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Stick Shadow: War Fight Premium

Stick Shadow: War Fight Premium for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by Reed Been located at VN. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I will tell you some thing very important, beam ultimates= hard mode on any difficulty and spirt bomb ultimates= easy mode on any difficulty also once you get ssj3 gosu (goku) you win instantly. And when you're good enough go to tournament on the hell difficulty and win to get ssj3 goku and at that point you have beaten the game
Simply the best game.really love it .but theirs something missing which is you should add more speacials which will make the game more fun.hope to see this improvement and this game deserves 5 stars for sure.
This is honestly awesome! It's impressive how there are 50 characters to choose from! (I bought the universal, and the old pack btw.) Add online and local play, and this game will be a blast!
Very good game but when you unlock all the characters that can be unlock by zeni or gems you can't unlock other characters only by real money there is a wheel of fortune but am spinning it for a month now and it didn't give me the eny characters only 10 zeni or gems that I can't use
I love this game so much but can you add customizations on characters you own that cost gems like different versions of them? Also Can you add a multiplayer on this game to make it exiting because it is getting boring with the limited options (Even a local play so that I can fight my smaller brother). Thanks and I hope you reply to this and keep making thus game better red bean!!!
THIS GAME IS THE BEST.THE CONTROLS ARE GOOD AND EVERYTHING.MUI IS GOD.If there was a story mode this game would be even more amazing.If your company can make a story mode and you can save I would apreciate it. Thank you and keep up the good work.ULTIMATE DBZ GAME.
the game barely functions, the only valid strategy is from just spamming ki blasts and thats all the ai do, its not fun and every character can only be unlocked from watching an ungodly amount of ads and cant be unlocked through any in gsme currency.
You need full ki for transformation. the wheel takes forever to unlock a character. You can't choose wether the ki attack is a ball or a laser, what if I want a kamehameha in ssj3 goku? Misspelling just to screw around. We get ssj3 goku, broly, ultra instinct vegeta, but no ssj3 vegeta? sad. Some characters cost real money I wanna go regular ssj. Only ssj3 goku can be a reward at the tournament. You can only do some sort of ki fight only works with laser attacks. Not laser vs ball, ball vs laser
The game is fun once you get the hang of it. The downside is anytime you go back to the main menu you get a pop up for one of their iap's. Doesn't seem very VIP aside from no forced ads. Had a daily challenge to play 5x in arcade mode. There is no mode called arcade 🤔. Doesn't have screen flipping, which sucks for phones with external buttons. Also doesn't have a quit/exit game option. I enjoy the fighting aspect. Please remove iap spamming devs. I will rate higher if you do that.
i wouldn't lie, this is the best stick game i've played so far. if its lagging maybe its just ur device sucks, and win hell mode tournament to get powerfull character (im hoping there was LAN mode) oh i forgot plz add harder mode too! xd.
nice gameplay and character models along with the special, could be better with multiplayer and it would make the fighting a bit better if you could teleport when they use a special like the ai
very very good game!, i really like this game!.but one thing u should add to this game,pls add new character...maybe u can add naruto?😂😂😂
Amazing! This game has 50 characters! there is only one thing it needs, and that's online and local play. I play this over most PC games, it's that good.
great game. but when watching ads to double winnings, the ads usually dont work and all winnings are lost. it could be so much better. needs allot of fixing with the ads
i have a problem, this game is no fair bc the block doenst work they still do damage instead of it blocking and the loading to the electrical thing takes yo long and they attack me when i do it.
Plz, I want my refund back to me.my sister acctidently click that app,plz try to understand..i tried so many ways, plz I want my money back to me
Epic game, I loved it especially because it's based on DBZ (my of the OG animes). The devs did their best for the characters to have the same abilities like the real ones and that they look the same. I being a big fan of Stickman games have to say that this is one of their best. Good job on making such an epic game guys. Hope that there are many more to come.
this for a pretty experienced gamer is really hard on easy but other than that it is a great game and if you really know what you are doing then it can be really fun.
I dont like this game. It is similar to the original one except you waste. money. i wasted it now and I can't get a refund.
I think this is a great game but the only problem is the vip version is terrible because the only difference is there are no ads but all I can do is turn off my Internet on my phone and no ads comes in the writing it said that you could upgrade your abilities but that is a lie it the same game as the standard stick shadow war fight so don't get this game get the free version
The game is good.But whenever i try to punch the cpu,they always hit me first even though i pressed the punch button wayyy before the cpu did.Yet they still hit me.The cpu also is a spammer.They spam ki blasts,and you cant even beam clash with other special moves.Fix this or else im rating this a 1 star
It is a pretty good game, but after a while I deleted the game by accident and lost all the stuff i paid for and earned! please add a restore purchase section, so i can get my stuff back.
hi! there should be a ultra instinct mid blue transformation in it which is missing and there sholid be a transformation of goku while during the fight
whoa,whoa,whoa,whoa,whoa,whoa,whoa,whoa...WHOA isn't this a v.i.p version?if it is than why can't we have every character unlocked without us having to unlock them? and can't you make the cpu just a little bit easier so than we don't have to suffer through the cpu spamming the ki blast? thats all i'm asking for
Very worst app. I would not want to play this app but they can't refund my money. Please refund my money back. Why you won't refund my money.
I love it!You should add multiplayer mode to make it moooooreee fun!Thanks for making this game this is exactly what im looking for!Add multiplayer mode:)Thanks~~
its great but i have an idea can you make the characters that need actual money and change it to just gems and zennies but make it a little more expensive but only this game then i would really love this game thanks!
It could've been a good game it has potential but they ripped me off for $2.99 when I paid for the Premium version and all it gave me was the normal version Then when I tried to get a refund the game didn't even exist anymore
Can you please add online mode or Multiplayer? Also add a leader boards and ranking in Multiplayer... Make more modes.. I really like this game.. Hope you read this.
It is more fun and great if you add multiplayer mode in it.. it gives more fun for the players to play it.. :) I'm really enjoying this game until now. but sometimes i think that its really great if you add "multiplayer mode" both online/mobile hotspot.. Hope for this :) and also we want you to add more battlegrounds it gives more fun too.. 😊 Keep it the best reed been!
I am really glad that made it free for sometime.I was really dying to play this games cuz I like the free version and......THAT WAS REALLY GOOD FOR THE FANS OF DRAGON BALL Z /SUPER like meh .;-; I would like to say THAT YOU ALL HAVE DONE A ĞŘĚÄŤ WORK and i would to like give a opinion that it would be great if you can updrage the skills/ki blasts in dojo and you can buy more ki blasts in dojo/shop or make a icon on home tab Upgrade and i would like to say great work keep it up :) !!
ok, its a bit glitchy. like when you go to punch. someone up close it does not redister.(sorry i didnt give any detail in my preveios review)
The Game Is A Blast To Play. Its So Simple And So fun. But its missing something.... Oh I Know! A Multiplayer Mode! Both Local Wireless And online. This Could Really amp up the games popularity. Could You add it Please?
it's good but it is missing something multiplayer mode! this will make the game better and better if the multiplayer in the game I will rate 5 stars!
waaay toooo many ads, literally before starting a game, gives you an ad, then after the game, gives you another. Just reduce the number of ads
I love the game but goku blue and probably vegita blue are very underpowered, their supposed to be an upgrade to goku god but goku super saiyan 2 has the same ki energy as him (300%). I just want goku blue and vegita blue to get a buff, when they do I'll give a 5 star.
It is a great game but i think if you have say goku and ssj goku ssj2 ssj3 you should be able to transform into them. But the game is fun but i think easy mode should be a bit easier.
Im a serious gamer and this has proved to be a great challenge, not TOO hard, but definitely something worth time, just perfect. Also, for that one guy saying its too hard, i o play on easy mode and it is very easy, so, that might mean you need to get gud.
best game. but can you do a jump force special so you can get a goku that turns ssj and ssgss, and 2 character's, luffy and naruto. and I want all of them to cost $2.00 or 200 💎. also add multiplayer.
I am soo glad I got this on sale!!! it is awesome!!! nothing wrong with it. no bugs...nothing. 😀😀😀
I wish we could make our own character (by using the character's clothes from the game) and choose their skills like their last combo attack, their special ki attack,and their race (Majin,Namekian,Human,Saiyan) and their saiyan transformation. Oh and can you make a ONLINE multiplayer mode with REAL PEOPLE and a story mode please and thank you 😃.
This is a great game. You should add aura when you clash so it can look cooler.Also you should make it to where you can make a character and have a story but I think that would be too much. Anyways this game is great and fun overall. So even if you don't add this. This game will still be great. Good Luck ReedBean
I love it but, The game dont have music, and maybe can you make more realistics the battles? This game has future! good job. Im waiting for new updates!
This game is very well made. I mapped out keyboard controls using Nox emulator, and it's perfect. However, I am experiencing a small bug. When I try to view an ad to unlock a character, the ad plays fine but there is no way to get back to the game after the ad ends. It just stays on the ad page until you close the game and relaunch. It also does not count toward unlocking the character for some reason. Other than this bug, I've had no issues with Stick Shadow at all. Great job!