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Stickman War Legend of Stick

Stickman War Legend of Stick for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by Merkury Games located at Russia, Pavlovsk. The game is suitable for Everyone 10+ (Fantasy Violence, Mild Blood) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Ruined instantly by ads. Makes you watch an ad just to start the game never mind anything else. I would advise to avoid.
This game has more ads than gametime. The creator should have just made a big ad instead of making this game. It's so annoying it makes u wannathrow your phone at the wall. Best part is that the ads are unskippable and super annoying.
It doesn't work most of the time and kicks you out of the game but other than that and the ads the game is good. Edit: After the update the game seems to be running really smooth and I'm really enjoying it. It is a pretty fun game so I'm glad they got that fixed.
The ad of this game should be what this game is because it looks better than the real game and the ads should not pop up when you go into the pause menu.
Rubbish game, simple controls, no tactics required. Archers ineffective unless at the front and cannot control archer properly in the game nor the miners. Stick war: legacy is a better game, try that out. Has tactics. Archers work effectively and can throw an arrow for miles. Miners work even better and can deposit gold once mined.
ADS ADS ADS ADS ADS ADS. The Game is riddled with ADS ADS ADS ADS whatever you click on results in an AD even survival mode every round is an AD. I have had to block all the ads with an out sourced program Just to make the game playable..... Otherwise ADS ADS ADS ADS ADS ADS ADS
This is a rip off of stick war legacy, just go get stick war legacy. Much better than this cheap rip off. Also way too many adds, save your time and get stick war legacy.
Did you paused the game? Have to look 2 ads. Did you want to start a mission? Watch 2 ads. Did you won a game? 2 ads. You beat first wave on survival? Watch ads. There's only a plenty missions and more more more ads. Don't waste your time and don't download it. This game would be on the first place for amount of ads. Gameplay is disgusting too. First one was much better.
This game is pretty good its just that THE ADDS ARE CRAZY! but either whys its a good game because at firts the ADDS were driving me nuts so i turend of my wifi and every thing good 👍
The only thing wrong in this for me is how the archers (not the tower ones) don't shoot the attacking archers if I have swordwrath or even spartans in front of them. I have to attack just to lose people just for the archers to shoot back. This messes me up badly since if im in the middle of the game and have wizards and have to attack just for the archers to fire at them and retreat the wizards die as soon another wave of archers come in. But other then that this is a fun game and hope youfixit.
Absolutely drowning in ads. Gameplay is far too easy and graphics don't look good. Just stick with Stickwar: Legacy, not this knockoff
Literally unplayable. Just sits on the "made with unity" page. Edit: Still broken. It now closes itself instead of sitting on the page.
This was a really $hi!y rip off of stick wars legacy with adds up the a$$, the balance being a pile of $h!t and hit detection in this game makes tf2 meele hit reg look god like. I am generally surprised I didn't get adds when I was upgrading my troops each time I upgraded them. Edit: I was informed of a new update and this changed absolutely nothing to my knowledge but added new missions which doesn't fu@king help this complete and utter rip off of stick war legacy.
Love the stickwar games usually, but this is littered with forced ads, so first thing I do after discovering that was buy the no ads thing in the store. Was inexpensive at 1.99 usd, but it doesn't work. I tried getting the daily reward after purchase and still had to watch an ad, not terrible but for the price maybe was just the forced ads. Nope starting a mission forced me into ads. Gameplay aside, don't download this it's a rip off plain and simple.
I cannot believe that people have the shame to take a good game and make it their own and profit off of it through heaps upon heaps of advertising and moral bankruptcy. This game is a rip-off, nay, a complete copy of the game Stick war legacy. I find it deplorable that a passion project with years of History and good people working on it can be just taken away by a corporation who's only intent is profit. the entire game and the reason for its existence is completely deplorable.
Not so bad for a knock off. The thing I don't like is controlling a unit, I press the 'x' button and I'm guessing it's how to stop controlling a single unit but it doesn't work, but it's the only button I can tell that it will make me stop controlling the unit.
First of all I barely even got the play because I ended up seeing around 6 ads every 10 minutes which made me want to quit pretty quickly which made me uninstall the game fairly quick which is kind of sad because I do enjoy some games but I barely even got a chance to try this one out and then to top it all off it crashed because it kept on trying to load in a ad every couple of seconds and ate up a lot of my mobile data sorry developers I'm not playing nice I'm telling truth
Didn't even make it passed the 2nd stage in campaign without having to see 20 long adds, for every little thing you wanna do you have to see an add. I Don't know how it has 4 stars should be 1.
Kinda works, but the Legacy version's just better. This thing's cluttered with ads, not super smooth, and pretty sure that the online players are just AI. This guy saw an opportunity to make money, I guess. :(
This came is so addicting to me and fun everything about it is great also the animation, but you should improve the characters attack and improve the details,but other then that it is great and I forgot to mention that you should add a limit to the gold and make the ground archers shoot the enemies ground archers too, so I hope you guys are still working on this game.
It good but I give u a five star reason but I will leave it to five star no hate become it look like a copy of stick of lacy but this game great and I am biggest fan of stickman so I give u five star
This is my rating this is a good game but there are to many ads and this is a another copy of stick war legacy, but other than that this game is the bomb.
It's crashes more times than SMOD Redux and Brutal Half-life combined, I tap when it's loading and crash when I tap the screen then when I tap campain, ad, I tap the first level and loads then crashes when I tap the screen. I give it a "0/5: not even playable" -IGN
Best game like stick but the game is don't have skins for charcters with power skin i wish it add the skins
I don't usually leave negative remarks but this game sucks. The ads are outta control. If you want to play this play the real deal. Stick war legacy. This is a low grade version. The graphic suck. The developer of this game could have invested a little more emagination and less slop.
Way to many ads. Just pausing the game and clicking resume causes an ad to occur. Also the graphics are alright although compared to stick war legacy the graphics are a bit worse.
eh. I This not bad though, but the problem is that when I control the miner, it doesn't let me drop the gold off the castle like the original stick war legacy and it doesn't let me incontrol the miner which is pretty annoying. But on the other hand I like the animations you put there I like it.
Archers are a bit powerful in "Online" mode. Not that I'm complaining! I love it when I can abuse an exploit! But I would HIGHLY suggest a nerf.
Watch a ad before and after a fight. Its avoidable if you play in airplane mode. Other than that, its just like other stickman games.. The forced ads was ok but got tiresome after 5 battles. Will uninstall after i leave this review.
Dont get it, trust me its not worth it. At least not in its current state. The controls are extremely sloppy it lacks a lot of features and there are way too many adds
Super good game i really love ur game it so good but can u add more troops like one troop is calavary like a horse rider or bear rider or even a dragon i just really love this game along with stick war legacy
This game is awful, it's a rip off of stickwar legacy, and is way too rigged. The enemies always have reinforcements and they're literally just making it rigged so that you okay it more. Would not recommend, waste of your space.
Two things, when I searched for this game in the play store, i couldn't find it, and when I started playing it for the first time, I got an ad RIGHT AFTER opening the game, not even tapping anything yet, then, another ad before I even begin the first battle, then ANOTHER AD right after I train my first swordwrath or whatever they call them here, ill stick with the original for now, but even there they messed it up a bit.
This is a TRASH game, got an ad JUST after loading then one before the first battle. However that's not even the WORST part, after that ad it just froze and kicked me out and won't even START now. I JUST downloaded it, and now UNINSTALLING this ABOMINATION. Do NOT waste your time or storage on this 'game'.
Cheap knock off of a good game. Not to mention it's riddled with adds and prices are set really high. I recommend you get a different game. One that ends in Legacy