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Steampunk Tower 2: The One Tower Defense Strategy

Steampunk Tower 2: The One Tower Defense Strategy for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by TOO DreamGate located at Kazakhstan 100017 Karaganda, Alikhanov str. 37. The game is suitable for Teen (Violence, Blood) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
A solid game. However the step towards monetization is blatantly obvious. Like the shop button being the biggest one on screen, fuel mechanics forcing you to wait, buildings taking a long time to upgrade, basically everything wants you to not play the game. But the gameplay itself is great as ever, the story is amazing and the tower defense is fun and engaging.
Amazing gameplay way more stuff to do than in the previous one outstanding missions .A definite Improvement over the original.
I'm sure it probably is a good game but I can't play it, I get to the point in the tutorial that wants me to upgrade the armory by clicking on it, but then it won't let me do anything else, even after closing and reinstalling the game
Good game. Got through to Italy without having to buy anything, so been free to play up to now. Upgrades take time to finish, but that isn't a problem as it continues when offline and can be done whilst your fuel replenishes.
I loved the old game, and finding this made me remember it, so I was excited to play, I was just concerned if there is anything I should worry about, but so far nothing, keep up the good work!
I really like the game, gameplay is great while base building is decent with wait times not being too long. With current update fuel problem has been addressed by reducing wait time to 3:30 mins which still means waiting for over an hour to play single 4min battle but at least it isn't as bad as it used to be. My current issue is just how hard it is to get gold in late game, its so bad that i wasn't able to upgrade most turrets to lvl4 despite freeing necessary factories and having all parts.
It is a decent tower defense game with a storyline to follow along. There is the usual issue if redundant play but that is common as it is a... tower.
There's something odd that I really can't explain for a certain mission. I'll have a specific set of turrets and go through the scenario's first wave without a problem. On replaying with the same turrets, the tower gets destroyed quickly. I assemble another set of turrets and perform well against the first wave. After that, with the same turrets on replay, the tower then gets destroyed immediately. Is the game adjusting so the player can't win?
I dont usually do reviews BUT this NEEDS to be said. This game is AMAZING art wise and gameplay wise it is simply amazing. It doesnt force you to pay to win nor does it force you too put countless hours on it just too do decent. It is a simply casual game that REWARDS you to put some time on it but also reward by just simply playing. This one of those game that is a diamond in the rough especially when play store is full of pay to win garbage this game is NOT one of those. Love the game
No forced ads looks nice. Begins to get grindy. If you play more than once a day you will have to spend real money or watch ads. I turned off notifications twice and it still notified me. Uninstall.
I really love this game and the Idea behind it BUT I couldn't even go through the tutorial since it won't let me insert the details to upgrade the Tower. My idea would be to create a tutorial that highlights what to do but doesn't block everything else because as someone who loves to explore the game on himself it's just tedious and it feels like you're treated like a child. I am willing to change my review since I'd love to properly play the game but I can't since the tutorial won't let me
Was a fun game for the first 5 min. When "victor" was ready, it stopped working. The button it told me to click did not work. Tried restarting, froze at that spot each time. Too bad. I was definitely interested. Just went ahead and uninstalled. Not going to waste space on a non functional game. Edit: Gave this game a second chance. Froze even earlier than the first time. Didnt even get to victor this time. Lowered to 1 star. DEVELOPERS! Fix your game. Its little more than a .gif at this point.
I can't launch the game because the notice at the beginning doesn't let me choose an option which is so frustrating arghh
Game is excellent. The "Firefly" boss was poorly designed. Machine gun turrets are how you defeat the boss. Machine gun turrets are also how you shoot missiles out of the sky. You have to stop your machine gun turrets from defending to tell them to shoot Firefly. So your just screwed because Firefly shoots missiles constantly. Even after 100% the game Firefly is the still hardest boss.
It's a huge improvement from the first game, adding a variety of features and mechanics that allows players to grow their own base and personal turrets. But when I reached the first boss, it was insane! Guided rockets swarmed my tower almost every 10 seconds, and my my turrets were shocked into submission, rendering them immobile and useless against the high damage rocket swarm. There was also a bug on the boss where power-ups are still fuctioning when it says they're not allowed for the level.
Just getting started and so far it's interesting and takes some tactics. I dislike them trying to force you to use Crystal's to spend up but you can just close the game and come back once they are finished since it locks all other functions during this time.
It's one of great game i've ever played. I've played the first version of this game and i fell in love wuth the game from the first gameplay. But can you increase the limit of building progress? Because it's way too slow for upgrading buildings. Then, there are some point that the information text are so tiny. Can you guys make it bigger a luttle bit? Overall, I love this game and I would love to hear the further update about this game. Keep up the good works guys...
So far I'd say I've played about 28 minutes and being a fan of the old game I would say this is an absolute improvement! This game improves everything 100% with so much customization and so many different ways to play! The graphics are improved pretty well tho still not to the level possible for most phones but still good for what it is, over all so far this game has me completely by suprise I didn't even know they were making it, it was in my recommended, would recommend 10/10.
Decent mindless blasting and upgrading, not too bad on them pay to win scale. Up to level 11 or so no need to pay to win. Not the best, not the worst just good time killing fun.
Still stuck at the tutorial screen were i cannot drag the item for research. I have the latest version of 1.07 and it will not proceed!!!!
As a person who's completed the game 100%, I can say that the game is very good and it contains a great story. However, the game is slow paced and I every time I passed an objective, sometimes there were dialogs where you could easily miss and couldn't replay. These were the only frustrating parts of it, the rest of the game is good and I do recommend you to play it as well.
This is definitely one of the few gems in the play store. Great game with easy controls, amazing story, and challenging levels. I recommend everyone give it a try. A lot of people complain about the fule per round, but it really isn't that bad. You dont have to play the game 24/7. However if you wanted to, there is an endless mode you can play in the free time whilst you wait for fule. Also, try out the first steampunk tower game as well!
I completed ST1 so thought I'd give the sequel a go. Loaded fine but now it's stuck on a map screen and I can go no further no matter what I click. Also, you took a good game and made waaaay too complicated. The system of upgrades is confusing. Having to build factories, then use parts and money. And green stuff. You don't appear to be able to upgrade during battle, so what you take in you're stuck with wether it works or not. You went too far. Dial it back.
Its a fun game but the fact i cant even play more than 2 levels before having to wait more than 2 hours to go from empty to full is ridiculous. I think that the need to drastically reduce the amout of fuel it takes to do a mission or give more than 1 point of fuel ever 3 minutes and 30 seconds
Upgrade on a type of turret should be only once and applied to that same type of turret.fuel system sucks
Ok... so I downloaded this game thinking it was going to be fun and then crashes on me...ok no problem I lode it up and its working, I go to do the first battle and when its loding into it the game crashes again it dose this repeatedly 3 times then lets me do it then after the battle is finished it clashes again now I want to give the game props it loiks good if only it wasn't constantly crashing on me but yea
This game is amazing, the gameplay are like the old game. There ere plenty of new towers and new troops. The only problem is the last level before the final boss who is impossible. But in the nex update this will be fixed. So I hightly recomand the game. (You can have some probleme with fuel in the beginnig, but after playing for 2 days it will not be imporyant, morever, the fuel is filled every time you level up.)
Oh hell no. Have you seen the permissions? Why not just type in your social security numbers and have done with it. First game was brilliant but I dont fancy this one enough to give it that sort of access. Be very wary. I'm uninstalling before it even begins and I'm suggesting you don't even install in the first place.
it is same steampunk tower game. they added stupid town and time consuming buildings. download the first game and enjoy. meh.
5stars guys..this game is awesome...ive waited for so long to a part 2 of this game..ive already finish part 1....graphics,controls no comments,its good...so challenging...love strategy games like this...good job guys...but i have some 1 problem..when you are going to the battle,the loading system sometimes makes my game crush...and im going to click again...pls fix guys,make d loading system not so very long...thanks guys...just a simple loading...
Three currencies. Energy. Timers. All the trappings of money grabbing devs. Gameplay is very similar to the first game except you can move towers around and can reload ammo manually. Loading screen transition is pretty cool with the airship launching the spire/tower down to the battlefield.
A fun game but the grinding felt a little tedious. We need resources to upgrade so many things and even repair the tower almost each battle and to buy equipment too. Other than that everything seem fine and fun. The artworks is great and the steampunk theme are managed to be showcased greatly. The gameplay itself are fun one.
Pretty nice, but somehow the desert locust isbworse than the standar locust? Lower damage, lower rate of fire, lower range and lower magazine, how is it an upgrade?
The game is fantastic but the drop walkers are quite difficult to deal with as they drop nearly next to the tower in large numbers
Mindless challenge rating... but good aesthetics and story. Language barriers/ translation needs work
Love the 1st one but typicly another game that has fuel (energy). My favorit aspect of the 1st was the fact you could play for ages. I litterly had 15 mins and that was it. Everything else is what i know and love but kinda getting over all games being limited by energy. Makes me not want to continue playing them
I absolutely love this game. There is nothing i love more than steampunk and WWII. But this game was my favorite growing up, the first one i mean. I love the new mechanics of the game and added things. This game is really farm heavy. I kind of dislike that, but only because im not a very patient guy. And thank you so much for the endless. If i had one wish left in this world it would be for a third one to be made. Please take this into consideration.
I firat played the original game when I was 7. I still play some times, and it is still fun. This game is a great addition.
Fun tower defense game, interesting concept, hard pressed for ammo reload Management but it's fun. I wish it supported save transfers between devices so I can play on my next device when one dies while I'm on long trips
On a Samsung Galaxy Tablet, and the very first message you receive when opening the game doesn't even work. The buttons of both Privacy Policy, Opt-Out, and Agree don't work.
Nice upgrade compared to the first version. More enemy, more turrets. The gameplay so much better and complex. But the challenge levels is very frustrating. (Now I'm just playing the mainline only) Especially my screen is smaller, so aiming for supershot is very hard to be accurate. And waiting for hours for fuels is pretty ridiculous!
I like how the music is all "sexy pink panther" at the menu's, but then all "Soviet national anthem" during the battles. Fun tower defense
I enjoyed the first game and completed it but now there is a number 2 I am exited to play it as the old one was amazing and was on my recommended πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
The gameplay, defending your tower, is pretty good. Moving turrets to the middle to quickly reload in-between waves is fun. Just one problem though, when you don't have enough fuel for a mission, you're (mostly) stuck waiting half an hour or more just to play the main part of the game. Never mind the long construction times, never mind that you have to spend premium credits just to use your super weapons after the first free use, I could've given the game four stars if it weren't for the fuel mechanic.
It's a great game, but the screen is too zoomed in compared to the PC version, making the game much harder later on, please fix it πŸ™
I like the game,i love it😊.And the the bosses,The tower and the troops are very detaild Best game!!!!
Fun game with some annoying flaws. Time to wait is quite long for the fuel. 10 minutes to completely refill would be great. Not one every 3 minutes, hour to get enough fuel to do 1 mission. If going to introduce microtransactions then game better be top notch. This is good game, but needs polishing. Also to anyone struggling with challenge mission 2, move AA towers to top. Leave space between the 2 machine guns. Reload, use abilities of machine guns on the drop troops at same time. Possible!
I tried to open this game and was asked if I wanted to opt out of data collection. When I said yes it kicks me to a website but won't let me play unless I say yes.
More complex than the original (don't know the original? well, maybe you should try either ones. It's a unique Tower Defense game, trust me 😎), but also far more grindy. Best if you play the game more casually, just a few battles every few hours, otherwise the energy systems will really annoy you. Playable offline, so stay that way unless you need something online (maybe you want to watch ads?). Decent Google Play Achievements, not too many XP, but the first few aren't too hard to get either.
nice nice! i've been waiting for this games for too long now its here. i already finish the other one. nice keep up the good work. ny the way the background music at the town is so relaxing haha
Good overall but prepare to be frustrated or to never complete the game. Some of the bonus towers will seem impossible to obtain as well as some of the factories later game especially once the airdropped walkers start spawning. You can store lots of turrets because you are expected to make multiple tower builds to adjust including 4 of the same turrets like lightening or cannon turrets so you have enough damage for things likr those air dropped walkers.
Honestly. I loved the first game it was amazing. The pure simplicity and the fresh take on a "tower defense" made it an outstanding mobile game. Sorry guys but I can't say the same for this one. As another reviewer said, dial it back. It seems like it got SUPER complicated for no real reason other than to maybe try to keep up to date with other popular mobile games. I won't be playing this sequel.
So many bs microtransactions that ruin a bloody good game. Is it the worst? No, but it's not a reason to have them in. Please give genuine value for your services.
Could have been awesome if not for the blocking tutorial... Had to quit because of it. Fix and I may come back to the game.
Nice game, but I broke the tutorial :) I upgraded the first machine gun to 300 details early on, now I unlocked the component factory and the tutorial is forcing me to put more items on to level the machine gun, but it can't because the details is already maxed out at 300. I can't cancel, I can't get to the menu, i can do nothing. :D
A nice game, not too easy but not hard either. I managed to finish it without using too many diamonds (the premium currency which you can get for free). Not P2W. Pros: + easy to understand + can play during a break + balanced + the tower's clock actually works (a nice touch) + intriguing story + diverse turrets + territory invasion Cons: - some upgrades and agent missions take way too long as you progress - limited playtime due to the fuel mechanic which is necessary to play the levels
You can only play for very brief sessions due to the horrible fuel mechanics. Just let me buy the game so I don't have to put up with this nonsense? I loved the first game, this one looks even better but you have crippled it. Who makes a feature of a game which actively prevents you from playing it? Would likely be 4 or 5 stars if I could buy the game and remove the fuel restriction.
Never really not a chance to play it. After reaching lvl 2 it forces me to click the armory. I can click buttons but they don't do anything. I go into app info clear cache, data and reinstalled with zero change. Always get stuck when forced to click the armory.
This game has bin so good & very fair & not screw you over. I like it alot. Very good game. No random adds pop up. Only watch adds for certain rewards & thats it. Very nice. This game deserves 6 stars. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ There's 1 minor issue. The video adds dont work sometimes.
Honestly i am blown away this game is awesome the detail of the map is impressive with the moving trains and all. I played steampunk tower 1 earlier so i could get the basics down before i played this one but things are whole lot different but the game does a good job of explaining what to do. I just have one question will doing things ahead of time affect progression like say i upgrade the cannon factory before there is a quest for it will that bite me in the butt later?. Alright thanks!.
i liked the first steampunk tower game i remember playing it in school when i should have been looking at history stuff, i like the new mechanics but the combination of waiting for fuel and building needing premium currency makes the game slow it is fun but i can only play it 30 minutes at a time, these 2 things are the only problems i have with it, if you want make skin packs for the game like modern day theme and future theme
Played Steampunk Tower I, these games are great, but they need optimization for Google Pixel phones, the game only takes up so much of the screen
I like the game and the gameplay mechanics. The only downside is the chaotic menus. When I upgrade some building I always forget which building it was and you can't click on it, it just shows remaining time. There is quick access to fuel building, why? No idea. Campaign map is nice and easy to read. The city interface is just hell. Tower building hidden in the corner. The city interface needs total rework, it's really annoying how chaotic it is. Overall good gameplay, bad interface. Worth a try.
There is a glitch when you first are allowed to use artillery, if you use the steam ray, the game soft locks.
Make money to send agents to get gems, get gems to turn into gears, gears to upgrade everything using money. How to make money, playing the game every 5 minutes... Basically the game limits you to force you to spend money to speed things up. Just not having fun with it.
Solid game, surprisingly well thought for a tower defense game. A few suggestions though; please ramp up the random level generation incidence (either reduce spawn time, or double the levels spawned) , make the fuel replenishment speed to be once every 3 minutes, and please make it so fuel is not wasted when failing a level. By doing these, the game can be much more actively played, which may also somewhat translates to increasing IAP, hence a win-win situation for both you and the players