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Stickman The Flash

Stickman The Flash for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by StormHit Games. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Too bad when your on area 3 the boss can only hit you once and then the game will restart again but you need to hit the boss THOUSAND TIMES just to this game just to proceed to the next level so unfair...
This game was made too hard! And it would be alot easier if you dont spawn so many mini bosses at once!
This game is AWESOME I like the weapons and the armor is your shield and if you get attacked by an enemy the a piece of armor falls off which means it's your shield the best game ever
No ads no lags no crash AMAZING i eish i could donate to you because thr game is like so cool! Its more good then stick man fighter z and i been making animation with these things <3
This game is awesome just what me and my brother was looking for. Just wish you didnt have to pay for all the colors of the player. Marvelous Game!!!
Ive been playing this game for ever since it was made and when i see updates i get so happy and proud of the owners for this succesful the game dynamic is get better and better,i still remember when the minions could 1 shot you but thank you so much for this wonderful game god bless you
Everything about this game is awsome but the archer boss and mod. My problem with the archer boss is that they will always jump away from you and they use their normal attack and special move at random. I can still beat them though. Now on to my problem with the "mod". Personally, i'm not willing to buy 450 gems just to get mod. I think you should only have to earn up to 100-200. Other than that, this game is amazing.
I really enjoy your game your game is the best but theres a really anoying bug where I kill a boss but he doesn't drop a gem please fix that bug
I love this game but I feel like the bosses should be a little less stronger because when ever I have the boots helmet and gloves they all just come off in one hit from all of the bosses but also why do you have to pay for colours if you want to change that I have an idea maybe make it a gambling system but if you already have a colour then you cant get it again
This! Is! So! Imppssible!. not really impossible... impossible like awesome! This is so cβ˜†β˜†l it was look like dash jumping flying attack soo cool!! 😎😎😎😎😎
Best stick man game I ever played it has online mode and lots of arenas and boss fights, lots of weapons and armor, and missons to. And will you please make at least some of the corlors free?
This is the absolute best first impression I've seen on a mobile game. First time I've been compelled to write a review like this. All you need to do is keep updating and adding levels and more physical objects and you win... You win
The only thing I have to say about this game is that it is a perfect game the fighting makes it look like a anime fight
It's a nice game but I try to defeat the axe guy and I can't srsly in to clean hits I'm dead but it's very fun but the mini bosses meh.
One of the best games I have ever played. Wish there was multilayer or campaign then it would be so much cooler, but if you like stick man games and fighting then install this app. Would recommend.
Its very good it has a lot of bosses and weapons as well as armour It has some things i love but a prob is when u have the witches wand when u play fly with it it just has the jumping animstion and evrything accept that are fine.
I have one problem every time I beat one of the bosses it true to sell me something on adds so please fix that
It gives me excitement so much detail this game is amazing I love it so much right after this review I'm going to play it that's how amazing it is it's one of the bestest games I've ever played
This game is very fun, I wish other games could be like this. Little to no ad's, no lag, and its very cool. 5 stars from me πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘πŸΌ
controls is awesome, bosses, wepond, and even the customization is even epic, too. I rate this game a 5 Stars for a reason
Very slick anime type fighting, customizable, RPG, arena type game. Good 5/5. I very much enjoy this game. U may struggle in the beginning but once u unlock stuff it gets easier. I'd say try it for your self. And have fun paying.
this is a great game it's just that you barely get any health and getting hit once takes a lot of health away
This game is very addictive ahaahahha And i got a question lately in my self why would the armor take off easily Its because the damage the bosses cause are enormous hhahah nice game lol
I really love this game, 5 stars from me. Although i do accidentally switch weapons which is rather annoying, like ill be holding the sword and accidentally switch to the weapon the boss was holding. Its a tad bit of a hinderance but beside that i really enjoy the gameπŸ‘πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘
This is a really fun ge I finally got the rotten cloak but there is one thing the helmet is so expensive and I just stated. But complements to the dev.
Its really cool and how you tap to move and stuff but the boss with the ax you can predict what move he does like the spinning thing in the air its unpredictable pretty much ever way good game tho
i mean i lve stickman game in personally but this one is just off the charts crazy i mean i dont think i can handle it lol but on a real note i love this game its satifiying bc the zound and how they move its like they are in dbs they are zuper fast jut st like this stickman game and i just love it i think this is my new favourite stickman game
Its so good and I like that we have a health bar instead of one shot one kill but theres a bug sometimes when I tap the screen the character won't move causing my death pls fix this😒😒
I will give it a five star if there is a joystick for easier movement and the teleport thing is also added so there will be two ways to move at the same time
Love the game but have a tiny bit of information on the items(i got new items but didnt knew what they do) but it makes the game more interesting so im playing the game...
It's good but unlocking the capes is hard since if you unlock a cape and a level only the cape gets unlocked
This game is ao cool it has so much animated dizinesns and cool battles that u can use or do a round of the survival mode witch is an arena
Was a fun game at first has a great concept, but i literally upgraded my armor on the same level and got hit once every time by the same enemy and it all fell off no matter how many times I upgrade anything it does nothing diffrent. Sorry but unless you want to be fustrated and forced to do upgrades they tell you dont waste your time.
It's a good fast paced game and it's really addictive. I would give it 5stars but it just needs more levels and challenges.
I would give it 5 stars but I feel like more could be done by maybe not taking away armor when hit, just taking life based on enemies weapons which seem to be on the same grade as your own fir the most part. Also maybe body armor as well since it is the only piece missing. Other than that I kill hours on this game. Love it.
How do you get the shield the white person has in the Frozen map that's not even part of the armor I checked every single place I even downgraded my sword to see if it had a shield but this is kind of weird if you keep dashing you're super slow you can actually fly it would be great if you had a shield while flying because the evil people could actually jump so where they attacking you when they jump you can like block them it's not fair in one of the updates please add a shield to armor
It would be a 5 star is u can heal so if ur almost about to die u can heal cuz I was about to beat a lv for a cape and I died. So plz add heals.
This game is really good im addicted to it but i gave this four stars because you have to pay for the extra colors i like green but i would like to change the color once in a while it would have been better if we could unlock the colors
The game is epic I love all features and I see people get big baby mad because they suck they just need to get good that why they are giving one star they ACTUALLY need to grind enough and get all items to have the right to say if the game is trash because yall are dying on EZ stuff they made you fast for a reason JUST DODGE AND ATTACKS LIKE OMG FR!!!! but my only problem is you have to buy skin colors but yea good game its challenging hard but fair just learn to dodge people like bruh.
I love πŸ’ž this game cus u hiring them end stuff but is so hard to hit them end they killing me end there's boss to I did not no that so yeah that's it
So I love the game. But one thing really bugs me is that the unknown gem bosses are WAY too op like one shot armor and I just get super frustrated. I'm just being honest no hate.
Love the game,but all my armor falls off with only one hit from the boss. if it could be fixed it will be much better 🀞
Good Game But Please Add Super powers like that black guy with electricity Thats all i suggest other then that its a good game great graphics and controls for a stickman game
All and all this game is good but can u see if u could put a bit of gore in the game pls? And also i dont like the favt that u have to pay real money for a different color cant u just make us pay the hame gems?
I love this game,BUT THE BOSSES ARE OVERPOWERED!!!!!You shouldnt die from just one hit,other thab that,it is a good game
The game was decent at the start but it gets repeatitive the bosses are way to hard and the common enemy attacks do say to much damage
Phenomenal. Finally a game that can compete with Neron's Brother. I can go as far to say it out succeeds them in many ways, although they can only be unique to this game. Mechanic is simple and fun, no clunkiness and the controls are the most easiest to grasp controls I've ever seen. This must go down as a classic stickman fighting game. I would like an option to mute the voice effects though, or just replace them with SFX altogether. Game had a lot of attention to detail. Good work
This is the best no lag no crash the game is so good but I'm going to finish the game if you just make some fun mini games it will be perfect
I HATE how the helmet guy is over powered I mean he bank PUNCH AND KICK you and don't even get me started on the spear THE SPEAR is soooooooo annoying
Very fun I used to play it on my old tablet brings some good and bad memories but mostly good one so 5 stars
It is a awesome game i have not seen any game like this it is my favourite game in the whole world you guys really tried it is like you are flash you guys are cool
I love this game its really fun and it gets ur adrenaline going. It doesn't have ads all the time and it encourages you to get as far in it as you can. I love it!!!
So powerful game and nice no lag if you guys have problem with ad yiu guys can close wifi there will not ad at sometime
Love this game. But needs a uptdate. My son played this game but it kept on freezing.Again, NEEDS AN UPTDATE
Its fun and i love this game but pls update it to where we can sign in every day and get new things like 50 crystals one day and like on the 7th day get a new weapon or something like an rpg game but its fun i enjoy playing.
I'm very new and so far I'm having a lot of fun; 4 stars because I've just started playing. May update rating later once I have played more
i love this game!!!! it has really good weapons and the bosses are super easy!!!! right now i have the first bracers and helm and i have abandoned magic staff can't forget cloak of the newbie
Such a good game its so good i like the ads when you die you can watch ads then continue epic game download it πŸ˜‰πŸ‘
This game is so amazing!When you start to like teleport that's when you already know it's a little o.p.Its that part when you unlock different weapons and fighting the bosses!
This game is so fun and I love the fact that it allows you to dodge with badass preciceness, it cool, so I rated 5 stars
I like the game its realy great nice equipments i rate it two stars beacause the controls are realy realy annoying you just need to tap to move its realy annoying i cant even reach my highscore and get an area please make the controls joystick or something else
Relly fun but I wish we could have like a special abilitys like a fire ball ability or a shield but is have like a cool down
Its good for passing time but my one dislike is how the controls sometimes make me hit a enemy instead of moving out the way often ending me. Other than that its a good game
Awesome game i love it The fighting is so epic "But" can you at colours Like blue or yellow and more And you can even colour your enemys and legend enemys with there weapons I would defintly love that☺☺☺
Pretty good game, a bit repetitive but different bosses with different abilities helps that out. Great game overall though.
Cool. I love the graphics and i like the weapon designs and extra fights after you have the amount of crystals. And the Unknown Enemy and i forgot the other. LOLOLOLOLOLOL.
I gave this game five stars beacause This fighting game is so very good just click on enemy and it will hit i very love this game but i also want if you will add some free collors of character because gree is kind a boring color but i love the game very ty.
I'm giving this game 1 star because it's so addicting and when ever I think of it I cant get my school work finished because I'm too busy playing the game. The games has different weapons to choose from like speed type, heavier type l, and long range and is so distracting.
In my opinion The game is amazing it's very fun and easy no ads in less you want a bonus and it's just overall a good game
The game is fun but yesterday I was playing it it was so so amazing but today now it kept kicking me off it this made me so mad I am just going to say this game sucks now because u mean fi tell me say it only work for one hole day and that's it now me have to delete it and download it back
I love this all the items and helments are so cool and yes the boss are hard its good for me i am a challge person and it also have a clicking thing its good for me has a moblie player love form. Giovaunni
It's a clean stick man fighter game but there are some things that can be better like controls so you don't have to just tap and swipe
Love the game nice graphics love the way they scream after killing them but it's so hard to win any mission until am using a good weapon
This game is good but I dont like that the score to is high to get something new i can barely get to the newbie cloak make the scores lower so I can get more stuff or so we can get more stuff, please see this.
Ok the reason why I rated 5 stars is because this game has amazing controls,good content,AMAZING Graphics. If I could rate a 10 star I would but I never deleted this game surprisingly everytime i get a new game i delete it but not this one its the best game EVER!
Its a great game I'm new so I don't know much but I think it would be good if you add magic spell(of not on game already I'm new)
The game is immaculate the design and game controls are so simple yet highly leveled. The reason that I gave the game 3 stars is because it makes no sense how the new weapon or armour enemy's is a one tap at such a low level it could at least be a 2 or 3 tap instead of 1. Like just make it to where it's a fair fight and not so uneven.
You need to add daily weekly and monthy quest but this is a really graet game and plese say that this was helpfull bc the the creater might add it
very cool appπŸ‘ I really like this app + you should do more updates plzzz thank you. and can you make like teams when you kill common people reply yes or no
It's so good but it's so hard too but I just can't stop playing definitely download this game you're gonna love it
This game is so good and have so many weapons but I still want to say you should add some ranged weapon like shuriken so pls add them
Very good game boss strength (in my opinion) too high and (also my opinion) shard / gens are too hard to get to progress at a steady pase
I actually like the game because you have the top roll and attacking everything up with the bosses are a little bit too hard there kind of Boss like they hit the opposite direction and it still hits you so crater can you fix that
Good game But I think that super power should added then this game becom so o.p and thats good also why colour of the player is green if we need to change the colour then we need to pay its a trash plan and add coins also only gems are not good for every thing set a story line its make the game so epic its should get 5 star if you read this the game is good :D
Greeeaaaat game! I only wish it a little easier to get a new item pls fix and I'll make it the 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 the game deserves.Awesome gameπŸ‘
I think it is a good game and I love the simple graphics. Great game to play while you're listening to aggressive music. I only gave it a 4 because I was wondering if you add an update with other modes like story mode because in my opinion I think that the colours itself tell a story in the stickman characters. In a nutshell, I think there should be a story mode because it tells a story without. However, it is an amazing game and when I say amazing, I mean amazing.
The game is awesome but the third area is way too hard, the common enemies can two shot you without armor, the spartan guy has this move where he throws these lightning balls at you and they are way to fast to be that strong, other than that the game is good
I love this game but whenever you fight the guy with the helmet it gets harder and harder cuz the sphere moves in like a spinning circle and it's very hard but I still love this game
So far this game awesome but maybe you can add some effect in weapon like element of fire to make it so cool
It's a great game for if you want to spend some of your time feeling like one of those stick fighter videos or to blow some hours.
This is just genuinely really fun I can't stop playing but its a little challenging but its not fun if its to easy great game
Honestly I think the concept of this game is very cool and entertaining but it's just super frustrating because the only difficulty that this game provides is the mini boss battles that are only hard because they do so much damage with just a hit or two and your armor literally is trash and only blocks a couple hits from the grunts . The mini bosses will hit you once and all of your armor will fall off ......why even have multiple peices of armor to earn if it all falls off with one hit.
An absolutely great game, the boss have epic abilities that you can never get tired of. So why only 3 stars??? Well everyone I try to go into the app. It won't let me in and kicks me out
I really like the game their is just one thing they need to add, it is the (Switch Weapon) button. but if they were to add it just put it in a corner with it saying (Switch). but every thing else is absolutely amazing I get why they added money to buying different color skins and gems.
It is even possible for the Trap/Survive as it should say for the mod mode. To verify all players to know exactly what the situation is. It's a Cage to survive and 100% level 6 is impossible to get to. Other than it is a amazing quick placing game to pass the time
Good game But I think that super power should added then this game becom so o.p and thats good also why colour of the player is green if we need to change the colour then we need to pay its a trash plan and add coins also only gems are not good for every thing set a story line its make the game so epic its should get 5 star if you read this the game is good :D I know i was asking too much i know how cod is not eazy i also try to make my own game but...... I give up you will never give up I knon
Wow these game is super duper the fighter is very good and they ATTACK is nice and More weapons is powerful l LOVE THESE game
This is the great I've ever play.My problem is cause I want to have a very cool update, an update that has a multiplayer. And that's all. Keep the game very good
I have problem with bosses: shooting of cloak man all ways still following me, the helm challenges are good I win many helmets,change the skills of bracers boss until now I didn't win any one, in mini boss fights they removed all my health and my armor by one hit or two hits, please fix that, and a STICKMAN game needs story mode because it's important game, anyway I kill like million enemys now.
this game is amazing you should update the game again my opinion: add a minigun or a fire bow that would be cool ill be playing this game for a while
The game has good graphics and good BOSES which are very strong you can defeat them! You! Unlock new weapons BUT. πŸ‘πŸ’Personly like the no hands one to get to the point i LOVE THE GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!πŸŒ°πŸπŸ‘πŸ“πŸŒ°πŸ‹
Love the game, it could be better by stating difficulty levels and telling you how good your character is.
OME THIS GAME IS THE BEST DPWNLOAD IT NOW ITS SP FUN AND I LIKE IT HOW YOU TELEPORT WHEN U CLICK.THIS GAME IS SO EPIC PLAY NOW!!!!Or ill jumpkick so hard on ur balls.If ur a female good for you cuz itll hurt
I wish the game had bombs but the game is amazing the gameplay nah it's well yeah it's great and the quality is very very very good and it's it's just yeeeeeeees
This game is incredible, but it'd be cool if you could switch the elements on the magic staff. Other than that it's 5 stars.
This game is awesome.It is better than expected.I have one suggestion though.Could you make a mode where players can cooperate with each other to survive?It will be great.But its just a suggestion.Im not forcing but It will be cool if you really add that mode.Anyway,a good game and definitely would recommend.
I dont know if it's just me being new to the game, but so far, its brilliant. I mean there are ads, but there can only be so much. They arent a lot tbf. And it has this anime style game that let's you olay as you see it. My only problem is the charges. You should be able to unlock an alt Colour as a reward or an item to be bought with in game coins, not real money. But apart from that the game is nice. But I can tell i will get tired of it soon. Even if, the game is still good
Dude i usto play this game like for hours its so fun!! I was doing so good then i accerdently uninstalled it but like bro i love the lvls the bosses the capes everything 5 stars but can u add like a starter wepon? So its easyer to get into the game more like a staff or somthing?
I love this game. My interest in this game peaked when i had to use every weapon i had to get a cloak
Hey guys, I'm enjoying the game, it's awesome. Controls are smooth, animations are fun, and the weapons are fun, but I would like to say a few things; I think you should add more variety to weapons, instead of just the same rehash of weapons, that are upgraded versions of previous weapons. I know the cosmetics are different, but you should add more new weapons, like a ninja shuriken, that ricochet when you throw it, and comes back, and a scythe, doubled bladed sword ect. Thanks for listening.
This game is $nap! >;P Been playing this a lot, but in my opinion it becomes repetitive after awhile. I think random events should occur in game. Also it would be a game changer if you were to add auras that increses damage and/or burning or glowing eyes that replace standard dash with a different move like hand blasts.
This game is great although it can be very annoying some times when I click somewhere it will keep me in the same spot I will be moving out the way from a attack and it will keep me there to die.
This game is so fun and challenging at the same time. The controls aren't hard to master and this games is just so interesting. I love the back gound too.
This game is realy is the one i was looking for beacuse the other stick fight are not realy smooth but thi game is realy smooth
This game is best. No doubt... but unfortunately the one-hit ko is literally ruining the game.... i mean... lets make it fair and square for us, player and for the game.
I really like this game but I just want to ask that you didn't put the leave menu like when you play the mission like you forget something to put on your character I mean you already put the pause menu but we really need the leave menu for the missions and yeah that's allwe really needed.
This game is fun challenging and really makes you think about what you're doing it is a great way for people to have fun you can even have challenges with it and it's just amazing
I like the game a lot but you should put a continue button when you died from a boss . I will give this a 5 starsπŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜Š
I love this game the story mode challenges are great and make the game more harder and fun and every time you beat a challenger you gain something from it nice game love it
It pretty good I like this game but the boss hit harder old fix that I wearing a armour and the boss hit like one shoot lol.
I love this game its soo good i love it very much but the stickman are sooooo thic. If u make it thinner and make it taller that would be great. I am not judging i am just saying it cuz i want to give u more downloads and i love more improvement pls this is my wish. Make my wish become true. Ty for making this game bye
It's amazing and I found something but I dont know if it's intended theres an exploit where if you are using a magic staff and something hits you sideways you bounce off the wall two times and then cant be hit by any melee enemy chasing them but things with bows and stuff can
Someone will said this is not fair but its fun. I like the details in the back round and cool skill animation. I like this game. Its so cool until i can kill lots of bosses. I cant stop playing with this game. And no bugs at all eccept lags but its not yours its mine. 5 STAR FOR THIS GAME. AWSOME, COOL SKILL, WONDERFUL DETAILS. THKS IS WHAT I WANT.
I can't say anything this is game is perfect if you love a good fighting game I think you should get this game and it does not have that much ads
I gave you 4 stars instead of 5 because this game is so HardπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ€£ Imagine i used 3 days to complete a level😭😭
Awesome game it gets you hooked on the fighting mechanics and just messing around with how fast you can teleport it makes you feel like a anime character 100% would recommend
Omg this game is op I just downloaded it now and then when I played Im totally in love with it good graphics very good controll and so many weapons and item you can collect from the game this is what I'm searching for
this game is awesome and the archers are a lot easier than I thought the mod is kind of a challenge. but I love a good challenge .
The developer of this game is a true artist I enjoy the game alot that I share the game with my friend I want to prove I'm better at than he is so I'm asking for the developer to add a WiFi and hotspot multiplayer option .this will also help the developer with more players.I hope you heard me out
Good game, really addictive but the imput system bugs at some parts, other than that the graphics and smoothe and the fighting is impressively satisfying.
This game is not lagging I love it it's perfect every time you get a new weapon it's a lot better but do not get the Warhammer it sucks you can't kill people while they're in the sky cuz you're too slow because it's huge just don't get it the wizard wand is very good you get to float in the air and it's fun and it's too OP