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Sticky Flip

Sticky Flip for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by VOODOO located at 4 rue Jules Lefebvre, 75009 Paris. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
It's fun for about 10 minutes, then you realize that the levels are repeating monotonously. Furthermore, the coins you earn are useless, making hitting anything worth points pretty much pointless, no pun intended. Needs a lot of work, it's a fun concept but has poor execution and needs more content.
Definitely not a plunger as another stated, not sure how that could get confused.Flip the *ick is what the ad said. Hilarious and entertaining for sure.
10/10 I love this game, my girlfriend with a LARGE dildo collection introduced me to this game saying that the movements of the dildo is VERY accurate and said we should do some of this in bed. Thank you Sticky flip, my sex life 10/10 and my enjoyment 10/10.
Ok this is definitely violating terms of service, And it's from VOODOO I know you make mobile games too but children can get the ads from this game and this game is about flipping a dildo how does that sound like a good idea?
Wow...... First of all, less ads more stars. Now that that's out of the way, let's talk about the character. It's not a plunger like everyone in the comments say. Let's be real.... it's a frigging DILDO. I've never seen a plunger like that before. Call it what it is. Gameplay is OK, fun but still ok. Graphics are what you expect in a mobile game. Definitely original, never seen a dildo flipping game before
Pretty good actually. Some say its a plunger but i actually got the thing the commercial showed, 😆😆
level 6 is a literal masterpiece (about this game: so u are basically a dildo that flings around and sticks at things) gameplay 10/10 enjoyment 10/10
My six-year-old daughter was playing this I got on her tablet and I saw that she was flipping a dildo I was very disappointed of this please take this app down it's very inappropriate for kids why rated E I'm mad right now take this app down!!!!! 🤬🤬
I'm here for the same reason all of you are. After buying every skin, I can sadly confirm that the existence of the sexual object seen in the ads is a lie. Instead, you get a variety of other objects. For whatever reason, the people immediately fall over and die when your skin of choice touches their face, which is funny, but not enough to fill the phallus-shaped hole in my heart. False advertising.
Pretty good. It's a plunger, not the pink thing but still. Could use more levels since they're literally all the same, and a shop to customize the plunger since the coins are kinda useless right now, but..otherwise pretty nice.
Words can not.... And should not be used to describe such beauty, such natural wonder. The absolute ecstacsy that one can feel as they flip the phalic tube of silicon, one can truly see why man has entered this eternal plane, this is the reason for humanity to exist, truly a masterpiece. 10/10 i was creaming for my life.
Bruh, why? Just- what- who- why- Why did I get an ad showing me a pink suction cup dildo hopping from one person's head to another? Why is there a game in which you play as a dildo? We all know that's what that is, just why? Who came up with this? Besides the fact that it's DEFINITELY a dildo, the gameplay itself isn't that challenging. I can't be very critical, the game raises so many questions I can't focus. It's not that good of a game to be honest, I'm giving 3 stars tho cuz... Just... Why?
This game changed my life. Before I installed this game my life was falling apart. I was balding, poor and my wife was divorcing me, but thanks to this game I now have a head of long, lucious, healthy hair, a millionaire and I have 10 beautiful model wives that love me unconditionally. I strongly reccommend.
When I saw the add I couldn't stop laughing, I thought this was a joke, but to my surprise is was real. I'm just wondering how this is rated E
I love this game. This has to be the best game i have ever played. My doldo mentour suggested it to me so I decided to download it. It was the best desision I had made in my life. It has great graphics, great physics, but my only problem is that you cant use the coins. I have around 400 coins and i cant spend them, so please add a doldo shop so i can get doldo skins with my coins. Now. Or i will uninstall
I downloaded this as a joke and it's pretty entertaining. Though I kinda wish the adds weren't as frequent.
this game changed my life forever, and is the reason why I've never touched grass nor women before. I wake up in the morning and boom. Sticky flip. It's the cereal to my breakfast, the apple of my eye. I love this game more than I love my own mother. I love the sticky thing that flips and it's majestic way of traveling. I don't even go eat or take a shower. This is my lifestyle with sticky flip and I wouldn't be able to survive without it. Yummy
I mean... you're flipping a dĬld0 but when I downloaded it I couldn't see what I was flipping. So... Yah 6/10 would play again
Noooooop it was perfect fix it make it a pink stick again now the game sucks I'll rate 5 starts and play every day if you just did it. Ps don't let the haters hate, that's not inappropriate it's a flucking yellow stick.
This game was life changing i love the fact that i can stick rubber penises on people and make them choke on plastic just like the turtles
This game is so funny you won't be able to play without spitting something out your nose lol....it's so funny flying dildos lol
New review: Words cannot describe how happy I am, they changed it back to the dildo and are less ads, you've earned 5 stars. Old review:I WANT the ducking dildo. So many ads not enough time to marvel at that phat plunger weenie 😫
Its just so inspirational before this game I was dying of cansor and my dog just died he got hit by a clown car and my mom had killed my dad but when I got this game my dad came back and I get to hangout with a bunch of ghosts welp I gotta go now the people in the white coats are coming
Where's the pink Dildo the Sponsored Ads promised we'd be flinging around? #Fail #TryAgain #FalseAdvertising (Edit* Doesn't matter how many times my comment is removed. As soon as I see it gone I'm putting it back up. Follow through in your sponsored ads promises.)
I like this game, its addicting, but what is the point of the coins if you can't buy things to change up the "plunger?" Thats the reason I give it 4 stars, and not 5.
Literally unplayable, rarely ever get to play before it freezes and rwquires me to restart, and the dlldo/plunger is invisible even after i deleted it 6 times, the devs wont even respond to my email about this
This game repeated the levels there are no challenges no obstacles and I think the game is stupid dumb so who ever made this game please delete it and make a new one