need a new strategy. However a couple of weeks later it was sorted so come on guys, admit when you have issues and compensate where necessary as people pay a lot of money into this game. I rest my case,,, the response says it all,,, be warned if spending Money!
Recently I purchased a bunch of Sapphires to update my Spirit Wardens to a 100% discount training time. I didn't get the 100% discount training time yet. I chatted with the support team and they said "We have analyzed the issue and don't see anything wrong." Don't spend any money on purchases of anything they won't honor the purchases you made.
A very very slow game. Takes forever to take just one action or one click. Vastly improve the game's performance and I may consider downloading it again.
***Warning to everyone who may be interested in this game*** Highly disappointed During the tutorial I did my first raid. Come to find out there is actually NO LIVE BATTLE. The pictures of this game lie and paint a completely different picture of what playing this game is like. Uninstalled! Reply to developer: It came out very clear why I didn't like this game in my review, did it not? Almost rhetorical to ask, don't you think?
Good game, better version than the one on Facebook, in my honest opinion. Laggy as hell though, can't play as much in one go, due to the sheer number of times I have to restart the game because of "No connection, check your internet" . And no, it's not my internet, everything on my PC that requires a good connection works just fine.
this is ridiculous. you cant fix the issue of logging in correctly yet all you want is money from the players. wow. after 4 years i am through and done with all of your BS. every response from the damn developer is always the same generated generic response. do not download this game stay the hell away from it and all Plarium products
This latest version from plarium ... Why I lost my whole profile castle and game. I have spent alot of money and time on this game.. And to start over now I really want to walk away from this game and start a class action lawsuit against plarium for whatever it is worth . And trust me I have people from all over the world from all walks of life that WILL STAND UP AND BE HEARD. Like I said im in this for the long haul plarium and I will be compensated along with the rest of the players of stormfall rise of balur. MR REGGIE JACKSON
VERY POOR support. Trying to reset my password from an old account that I played last year last time. And DON'T buy anything with real money, you just waste them. It's all about to give them money, no interest at all for players and their experience.
The game is only interested in your money and does everything to force you into spending money. You can not advance in this game past a certain level unless you have money to buy what is needed. Tournaments where you can win items you need to advance are set so hard or targets set so high that you hardly gain anything.
How can I play the game on my phone if the tablet where I was playing is gone ? I downloaded it form the same Google account but nothing happens :( can anyone check this ? I can see here my card account with all cash transaction but the game is not loaded like on tablet :( what can I do please help
it's a highly addictive game, however if you want to do well you have to spend loads. Also been ripped off a couple of times where they take your money but do not deliver the purchased product's. The more you spend the more expensive it gets. a bit like a loyalty card in reverse. the more loyal to the game you are prices go higher for the same products because plarium are only out to take your money. it's actually illegal in many country's the way they do business!!!
This game many a year ago. Used to be very fun and very rewarding. over the past few years both the origional developers and new owners. stripped all that away, so its only. A truly pay only for no fun and no rewards game. over these two to three years. many a big, medium spenders and none. have fled from this game. I have posted a requested view of this game. Very similar to this one, It wasn't welcomed by the new owners. Whom had it removed, that says a lot as well.
Allowing a Coalition to be called the ku klux klan is outrageously absurd. I have contacted support in game and through email. They won't do anything about it. It has been 50 days since I reported it. I will up the count everyday so people can see how long it takes support to take action. DON'T PLAY THIS GAME THAT SUPPORTS WHITE SUPREMACY!!!! They even write back to this post, give me instructions to get back to them and nothing happens. They tell me to send them the ticket and nothing happens
An actual good game, well thought out and good gameplay, except for a sizable setback. I play on a mobile device, and the load up is hit or miss. I don't know if it's an over complication of the system, or just a mobile issue( which I seriously doubt). Needs work on the interface though.
I invested several years playing this game. I really enjoyed it, and actually paid to play over time. Now, my years of investment have been deleted, and not a single reply from tech support has been given. Absolutely unacceptable! Not only did I invest time, but there was a considerable amount of $ spent over the years. (Edit) My game has been restored to where I had left off. I never heard anything from their technical support personally, but they did get everything working properly again.
Hi there, first of all I like this game. However, there is one issue that I cannot understand - the new beta chat bot. How on earth am I supposed to create a ticket in order to receive reply from an actual human not the useless bot?
Played for a few years and like many parts of the game. The customer service, however, is poor. Currently the ticket I entered in-game was deleted without contacting me. When I opened a follow-up ticket to complain the original one returned within a day. Now, about six weeks later, there has been ZERO response by the company despite my continuing ticket update. Beyond frustrating!
I would say the game is OK you can customize and build your town its a bit over the top it is not like advertised if I could improve it I would say to create PvP battles like Lord mobile when you raid others
You even get attacked when you are under novice protection. Atleast you should get a warning that you can get attacked even having your novice shield. The game should openly say it or remove the shield off. I had just started playing but was surprised to see a raid on the second day itself. Lost defenses which I was begining to build. Not quite balanced for newbies. Looks like you need to pay just to even survive in the game for the first few days.
Good game very addictive, yes they have in game purchases if that is your play style. The mechanics and graphics are really good and if you find a good league it can make the time go by faster. If it wasn't for lack of individuals talking to each other I would have given the game a five star. Ex laughter, drama, anger, choices in food, and difference of opinions.
I enjoy the overall gameplay, however the expense of certain items is a bit of a buzzkill. Well put together.
i like thisgame its beautifull graphics and no ads thank you for developer ^_^.....hi i play this few months i enjoyed the game its veryy great :-)
Best strat game on the planet graphics are brilliant ya got on line chat page's when ya in a leauge people playing from all over the world its a thinkers game i rate this game 10 out of 10
I loved this game, thought it was the best ever, but after the last big update I'm still having issues. I had to re-install, but now I am continually having to re-login. It's really messed up with big time lags and freezing. I had gotten so I dreaded every update because of the glitches that followed, but I couldn't even enter the game for over a week after the last one. I'm not the only one in my league experiencing this and it's ruining our stats.
I don' t get it. 've been playing the game for a couple of days (maybe a week), got my castle to lvl 50, but I don't see a reasonable continuation. All my neighbors ar inactive, but there's no reason to farm them, because my storage is always full. To update your storage room, you have to update your Keep and for that you need to update farms, mines, houses (resource producers). But why would you update resource producers when the excess in resources was the problem to begin with?!
The latest update has had the effect of grinding all but most basic functions to a halt, poor show - updates should be tested before upload - bugs should not be ironed out in real play, a year further on and the wheels are coming off the machine, ever so slow followed by ejection from the game, why why why
The app always giving problem every single day. Me and my family members play this game on different mobiles, Samsung, Oppo, Apple and Huawei. All devices faces problem. Lagging. Sometimes we open the app, we are not in our league when actually we are but the app was lagging so it didn't load. We had to close the app and reopen again. Freaking annoying. Another issue is for me and my brother, who uses Oppo, the app is not in full screen even after selecting all the necessary options. PFFT.
In opinion I would like to see more of the battle that we either attack or receive from other players during PVP
Edit, says update required but there is no update. Unplayable again!. Edit- I have upgraded to the latest version. 2 weeks ago! Guess what? Still unplayable with constant logins required. Update 09/10/2019. After update I take one in game action and guess what! Login required! This is officially ridiculous. About 6 weeks ago you guys broke something. Edit 9/18/19 - reinstalled twice, still requires re-login. Out of 8 attempts to connect per day on average it connects me once, maybe twice.
The last update killed the game. I played for 3 years. Even spent money from time to time. But the last update made all efforts put in this game wasted. Fortresses and beacons are useless now. If u are a rich coiner go ahead and stuff your money in greedy plariums throat but all middle class players will soon turn away from this dying game. This game used to be awesome. Now it is just a shadow of once awesome times with awesome players from all over the world. Shame on you Plarium!
Game support is non existent if you have a problem. You don't have to spent money to play, but if you don't, advancing in the game is painfully slow.
fun game! but nothing like the screenshots advertised.. no fight scenes at all. just send troops and get battle reports. almost seems like false advertisment to advertise something your game "will possibly have featured in the future" .. its stricktly simulation. also, i made a complaint 2 weeks ago about a glitch and your staff still hasnt responded. .
The last several updates have been causing all kinds of problems for the past 4 months. You spend money in the game and the you can't even log into your account for days or even weeks. The updates are getting worse, more and more people continuing to have trouble. The August update took almost 6 weeks to get corrected to be able to log on correctly, this one is several days in. This used to be a great game, but is well beyond its peak. Very frustrating, a lot of time and money has been spent!
Forced updates ALWAYS cause additional problems. Plarium's response "have you installed latest update" of course that is why I have additional problems. Plarium provides more excuses to the cause without resolution than your local politician. Here we are again 17JUL20, another force update and more problems. With all the money this game makes. You would think they could at least alleviate all the problems, before forcing them on to the players. It seems that is to much to ask for, good day.
Game very enjoyable Your service rubbish Can see by decline of numbers of players. My main account still not addressed. Dont give me answer after a thorough investigation (Bahaha) you came to a conclusion. What conclusion? This is months know. You close tickets where it still should be open. Sad. Not even humans addressing issues. If there was 0 stars for service it would have been 5 to many Wyn!!!
Great Game, but 4 stars because o cost of items, AND interruptions caused by ads wanting the user to purchase additional features or troops..
Sadly, free to play and pay to win. The packages are highly priced ($19.99, $24.99, $49.99 and $99.99). Too much Greed. It would be an amazing game and fun but the excessive greed takes the enjoyment out of the game. Also, the game forces players to login by penalizing leagues and players who have lives. Playing casually is a personal choice but Plarium doesn't penalize the thousands of inactive non league players. I truly would be impressed if they would stop the obvious greed practices.
I love this game but can you bring back the old loyalty daily rewards I miss getting a 1000 diamonds so I can get my stuff upgraded
Platinum always seems to have an excuse for everything. Game has issues yet it must be your device, hmm. Still with the updates and plarium adding more ingame rewards they are taking away other parts no one is paying attention too. In game play is still buy to win or advance with upgrades, if you don't make purchases you are at a dead stand still which is not even close to actual game play, more ways to win rewards does not over weigh the items you took away, so plarium still struggles....
I waited and waited for the stupid thing to load. But it never loaded !. If there was a way to give 0 stars then i would've done it.
The game is good. The service shocking, I've been battling for a week to get your assistance because my battle ground is not resetting every day? I just get auto response. You have the odasity to charge premium rates but can't fix issues. It could be such an awesome game but my queries takes about minimum a week, the losses I take - well u don't worry, Don't give me 1 of your petty full responses and reimburse me for my losses. They answer you in some sort of Language which no can understand.
I started this game 5 years ago. I have made many friends whom I love dearly and many enemies who I have enjoyed countless battles. We have laughed cried and made many memories . We fought together built together . Now it's sad to see it end . The latest update killed the last playable aspect which was fort battle. It is now possible to send over 1.5 billion offense and new updates cost over 7 thousand dollars to obtain. It has been filled with unbalanced chaos and greed . The developers pay no attention to the players words an every update shows it . It's sad to see so many of my friends quit the game after this update. It's sad to see this game die .
Update: The game and team play can be great but last year this was the MOST frustrating game you'll ever play because of the bugs. It was locking hourly, and you used to need to reboot if you don't stay on. Plarium did a lot of improvements and it's rare to see a bug now. Makes me, and many others a happy bunch now! Update Oct 2020. I'm back again at a point of major frustration. Hitting buttons 20's of times to get an action? ZERO interest. Don't waste your money.
I've spent over than €300 in a year of stormfall. I'm a total domination veteran, since 2013 and from 2017 I've played years TDR. I've also played soldiers inc for 4 months and spent €100 on it, so i have some experience with your game...I wish you will understand my points. The soldiers inc's bunker limit, the not visible army in hero squad in tdr, the too high level BG in stormfall are big problems. With a (1000%) bigger bunker soldiers inc it's awesome, stormfall now it's the better.
This game is very intereating and amazing but, In this game higher level players attack on small level players castle. So I request you to update game and restart game. So many players can play game and enjoy game.
This used to be a really fun game a couple of years ago and even last year but I'm going to be honest with you with all these updates and stuff they've done it's boring as hell it's laggy as hell the upload and download is just so deterring like I was literally just on the game and it's taking forever to get something to load correctly and I got a high dollar to phone so I know it ain't my phone and it's just it's boring the content is boring the concept of the game is boring
They let higher level players destroy those just beginning. don't start a league you can't get people in a small league. they have what could be a good game if they were to play it themselves from the begining and didn't use their discount to upgrade. a freind is pretty far along and he thinks they have gone insane. it is kind of fun if you only had fair fights to deal with. they have just updated the game and now i cannot do hardly snything
I'd give it a 5 star if I was able to buy the in game items. The game won't let me purchase those for some reason and a message saying error always appears.
Be nice if they would quit pushing their sales items in the middle of doing an action while playing the game. Also the same when you log on, sales before you can play. ANNOYING!!! the devs say it is up to us,but why do they interrupt our game play with ads? I'll be in the middle of doing an action and I get interrupted by an ad.
Came back for nostalgia, i remember when this first came out, played it so much. Left after some problems with game, years later i return, same problems still there XD but it was nice, surprised its still going strong, good on them.