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Stick Shadow: War Fight

Stick Shadow: War Fight for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by Reed Been located at VN. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 16+ (Violence) and required Android version is 4.2 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
It's a good concept but a it needs πŸ‘ more πŸ‘ original πŸ‘ attack animations. Also why can't I instant transmit like the ai. WHY. The spin,..well let's just say that that character and those diamonds won't be appearing anytime soon. Plus characters which have multiple transformations like jiren and freiza or you know the main protagonist of the entire dbz franchise (Goku) , only have one basic, standardised transformation. (PS adding eletirc sparks to a character doesn't count as a transformation)
It's a good game once you get hooked up you don't wanna stop playing the game however, what's annoying is an ads but I'm sure you can get rid of it by buying the premium version which will cost you,///// it would be even cool if there were more characters to unlock and if you could decide the powers you wanna use for the characters
It is amazing... First of all you get free trials 2nd of all u can get characters easily and 3rd of all I love the animation for it.
I am never going to play this game i mean in dragon ball WHIS was stronger then goku and when i am playing this game i easily deafeted whis with goku and when i used ultra instinct goku to fight goku (goku was in hell mode) he defeated me like it makes zero sence
Hello Reed Been. This is an awesome game! Its the best dbz game ever! I also have a suggestion. You added goten but can you add super saiyan goten? That would be great! Keep up the good work!
I played this game about a year ago but i can tell you a secret if you want free gems and coins turn off your wifi then hit the ad coins and gems and press watch and you will get coins and gems not jokeing Play this game now guys
Wait so you're telling me I have to buy characters so finish the whole Tower are you kidding me that is nothing but a cash grab I already paid for character and now even if I watch all the ads and get all the characters I still won't have enough to complete the Tower it's kind of a scam if you ask me but still overall it's a pretty good game in good for offline when you don't have Network when you're not home and I do recommend it.
I think it is a very good and enjoyable game. You can be very popular through this game if you improve it a bit. Add a feature where we can upgrade our fighters and get stronger, every fighter should be purchased by in game coins not real money damn it. And make it into an online game, you will be very successful if you turn this into an online game. Please consider doing that.
i love the game. it has a dragon ball z vibe which makes the game so enjoyable, it has all the gragon ball z characters which makes me feel happy but most of all you have different game modes. there were a few problems that gave me 4 stars, the first problem is that there are too many ads and for some characters you have to watch 20 to 30 long ads! please reduce the amount of ads you have to watch for some of the characters. and second of all, survival mode. it finishes the round after 4 guys.πŸ‘
This game is awesome would be better if the controls were fully explained, such as when two kamehameha waves hit each other and it tells you to push, it would be nice also if the ai on the normal mode was calmed down a bit because it's kinda hard to even get a hit on someone. Other than that this game is an amazing attempt at re-creating the characters. Keep it up!!!
I like the game too but... when you are a starter you kinda trash at it and where is gogeta blue at? I hope you add more character ;) GL
Nice game but why fighting with gosu god boss he's so strong than the other bosses please fix that but I like the game
This game needs to keep adding stuff. It's not really fun if you keep the game how it is if you know what I mean.
It's decent as far as controls and gameplay go. The AI is not at all friendly to new players which is a bit of a downside but my major problem is before and after every single battle there was an ad. I understand that the developer needs to make money but it feels like I spend more time watching ads than actually playing.
Last time I played this it had allot of differences now some characters that don't really matter cost money as well as alot of characters and it isn't the same.
This game kills time, 24/7, I'm a new player in this game but I seem to enjoy it. I hope you guys make new changes into this game to have 4 stars from everyone. So far so good, try it our yourself if you don't agree me. You'll be into more.
Good but all the characters need to be earnable currently half the roster is only unlocked by paying too much money, and the games ai is broken and will abuse abilities in ways the player cannot, such as it instant transmission attacks without knocking you away, I will cast a ultimate beam and the AI will just start spamming the teleport attack. It's unfair and broken because then the AI can and will combo lock you for insane amounts of time because it can attack after another faster than you are allowed to so u can't retaliate.
Well, the opponents attack give so much damage but our attacks give so low damage, what the hell is this, due to this even the strongest characters can't beat the weakest characters and they give us so much damage and our damage gives so less damage, fix this bug or u r gonna get 1 star forever and I will uninstall this cheating game.
This game is good,I like it and it's fun.I remember that I spined the lucky wheel a lot of times,and I somehow got goku ultra instinct without buying it,I guess I was lucky πŸ˜„πŸ˜„ XD
Well the game is really good I have to admit though. I would rate it a 5 but there are a few problems. For one you should add a custom character slot that you design your own character,power level and transformation. Two, you should add fusions/fusion selections. That would be more fun and exciting. three please make the controls a tab bit smaller. I can barely see where I am going. And last,please add a 3d camera to it. That would be more fun.
i love this game can you please add some wave push mode cause when im on battle i can't follow my enemy when he's using he's kameha wave and i want my enemy and me ultimate each other and we push the button so please add some wave push mode on game!!....
This game is the best of the best ,but could you update it in a way that when your energy is full you can go super Saiyan and stay that way till the fight ends like in the cartoon and could you also make it that you can go like from super Saiyan blue to red to yellow but in the same fight pliz do this and ill give you 5 stars 🀩
Great great with defining inconsistences. There are no power rankings. There is no way for the player to know which character is best suited for a fight. The most annoying are the ultimate moves; why are the power ranking of some moves significantly lower than that of others.
The game is good...just that sometimes it hangs and this makes it difficult to utilize...but otherwise..its a nice game😁
It is very interested gamer but you have to add more characters and remove buying characters from money
I think it is fine but I just wish you could start as a normal being but then transform from super Saiyan to a higher level
This game has potential to be better. I've enjoyed it thus far but it needs more improvment. The controls suck at times, after you unpause the game, the buttons don't show up for about a second or two, by that time the CPU is already handing me my ass. The lucky spin needs to be fixed, there should be an option to buy characters with the coins we get in the game, not actual money. Maybe allow us to fight online against people.
Wow good game but they could add a little more players like gotenks,gogeto,vegito and master roshi but i give it four because of that problem that i just told you about adding more players
The gameplay overall is amazing. The fighting is great, But I have a few concerns. There are people complaining about too many adds. I need adds to unlock most of the warriors, and I'm getting no ads nor videos at all so I have to rely on figting in the tournament on hell mode(which isnt too hard, but that depends on how you fight.) Despite what people say I cant get ANY ads to unlock ANY ad related warrior.
This game was awesome but it would be cool if you could go against online players and meet other people that are really good at the game. And when I did training mode I looked at the controls and I saw there was a move where you can break the opponent guard but I couldn't test it out because in training your opponent doesn't do anything. And it would be cool if your opponent gots you in a dash attack you can use 300% of your energy to escape the attack.
It's really good but it has to make some improvements like when you unlock a character you have put your energy to full power then you then after you transform to the to the pus on you want to like Super Saiyan 3 if you unlock Super Saiyan 3 character you stay in the base form then you have to press a button in full power on a text on real power to transform into Super Saiyan 3
Its a good game. Has great concept and i also like the way they do the names so they dont get copywrited by namco. But love the game. Easy to play and get better, plus its free. Also doesnt need internet to run.
I get that this is essentially a stick-man fighting kind of game, but I was hoping so much more would be done with the gameplay. Besides adding clothing costumes from Dragon Ball characters. Wait I forgot that you could transform at max ki lol but every ACTUAL good character I see feels like a god damn pay to win kind of deal.... So much for a DB$ stick man game... πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€β„’
This is a good game. Sure there are ads after ads but that doesn't bother me that much. But I have one thing to say. This game is fun and all but it will get boring very quickly and I suggest online mode or something else that will make the game more fun. Also Developers if you see this plz add online mode but if you can't im fine with that but just add something like a story mode. Also if you can't im fine with that and this is my last suggestion add like a friends list and like a club thing.thx
Best stickman fight game in the world, I highly recommend downloading this, I love it! the only downside is that I had to do the first battle twice, but other than that it's the best stickman fighting game in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!
This game is amazing but needs more characters. And add more transformation to characters that already can transform like Frieza. I'll change my review to 5 stars when this happens.(Edit): So I'm very glad you noticed my review suggestion. As I said in my previous review this game should have more "details". Another suggestion of mine is that you add "Heavy Attack" "Light Attack" And "Medium Attack". Adding these would make the combat system unique and more combos would help too.
its fun as hell. the problem is that it could be better with improved graphics, improved backgrounds, better mechanisms, more controls, more game modes(example gang fights). Also, this many characters is not necessary. 5 to 6 characters each with unique designs and unique controls and skills would be waaaaaay better than 30characters who do the same thing.
This game is really good and controls are super easy! There are many characters and I'm really happy that we can shift forms with character in match..the experience feels realistic...there are many ads but that can be fixed by turning off ur Internet...there is one suggestion though...start online matches! That would really be epic tysm!
For some reason you can get frieza but not cell, also if you back out before a reward is fully given to you, you get nothing; and last but not least, why? why are the AI fighters so good? Even when they're on the easiest difficulty!!!
Stick shadow is an awesome game, an awesome experience, with awesome graphics, even if you have to pay to be able to advance in story mode, there is always the tournaments and Tower modes which are fun, it's a great way to pass time, 10/10 game.
Love it challenging challenging and its the best dbz game on mobile Fix your game BTW I want to finish tower but I have to watch ads cmon Add new characters we can buy with gold and diamonds 😑
The game is fun but super vigita his power is coming out of his arm instead of his hands so please πŸ₯Ί fix it 😁
This game is cool but a bit of a mistake in the names of the heroes. I hope u can all fix it im counting on all of you i hope you do it.
absolutely great and controls are very good. I recommend this to all dragon ball z or dbs or db minus fans.9.75 out of 10
fun and good game but when the players fight they do low damage so if I was the game I'd put the damage to normal
This is absolute trash. At first I thought it was fun, but then after 5 minutes I got bored. You get flooded with ads every time you lose, and you have to buy almost every character. Instead of playing this game, maybe go spend your money on xenoverse 2 or something. The controls are basic and not helpful against the AI's. And I'm not sure if this is a joke, but the names of the characters.. Gosu and Brocky? Really?
I really so nice i like and i have so many warriors and its game is so good and i like this game give this game 5 star
This game is great, its fun, but also simple but this isnt a review, this is to tell the creator that there is a glich were you have your internet off and watch adds for rewards without adds showing i feel this is unfair for the creator because there no addvtisment and people still get rewards
very great game all around. just would like to see a few more characters and that can evolve more then 1 time. and possibly put in a stronger ki beam like a bigger one if u hit both buttons not one time but twice ya know. and hey think about making a second game. this one is awesome but making a second one thats even better then this. that would be legitt. AMAZING GAME πŸ‘Œ
There's an obnoxious amount of ads after every fight and action that you do. The gameplay itself is fine but the ads make it much less enjoyable. This game used to be fine, please fix it.
It's ok, for a Dragon Ball bootleg game lol, but it's pretty damn fun too. To the creator of the game: If you would like to attract more people and make them stay in the game, you should try making a campaign of some sort, and then try to also make an online mode as well. Please dont rely solely on in all purchases for money, most of the time it'll make people uninstall the game if there are too many Money related things in the app. Also, one major thing to add is more forms. Great game tho.
So I have been playing this game for about a couple of days, and it is really addictive and fun! But there are only a couple of issues. 1. In the game you have to pay for characters, now if there was a story mode that when you played on higher difficulties you would obtain said characters, I think that the game would then be more enjoyable. 2. If you could pay money for no adds (like 3.00 a month) then I would probably play this game more often then I already do. But in all this is a good game!
After playing this game for quite some time, I have noticed a few things. 1) Some of the controls don't work. I can't Instant Trans. anytime I want to hit my opponent like the A.I. can. 2) That spin thing completely rigged. Out of the 30+ times I spinned that dial, I only landed on the diamond 3 times. Other than these kinks, it's a great game with a great concept. I would love to see this thrive.
It's a good game but there are glitches in it due to which I can get money and diamond in free as much as I want *without* watching adds and All........ but many levels r not that easy and fraize gold is still not possible to defeat .........also every character is required to pay real money which is REALLY USELESS FOR THIS GAME...... If I had to then I would have given money in Brawl stars then in this
It's really good but please make that thing that charges my ki to still be on whenever you're pressing the button even when the ki is charged
5 star game but I had to start over on my tablet I wish I could have all my info on my tablet same for my phone
Good game.. but when I bought gosu blue (which is expensive)it became weak vs vigita blue..... so please fix this
I love this game its so awesome and I just like the fighting styles and all the moves you can use. The problem that I (myself) have is that I always forget the controls so thats why it could get a bit hard for me to play the game, Im not calling it bad, im just saying 4 starts because its hard for me to remember all the controls in the game. Other than that I would reccomend this game.
good game but its very easy to cheese, once you unlock goku with the blue jacket you are fit to win the extreme tournament which is cheese because you can just keep blocking and launching your bot opponents while powering up and keep blasting them with ultimate attacks and why did you change the way to get goku ultra instinct? Do you really need money that badly so thats why you made goku ultra instinct that hard to get?
Very good game but the last boss was to hard. The tower mode is one of my favorites because you get lot of rewards.
Dear Reedbeen- I have LOVED your game from start to finish. But can you please up date the game? The last time it was updated was on August 2020. And know its March 6th 2021. This rating will be kinda short(I think). Here are a few ideas that I thought you can add in the game. 1.Online mode When I say this i mean they will be a mode not the whole game online. 2.New fighters 3.Maybe a thing that shows how powerful ur character is and upgrading. Well thats it!!! Btw make more games pls thx
I like this game but i gave it 2 stars bcs the screenshots were lies.The game is nothing like what they say.It is still the same as it has always been
This is the best but my brother keeps on uninstalling it and i lose hope because if he uninstall i will do all proggres again
It's a fairly decent game, im not gonna lie. The ads are a bit annoying but you can skip them after a few seconds. There's no tutorial so new players like me basically have no idea how to actually play the game. Like I honestly don't know how tf you fire a Kamehameha and thats honestly really effing annoying. Like i don't care that half the fighters you have to pay for, but ffs please add a tutorial. There's a training room, yeah, but I shouldn't have to learn through trial and error.
Gameplay is kinda fun, but you really need to work on fixing most of the game's mechanics and other stuff. Example: 1. Names are wrong "Gosu, Vigita" 2. You don't get zeni for playing versus or arcade (check other ones too) 3. Too many ads and microtransactions: I think you might be worse than EA. Not kidding, make characters easier to unlock. 4. Who's that brown fox? (Haven't seen it in Dragon Ball). Unless you fix these, i'm not even thinking of rating 3 or 4 stars, not talking about 5.
Personally, I was looking for something a little more like Smash Bros when I found this game, but I gotta say, the difference isn't a downgrade. The ads are skippable from what I've seen, the controls are great (but should be customizable) and the graphics are fantastic, sticking with the theme of simple stick figures. Also I've been told that this game is apparently similar to Dragon Ball Z games, but I've never seen those games, so if this is based off of one of the DBZ games, cool. Recommended
This game is the most easiest game to learn that's from dragon ball z.there a whole bunch of characters in the game it's so fun,so make sure you install this game and keep it forever!!
It is soooooooo fun to play and the controls are sooo easy too!!!! But one thang that can make the so much more fun if there were more missions and u can customize ur on Charters other than that the game is Good
The gameplay is good, graphics are not that bad, but I would like to suggest something, make the characters transform not just once you buy the character it's automatically already in its form. once they are charging the character should be in low form first and then once they charge thier KI that's the time the characters will transform. And make the controls easier and make Custom room which can be played with more than one player Via WiFi. That's all. I hope you consider my opinion. Thanks
an amazing concept of a game and with a little more work it can be a great game. I have no issue with all the ads I mean you have to make money somehow but can you make fighting a little bit easier and most of the time my dash attack doesn't work and medium difficulty is quite hard. great game and concept again but still needs a lot of work.
This is a super fun game and it is really easy to control. There a alot of ads but you can fix that by switching off your internet.