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Stickman Party: 1 2 3 4 Player Games Free

Stickman Party: 1 2 3 4 Player Games Free for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by Playmax Game Studio located at Russion Federation, Moscow, Park str. 33 105264. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
very fun game but u should add internet option so players can play online. But it is still a very fun game. good job.
I love this game, but I have some suggestions, 1.plsss add a cuztomize your hat you want 2. and plss add a new game which is hide n seek, jump2x, mini2x minimo, Acid rush, horse race, catch me and protect the house and pls add guns for protect the house and pls add an option to choose a profile you want and when you put a hat there's a armor resistance and pls add t shirts. To make this game even better and cool.. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😄
This is a very, and i mean very fun game. I like how there are plenty of games to choose from and u can play with your family and friends.
You yes you there !! Go away without installing it and you shall have a bad day.You may even get bullied. BEWARE. Best 4 player game out there. Don't fall for duplicates.
This is the best game to play and laugh with your friends and family. you can choose the game you want to play and how much player's you want to play with up to 4 player's .I love this game and you should download it right now😁😊🙂
This game is very Fun.😄😄Me and my Friend were playing this and its awesome!.keep it up i hope theres a new update.😊😊 Edit:Woah!..your doing great man i'm proud of you!😄 Just keep up and i like to say if you put some new mini games which is very awesome like you did.keep up for new updates!!👍👍
Something is wrong with this game. Most of the time, I would get rewards everyday, but this time, I didn't get it. So now my award calendar is screwed up. And now for some reason, the game keeps closing me out for no reason and I don't know what to do. Also I'm thinking about some new games. It's getting boring the more I play. It's just the same games over and over.
I like this game i bring it to my classroom and play with my classmate we having fun playing with 4 players plz add more games and some item in the shop i give it a 5 stars i hope you will make it too much better and the bug in the snow boulders the boulder can go to the side so we can't end that so plz fix that ty
Wow this is a really fun game and me and my brother enjoy playing this game together really liked the new games keep on bringing new games thanks :)
This is a really nice game but the problem is the joystick is on the left, u should update and add an option so that we can play online with friends.....
This game is good but the controls are so annoying....when we four friends play it together the controls Lagg so much.as I am a fan of this game please fix the bugs. my device is (galaxy tab 4)
This is good i mean incredible. The game selection is good, and the graphics are phenomenal. I wish we had more stickman games like this.
Veryyyyy nice game. I use it with my brother to refresh my mind. I will recommend all of you to play this game.😊😊🤩🤩
Lots of fun games.. the graphics are alright. Please implement a kids mode after payment: no ads, no outgoing links (facebook), no access to settings without password, no coin purchase lure. Also, it would be nice to have bluetooth gamepad support for better controls.
This is a best game ever,it was my first time,and im exited to try it with my friends at school😁😁
It is most wonderful game I recommend all of u to download it There are adventures and tournaments There are total 35 games in 1 And not consume much MB 😄☺️🤠😇😇😇👍👍👍👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻🤗🤗🤗😌😌😌 I love this game very much and 1,2,3,4 players can play games.... Good luck....!! Please try it one time....!!!😉😉
This Game Is So Fun Thx For Making this game i play with my friend. keep updating the game and improving the game.5 Star From Me 😀 ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ 😀
I give it 5 star BUT! there 3 things I wanna call to your attention. 1) sometimes the scores are not accurate 2). Please add more fun and interesting games and make the bots difficulty harder because they are waay too easy and I get bored of it. 3.) Make adventure mode more interesting
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Its fun and its good with friends. it still needs minigames though. oh and also why i rated 4 stars is that most of your minigames are a plagiarism to CRASH BASH and you should know that.
Really nice game better than a lot of other 2,3,4 player games I really like how you can customise different players the only thing I wish is that the single player mode must have different levels but great game
please update more games like tenis and basket ball to make it an verry aweswome game beacause i verry like this game but my phone gets really hot and i dont like it but its worththet. Please keep updating this game and thankyou for making this game
this is a fun game pls more games on this or a part 2 download this you can play with your bffs your familly great game but kind of laging but its okay its fun i mean this game is so great and fun you can download this well if you want but really fun
This game is great! I and my brother are always having a good time playing this game that i feel like our bond and love for each other are growing every time we play this game! Thank you!
I like this game but the only thing is if we on our wifi theres ads right so i was thinking when we on wifi please change it to no ads even tho i didnt know what to do in my wifi because the thing i on my wifi so i can see if my dad chats me he is in another place i miss him but the thing i dont have problems in this game just the ads.Thank you for the good game
This app is so good. But i was able to add i more star so it could be five stars but the problem is there are lags sometimes and please add more fun games.
I have been playing this game for 2 years now and i still love the game :can you make a minigame maybe like a parkour or sword fight were who ever hits the most players win: there are 2 ideas for you and i hope you have a great day ❤❤❤
Yes the game was very fun and when i play with my friends and it was amazing game the app have so many games like chicken, wild west .wild west is the favourite game ever .ninja warious and any fun game thank you bye
This game is very creative and brilliant, for the next update could add 2 new minigames and 2 new maps, one for Push All and the other for Dynamite PLZ.
This is the game that I love cause me and my friends, classmates, teacher are playing this. And we want an bots difficult adjust so we can adjust the bots cause we always win, and I recommend an new game like volleyball, RPG like, and could you add an trophy to an color like the black when win in the tournament add an trophy, And can you add hair, Clothes, body, like boy,girl, muscular, skinny,old like that, and can you add a Summo game
let me tell that this game is the most likely to put your siblings with you and it was really good but i hope there could be improvements or addition of more minigames that are fun and challenging thats it very good game
i love this app we can even play up to 4 players thats what i am searching for . And there are many games in this app more then 5 games
i like that you can play with friends and brothers but the only thing i hate about is the bots the bots beat me at all the minigames not ghost attack
love local multiplayer games and I love this so much cause it come with single player mode unlike others that I've had only thing it has a lot of adds
I love it i play with all my friends and love it and i like update also. So if people say bad rates they are just haters💖💖💖love the great work!!!Keep adding updates
I give it a four star because when I go into a game there is a lot of ads I need to watch or skip but the games are cool so it's nice to play
This game is the best to pass time and challenge friends. I have a request please add more new games only 35 games are there so plz add more new games as soon as possible. Thank you.
This game is the best for four players everyone should try this game out 👍👍👍👍.But add lots and lots of new mini games,colours,tanks and cars the hats are enough but this game is cool for me and my friends brothers and sisters I have no issue so thanks for developing this game 👌👌👏👏
Good game.But the problem is in the football game, our opponent do our goals not their.And the second problem is the size of the D-pad is very small.But the game is fun to play...
A great game...... But it gets boring easily, maybe you could spice things longer by adding a 6player mode or more?
love the minigames and the bot features, especially love the character designs, only with there wasnt ads.
Good game but can you guys update it and make these new updates - change gender for characters - new games - make clothing and hair - emotions Also i have a recommendations for you guys:- •Guess the drawing (guess the drawing that your opponent draws and you can be the one who draws and others will guess) •Dragonfly v.s the frog (two of the 1, 2, 3, or 4 players will be dragonfly and two players will be the from, dragonflies should be aware of being eaten by the frogs) Thank you 💞
I love this game! Multiple games, you can play with friends, have a tournament. I suggest this app to anyone who is bored.
This game is very Fun.😄😄Me and my Friend were playing this and its awesome!.keep it up i hope theres a new update.😊😊
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good game ....really funny .....we have a lot of fun when we play with friends (4p)we can also play with bots ....anyways , good game (GG)
Amazing game. Multiplayer. Upto 4 its an amazing family game! We have had awesome fun with this. Those complaining about control must be mental its amazing the game the format layout control. Amazing 5* would do more if i could. I would like too see more mini games though some time soon. Both sons had it first now its been downloaded on all formated device in the house hold. Thats how good it is!!!!!!
Thank to make this games are on your way back home to work to get the car you think and we can do but I don't know how long you to make the meeting today at a friend's birthday and if you need anything please feel free to call me at your work on and off for me to do the job you have posted I love it and I love you too and I'm going in the morning to make sure we get back from the other night when you get a chance can you send me the link to the video of the guy who was the guy who was the guy we
It's a good game but you can get tired of it very quickly because you play the same games over and over but I do recommend you download it because its fun
Very fun but some of the minigames and the "Go!" font is a BLATANT ripoff of the old PS1 game Crash Bash. Like, you guys couldn't have made this any more obvious lol.
best game ever cool game modes and great gameplay i think you should make the controls size customisable
this game is a great game to play with friends and to play by yourselves to you should ad more games though but it's fun
I like it but the controls are hard sometimes it wont work when i press it and I'm sure it's not because of the phone 😁 but hey good game
This game is very interesting. It has many games and covers very less space and the most I like the level is the level with the hens
the best game ever be cause it has 4 players so you could play lots of people in the game that is why it's the best game ever
At first when playing i have so much fun.. But it become difficult tu handle.. Are the developer left handed? Why dont u make custom stick left or right.. That not fair actually for right handed person.. And im sorry to say this.. I hate that ads.. So often.. Disturbing..
this game makes me better at other games it is so fun to play and it always have fun everyone that play this do not take it away whoever made it great time killer a few days latter i love ur new update it is so munch fun
I love this!! So creative and awesome i just don't know how to explain!, Top 5 of the best apps i've ever played!, I'm so happy i found this game, Because i loved this game 2 years ago, I was obsessed! Like literally OBSESSED with this game! I love this game, Keep it up!
This is game is awesome i play this game with my friends and they are amazed by this game, I want to say that developers should add more games in it
could you please just make the ghost game into its own separate app? the ghost game is THE best to play with other people.
I'm giving this three stars because the bots always win in games you are really good at such as: Dino game, Witch game, Pie game etc. Cant you make it just like how a human would play? Change it and i will give it 5 stars
When you people ask: ''do you like stickman Party'' , you don't actually say "rate" coz now I'm here commenting and I should be playing. Good game , if that's what you want to hear
Yeah, this game is pretty good. My only issue is that you can't rotate the screen. Other then that, it's pretty good. You should also add more adventure maps and minigames, because they're awesome.
Loved the game, however new update makes the tank go super fast. its fine in normal mode, but the game becomes boring in capture the flag
This is a great game. But please fix the thing how the computer responds to the chickens... I wish it can also add more games
The game is pretty good but not that good there are so many ads and sometimes the bots could be annoying cause when i play the magnets the bots always put the bombs in my hole i try to be quick but the timer is already up. And it's so annoying.
it is fun but the bolder game is broken, please fix, i cannot play it in tournement but very good game
Stickman party is the best game.. I love the game stickman party good so much to like too play if you like to play good , cool , for boys and for girls game play stickman party
Soo,,, Yeah You See Right? I Give 3 stars? Yep, Bc There A Problem That I Didin't Like. Problems 1. There Some Game That I Played, Some Game Like This, All Of The Bots Are Have Alot Of Score Like 1 2 3 4 5 Or More But Me? I Don Have Score Like That, My SCORE Have Symbol Like This " - ", Soo Yeah, I Hope You Know What Is Mean. Problems 2. If I Win Some Of The Game, There A Ands, Like What? The Ads Is For What? Idk. So That Is Just My Problems, I Cannot Spam, And Thank You
This game is amazing and just miraculous but please add more games like crossing the road , taxi where you deliver the pizza , arrow battle , swimming , laundry game , rescue game , musical statue , jump the obstacles and pull the rope. Choose the best games so it can be more adventurous and never get bored by it , please don't include ads and add an i (information) feature where you can read about that game if you don't understand and tell you what's happening in the game and how to play it .
U need to work more on control section... Im facing a lot of difficulties in playing the game.........
It's a great game, especially when I play it with my friends. It's very enjoyable 👍🏾👌🏾🇿🇦
I installed it about a year ago and i really really like this game but you should add more levels and more modes everything like that the game is soo fun but playing the old levels everyday is boring but i really like this game 🙃 thank you soo much for making this game 😊😊😊
This best multi-player game of all, there is nothing wrong with it. It has lots of fun games to play and for free . This is the one for everyone to play I can't believe that I got a game like this one 😎😎😎
Its my one of the best game and 👍👍#1 on 1234player games you play with bots also and update ausome🤗🤗 unlock defrent tanks,cars,and colour
Great game 1 player is good for practice and keep adding new gamemodes I remember when this game only had 10 games and no home screen
This is the game i want cuz my friends want offline multiplayer games like this and now we can have fun playing together wothout costing any money
This game is really good and so fun! Totally obsessed with it. But there r problems and that is that there's not an option where I can choose where I want my joystick to be cuz this game is for 4 players but when im playing alone, I have to play with bots and that time I'm either player 1 or 2 and the joystick for player 1 or 2 is somewhere I am uncomfortable placing my finger and I can't play properly. It's hard to explain but I hope u understand.
i would give it 5 stars but while i was playing with my little brother we saw an personality life ad and it showed us 2 naked woman so please remove that ad because kids also play the game
I think that this game is awesome and even when your alone you can still play by yourself and with other players which are called = (" bots ")❤ i really love this game and i hope you will too👍💚💙❤💜💛
This is a very good game, I like to play the game because it has many mini games. I like to challenge the bots in this game. This is a difficult game but amazing!
This game used to be super nice and fun but it just gets boring now cause im winning too much and there are no new games to play after having the same games in the minigame selection for a while. I suggest you add more Minigames, a system to set a bot's difficulty, and online so we can challenge other players globally. Winning games such as Tank and Basketball are entirely impossible because of the RIGGED Annoying Bots!!!
such a amazing game very nice graphics and too much easy to control and east too play i don't see any other game like this very nice game # request please get fast updates and add new games please please please please please please please
I am only giving this game three stars because it only has controls on the left and I am only comfortable with right controls because when ever I play with my left finger it causes me pain fix this and I will rate you five star but other than the controls the game is very fun and exciting
this game is fun, but the bots is so ANNOYING, its getting harder and harder, i cant have fun with my friends because OF THE BOTS ARE FRICKING ANNOYING, THEY ALWAYS WIN, WE PLAY WITH RAGE AND WE ARE MAD!!!!!!, WE DONT HAVE FUN PLAYING THIS. ITS A GAME OF RAGE. PLS FIX THIS ASAP.
It's one Of The most popular local multi-player games I know! it's fun playing with friends and it will be a blast of fun to play with your friends! And can there be more games and updates please! I'd love to play a game called delivery where you delivery pizzas to the house of your colour!
This game is super fun me and my friends would play it for hours because of the fun and challenging mini games, also I have an issue with the button things you need to push it sometimes doesn't work in the boat game but only one player gets to push a button in that game
could you add a search icon for to select a minigame and could you add a minigame that is like monopoly and could you call that board n dice and add more colors to pick and add a minigame that is a ping pong game and add minigame and actually the colors could be orange,violet,black,white,and grey
It's definitely an amazing game, it interests alot. I am giving 5 stars but still i would advice to add more mini games and interesting ones. Do add them soon
I'm so enjoying this game with my friends, because it has a lot of games to play. And I really had fun. And please add more mini games too.
very funny and exciting game. The controls are so good. I have given 5 stars and I am requesting you guys to add more games.
Best multiplayer game that I have ever played, just the only thing that needs to be added is a pause button, other than that it is so fun and you should definitly download it.
you should add more mini games like bomb tag and more sports like hockey it will make it better and delivery
Best app i have ever seen in my intier life dis game will make you happy and ther's 4 players with are called"bots"the bots are not that smart so i have an idia for an update pls make the bot a lot more smarter and pls udjuse the playing limit up to 15 or 20 games and maybe add a new game like basketball and do not tush the red flore games pls do that i relly like dis game:)
You can play this all the time there's no connection you can play it every single time and I love it because you didn't play 4-player Benjamin find my game the middle game to play with friends like you can go to school and play with your friend or maybe you're afraid your friend you can play with one person
I can play with my friends freely,but I gave four cause sometimes my friend installed this game but the games were old and no updates,so please fix this cause she's very not happy.........I am very thankful if you'll do as what I said,but I am really enjoyed in this app.If someone agreed or agrees with me I understand and its not like im hating alright? have a good day or noon or night!
This is the best game ever it has 1 player 2 player 3 player 4 player it has so many mini games it's just the best DOWNLOAD THIS GAME
A very good game to play with friends although it has some lacks like it needs more map for the games and the money should be private and not shared with the other players and please add more games!!! I'll support it.
Sure, this is a great game but can you make a mode where you can play from a long distance?? So i can play this with my friends even when they are in another city
good party game if your connection is not working you can play it alone or with friends and i love it
It is so much fun!!!The only thing I want is more minigames because I tried all of them.It would be cool if you could have more. Anyways I rate it 5 star because it is cool
i give it 4 because the cars go at the same line like is so irritating please fix it and its soo expensive for the tank and cars its amount of money is not a lot u know I Thank U
This is the best game ever seen because it is ofline game ad free,1 to 4 player game,35 games in 1 game. I like this game so much.
Awesome game! This is one of the best games me and my friends have ever played. Competitive and Fantastic. The most interesting part is the fact that the studio releases new updates quite regularly and apart from the boring bug fixes, new content are added also. What are you waiting for? Stop reading reviews and damn play this game!!!
Nice game. Me and my family enjoy playing this a lot. I love the different selection of mini-games and it's always exciting when the game is updated. The only thing I can really find fault with is that player four always glitches terribly and player three sometimes too. Overall though, it's a very enjoyable game. Thanks.
about the ghost game,the ghost should be faster than player.Or else it is really boring when playing 2p .
can u add a avengers game and hum fist fight one plz thank you and guys this is a fun four player game i never got to add a rate because i kept playing this game it said do u like stickman party i said no because i always played it lol
it's a very good game had a very nice experience playing this game thank you for creating this game💋💋
not at all getting inside when i first went inside and played this was a very awesome game but now it is not even getting inside. please please make it proper
This is a great game no harm about ads i bet u download this because its the best 4 player game in the universe P:S Warning! TO ADICTIVE
The the same time I get when the time to get a chance to a good time o I think it could not do it is not the intended to give a call if you're looking to get a new one and only takes a look at the time I get the
It is The Best 👍💯 and Me and My little brother want to ask if you can add a new mini game called Delivery and you deliver the different item depending on the color the new minigames are fun!!! Ps Lovers Of Your Game
I all ways play this game every day this game is so fun I usually play this every two days but I change my mind. Oh and BTW every time I play there is adds every time I play mini games is kinda weird and I'm trying not to get mad but the game is awesome 😎 👏 👌
This game was amazing. But you need to buy stuff to customize your character and you need more games to play mini games because it's boring with the games you have.
Its really good my friends are enjoying it me and my friend that have cancer i played it with him i say to him we are going to play this game so fight for this game then he survived he really enjoying it now😊
So awesome amd i have some minigame ideas Parkour Paradise:its a tap game like wild west you have to jump over obstacles by tapping and going under them by holding.who can stay alive the longest wins.the sing achievement of holding the microphone for 30 seconds in a row is way too hard because bots can surrounded you and the map is sooo small and the player 2 is so much faster then you and i did the achievement for 40 second in a row!!! But it didn't gave me the achievement it took me 1 month it
I hate this game . I can tell much better game just download 234 player mini games 1 . Please try it one time you will like the game
I LOVE it and also the bots are not really good cuz what's wrong with them shooting a rocket launcher on adventure mode they are always shoot it down and not any directions. So can you add multiplayer to play with someone around the world to play in different device because no one wants to play with me
Cool game better than 2 3 4 player games!! keep updating!! your updates are the best!!! best game ever!! i love this stickman games (like stickman dualist)
Neat game with a lot of potential What I wanted to see improved: Better resolution/quality optimization for tablets since a lot of things look pixelated because they're stretched out. Better aiming for the missile drop plane. Be able to zoom out in adventure mode to see other players position. Add cancel cast to all Items in adventure mode. Better AI competency, perhaps add a Difficulty toggle. Add online multiplayer to challenge players globally.
I love this game I like this very much Please if it update you have to create more games in this game please☺😊😀😁😄
The games are okay but it would be better if it had a lot of games. Plus, it is hard to touch specially when I play with bots. And the random option only has 3 rounds. It would be much more satisfying with more rounds. And it drains my battery quickly. So, I am giving this game 2 stars...
u should put more drops in the mini tank game make the cars faster and the goast faster too and please more games and u should add opinion to go online please
Its a cool game for everyone to play its super duper fun and we are enjoying this game thanks for inventing this cool game
Goood game and pls makes an bot difficult am not enjoying with bots and add new 6 mini games like hide n seek,death run,murder mystery, gun fight and zombie escape. and add in customization all guns and skin for gun fight mini game and add sandbox pls add it and add online multiplayer and in online multiplayer you can make server and kick players ,make owner the players and pls add an friend request you can the stats of your friend u can to ur friends and u can accept friend request or deny
it's so awesome I love it me and my three brothers played it last night and we are going to keep playing it I love that game 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩
we find it very entertaining & fun... you should definitely try it out - promise you won't regret 😊👐
I gave it four stars because the mini games are well I'm not saying that I don't like it but it's like they are for kids the age of 7 so pleas Try to add a mini game that's for people the age of 9 Or 10 but as for the rest they are fine to me oh and one more thing pleas try to remove those annoying ads but I really like this game you should give it more games pretty pleas 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 add more games to it thank you