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Stormblades for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by Kiloo located at Kiloo BΓΌlowsgade 68 8000 Aarhus C. The game is suitable for Rated for 7+ (Mild Violence) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This game is very very good graphics are good but if there is some more control like we can jump we can hide etc. The it will be the best game ever I like this game please make more games like this thanks for making this game
Good game but the developers should add some more dynamic moves in the game this is what I am looking for
Of course this game is very nice and brilliant because of its graphics and tactics and i like it and i feel like playing maybe "GOD OF WAR" or "GOD HAND". That's why I have given it 4 xtarz
Everything is amazing aprtndeom dodge When I spam attack and then I need to dodge the dodge doesn't work so could u fix it
I really hate to give one star ratings but this games needs. Sorry for bad rating but all I thought is it's a great game but... I don't kinda like it though. And I will just tell you that in this game you're not the one will controls the movement of your character he will just move towards the enemy and you need to swipe and kill it.
I like this game but it is just running and no other things like you can control your character but the game is very good
that was amazing game,I love it so the game was look like real game and the best best graphic and the one most best thing is that was offline game😯😯😯
I wasnt expecting that it's so quick and smooth and the graphics and sounds are outstanding not the normal experience from a game like this it's a completely different feel and game play slash your way threw these big beast
One of the coolest games but I don't like the fact that we are not doing the running I'm suggesting it will be more fun
I'm getting hook on how the game work but sadly double tapping is a total sht and it ruins the fun. The hero response is quite slow and when double tapping the hero attacks and it needs to tap a hundred times just to dodge. I also tried to just avoid all the time and the hero still attacks. From fun to annoying real quick. I hope you can fix this or atleast add a separate button for dodging.
The game keeps automatically shutting down after a couple of minutes of playing pliz fix this but game is fine keep it up
Really the best game i have ever played, graphics are really cool, this game reminds me the god of war 3, but i give 4 stars to this coz there is not any story in the game if you make this game with a story. Then this game is gonna trend in the play store. Still the gamd is a fire rage crazyπŸ‘
Everything is good and fine but the same characters are repeating so please change it and add new character with new powers...But the game is very good......Thats why I gave 4 stars...
Nice game it has amazing graphics and controls are simple There are many different types of swords. I like the game
Like games that cheat you when you're winning? Look no further! The cheap tricks this game give you only makes you want to chuck your phone across the room and find someone to punch. Don't bother with this junk.
This is part of the most interesting game I've played and the weapons are incredible 🀩, so as the bosses, awesome graphics, good game for 105mb , it's great, great thanks to the developers πŸ˜‹
Not bad at all. Graphics are awesome.But not adventourous as it looks like. But i enjoy it.. and now i am going to find a new game for me..
Awesome. The graphics is top notch. The gameplay is good. The monster and weapons design are cool. I'm a huge fan of the game called "blood and glory" back then, which has a pretty close gameplay to this. Thanks devs 😁😁😍
This game is really amazing it is one of the best games ever I have played....its graphics are awesome....but same type of enemies comes again and again if this problem is fixed this game will be worth of 5 ratings πŸ˜ƒ
The game is cool but you have to work on the life abilities and control pattern and major how to boost scores.
I recognize that you're doing something cool and new with the swipe controls and there aren't a lot of unused degrees of freedom left for an elegant dodge. However, the double tap only works maybe 20-30% of the time. Much more often, I recognize the attack pattern I've committed to memory, see the punch or kick or whatever coming a mile away, pound on the screen to try to tell this guy to move out of the way, and watch him get socked anyway. It's extremely frustrating and ruins the game.
Surprised me, first thoughts were it's a slow easy game. Before level 6 this game became a challenging adventure. Give it 5 Starz for well rounded gaming experience
Very nice game and it's offline free. I have only one issue, there not enough sword to fight the difficult giants. Only minus swords. Pls fix this issue.
This game is best in all around RPG games. It gives me feels like devil may cry series on android.but i have a suggestion for you.that is please make a story,joystick to move and main menu with micro transactions. That,s it pls accept all this and your project will be hit.
Fun but eventually boring. The game is too repetitive and lacks a reason to play it. Try adding a story line and maybe some more action in the fights, maybe combos or powers or better sword power
I don't like the dodging pattern. I expected to see a button for the dodging. Tapping on the screen twice doesn't work well but every other thing is good. This is the first time I have ever rated a game. Hands up for you guys(the producers).
Good Game πŸ‘πŸ» The graphics is nice. It's challenging and easy to memorize the moves of enemies, so it's easy for me to beat them πŸ˜‰ But I think, there should be more characters (woman too) and suit for them
This is really fun i love but can you guys put i more monsters one that look different that would be cool and add like an undrrworld level place please add here love ur game
I will give this game 5 star if this is allow me to play as that fat character all villains are super coll but our character is so bad sorry but i don't want to win a game with trash character at least give some options to change into any character playing as monster is way more fun
I has been for years now that I'm playing ... It's a good game.. But it need more inprovement in the games levels...it is getting a bit boring , level are all the same & even the characters... I request for the hero new outfit n power.. Thank you 😊
Pretty good graphics if compared to the size. Loved it. But the touch controls need a little more tweaks. Look into "double tap to dodge", it needs a bit more work to be done.
Nice graphic, nice gameplay, huge choice of sword with a lot of ability. The bad side is, only provide story mission, cant change avatar, cant block. Most android offline game are much worse than online game, but this one is different, this game is better than most online game. This game deserve to get tittle best android game.
Perfect game in store... it involves a player in the game! This virtual-reality at its best. Keep creating games like this please. My J4 core is my stress releaser now.
Mind blowing game but. There are some who had habit to write bad and negative about of this game.so make it more better THANK U
Beautiful graphics, non stop action. Lots of patience needed in later level to earn enough to buy good weapons, great game.
It's a nice game with great graphics, but I hate that I can't really control the character myself, swiping and double tapping is the only thing you can do.
Concept is cool and I understand the hardwork that went into it.But it just doesn't do it for me.But the graphics are great and creative.I like the enemies and environments. But gameplay is everything and this just didn't do it for me.
Great game of low mb which is not common now a days and also a nice graphics and good gameplay, control is far better which makes the game almost perfect, please you improvement is needed but be careful of new updates,great game
What a boooooo game! The enemies are stronger and have power ups. But the player does not.The enemies are more favoured for. They have a hand power up and can spin and hit.I need more characters and blasts.Do you know that l enjoyed stick man's fights than this doom game.
The best offline games for me.Its control is easy and graphics are good than I though.I rate this because many of people who play this game say this games is worst.But for me it's not worst,I don't know why many people say this games is worst ...
Thanks for this game... only problem is the swords are some what too expensive and it would be better if it had a story line
A good little geem faste updated of very easy ones Bey one more time before the game is very nice and very interested and reward Aston . These geem to the Long label for very heard and The stone coins updated for Zombie wer
Oh, same devs as the Subway Surfer. Mastering the defense and attack combos is tricky, but once you did it, the game will be a lot easier. Graphics is nice, and it can be played offline. 4 stars because the double tap doesn't work properly. You need to tap it atleast 5 times to work. Very annoying.
Te game is fun, 5stars, yep✌cause the game is just fun as it is, but the problem is that you can't control the player with any analog stick, which is there is no analog stick, and the other is that the monsters, when your slaughtering them, blood doesn't come out, and there is no button, for slashing them, but thee swiping, up, down, left and rightπŸ‘Cul, but though I was expecting more, otherwise it's gun πŸ€—πŸ˜πŸ‘βœŒπŸ‘Œ
Its a good game. Action packed, skill based - none of that pay to win and idle bull$#!%. My only problem is the double tap. You have to double tap to dodge and in higher levels, thats some carpal tunnel level of dodging. Please put an option to dodge with an on screen button.
What why !!!!! When I am going to finish the boss ok leave that when I attack 10000 times but I can't finish the boss but if the boss does 1 attack only 1 attack I finished
For my own opinion, this game is a great time killer when you have no WiFi or data. As a old game, the graphics are okay and the controls is good except for the dodging part since you need to press more than twice for dodging(rather than 2 times). It maybe repetitive but lol is a mobile game, what do you expect
Game was good. Worked fine for a few days but suddenly from today i am unable to run the game it just starts and closes itself no matter how many times i try to run the game it closes automatically
This one is really fun to play. It would be nicer if the graphics is developed more and some features added like equipping armour and some new moves. Overall really good. And have potential.
This game is very nice. I appreciate the efforts of creators. The grafics, controls and gameplay are very good.
The game does give me a god of war vibe and it it very calm and relaxing as well as enjoyable but I could really wish the game gives u the ability to explore the world and raid dungeons and hunt mystical creatures instead of going in only one direction but overall the game is fantastic
Lovely game were was this game at all along .damb its nice the story telling its dope i want to know if the game settings can be greated cause the touch of the game some where its jump the action of the character
Considering deletion. And thats a shame. This is a fantastic approach to this game. But the setbacks are enough to make me want to delete if not addressed. But they are only a couple easy fixes. One, MAKE THE LADY ENEMY SLOW DOWN. She fires off her attacks way too fast and the window to attack her is only like a millisecond. And the armored boss with the huge sword. His blade is easy to counter, but his lightning foot and lightning attack are rapid fast and only millisecond to react.
Basically just a nice simplified, stream lined version of Infinity blade (if you remember that), with less story and a bit of a modernized approach to the game. Not ground breaking but mindless fun. As long as you don't take it too seriously, it's good.
Awesome amazing perfectly design for Adventure game Graphics and control is better and story line is good Please make some new games like this ....⚑⚑⚑
Fun and entertaining but a little too flexible? I made a lot of bad moves and didn't get punished hard enough for it. some movements need polishing, like attacking twice from the same direction, should be far less effective than a left, right, left combinations or up, down, up. C'mon the game has potential but it should reward skills and punish lack or there of.
Good grapic smoof game ..but always kill same monster ..just upgrade and buy blades for killing monster ....boring ...no quest no story ..just rolling in same road ..boring
Best game ever played,I recommened all the players to download it and have fun..although the graphics are blur but i bet you will love it cuz the game is all bout power and slash,deloveper must update a new version like choosing a map for better exicting levels!
The app is fantastic, the one thing I would suggest is upgrading the heroes Powers so that way he can have powers just like the enemies he is fighting, and put more weapons in
Graphics are great.The game is also offline.It is very hard to find these both qualities in one game.
Fluid animation for the fighting style and va new unique experience for action games,if you're looking for a game that's good but takes low storage,I definitely recommend this one
The graphics are great the game is great but the prob is dat when u fyting its very slow to dodge the oponent so u need to update dat but the game its awesome
Since the last update, the performance has turned from fluent to laggy, parred with graphical buggs. Please fix this issue ASAP(i have the samsung galaxy m20s). Otherwise this game is actually a lot of fun to play.
Pretty chill game of hack n slash that doesn't offer much for in depth gameplay something to kill time while waiting in lines or if you're a passenger in a commute
Not a bad good, good graphics and missions & most attractive thing about the game you can play offline.
I like the game a lot but the doge is useless at times it would be better if you guys fix that issue then i would give it five stars and i know this game been out for a long while
Game is so so beauty had she is only one and only this beauty beauty beauty beauty also fighting fighting mood Leta Re disturb this time she is so so soccdddds and the world of the end of her own is a little more complicated and more interesting and real than what she's been looking at and has a great time on it all of her work is a little more complicated and the way she's been with the show has changed since her childhood in new England in February of the summer in new Orleans in Shaher city o
I love this game very interesting currently on level 687 would love to know how many levels the game has or when will you get to the final stage or it doesn't have a final level. Cause I would love to see the final level. Thanks
The graphics are good the effects are good everything is good except for the controls cos you have to play flawlessly block every attack dodge heavy attacks but when I try to block or dodge it doesn't work trying to block sideward attacks never go well for me especially when it's a game of perfect reflexes
This is the best sword fighting game i have Everplayedbut in the next update please make A selection of clothesπŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
Have some of the stupidest designs in a video: a rating system that forces you to kill enemies fast to get higher scores while make every enemy tanky af and take an eternity to break their armor, a healing system that doesn't let you heal and let enemies attack you while you're trying to heal
A totally awesome game and great time killer. But I rated 4 stars because it gets a little boring by time.If u could make this an open world game with character selection and quests/missions to complete,This will possibly be the 1# game.Besides the graphics and gameplay is awesome.After a long time I got this kind of game. Hats off to the developers.πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
It's a very interesting game with lots of challenges and the graphics are too good , feels like playing "GOD OF WAR" mobile version. All in all it is a very good game in a very sort size of memory. Keep making this type of games.
Aussom game. I love it. The graphic are very good its like a 3d game a real 3d game. But the only 1 thing i didn't like is that only one blade to use. Bring new then i will give you 5 stars.
Stormblades is awo deeful game with beautiful graphics and it is abmobile game which runs offline 😀I can say that if u develop this game and introduce events and tournaments in the game sure I'll become best game everπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œβ€οΈβ€οΈ
I love this game .I can't believe that such a good game with so much graphics and action is there.The game is just like shown in the picture above.I love the controls .they are fingers swipes and there are no buttons.But the move to dodge the charged attacks(double tap) Doesn't work smoothly.We have to tap a lot of times for that.Many people are facing this problem .It would be good if u can fix it.
Well the game for the first place feels so exciting but as you make progress it begins to become more difficult and it starts to become boring.. also blocking attacks from the enemy begins to become harder and that's what gets me annoyed the most.
Game sucks why does it have automatic movement, would be nice to change that I can move the character myself that will make it more realistic
I loved very much.i always like to playing the games that loked like ps and psp. Thanks alot to the maker of the game.the graphics is very nice and beautiful.
Its a great game with best graphics and the gameplay is OP but a single thing that stucks is there is not the conditions listed on which you will get three stars I've tried same level 5 times with perfection but no result just 2 stars . And the reward is also less. If we ignore this, it os the best game πŸ˜ƒ
Yes this game is really good and exciting. i dont usaully rate the apps or games i download but i liked it so i wanna rate it at 4stars . i like it alot and make it five if you could do my suggestion that were the ones that should do the running and the parkour stuns . like there be a push button the could make the character walk and run . im a martial artist and i love the way you design this game that makes me go defense and should attack . this is a suggestion . all and all i like .
Worst, first of all you never get enough reward, need to play same level many times than you got that coin to upgrade your weapons, funny thing is after that you don't feel any different the enemies are still strong enough that you can't beat them, after fully upgrade I play same level all most 50 time but I can't win
The game is good but I thought it would be some sort if RPG but but it's not & the way we have to operate the Character while fighting on the run, I don't like that
A really awesome game whose graphics are very nice and feeling amazing fight . Control of this game is some difficulty but really awesome game....I really love this game ....😘πŸ₯°β™₯️β™₯️
Good game and graphic. Although, you'll get bored in a week play thia game. Not much variable in this game. No skill, no various effect, no character development, just plain swapping your screen until you get bored.
This game is totally awesome but one thing I ask on my opinion is that it should have joystick and powers like the enemies
I love this game! It's fast become my favourite game, easy to pick up and put down and challenging enough to keep you coming back for more. I struggled with the dodging function too initially but once you play it enough and start to learn the enemies patterns it becomes a lot easier. Like a cross between temple run and a sword fighting simulator, this is well worth a try!
It's ok. Controls are hard and lagging "double tap" don't work more like "5 tap". Wish you could interact with the game more like control your running and jumping.
I rate it only 4 star because sometimes the game became boring....why did you make this game open world and apply combat mode (like in final fantasy) add story too
It should had gotten a 5 star 🌟...i gave it 4 stars because it would be better if it have been open world and be controlled by the player's... I don't like running games,but these is the d best running game I have ever experienced or played... A big respect to the creator
Among many games i have played, This particular one has cougth my attention so much, in short i really love this game it's challenging. But the warrior really need a strong amour for defence, That's the only problem the game has. Pls try and create amour for the warrior. Thanks
It could be good for people into this sort of game. I don't particularly like quicktime prompts but at least it is a playable game if you get the responses down
it is also very god game but iam playing this game on cpu with ldlplayer so the gharfics is to god on pc so i love this game
There's a huge graphic bug due to the new update the first stage the ground and trees are orange color and the rest of the stages in missing the ground all is see is blue sky please fix this.
A Good light game has nice graphics with 3D parkour and fighting. I would only like the addition of parkour by sliding your finger, instead of watching the parkours. The idea is good. Perfectly light and stable and haven't noticed any ads. So a wonderful game for a pastime, similar to prince of persia. I would also like a story mode full of fantasy and mysticism in addition to the game. I would like that the game consisted of a story mode and a free roaming mode with the addition of vehicles.
Good game with extraoriedent gameplay and fabulous falicious exxagerating gleam graphics ballistics and the. Excessive amount of exxagerating background and indomitable and immeasurable figure the levels are deliberately great with unholic heights the boss battles are great with glamour and the levels are instances consequently challenging,the prompt problem is I can't. Exceed after level 4 and the 4 level sins have summoned great power and I can't confront this mischevious beast .thank you.
Generally a good game with challenging gameplay, fun sword slashing mechanics, solid presentation, music, animation, lots of good stuff... BUT dodging via double-tap is the one thing keeping this game from a 5th star. It responds like 30% of the time. I see the attack coming, double-tap to dodge, the character does nothing, the attack hits. It's a game breaking deal, and it happens *so often.* Incredibly annoying. It would be better if the dodge input was replaced by a two-finger tap at least.
The game is okay at the beginning it gets boring really quick the same thing over and over and over and over. Just not fun
This is the best game I have ever played in my life. I am giving it 5 star because the graphics are so awesome and the bosses are coolπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ
I loved this game because it's simple and the graphics are ausome but the most important is the monsters and the blades. it's really joyful
The graphics are sooo incredible and bosses are very strong. I was addicted to this game. Very nice gameπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
In higher level double tap for dodge sometimes not working..it hard to win becoz the enemy so fast n strong
This is my first time of rating a game This game is really incredible, wh a t amazes me in the game is its dodging skills, 5 star for u producers
It's fantastic game and good graphics but still 1 problem syncing failed many times while Facebook login successful also game play login successful.
Wow this game is awesome Graphics are brilliant Control are comfortable.. But i need an urgent update Levels are not satisfied I have had completed all the levels