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Stick of Titan

Stick of Titan for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by sk_Mine located at Kouhoku-ku, Yokohama city, Kanagawa, Japan. The game is suitable for Rated for 12+ (Moderate Violence) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

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You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
got a question (also I'm not being a pushover but) is there a chance your able to make a game like this but a star wars... game.... yes or no btw not trying to be a pushover im just asking
Perfection for this, this game, although is not too accurate, is amazing and makes you laugh and feel like your there. It is simple yet hard on some levels that have combat. I definetely recccomend people to play this
If you can i was hoping you could add where you can cut titans limbs off or where they grab you, you can cut there hands off
I love your game and the updates are awesome and i love that you update regularly but you don't listen to some of our ideas please come through. and also please give us a way to use titan shifters in bloodiest battlefield or somm u call it. Please make another Team Play 3 where Eren and the others fight the colossal titan. I love your games and i would want you to make more updates please and i don't want you to think i am needy. I understand thanks for answering
this game is awesome but if so could u add some more modes to it or like character edit this is just my question?(but your game is still awesome as it is)
I really enjoyed it there's actually a lot of fun content in here and I can actually find myself playing this anywhere's which usually isn't a thing
This game is awsome every update thered a new wonderful game release... I just really happy about the catcher that looks like flappy bird when on (Easy) Mode my cousins and I were making a high score but we must not touch the ropes.... Keep the good work dev...Love from PHπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
i love this game i played it when i was 5 and its still good how about add some new levels dont worry take your time good job on the game thoπŸ€—
Its cool i recommend it on tablets but its ok on phones i rate it 4 stars because its cool and why i rate it 4 stars it has no multiplayer and pls can you add multiplayer next update it would good and i will rate it 5 stars if you add it thank you
I've had this app for awhile and I love it you did a great job on the new armor 2 mini game i would love to use the hardening ability more and I would love to be the jaws titan or maybe the beast titan um anyway your doing great keep up the good work sorry for saying love so much
This is an amazing game, if you can could you add more levels where you have AI as teamates like 5 humans vs 30 titans or what not, overall this is an amazing game EDIT: I see ,this is a really great game though, don't stress yourself too much
It needs to be more levels in the game every week and like when I play it I expect more like levels like because like I feel like you don't have many like a d Attack on Titan levels the attack on Titan like episodes until like the game so that's obviously a problem because it doesn't based on with the story and they're not even in the right category so like fix the game please and like when we fight Reiner we should be able to like be a person like when were in game we should be able to take cont
just giving you an idea could you add a level based on boulder but this time we are protecting the titan
also your app sakura blade is so damn awesome keep updating on both so the game will be very very interesting and enjoyable TY for that kinds of games low mb but very interesting Keep Improving The Game TY😁😁😁 Edit: Thanks For Your Amazing Games That You Are Making Keep Updating It 😁😁😁
Most of them are really hilarious, thank you for making this i really enjoy it alot even its just some stickmans :>
I love your game and the updates are awesome and i love that you update regularly but you don't listen to some of our ideas please come through. and also please give us a way to use titan shifters in bloodiest battlefield or somm u call it. Please make another Team Play 3 where Eren and the others fight the colossal titan. I love your games and i would want you to make more updates please and i don't want you to think i am needy.
Good game for attack on Titan fans, but the reason why I rated 4 stars, is there is one level named "beast", I can't even attack the beast Titan , once you attack the beast Titan, you will be dead, please fix the beast mode.
Pretty damn fun, and especially hilarious for a SNK fan. Will their be mini games related to the Marley arc?
I had a great time, maybe not as good as it could've been, it could be remade, better graphics. The new levels are fun! It's amazing, definitely the best game in mobile i've played. I hope this wasn't to harsh because i love it so much don't take this the wrong way please. Keep up the great work, ignore the negatives and focus on the positives. EDIT 2: "Hope this year is kind to you!" We jinxed it...
I would rate a 4-Star for not enough games, but i think that theres anough and definitely more coming. Also, when I played "Team Play 2", all I had to do is repeatedly tap his neck on easy mode.
Easily my favorite mobile game. It updates pretty frequently and has many interesting and fun aot based games. I always find myself excited when a new monogamy comes out.
i could rate your game 5 out of 5 beacuse your graphics is to good pls keep up the good work btw can you pls make more and more games thx you sir hope you read this
awesome, now I can be in my favorite anime. this game is fun and mirrors the show pretty closely, anyone who sees this this comment you should get the game. you can be in the entire series and even be different people and do different things
very nice game. super addicting yet so simple.alot of modes but the reason I gave it 4 stars is because when you want to try another mode, you HAVE to go back to the title. why can they just make it so that you go back to the same gamemode page you left on? super annoying to wait for a few seconds to play another mode
this game is better than any mobile game I've ever played.I haven't told anyone I know about this , but I will.πŸ‘Œ BUUUUUUUT the titans need to be aggressive like in the original game / show .
Hi sk_ mine please make new games I love attack on titan please ho and please make the skin cool and online fight with other users I want to customize my eyes my clothes and shoes and pants w super cool
Unfortunatly i do not know how to reproduce this bug, but it has not happend anymore it could have been the game froze or something im not sure. As for the AI i talked about i just relised that there were 3 modes dedicatited to them haha. Also i was wondering if you could add a super sonic speed titan that when it hits a building it gets groggy and you can attack it also thought it would have a opening and closing mouth as it charged. great game dont stop updating :D
I love this game .because it is only of 3 mb and the updates are awesome and we have like new levels every month so i really am playing this game for more than 1 yr and it survivedbon my phonebl because i delete most of my unwamted games . Its really an amazing game .i cant wait for AOT season 4
Like I was gonna say this game would spoil some stuff from AoT but nahhh...if you need a real game to kill your time and you want it to look stupid, it's this. Straight 5 stars.
I still remember i download this game long time ago and only have like 3 page of parodies. anyways you are awesome and you actually reply to all review. i already sent you a message on gmail pls read it :) it about some ideas ALSO...if you can make more parodies related to the story it would be awesome like Levi vs beast titan or somethink and if you have free time maybe you can make op 1 stick ver. just maybe
it is a really good and fun game but could you add more levels like you are a titan and you're versus another titan because it will make this game even better
i think this game is awesome now i dont realy rate any games but this game is way too fun to not rate but i think it would be better if there was stories to it so could you plz add that
It is an amazing game, though it needs to have bigger totan hithoxes. SO HARD TO HIT! Edit: thanks for your response. I actually understood that my self. I think i was just bad at the game!
dear sk_mine. I like AOT and this game.It has various and interesting titans and mini games that are hilarious af. my favorite was the POTATO one and the kicking one.keep up the good work - deacon
This isnt a review more of a question if you dont mind answering.... Im getting into game development and i was wondering how yiu made this game and the various steps of publishing it. If you can help me through this it would be a huge help because I'm struggling. Love the game though, very addicting.
HEY u have a good game with ur update but can u make another thing for the armored titan,to where u can play as the armored titan
the game is better than I thought. there are a variety of different levels to play and all have simple but challenging tasks.
Hey remember me. Idk if this game came out after sakura blade but I remember playing this game and not knowing what it was about but I watched Aot and now I know what it is but hey I really like this game like sakura blade and i hope you keep on making the most best of best games out there. :D maybe im just dumb and this game came out before but i just forgot to review this game and also can u make new levels i really like this game maybe add some stuff from season 4 if u read the manga.
Wow! This game is amazing ! This game is the best game of AOT i haved palyed in phone as i am fan of AOT i want you to update it n make more difficult and th rope controls a bit.
Awesome game...great for a small sized game..every mode is awesome..make an action fantasy next time....I sure will try iy
I love this game. It has good mechanics and good animations but I would like this game to have titans that try to grab you when you fly by and also normal titans that dont just stand still. That is all. I do love this game.
In bonus it doesnt give advert when i click "ok", why? edit : but the game shows the skip-able adverts sk_Mine.
Fun to play when listen to the soundtrack of the AoT. But it would be nice if you could add the scouts cape with options to change color
It's a good game. Just a few more improvements and mini games would make it better and better. It makes me feel like spiderman or fanny. The missing star is because i was stressed while playing it. Sorry, i just not feeling good while i'm rating this just now. Waiting for more updates😘😘😘
i love this game a great time killer yhough can u make the stickmen a bit thick and the movement after u attck a titan just rework it bit but other than that for me this game is awesome
i LOVE it but the most i like about it is if you play gunmen 2 and hey shoot the bullets and you ues the thing its like you have ultra instinct
I wish I could give a higher rating. I can honestly say with confidence and wholeheartedness that you are one of the best game devs on Google Play. Sakura Blade, Stick of Titan, and Come On 285 Enemies are my all time favorites. Keep making more of these simple yet extremely entertaining and fun games. You're awesome :))
My favorite stick game. Always will be. These are some suggestions for a update because I think it will be cool.1 Could u put in a collosal titan and armoured titan. That would be cool.2 Make some more team play mini games. 3. Also make the armoured titan op a little. These are just some suggestions for a update but it is totally fine if that is not the case. But best game ever.
You really did it. You ducking made an Attack on Titan themed game! And also what a great work(considering copyright limitations and author rights and other stuff)! I really hope you make a fortune out of it! (I haven't even watched Attack on Titan, I only know it from the Youtube memes, but still love this game and next thing on list is to watch it. πŸ˜— Edit: I just watched 3 seasons in 3 days. I have a problem. Help me.
Please make it that you can regenerate or lose a limb or you can be the beast titan or armored i love 😍 this game Keep up the good work!
awesome game really !!! you guys really need to add an online feature where you could slay titans with your friends, would be even more amazing!
one hell of a time killer, keep going guys. SHINZU WO SASAYEGO! im a huge aot/snk fan, i got both the xbox one games and have seen every episode. would recommend a update for the team thing, maby a online multiplayer mode.
I really love this game. Especially "Endless 2", and my favorite tool is the wire, with the wire you just swing around, I even noticed that the wire can grip to places, just like the one in AOT. And plus, you don't really need to click the actual nape to go there, you just click the head, this game is TOTALLY AWESOME!
It is an adictive game and a fun game also but it will be more fun if you could add multiplayer plz thanks
cool game actually. low size. and very addictive if you play it by making it like a story mode game(its followed the real anime story actually)
its is Cool i like its gane its like attack on titan edit 1 : i think Shot yourself with spear its levi death He Kill Zeke with Thunder spear and zeke revive by the girl i don't know
Ok i've been playing the game for a couple of days its awsome but one thing can you add a grappling hook that would be awsome anyways keep up the great work bud
I love it! super fun and has lots of mini games that I love to play again and again. great for all the attack on titan fans.
The game is well done. The theme and music is goofy, yet the game is fairly challenging. It is space optimised as well, even though it has a lot of games! Absolutely love all the mini games! Keep up the good work ❀
very good but the lag is real when i play on transformation and defeat 1000 corps. Edit: but my phone is the greatest type of phone in my country.but still, i love this game though.this is a great game though.keep up the good work.
its a fantastic game but it would be nice if you disabled the ads when someone pays you, i donated because it helps the development of the game but i would like to see the ads disapear, atleast the pop-up ads, the banner can stay
Its actually Great there's tons of enemies but everytime I play I always see some thin and I expect the titans to be THICC I know it defeats the purpose of Stick but can you make the Taller ones or the smaller one's a lil bit or just straight up thick and Unpopular Opinion: Beast Titan and Armored Titan now all we need is Colosus Titan themed Level
The game was excellent! I wish you add where you can become the Beast Titan and The Colossal Titan and Rod Reiss Titan. Please add it please I wan't to be those guys tho And I know you can already become eren so appreciate the game! The name it is actually pretty good if i do say so myself.
i must say that THIS IS THE BEST GAME EVER MADE. It's fun, challenging, many modes, and a great time killer i wish you keep making updates for this game ignore the haters. Edit: i just saw your 1 star reviews and alot of them hate the game so that's what i mean the haters
Really a great game!Can you please make to jojo Bizzare Adventure too?I mean this game is crazy cool.Love it.Keep trying!
i was thinking i would be bored the hole summer but i played this becouse i love aot i really love this game you can fly you can kill titans and do diffrent levels its so fun οΌˆοΌΎο½–οΌΎοΌ‰
This Game is awesome and New a sequel to it. But I'm too say the Pros and Cons So I'll do that later.
Gameplay is super smooth and fluent very similar to Sakura Blade! A lotta good content to play through especially if you're an Attack On Titan fan like me. Personally I woulda preferred more of a linear storyline (like Sakura Blade) rather than a group of minigames but this is still a great game!
This game is extremely well done but when i first saw it on play store i thought it would be chessy because of the thumbnail but game is really well done good job so i advise if you want to you can improve the thumbnail BTW sorry for my lack of punctuation marks
It's a great game. I was looking for games to play, and as fate would have it- I found this game while I was right in the middle of reading the AoT manga! πŸ˜‚. Honestly though, the game is a great one- especially as a parody. I really enjoyed playing it, and I will continue to do so! Not to mention the graphics are second to none. All in all: 10/10 (or rather, 5 stars).
I have no problems with the games,their great but can u like,try to put a little more action mini games into it? or atleast try to minus the time we have to wait for an update Please?πŸ™ƒ
5 star beacouse i like the concept the ad is fine for me it not a ton of ad is this a one developer game? Beacause i want to see more simple and great games from the dev or devs of this game
Man, you know, I always just check back in on this neat little game and it's always so nice to see the developer add in new stuff every so often. It's a real swell and funny game that's simple yet fun.
I had a great time, maybe not as good as it could've been, maybe if it was remade, better graphics, more levels it would be better, overall still a great pass time! I dibt meab this in a bad way, it's amazing, definitely the best game in mobile i've played, but tgeres so much potential here to expand, i hope this wasn't to harsh because i love it so much don't take this the wrong way please. Keep up the great work, ignore the negatives and focus on the positives πŸ‘πŸ˜Š
Its cool i recommend it on tablets but its ok on phones i rate it 4 stars because its cool and why i rate it 4 stars because it has no multiplayer and pls can you add multiplayer next update it would be good and i will rate it 5 stars if you add it thank you............... Ok its cool even if it has no multiplayer but i still really like this game because i Iove stickman and sk_mine what are you gonna add next update though because im excited to play new parody of the game Arigatou rly like it
It's fun and simple to play, but make a collaboration with stick nodes or make your own skin, cause I feel like you should make the game a bit more fascinating, anyway keep up the good work!!!! Also don't listen to the people that are angry or not happy with your game, stay positive!!! People like you should be an inspiration
At first I was a little bit sketchy but when I played it I know it was a good game it lets you be like you're a Titan or a human of course it's just stick figures but you can still kill the Titans and you can just have fun it doesn't take Internet switchblade on the go wherever you want to
This is nice but can you put a level where we can convert our character to the original gear, guns, or the thunder spear.Put also the big head titan in the level since it also showed up in Destroyer (Hard mod). I'll be waiting.
very good game in my opinion I also want to point out a bug where the red boss titan gets stuck in the side of the buildings in despair
Really enjoyed playing this, i was amazed that the developer continued to update this game even after it's release 6 years ago. This game is worth a try if you like Attack on Titan and the size of the game is really small aswell
I love the unlimited modes where I can just keep killing and killing titans and gunmen keep up the great work πŸ‘πŸΎ
This just looks like attack of Titan more like attack of stickman and one more thing this is one of the best game that I have ever played thank you. And can you add playable characters?
I love attack on Titan, but a game of AOT on mobile sounds good. The controls, I give 3/5 cuz' if someone has a smaller phone = smaller screen then it is hard to tap cuz dunno if their hands is too big πŸ˜…. The graphics, good not bad except a titan which is upside down, weird titan as it is abnormal. Please add other types of titan such as a titan with 2x faster than other titans, raising it's arms like no ones business. If possible, add a mode of becoming the armoured titan ramming vs titan.
Who cares ab remades this game is perfect as it is it's actually my childhood game I find fun in this game.
it's just wow, it's a good game especially those who love attack in Titan it's such a cool game but some more upgrade and many more will love it,,
id like to see this game evolve visually and game wise, perhaps multiplayer teamwork? or battles? the buildings could look better too, overall really fun, and i would like to see this become famous and successful
THE gameplay is just amzing! you get to playlots of levels and other modes. but i dont like one thing and that is when you play for a long time, the more dull it becomes. Great Game though!
This is AWESOME. You know why its awesome? Because it has some minigame just like Endless,Armor2,FreeFight,Beast,Wildness, and etc. Thanks sk_Mine and the developers for making this game! And i'm a fan of Attack on Titan. I'll rate 5 stars because its really awesome game.
Even its kinda hard to kill titans its more harder to kill titans when ur in titan form but im so good when im human like im so accurate when enemies spawn at the same time i just wheel cut them but the game is soo good i just downloaded this yesterday but fix the titans pls and idk how to chargeur power in armor2 idk how but add more levels pls im accurate because i imagine im watching the anime and the song playing guren no yumiya and shinzou wo sasageyo
Awesome game, but maybe organise them into levels? So that people can take note of their progress and also look out for any levels that they have missed out
Can u add Frieda female titan and Grisha beast titan to fight and eren getting the power of hardening please please please, and also add a way for the titans to move a bit more sturdy and add a clear eating animation and let us use all titan shifters in bloodiest battlefield please and annie is supposed to become small when she hardens after she dies and make eren harden hands smaller. Please add a way for us to use all Titan shifters in bloodiest battlefield i beg of you please.
Good game but when I made it to the defeat 1000 corps level I couldn't beat it cuz the titan is so hard to control you need to add a joystick
legendary game, but I was wondering if you could make a my hero academia game or a naruto stickman one πŸ€”
ok, one of the game modes is broken the rest is fine vs.5 once you get to the last Corp he deals 4 damage PER HIT and sometimes it's a instantly kill.
i love the app it has easy to use controls i just love it 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊
This game is absolutely fun, and I really love attack on titan. The gameplay is very easy, but can sometimes be a bummer when you die. Nevertheless, this game is very interesting
5 star beacouse i like the concept the ad is fine for me it not a ton of ad is this a one developer game? Beacause i want to see more simple and great games from the dev or devs of this game edit:sure do brother but my honest opinion this is the best and one of the simple that i like
To make the game harder, change the game mechanics instead of cumbersome controls. To tap the upper area is awkward and my own hand will often blocking my sight. Thats not the fun "difficulty" to deal with. A better idea maybe like add a button to drop the piston, and add another type of titan that you have to squish twice before he die, or those that can walk backward to avoid getting squished, you get the idea. Its not particularly for the piston, but you can apply the idea to all. My 2 cents
its a good game that me and my bro like playing for a couple of years but do you think you can make the titans and us with eyes and you can cut off there limbs and choose witch titan you want to be??
Awesome game. I don't know why some people say the controls are bad, they're great in my opinion. Also to the people that don't like stickman games and still downloaded this just to give it a bad review... screw off. And for the people that gave it a bad review and didn't say why, next time write a logical review with helpful feedback to improve the game. Finally, for the people that said the app has bad graphics, what the heck did you expect from a stickman game, screenshots exist for a reason.
It was a lot of fun, And it shows connection to the show which is good. But, if i can recommend some, I think some new games on it like: -Beast vs Armor- -Colossal- And some fun games to add. That's all
It's one if the best mobile games i have ever played i never review games and give them stars but your the first and probably the last. I was gonna ask for a new level but there is no new season of attack on titan so i get why you can't. Ps: Are you an attack on titan anime fan
This is one of the best Stick Figure game on the Play Store. If they have this app on the app store as well, then this app should be trending because it's very time consuming and you could never get bored of playing it. However there is always room for improvements, for starters, make it easier for players such as I to actually hit the titans, I keep on hitting the screens hoping to kill the Titans and it's like I'm keep missing, its either my hands too big or my phone too small. Please adjustit
bruh you literally have the most simple attack on titqn game you dont need that much money to make this there are games better than this with less money less ads but managed to be succesful. For exqmple Minecraft started as a free to play game with no or little ads but is now the #1 top selling game
hey me again, Just 3 more days till the update I'm so excited also can you put into consideration to work on a level where you can play as yimir's titan
This game is absolutely the best attack on titan game. It has good levels and i play it alot. I always make sure to play this every day.
Add ODM Gear on the hips so it would look nice add a mode that you have tyo protect eren titan to him put the boulder in the wall protect him from titans add pretty much te game is nice so far
It's fun it has the episodes from attack on titan like the level where you fight titan form Annie I just wish you put different swords (instead of just changing color) from other games you've made like sakura blade or make your own designs for different swords because just changing the color is.... Boring. EDIT: Another suggestion is that when you are playing as a scout (Eren) you should add the ability to attack different parts of a titan's body like damaging their legs to keep them from moving
microwave MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM Also I'm a MASSIVE fan of AOT so this game is AMAZINGGGGG I especially love the swinging effect while you're moving!!! And yes I'm cooking microwavable pizza
Hahahah awesome aot/snk game this game also have good grapics and gameplay after all 😁🀩😎 try adding suicide charge[hard mission],baseball or perfect game, and beast [hard mission] levi vs beast titan I hope you will add this hahaha by the way try adding a spear level(thunder spear)like the shooting blade level and another Endless game [Endless 3] in this level we can fight the armored titan using πŸ’₯THUNDER SPEARπŸ’₯ This game is not boring at all actually its so fun "Sasageyo"πŸ˜†
Can u add the armoured titan and give us a way to use it to fight eren's attacking Titan and Rod Reiss's beast titan to fight and eren getting the power of hardening please please please and also add a way to use bertholdt differently and also add a way for the titans to move a bit more sturdy and add an eating animation and let us use all titan shifter in bloodieat battlefield please and annie is supposed to become small after when she hardens at the ending and make eren harden hand smaller thx
So cool! So easy to use wire and kill these titans, and i surpised that this app is so fast to downloud, best game ever!
Can you make so that you can be fighting the attack titan as the amored titan it woud be cool thank you for making the effort in this game you tried so hard to make this game enjoyable so thank for how far you came and good work keep it updated and try your best always thank you
I Cannot leave this game, even for me, a 10 year old enjoys this game, I would recommend you to download this game for its fun minigames you can play in this game! Edit: I also check the game every day to see if it has updated.
Hi there. You know me from when I review Sakura blade. I'm here just to give u an idea. How about you make a game about stickmen that uses powers instead of swords. Each power is unique from any character and it will give us a variety of playstyles to choose from. I hope you replay and give me your opinion
won,t run without crashing but its pretty good i used to be an older fan and it ran without any problems but i do have a problem with google play so it might not be the app
I rilly enjoyed this ap. My only minor critisizme is that there is now way to level up your character. While I enjoy the game play and the creativity behind this ap having a charecter that you could strengthen would have made this game perfect. Howevet It is still lots of fun and I would recommend downloading this ap.
this game is the Best offline game i had ever played because im a fan of attack on titan its just like a real attack on titan game i live your game
This is a great game but could you please make a level where you can play as a titan in the level fight titan 1 and 2 or in the endless mode and 2 because the female titan is so irritating i almost cracked the screen or let us see the female titan's health because he is so irritating plus make a level where you could become the armored or collossal or beast or all the 9 shifter in one level please
Needs an sandbox mode pls just for fun like muskeet corp units more types of corp we still appreciate your development but please add an muskeet corp and sandbox mode people don't say this game is trash or sakura blade will sluahter you
I dont it was gonna suck but NO! its soo great! I thought I had to unlock but no I love this game you can fight beast titan and armor titan I love this game I have a idea for the game that you make colossal titan😁
nice game but if you could add multiplayer i would be happy but if not its okay il be waiting for ever. and please add more games like endless gunmen or more but keep up the good work
good game but how do i unlock hard mode in endless 1 and 2? also can you add like a new level where we can play as marleyans invading the fort slava? i think that would be cool or are you following the anime progress first instead of the manga?
When i first got into Attack On Titan, this was actually one if the games that I played the most. Despite the stick figure and minimalistic design, it actually plays like the offical attack on titan game. I recently reinstalled this because I was thinking about it while playing AoT2 on my switch. I'm happy to see that this game is still around as its still one of my favourites.
It's a cool game and it's very addictive there are also many different types of mini games you can play great game suggested to other attack on titan watchers
I love it sooooo much they titans are so cool so is the game I can't wait when they put more updates I just love it so much can't stop playing
cha cha real smooth (It was a joke but since you notice me. time to give dem real opinion) 4 stars. but can you add the survey corps vs colossal titan on the wall in season 2 clash of the titans arc? also i gave it a 4 because the beast titan is super overpowered in medium mode. consider nerfing beast titan? 2nd Edit: Can you make the colossal titan ontop of the wall and Levi Squad vs Colossal Titan?
when i look at this game i thouht it will gonna be bored,then i read the comment,they say it was fun so i download it.I feel bored at the first level,then it get more fun!! GOOD JOB sk_M...
I was thinking about a "level builder" hoping sk_mine to add that. in addition that would be pretty cool because you can make your own boss battles now and then.
This game solid. But I think y'all should add games based on the manga itself instead of the anime. It would be fun.
It is very fun and competitive when you get an account. It is one of, if not the, favorite game of mine on my phone. I have already started suggesting it to my friends. Also, have a great day developer because you deserve it
I love this game because if you get bored of 1 mini game you can play other one and I love the graphics because pixel games are my favorite and please add more content for the more fun and this game is a great time killer!
Honestly if you are a massive fan of AOT you will aodre this game. It deserves its 5 stars so please at least try it out.
its a really good game i love it and i recommend people play it!!! i love it bc when i tap on the titans necks the charcter im playing as goes really fast and kills it plus you dont need gas that much!!
Great game, lots of content. A great time waster for anyone who is a fan of aot. A large ammount of game modes means anyone can have fun with this game.
I really love this game its really fun and there's lots of mini games u can play in this game and I like this game cuz it's abt an amine called attack on titan and this game is old and it's still fun to play and the guy who made this game took his time to make it and I really like that working hard on a game to make ppl enjoy the game and play the game more cuz he really did good at making this game and that's why I rate it 5 stars
It is really fun to play and as an AOT fan it's really accurate to the anime/manga I do have a suggestion for it so when armin is doing the decoy you should have a level where you are armin
Please add a level where you can be levi and your defeating the beast titan and i hope you add in the settings you can be in first person and third person and add a hook button to the left and the gas button on the right above the change blades thingy i wish you add this in the future update and i hope you add characters like Mikasa Levi Eren Armin or anyone else Mr Edit: love your game i got 602 kills in the transfirmation level keep up mate oh heah btw SHINZOU SASAGEYOO ;-)
it honestly surprises me how such a simple premise can be so entertaining and fun. keep up the good work!! :>
I played this game when it first came out..jeez im glad that this mini game is still a thing! Can you make this one mini game where you have to go against the colossal titan both titan form and human form??
very good game in my opinion I also can't wait what parody is chosen for the next update. I'd have to say my favorite parody is armour
The game it's self is fun, but I want to say some things that make it an overall worse experience. First it's hard to be flying around and hit a titan in one specific place, you almost just can't avoid the arm. Next, I put it on easy mode, then normal mode, and I had an identical experience. Music would be nice to drown out the constant, annoying, wooshing and impacting sounds. other than that I love the game. Keep improving!
This is nice and can you put a level when we now battle the Beast Titan? Also a level where we can convert our character to the original gear, guns, or the thunder spear.Put also the big head titan in the level since it also showed up in Destroyer (Hard mod).
I have had this game for like a year on my phone it's a fun time killer and just fun to play. There's a bunch of modes and everything deffenetly worth trying for an attack on titan fan
This game is cool and almost similar to the show attack on titan. If your a fan of the show better play this
i have loved thid game for years and i hope to see more and more levels but there is something i have too say about this game. i think it would be a good idea if u add lol l different types of swords