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Stick Ranger

Stick Ranger for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by DAN-BALL. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
this is an amazing underrated gem from the early 2000s. The only problem is that you cant play vs mode with people on pc.
this is one of the most fun games you guys have ever made but, I w ould likr to see you focus more on the games instead of making more
Fun game, but the drop rates for some items are awful.....turns the game into a tedious grind at times. I also wish there was some way to redistribute sp points, there are tons of cool builds but it's not worth starting a new game just to try them.
Ah yes! It's cool to play it and fun. It gets harder and here's a tip! Drah your stickmen around and release and drag and release. This will make them shoot and at the same time move to another position.
BEST GAME I HAVE ON MY PHONE. *SPOILERS* I'm at hell 2 and forget tree. The boss on hell 2 is whyyyyy to stronk
It's good but atleast add a tutorial because there are two people on bad rating that doesn't know gunner drains ur money
Love this game. Played it through many times with different team combos. Each class is unique and the items like gems, crystals, cards, spirits, stones and medals makes each character really customizeable. Lots of weapon variety for each class and the skill distribution system also allows you to furthur customize your class to make it more powerful according to what weapons and combo items you have. I wish there were a sequal to this with maybe more classes.
Probably one of the most RPG-like games on the app store without loot boxes or waiting times to play again. You could play through this game start to finish without needing to wait. Plus, it's charming in it's own way with how simplistic the graphics are. The only thing I'd say is really wrong with this game are some difficulty spikes, and some lack of instructions on what classes do. I suggest checking the wiki for this game on more specific things. But overall, this is a great game. 8/10
It's a cute game lots of content and classes if you pick the gunner they do a lot of damage but you have to pay for each bullet.
Exceptionally fun game! love playing this and listening to music at the same time, its long lasting and diverse with which characters to use as well. Huge variations with group combos too.
i found a secret where you go to the town and keep pressing i nn if you dont hae enough it will make a odd theme is this a easter egg or what ?
Great game. Could you add a grenadier class it would throw bombs you would be able to upgrade blast radius, attack dmg, and child bombs (after child bomb is at 10 points the main bomb would explode into 2 smaller bombs 1 on each side each doing 1/4 of normal dmg). Also please add the ability to fuse same stones/crystals together in the shop the higher the level of the stone/crystal the more the cost.
I love this and all of dan-ball's games. They're truly the best, but I would like to see more hidden levels and such. Keep up the good work and THANK YOU!!!
addictive and great using these archers. Archers will make the changes and a lot of amout of damage that is NOT appraisal for damages, unless it will damage on near on enemy.
At first glance this game was fun since it wasn't too hard and the game's concept was simple enough to understand but as you play for longer amounts of time, the game becomes extremely hard and turns into a grindfest. In summary the game starts from an easy to super hard game and just becomes too time consuming.
...I need ANSWERS; Why is the game SO difficult? Why is it that I cannot pass Snowfield 7? I try to skip ALL the way to boss stage just to keep health up and I can't even beat the Boss and minions. All Stickman die 7 seconds into boss. Also, When you make your stick man float, it cannot attack. I need it to attack in mid air. That way I can deal additional damage. This game is exciting when you actually beat more stages to get more weapons. I lost my sanity and this game lost stars. F-I-X!
If this weren't free, I'd still buy it. Ads are non-intrusive and can be turned off for hours if you watch a full ad. The game itself is a timeless classic with charming graphics.
This is an absolutely amazing game even going into 2020. It is a very strategic yet simple game that's complexity is within the leveling most so. I recommend looking up what the skills actually upgrade so you dont get completely random effects, for example upgrading the sniper's STR increases their range while the gladiator STR a Maxiumum Attack point upgrade. You can also leave it pretty idle and grind for loot that is more rewarding than most games nowadays.
Whens the Stick Ranger 2 coming out? i mean.. im a big fan of Stickman games and your work but, i know that not all of us can play in PC, at work or at public give me Hopes πŸ˜­πŸ™
I loved this game back then, but having to face the facts that I have to start from scratch again after playing my iOS version for 3 years, with no way to transfer it to this Android is just heartbreaking. I keep trying to play again, but end up uninstalling it again after just a few minutes of playing because of this.
one of the best rpg games out there. i love the grind of having to go back 5 levels and keep going for the boss to get that card you need. spent like 4 months on completing it and now my life is complete. don't listen to these fools about their stupid ideas, the game is perfect the way it is.
I don't know if the developers are still updating this game but could you put some command that can forward, Retreat or dodge
I played this a lot a long time ago, back when there were only 5 classes Thank you for making a mobile version, it means a lot to someone like me!
This game is awesome. I want lie, I thought it was slow in the beginning, but it speeds up quickly. For it's simplistic style, it's an addictive and fun play. Five stars, easy
A very well done game. I would recommend allowing the player to choose 1-4 stickman instead of only 4, or the ability to change class mid game, or have more than 4 stickmen at once, or more than four save files. Even now, its 5 star worthy. A little rocky for starting, especially with priests, but it picks up the pace.
it's cool but I think you should give an option to add more stickmans. each one will cost coins and it will cost higher the more you have. also, there should be more slots, but as unlockables. also, allow the same weapon to the other stickman, for example, you can have 2 archers, well you can accept these suggestions depending on what you think, but the game is really beautiful.
To all who's having problems with the game's mechanics, there's a designated wiki page where you can see all the information about how the game works. And clearly, some of the reviewers we're kinda new to the system of this sort of rpg, especially when it comes to combat and strategy. You can start from there and learn the core mechanics of stick ranger. Once you know how to play the game, your gameplay will run smoothly throughout the world of stick ranger.
I for one thought this game is TOO easy only cause theres a wiki that tells you the best way to beat any boss im a little past the desert and i useally win them on my first try and when i dont the wiki tells me what items i need i know that this game can be frustrating but theres nothing wrong with useing the wiki all the time like me anyway i think the game is really entertaining it goes into depth like loads of items from monsters that you useally never see in a differant stage overall great game.
the DAN-BALL classic java webgame, now on mobile! ha55ii has made this dream a reality, and it definitely delivers. the addition of sounds makes it really fun, too.
I mean , it's well made but , the difficulty Is nuts. Income Is Nothing , drops are the same, so consider making the game fair
I like the game alot. but just one thing. It will be fun if you can add a mod or custom feature where the map is more expandable, more new awesome and mysterious levels in each places of the expanded map and a custom unit creator that can be played as well. Keep working on an update like this next time.
its unfair. when you die you start with like 0 health its hard to fight and get money to heal so i had to delete the game when i died its anoyying. but i love the powder game
Positive:This is so cool! Critical:It is good and all but there are some problems,worst problem,we can post and all only once in a day,remove that to make us post and all anytime we want. And also remove the data posting limit,and turn vs mode from list to boxes,each containing a list of 10 posts,and there must be unlimited posting of that way. And also there are only 4 slots,make them unlimited!! And remove NG from things that have it,like poison bow,and make to compose slots to being 3.
I have so many hours put into this game over the years, between PC and now mobile, I wish you guys would add more classes even though I know you have no plans too. Love the game though still play it weekly. Hope you guys at Dan-Ball are doing good.
THEY DON'T FORCE YOU TO SEE ADS, FOR MOST OF THE TIME and its well made game :D and it gets hard so you feel good about killing the bosses ! its really fun to play if you want try it out. :D
The game is a grindfest and you'll spend a lot of time on the wiki. That said, pretty fun. No pay to win is appreciated and the gameplay is oddly satisfying
It's a good game but it would be helpful if the upgrades were more clear to us and the page to explain upgrades doesn't help much..
Huge update suggestion: - Removeable gems (so you can't lose it when replaced or when selling weapons with gems on them) - Sell weapons with gems on them at a higher price - More levels - More weapons - More caracter slots - Graphics settings - Custom colors/shapes for caracters - Hats - More enemies - Auto-move to the "NEXT" sign for next stage - Training - Let stickmen fight with bare hands until you find weapons to assign I will think of other updates in the mean time. I hope DAN-BALL (one person or team, i don't really know) will read this review and accept. Good luck updating!
THIS IS SO COOL (even tho it is hard :P) It IS SOOO COOL but it would be cooler if the stickmen would move to the end and go to the next level automatically.
The game in itself is great there are also a lot of classes. But i also wish there were more enemies and more classes maybe like giants
Amazing game but i have few suggestions. 1) Make players able to buy compo in shop 2) Other cool mechanics like pick up buff for 1 stickman which lasts for 1 or 2 stages. 3) Able to flick multiple stickmans using many fingers. Other than that, great game! I really like itπŸ‘πŸ‘
This game has got to be the best I have ever played, not to mention it has 64-bit graphics and really gives off that nostalgic vibe. I have beaten the game before and it starts out rough, but once you get used to it, it just gets better. I also have a question for Dan Ball, will Stick Ranger 2 be also a mobile game? I hope that you make more games like this and I hope the series continues because its gotta have more recognition, and maybe add some lore or something because first time was perfect
This app is fun theres this bug in vs mode though I add a team and play with it on vs mode I grind my team but it dosent save in vs mode I delete the old team but I have to wait one day to put another day I wait one day it doesn't work
While simplistic, the game is a LOT of fun. A bit grindy, but I wasn't expecting anything else. While the graphics are pretty basic, )I mean, stickmen what did you expect,) the enimies, items, and classes, are all pretty easy to distinguish. Normally, there is a button at the top left corner of the screen, which allows you to watch one ad, and get an hour ad free. As of 09-12-2019 update 1.9, that button is nonfunctional, and doesn't appear off the title screen.
Fantastic, you have class pickup(wish there were more) tons of weapon with abilities and attributes others doesn't have. If your going to make another game almost similar to this like Stickrangers: 2 or anything ill be sure to find it.
I've been playing this game on and off for probably a decade, it has a big learning curve but there's a reason I've stayed around for so long. the amount of different builds you can try, optimizing them, breaking item points and wrecking previously impossible stages. it's a great game to play while watching something in the background and I often lose track of time just playing the game by itself. its an "idle" game but micro movements really open up the game for different strategies to work. :)
If you see this creator, I really loved this game! Those who said bad things really must get dead. This is one satisfying game, and also, I BEG OF YOU TO add more characters and custom levels! Thanks!
Its a good game I understand the difficulty. Though I am having problems getting past things i don't how to so, its like im stuck now. idk if to say the game isn't as i thought it would be, not to be easy just is there a curtain team I need together. I still like the game though.
Barely takes up any memory, simple yet entertaining, difficult but not impossible, many weapons and tactics to try. Can play offline without any interference, and only lags if you are reaaaaally trying to make it. I do my best to be critical of apps when I rate them, but I cannot find any serious problem with this game. Love it! 5/5
A simplistic RPG where you have a team of 4 stickmen that fight for you and level up. It's a good concept hindered by flawed execution. Drop rates are broken in this game, you can kill hundreds of an enemy and not get a single item drop. This problem is compounded by the fact that once a compo item is inserted on a weapon, it is permanently tied to that weapon. As a result gameplay pretty much entirely consists of grinding extremely easy enemies for 1exp just to try to get drops.
Its a fun game in all, but there is a bug that everytime i gain money, it takes it away from me instead of giving it to me. Im not sure if this is intended or not, but if its a bug please fix it.
Very hard after the first castle and in the dark forest and caves, playtime extends into the hundreds of hours, no P2W or intrusive ads. Very worth it
Amazing game. If I could give it 10 stars I would. The literally only thing I ask/hope for is maybe even one more class option. Don't get me wrong, the current ones are great, but I feel like other classes would also fit in good with this games style, like maybe an aerial fighter character that sits a certain distance off the ground, or maybe a preist-like unit that heals the other characters instead of buffing them. It can't attack, and it's "atk" power is the amount it heals for each "attack"
Great overall game. Would help if you had a brief tutorial and made it more obvious that the gun drains coins. But the physics and controls are new and very good. The graphics are retro and in that, charming. The revival and inn Is a great mechanic. Small file size makes this game the best I have played. Also, it works great on slower phones.
the way they move is beautiful. a suggestion is to add a few more classes like maybe someone with a spear or an axe
Good overall but as the creator has recently updated bug fixes would be nice to see a better version of the game, e.g Stick Ranger 2, possibly having more classes, and a more varied stat set, there is a lot that could be done and you wouldn't have to touch this game one bit. Regards someone who has played since pc's where used to game
This is a rather simple, yet enjoyable game! I've played as far as the pyramid (the boss is pretty hard) and I'm truely enjoying my time spent playing! The pvp system is rather enjoyalble as well because with the right gear you can blow the competition away every time. It may seem unbalanced just hearing that but they implemented a ranking system based on the level of a players party. If a battle between 2 people of different ranks occur, it's not counted to either player, which is great.
I love finding what seems like small free apps that barely take time to fully complete but actually have a load of content and this is one of those
Sweet D-B keep it up and plz add a multiplayer mode so you can team and add these classes: rogue: can back up melees, have a shuriken and katana (sword) 2 weapons and has high agility in speed and DAMAGE PER SEC. Tamer: can tame beasts to help you (but not bosses) till they die. Also keeps a staff like a preist but you must buy that beast in tame section in the tamer shop. Healer: heals each warrior by healing in 10s with lp. Its weapons is just a simple power orb like a mage has. Then there is the big daddy warrior... The brute: will deal heavy damage in the 10s instantly. It has only physical types so does not have a section in the shop. The brute will pick up a beast and throw it on the ground... After doing so it will be weak. The brute would be as big as the castle boss so its easy to kill a beast. Instantly gains 150 lp in the beginning instead of 100. But even if it has no shop it has one power..... Rage!! If a beast messes with it too much the brutes body goes up in flames and does 2Γ— damage. Then there is true elemantal.... The mega mage: every element he uses will rise up out of a ground like a mountain growing at 100Γ— speed. Such as a earth type (add the earth type) a giant spiked rock like a mountain will rise up and stab the beast under it. Well im done... Take these updates from me... The mystery scar-H have a blesses day
This game has ups and downs but i enjoy this game very much. Theres a few things i love added like more classes so that more combos can be made and more interesting weapons that can be used optional not when you've had a stronger weapon the other weapons are useless, also what i most want for u to add is more levels at the start because having more roads is better than focusing in a certain level
"What if Final Fantasy were a USARPG and contains Stickmen?" Yep, it's a game. I didnt hate it, I didnt like it. It was fine. But I could've done something better with my life.
This is just an amazing game. I've been playing Stick Ranger for over nine years, and I was really excited when it came out for Android. I recently reached Hell castle, my rangers being a Boxer, a Sniper, a Magician, and a Priest. Priests are essential, I strongly suggest at least one of them in your team. Again, just an outstanding game. And one more thing: If you've made it to the Island, Get a Quick's Card 5 with the Vamp's 4 on a mach Cestus. Extremely powerful.
best casual rpg game on the market, id give 5 stars if i could pay to get rid of ads and additional content, but an ad an hour isnt bad either. dragging stick figures is fun unless theyre grouped together, you risk leaving your mage behind as you drag your warrior out of the close range fight
I've loved the game for years but I noticed that when I kill units it drains my money I don't know if it's a mistake or meant to happen and if it's on purpose please change it, it makes the game very annoying. It's still very fun tho.
I know I was late late so I played this year ago like yeah I played it and I liked it a lot my brother helps me getting to a level because sometimes I get it wrong so I do like the simulator so keep making all of these games it helps me play a lot :] what side thing does snow storms outside but I do like the Pikachu man I love Pokemon by the way :]
This game is amazing as with all of your games. I do wish there was a way to have sort of a "creative mode" or "sandbox" part to test out all if the weapons and characters.
One of the best and simplest RPGs I've played in Android, it gives hours and hours of gameplay. It isn't that difficult but at the beginning you might find it kind of hard, because you have weak weapons and enemies are sometimes problematic depending on the classes you selected (always have a priest in your team, they give buffs to the stickmen), the most difficult parts of the game are the castle levels with final bosses. I recommend you to check help menu because some things might confuse you.