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Stickman Legend of Survival

Stickman Legend of Survival for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by Skygo located at Thanh Xuan - Ha Noi - Viet Nam. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I like the game I just finished beating it and I'm buy in the freeze health and other item but they do not show up please fix this bug other wise your doing great make it easier to get money :) also can you add lan party mode and custom game mode where you can make how ever many bots and how good they are and weapons that fall from the sky this way your game will be 5 star by almost every one playing it would be very fun with these game modes.
pretty good game i know they stole it but its hard to make moble games with 1 computer. and they did a pretty good job on making the game for fun,action,and funny.
words cannot describe how disappointing the game is. at first it is an actual good game untill you try to use the shop, no matter what you do you dont get anything apart from weapons. i wasted 8000 gold on power ups and nothing happens! there are also no health bars! I cannot be bothered to say all the other things wrong. it may seem like I am exaggerating but I do not think I am.
this game is epic but why theres no multiplayer and why we cant change color please update this so i can play some other players and i can change color and fix the glitch and bugs because i dont want an rocket launcher to kill me when i use the rocket launcher i can glitch and i use the gun that is fast to shoot it cause bugs please update and fix it and make a new map and make new guns like minigun,gatling,machinegun,pistol and make the M16 more powerful than the old M16 :)
This game is fun just like "stick fight the game "on PC . plz add more maps and type of guns like snake shotgun or launcher but i guess don't add snake minigun it might be cause of lagging, and add more health in each player at least 50% more, and also add online or multiplayer mode
Needs to be able to change colors and need customizable maps. And a setting where you choose the map you want to go and new weapons and how much bots you can add and not difficulty
i mean its kinda a rip of the original but a least he or she put work into it to make it mobile for a computer game which is made for huge games so i give respect for that, and it has pretty good gameplay and has good frames and for the most part its actually fun, but maybe can you make it multi player because i want to play with friends, oh yeah and also turn down the ads a bit thx ; ) one more thing i seen other knock offs like this but this is the closest thing to the actual game so 5 stars
I absolutely adore this beautiful game! There is a bug that I would like you to fix though its that the other characters would fight each other and not just you But apart from that it is a definite download and I can't wait till the next update! Keep up the good work!
I kind of like this game but like the real real real one is on the computer but I want to play it on here but that won't happen anytime soon so if you play this game pretty good but not the real deal yeah just Rate it 4 stars and then take it off from there okay and I hope this really gets to your mind so you will play it this much okay awesome
It is an amazing game although it would be the BEST if there was an online mode, harder levels with a storyline and perhaps even a boss level. You should also add in the option to change the colour of your stickman, and use coins to get the best guns instead of real money that no ones gonna pay you for. You already have ads for money. Also, maybe try and make costumes which you could buy.
good game but i thing that could be included is multiplayer on endless to see who survives the longest. this could be freinds (maybe phones connect by Bluetooth) or random. it would make a great addition to the game. also for those people you could also nake it so you can control where you want to shoot like with a joystick. finally the sticks always go for you which is annoying they should attack others. This would make the game amazing and more fun and enjoyable
stop the ads. only when you need to revive or double gold make it so you character dosnt go out of the left and right side of the screen also cut down continue time to 5 sec
i love this game but theres 2 problems. problem 1. there is so many glitches in the game like one time i was playing endless somehow i fell through the platform and that when a character falls through the platform, they are invincible. plz fix this cuz its getting annoying.problem 2. there is no multiplayer. it would be more fun if you guys made multiplayer. and to make more guns. i like this game nonetheless but the glitches and no multiplayer and lack of guns make the game have no options.
Its nice but the shop and the ai are glitched. I tried buying the freeze hp and time stop when i lost them all. But each timme i spent coins i never recieved them. A lot of times the stock figures glitch out and cant be killed because they're somewhere near the map I cant reach. And I can barely get any items in the shop because they cost real money
Please put more stuff like bazooka,bazooka snake, snake gun, black hole gun, more guns and more game modes like practice mode, death run, zombie survival, etc. and make the stickman grab stuff like the enemies or walls and use it for shield more guns ond worlds too please put more stuff and make the game for people can join each other and make more guns and please in the ice levels please make the break when it gets shot at amd more laser levels flame throwers more levels and please add more stuf
it's very fun but has a lot of annoying *qwirks* like how sometimes you can use the resplendent features but not all the time. I fell like some guns should not take real money and should just cost in game coins. i still like the game. i think there shoyld be some cudtom match opions in endless or somthing.i hate the fact that all the bits fight u and u can't get any new power ups like freeze. over all 7 out of 10.
I completed the game in 1 day.TOO EASY!!! Why is based on physics the title if it was easy? And TOO MANY ADS!Please make more modes like creating maps or something!Others probably agree with me.Make a multi player mode or an online VS Or team match.
Good game, but 3 stars because its a copy of the stick fight game on pc. and another thing is that if you go to the far end they all go after you.. but sometimes they kill eachother..but othee than those its a good game
this game is pretty decent. it is very fast paced and hard to comprehend at some points. for example one second I'm at the far right of the map then the next I'm on the left of the map without even knowing what'sgoing on. the controls are kind of wonky and makes the game a bit more challenging. the game is pretty hard and I found myself dying many times but it felt pretty good to complete a level. people who are into games like this would probably enjoy this game.
why would you guys put ads on the health area now i cant see the enemy's health... it was ok on the previous version, i know you guys want revenues but put them in an area where we can see or use the important things to play the game. -- Thats All
entertaining and very well set out though it would be cool to add armor/outfits from other games you invented or even be able to change the colour, thanks.
1 Ammo lasts for like a second so I end up getting into a fist fight a losing. 2 No multiplayer. 3 only a portion of weapons to choose from and game freezes. (don't know if that's only for me) But anyway fix your game since it's really buggy.
good game overall, a few tweaks could be made and an online multiplayer option would be good, but overall fun to play. The controls take a bit to get used to and the joy stick (moving controll) is in an awkward place so sometimes you cant see your character. But yeah, a multiplayer option would be awesome especially if you could add your friends and play privatley! thanks for reading
Its good but....i feels like its 3v1 cause all of them just walk straight to me its true that they fight each other but when they have no weapon all 3 of them just walk straight to me and sometimes it feels really really hard so if you could make that the A.I attack the nearest not the player.
Good game but when you die in endless you stop.Make it like the computer version and add when u die and someone else wins another round starts but he has the crown and please add maps like the computer version and add multiplayer and add hiding in the bushes
This game was pretty awesome and I have an idea Idea: you can add ----------- Sword Knife Katana Gloves ----------- More pistols like Snake Pistols Grenade(only 1) Snake Grenade Launcher ----------- Map: Snake Barrel(There is a snake inside a barrel at the top of the map) I hope you can do these requests...
Quite a fun fighting 2d game. I feel the creators should have added a multiplayer mode, and the story mode ends really quickly
Nice Game ! and i want more items and maps and of course more guns and make some throwing knives , kunai , shuriken , sticks , molotoves , grenades and more .... it will be more fun and add co-op mode and multiplayer and make less ads especially the long ads that you need to skip unlike simple ads that you can press back button and more skins and more obstacles too... I dont care what everybody rates the stars like 1 star and bad comments they say about this is the copy of landfall games ...
Amazing. but in the endless mode it would be better if everyone fought against each other. instead of every AI targeting me. just like the real game. excellent game though.
The game is great but I hate these:The bots team up as soon as you are the last player. There is a glitch where your character dissapears and gets stuck in the sky invisible and you just die. Fix/Upgrade this.
This game is awesome! Good guns, good effects, good stickmen, awesome gameplay! Just fix the barehanded fist fights because its hard to punch my enemies alot/properly and add more guns like Snake gun and Machine gun and also fix the aiming on some guns but THE GAME IS AWESOME!
three stars because you should be able to create your own levels or custom levels and endless mode you should be able to have unlimited respawns and we should be able to change our colors I'm not saying this in a mean way just you need a bunch of updates
I like this game, it's a solid recreation but one think that really triggers me is that the stick figures don't fight each other...they fight you. What I mean by this is I've simply walked to the side of the map and they've been in a single file line trailing me. 4 stars
I would like this game even more if it had a online mode, so that we could play with other players and not get bored of the game. Also, I would like more funny things to happen inside the stage like snakes that attach onto you. I love this game, I hope you like my idea thank you.
The app is so cool and plsssssss(; add a multiplayer battle and wlan wifi so when theres no internet i can play with my brother or sister and add and you need to fix the adds they're quite annoying and i hope that you will update itγ€Š;.
ehh. its ok. it really needs a multiplayer . and it needs like a lot more guns and power ups and stuff like that. other than that, a good game!
please make an online mode, at least local multiplayer over wifi or something, it would make this game so much more fun. Otherwise great effort!
This game is really fun, and I really wish THERE were more levels. If you could, please add more levels, and multiplayer into this game. Thank you game developers, for this game.
The game is a rip-off of the Landfall West's Stick Fight: The Game. Based on screenshots only, I can say that it's a poor one and tries to reap as much money as possible through microtransactions. That was confirmed the moment I played it. Don't download it and flag it as copycat.
It is entertaining,fun and cool you get to buy guns with the coins max the gun and get lots of bullets in mine I have got 180 just wow so download this app for free today not tomorrow today and experience the fun.😍😍❀❀
Its quite obviously a mobile clone of Stick Fight: The Game on pc by Landfall Games but it actually does a good job of replicating the gameplay on a mobile device. The only thing it really needs is a multiplayer mode and all weapons randomly spawning instead of using a shop. 3/5 until theres a multiplayer mode.
I love the game! But only one thing is that blue, yellow and green targets me so it is harder in endless. Please fix this in the future!
now this is a copy but is it really? colour it's a complete copy gun mechanics not at all different guns and recoil and knock back. they need to get better controls or something because if I try and move forward I move backwards it's awful. all and all if they changed up the colours it can be called a different game as far as ads I saw one and turned off wifi did just the trick and microtransactions idc as long as it doesn't affect a multiplayer if added
There's a lot of bugs first of all blue is over skill for my gameplay even know I beat them most of the time he can still fly. 2nd of all IM FALLING THROUGH THE FLOOR. it makes me mad. also can bullets pirce through you??? and you should be able to pick your character color.Ohh and when you lose you should go to the next round. the app is good but buggy. (pixel gun emotes find out which one it is)