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Steampunk Idle Spinner: Coin Machines

Steampunk Idle Spinner: Coin Machines for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Airapport. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Very fun and addicting, however not very intuitive at first. You can tell a lot of thought’s been put into details and design, yet you may ponder at times why certain things work and others do not. It’s a game that asks players to also put in the time and effort to understand in order to enjoy. A minor annoyance I have is that I find it quite difficult to position the gears/gadgets so that they are aligned in an organized array. Also, sometimes the gears will only attach to the top/bottom.
Reinstalled game after some time away. Previously rated 5 stars but now WARNING ! The pay option that will "make the game COMPLETELY ADD FREE" DOES NOT. In fact this option removes VIRTUALLY NO ADS AT ALL. Seriously disappointed that the devs have resorted to scamming players in order to make a profit. For the devs, I will not be watching any more ads in this game.
This is one of my favorite games and I have 36au but once you get over 999trillion rpm it goes to 1.0
"aye, and that portal to the other games like these is awesome...i think i need help...i spend alot of wasted hrs in these lol."
No. Just... No. I died playing this and I'm using all my spirit energy I can to write this review. 1) ads. 2) You have to work your way up for it to be an idle game, 3) then as soon as it becomes an idle game, "hey reset everything you worked for for a miniscule bonus" and "download our 15 other games just like this one for $5"
So far i really enjoy the first and second game of this app, im curious as to what the third one will be tho, one minor thing about the second unlocked game is that money isnt a problem, instead getting it out of the chest so i can use it is, i have multiple chest knockers per chest and they just cant keep up, some are even above lvl 50 and they still dont even make a dent, overal its a nice fun timw killer tho
to even THINK of using theportal you have to download other versions of this same game! this is blatant false advertisement and you need to fix that!
I love this game. It redifines tycoon games, giving you the ability to customize your factory. I just wish the prices didn't increase so much. It feels very limiting to prevent progress by upping cog costs.
I remember loving this game a while ago but stopped playing because the game play plateaued after a while. ITS SO DIFFERENT NOW!!! Some cool new intuitive design changes makes engineering possibilities even greater.
Great job with this idle game! It's unique, charming and with the addiion of sounds and nice ragtime style music, this is one of the best idle games out right now. Great job devs!
Great time waster, although as you earn more the price of things increase, at beginning of game they are for example 6k, progress & earn more and item now becomes 120k. Still like playing it though.
Was really fun until the button to upgrade your machines just decided to not exist anymore. Restarted the game and my phone but it's still gone. Could be fun but it's broken so oh well 10000s more like it on the Play Store.
I like it! the game is fun, not overflowing with ads every other second like a lot of phone games these days. my only real gripe is that the tutorial doesn't seem to have an off switch, I just did my first portal reset and it's going thru the whole tutorial again. annoying, not unbearable. overall I think it's a pretty great game
You really need to make it so you get money faster. I sat here for 20 minutes playing and made about 200 coins..
I love it. Its fun and the concept between dimensions is similar but the execution is different enough to keep me intrested. My only question is how do i unlock more items in the shop?
This game is pretty addicting. For an idle game it is VERY interactive. The only downside I've seen so far is when you do your "prestige" it gives you the tutorial all over again.
Game functions well, works as intended, ads are not mandatory but optional. Visually impressive and fun to play.
I love it! I wish more devs didn't make ad filled games, but at least I can play your games until I find a another great game. Keep up the good work!
I played this on my old device and I can't download it on this device for some reason anyway I'm going to give it 4 stars because I enjoyed it
Since being in the beta ive enjoyed seeing all the great and wonderful progress that has been made in improving the game for more people to enjoy
I love the game Be because Right when I found the game I was like I don't know The Graphics and The controls I like the part where you get to build the engines And I like That it is not just a taping game.
entirely too complicated for an idle game, at least for my feeble brain. Shouldn't have to go read a wiki outside the game to figure out how to even get started.
Nearly everything is great but the only problem are the prices as they are multiplied Everytime you buy something instead of increasing just like 30-40 percents and this makes the game very slow at some point. Please fix this
very interesting idle mechanical game with deep factory building and mining for resources. The art looks nive and fits the steampunk style
This game is Absolutely AMAZING, I stopped playing it last year because my tablet broke, but ove reinstalled it on my phone and I play it everyday for hours! Instant 5 stars!
5/5 This is surprisingly a very well functioning and entertaining idle game. The engagement and application of cog wheels gives you the feeling that you are responsible for the efficiency of the machine, instead of just clicking away at upgrades. Some wheels have more turning power than others, and there are many other additions to the factory that can be upgraded as you go. This is truthfully one of the better idle games!!
A super fun, psudo-clicker style game with a great steam punk aesthetic. A little hard to figure out where to start, but once you get it, its fast progressing and a lot of fun to play for a few seconds to a couple hours. I can't wait to see the other worlds, machines and play styles because I love the workshop so much!
This game is appealing for a day, but then it loses it's nuance quick. Don't get me wrong, this game is good in concept, and art. But it is kind of slow. I'm giving this 5 stars, only because the ads aren't frequent, and due to the fact that this game isn't filled to the brim with microtransactions.
Absolutely hooked on this game. Perfect physics. Nonstop fun and doesnt shove ads in your face all the time
good little time waster, great graphics. You can spin the cogs yourself or add machines and upgrade to your liking then restart for bonuses. Latest upgrade clockwork city is awesome
Fun, ever-growing and great for killing time or playing long term. The variety of machines is interesting and makes for a nice set of options to quickly expand your coin value :)
I enjoy the game but whenever I watch an ad for or unlock free wheels/machines I never get anyhing free. Coins are always deducted which I find to be misleading.
awesome game. I love graphics.and the gameplay. I just started but looking forward to spend more time with the game, it has great potential.
Just a really good idle game. I check in every few days for my progress and to upgrade my machines. Very good idle game!
Great idle game :) Definitely give it a go if you like idle games. The mechanics are pretty fresh and interesting, and making progress with upgrading the machine is satisfying!
really fun game, interesting concept. But can you add some lag optimization (maybe "no animation" setting)? I feel like that would really imrove the game. Because i got this game a day ago and it's already starting to lag a little (that is partly because i'm on an older tablet too)
spin baby spin. now if i could just understand what the hell the reset actually does for me. and how it makes that engine work
I hate how when you do the reset you get the full tutorial again, it is also pretty battery consuming for my phone and is really slow too, but it is a good time killer
Really good game, hope it takes a lot of time to finish it. is there a way to lock the screen so I don't move it when I miss click?
Charming presentation all around. Menu's could do with some cleanup/definition as they currently all blend together. Something I'd like to see changed is the restart/portal seems to also reset the tutorial which interferes with starting over. I already know I need to spin the cogs, please don't show me this every time I use a portal. Are there any plans to add deeper progression? Or have I not reached that point yet? Restarting/prestiging is a staple of idle games for overarching upgrades.
Pointless unskippable tutorials, getting bombarded with recommended YouTube videos of people reacting to the game, screen doesn't rotate, the settings tab consists 20% of links to their social media accounts. First time I have ever closed a game to go post a review.
Its entertaining. Not much explaining what needs to happen for certain things. Kinda just do stuff till something happens.
Really cool concept, but somehow just feels empty and more like a tech demo than an actual game. There is a gameplay loop and to some extent it can be satisfying, but it's a very dry experience. Definitely worth a try, and the developer seems pretty talented. I'd love to see more in depth games from them!
it is a very interesting game, it use to always run on my pc and now it doesnt, ses alot about the game, now it say context3D not available! Possible reasons: wrong render mode or missing device support, that comes up everytime and game dont load.
I love this gamee I remember playing it when I was little. The game has changed so much and I love it, with the new look and everything!
Loving it just have restarted maps to try out different methods, still unsure the the best of them but still having fun with the challenge of getting to new location.
This game he's lots of worlds to play on, if you unlock a world you can still switch back to the world you started on, the game is fun to play when I get bored.
Fun for a little while, but you run out of things to do relatively quickly. I am honestly super impressed by the game engine. The gears spinning are rendered incredibly smoothly with no lag and I never had any crashes. Exceptionally well made game, but really lacks incentive to keep playing once you've unlocked the third or fourth thing.