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Steal 'N Loot

Steal 'N Loot for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Besker located at Debrecen, Hatvani Istvan utca 24. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 16+ (Violence) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This game is amazing but I have a problem I encounter some bugs while playing please fix that I want this game become better and better
I like the game but it could be like a little bit more realistic to where it will like it the cops are there in your in a building they should come out the car or something like that instead of when you're in the building are going away the cop cars there and it literally just makes you. I think that's a little
It's a really fun game but you should add more things different houses and maybe you can make it like you could have more stuff, add more skills, add more cars and so that you could interact with things in the garage and if you can could check out the game theif simulator on YouTube and maybe take some ideas for example try to watch (captainsauce)
This game is very good, I really like the way we can enter inside the houses by breaking windows or unluck the closed doors. One thing I would like to comment about, is that I don't really like the car controls as they are hard. I would definately suggest this game to somebody. Good job.
Good game I just finished the game in just one day pls add more options and more items and more equipment and new cars to buy and use and there's a little bug in the game pls fix the bug and pls add new things in the gameπŸ‘πŸ˜ƒ
Good game so far. Just needs more of everything really, and a way to disable ads. Really needs a floating analog stick for movement.
Tbh this is the best robbery or thief simulator game I've ever played I did not experience any issues or bugs which is great but I did finish the game in 22 hours so please add more missions, add cutscenes, and make it where you can spawn the drone bc I don't see a button for it, add more cars, add achievements, add store clerks, add an interaction system, add charaction customization, add 3rd person mode or stay with 1st Person Mode, And Add story lines where it's more interactive and exciting.
Nice game needs more tools and a online mode for comp to see who is the best. when is this next god dam update been like half a year nothing left to do.
The game is good, runs smoothly on advanced devices. Only UI is a bit problematic and needs more optimisation such as adjustable by user and toggle sprint should always be available. Car controls needs working, change to arrow buttons perhaps to begin with. Options need to be available in hideout as well. Ads should only be in between loading/scene transition, having ads during gameplay ruins user experience. Overall, the game is good and could be great. Keep up good work!! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
I played more and I found out its very badly made im a good 2 feet behind the cam and it says can detected you also the car is just unfair I crash multiple times in to the random as hit box's
I love this game it's so fun I like the fact that when you go to your home but you didn't bring your car it just responds back I like this game a lot it's a very good Thief Simulator game
its great as a whole but i wish we could like knock out other people.It wouldake for a better experience in the game and draw more attention.
I love this game this is the closest thing I can get to sneak thief if the game would add different neighborhoods and and more gadgets I believe the game would be great
I love this game very much, but I would appreciate it if you could add more maps to go to like the PC version of thief simulator. Also I would like for you to add more skills because I started playing 2 days ago and already robbed all of the houses.
This game is so fun but the graphics is TRASHπŸ˜’ and the police car is TRASH too but I like it and the neighbor hood is too small and but why I give 4 stars because the city is not big and Add more people I hope update this🀧
I like this game is awesome but can you put more stuff like more skills and items plz BUT there can you fix the wall glitch because i was gona steel a tv and i got stuck to the wall and can you put the police on the radar plz because idk were is he going and can you put more buildings because we who play this game steals the same house so can you put more House's like i said can you put more items like things you can buy and things that you can steal plz i like your game plz plz plz update plz .
Its a good game,but,you have to buy everything to unlock and get in each house.Recommending that it would be easier if you can get a free lockpick. A Robber would have a lock pick right?Not buy it!So they would know that you are gonna steal a house. Yeah, its common sense. THATS ALL. No hate though.
Great game, however it gets boring once everything is unlocked. I feel like this game needs more content, but overall it's a really fun game, I'd recommend it
This is an amazing game! I love how you can steal stuff, solve mysteries, open safes, drive cars and get powerups! But the only reason I rated it 4 stars is because of lags and graphics quality. The graphics are just trash, and the game lags a lot. Also, it would be nice if you could add the availability to buy houses, make calls, etc. Other than that, this is an awesome game! Keep up the good work!
The lock picking skill is not working for me I had enough skill points and the tolls for it but it didn't work pls fix
It is a fun game i will rate it a five because you can lock pick doors and still stuff,and can you please add so you can hack into people's kputeres and get points keep up the good work and do more updates πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ‘
I love how this game is but i think it needs expensiv stuff to steal and more homes and more cars and more map to explor and it needs more gachets and more upgades for the backpack
Can there be a "Kill" or "subdue" or "knock out" skill? Oh, and add like masions, more cars, bigger map, and map selection
nice game but i wnat many thinks and many plase cofee shop super market bank ect.. is robery and jwelrys dimond car parts store robery iwnt attack house onwer this game
Best game ever!! I don't even care if I robbed all the houses it's to fun πŸ˜‚! Though I think you should add maybe a pickup truck that can hold either 6 or 5 things and maybe make more places to go though it is a very fun game!!
This game has potential to be great as the ingredients are all there but it's been split into a hot mess at the same time, the interior of the car has been completely messed up making it look deformed, the ai is pretty basic, I believe that this is a unity game so the graphics can be excused but can look better than it already is, the neighbourhood is pretty small, things such as picking up a bigger item can feel clunky at times and more issues but for what it is, it's alright
I couldn't get inside the houses and th game kept closing in me it's a good game but if this could be fixed I would change my Rating.
Pretty simple game, i love it! But the game has a few bugs, first, when you rob the store, the alarm bar goes WAY too fast, then when i get on the 2nd story floor, i can't get down, Finnaly, if i get on a table i can't get off. If these were fixed, i would rate 5 stars
Good game but it has more potential. Like more cars, cars that drive by, just general patching up like graphics, maybe more neighborhoods and things like that
Very nice game just like theif sim 18 I love but I think it could be better by adding more missions any very nice game
Yeah,this game is cool and all but how the heck do use the drone controler kit? I have bought the kit and unlock the skills but I still can't use it. Is it for the small hole at the wall or somrthing else? Please tell me.
I'd like to report a glitch, when you are carrying a heavy object (ex: tv.) And get caught and press restart. The game registers that you are still carrying that said object and you cannot drop it.
I LOVE THE GAME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Its a great game but the map is so so smalllllllll i dont like it bacause its so smallll thats the problem and this game need a good graphics and big mapp. Plsss update this game update the map to big and improve the graphics and add a multiplayer offline and online. I hope you update itβ˜ΊπŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ™πŸ˜“πŸ˜“
Very good game very fun it is amazing can u add so we can go to different streets and steal and when are you gonna add thugs for hire people and can y put more power ups and more expensive things to steal pleas but apart from that it is a good game so so amazing πŸ‘Œ
its realy cool but please add an mod wheere you can put the stolen things in your house and keep them as souvenirs or even keep them as home stuff with them and please make the car stay inside when you are at home so you can put out the stuff of the trunk but before all of this i gotta say great job very very great job
This game is honestly really good, its basically theif simulator but on mobile id heavily recommend it as for its graphic quality it actually has good gameplay. My only gripe would be just a few bugs like cameras spotting even out of range, and this might be just for me but the theif van causing a black screen bug after being bought and going to neighborhood. Some suggestions i have are: β€’More items in market β€’More homes and/or neighborhoods β€’And just more things to do in general
Great game. but the controls are little wired & the ads are annoying & it would be much easier to be able to not get cought so fast or be able to knock out the home owner of the house.
I get that this is a copy of the real game but they did a pretty good job and I thank the effort but it is pretty hard without watching a few ads for a start boost. A few typos here and there but overall gg
Great game! But could use some more items to rob, vehicles, more shops we can rob, more skill to unlock, and more tools. But I had a fun time playing this game keep up the good work! πŸ‘
Wasting so mush time for this the garage door of house 110 is not opening there are no buttons to that garage door ahhhh!!!!!!!!
This game is so glitchy and trash. Cops can detect you from across the map. And you can't see what's in front of you since the game is still loading the map. This game is slightly better then Heist Thief Robbery. But this game is trash and it's glitchy. Another update? Maybe? ☠
Its an amazing game and time killer but there are a few things i wana say first. The drone could be alittle faster. But some things that would be a really great add to the game is a gas and break pedal and touch steering aka buttons with arrows. A camera for the car so you can go in 3rd person while driving. A new gadget "a camera" where you have like 10 and you can put them in a house to see if there home and if any items are worth the time. More cars to buy like a chevy truck. Its a 10/10 game
it is a good game but it's a little to hard to get points I believe this game is going to have a good future ahead of it.
It's a great game I love it the reason it's a 4 is because I think you guys could add more to do like add a new map with very rich people or add more tools like a hacking laptop or ipad
Great game, I normally don't rate games so that's a start. But there are some things that could be improved. Such as the drone, it doesn't tell me how or where to summon in. There should be more houses instead of that ONE area the whole time. I would like to explore more, but other than that, I am enjoying the games. I do have suggestions but that't not my place.
THIS GAME IS AWESOME I USE TO HAVE A ANDROID PHONE BUT I UPGRADED TO AN IPHONE 6s wish this game will be on iOS soon this is my favorite game
Game starts off as if its gonna be a good game. Soon as you leave start location it goes downhill. Driving in 1st person view would be fine, if there where house numbers on the map...theres no house numbers on the map so you wont have to struggle finding them..Map quest tells you a list of houses you can rob without skills ( if you can find them) but yet i reach one and it tells me i need a skill in order to get in lol...
I like the game but each time I try there's A TON of people on the side walks (specifically at night) but other than that I like the game.
The game is decent but I rated it 3 stars is because 1. The graphics could be improved 2. The cops can catch you from like halfway across the map 3. There is only so much you can do in the game cos I played it for a couple hours and maxed everything out and 4. There is only one boring map.
I like the game but there are some bugs like the drop item button is still there but I already dropped the . I fixed it but please fix it. But it is super fun you deserve five stars
Oh my god this game very good and graphic is perfect not like other game but you need to add more high security house or apartment and add some skill download it now btw I have finish this game only 4 hours🀧
I wish there were a bank and security and guns I got the game last night and I finished it in 40 mins it's a good game though keep up the good work
This game is ok but plz fix the police make them into humans and not just a car also there isn't enough houses and tasks also the exp levels and points are broken. Add more stuff because I finished the game with in 1:59 hours also I hate the controls for the car and the human
needs more people, I can't tell where the cops are, and also it needs more houses and stores. It needs more stuff to like the news on TV I'd like that graphic showing houses that's been robbed. But other than that best robber game I've had
Its a great game but need more buildings and more cars and tools and can you make the police more realist like make them chase you on feet not just in cars and give the police tasers you should do the bigger the house the more loot this game is fun but it needs more improvement and I would like a choice single player or multiplayer other than that the game is very good .
is the coming soon thug for hire multiplayer? if not add a multiplayer feature. the garage open bug fix is not working. add the garage door control like the one trailer. are yall adding multiplayer? and add new maps
I know this is realistic game but i just want u to update this game,make the update like this make a realife graphichs,make many peoples,and when we rob the house make a citizen in that house. I mean make this game like GTA so we can go anywhere,run from the police,and we can see in a map.
It's a pretty great game, the controls are a bit clunky and uncomfortable and the draw distance is extremely low and for some reason my game doesn't seem to have the shadow settings, some text will also suddenly disappear after playing for a while, there is still some bugs in this hopefully it will be fixed soon.
kind of similiar to thief simulator, a bit glitchy, i suggest adding more story into it, and stop using 'n all the time
I have a problem when go to steal and when its loading it randomly gives me a black screen and brings me to the home screen im on huawei mediapad t3 7.0 please fix this.
can you add some high graphics and more maps cause im bored of spinning all around in town and add some thugs and bank and add animations and guns and add real cops and parkour so its gonna looks like a ultimate thief expirence😎😎😎
Its ok but could add more people with cars in their house and could add where you can get something to hack the camera offline and could add the thief for hire
I personally like this game alot , but there are something things that could be worked on like the game could be an open world game. Next the car w need more controls like controlling the lights and interer details. Also more houses and that will get you a 5 star from me.
There's not that much to do in the game like add more maps and characters add more stuff to upgrade and more stuff than just cars
Good game. Does need more though, hopefully it gets updated soon. Does anyone else find it funny to just go around stealing the frying pans and toasters
I play this game alot I do like it! But I already hit the highest level! I think you should add new maps, new cars, new items and 100% be able to customize your base in some sort of way but mostly more items in safes, more safes and more cars! Bigger map more homes because I have figured them all out and it's too easy now
It is a very fun game! I only ask that you update it to include more maps or more gadgets, but to anyone who is wondering if they should get the game, the answer is yes.
Please add the 3rd option in computer and add more towns and Add things like camera hacking gadget i just completed it in just one day
The game is pretty buggy bit it is still good. Sometimes when you drop the big items (the ones you have to put in the trunk) you cant pick them up again. I want more neighborhoods to rob but still a great time killer.
I love this game but it definitely needs online playing with my friends this will never get boringπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
The game is good but there are loads of bugs i was hiding in the garbade can and the police still caught me
I like this but it i already finished it add a story and people well play it more right now it's just boring
Kool game me not bot heheh lol this was a good game but there was alot of ads and grapics are good and it was fantastic i just want new features like if somebody see you they will Call the police and neighbors and there will be somany people there and you cant escape anymore and thats what i want and thats why ill rate it 4 Stars only thank you for reading this byeπŸ‘
This game is great. It could use some improvements though. I understand that you are trying, but maybe make the graphics better, and add some businesses or banks to rob as well. Finally, maybe fix some typos and add a BIGGER MAP!
So good 5 stars love the steeling but the graphics could use a bit of work otherwise everything is good with this game
Game is awesome graphics are amazing but I wish that the thugs for hire would come quicker cos I really want to check it out
Please more updates! It doesn't take long to unlock everything and rob all the houses. It really does make fun but after a short time you don't know what to do with your money or skill points. Maybe you could expand the world, create new houses, new items to steal (like diamonds or gold). And more things to unlock, more things to buy (Maybe furniture for our home). I like the feature receiving messages from Mr. Vincenzo. Maybe a criminal base where we can visit him and he gives us new tasks.
Morreeee updatesss we need more updates make some weapon to stun people add skill to shut down electricity to shut down the cams add bigger map add customizable hide out
Pls add more things to steal and unlock more things like (1)diamonds or golden cups, vase and ring. (2) pls add other room to our house, in the other room it will be things that we stole. (3) add more store, the store will got diamonds and golden cups, vase and ring. (4) add new houses that dimond rings or golden rings
It's great. Really loved playing it. Just Waiting for the arrival of thugs for work in the home base . Please improve the loading of the piano in the trunk as it glitches once it falls behind the truck
Am having a trouble unlocking the skills to picklocks and steal cars inspite of buying them , add to that ; not gaining any xp points inspite of stealing things , if these issues are sorted out , the game would be a 5 stars
I love the game but mine is glitchy. it won't show me any emails, it won't show me how much money I have, it won't show me what I sold my stolen items for. if that is fixed then I'd give 5 stars. my only complaint
There is an glitch with vehicles and a house when I go left side of it pulls me into the wall the number of house is 104 the vehicles glitch is sometimes I get stuck into something and I don't know what is it it is invisble and this game has lots of glitches and I request an update and another Street.
A really good game, there are some glitches, but this game has potential to be a really great game with some updates.
Great game but the controls are little wired & the ads are annoying & it would be much easier to be able to not get cought so fast or be able to knock out the home owner of the house.
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This game is good. But there's no story, no option to restart, once you get everything it starts to get boring, also when I try and lock pick a door, the game breaks, its the same with the drone and probably everything else. Please fix it.
good but is there a possibiblity for even higher graphics i love this game because theres not many games like it not many ads (no ads at all i think) good graphics for the size of the game. and this must have taken a lit of effort and time of you guys so thanks for making it
This game is a little to easy but is fun for sure but it needs some improvements like (1)we should be able to just drive to are hidout or whatever(2)We should have to look on the computer to see the messages (3)Add more things to steal(4)Add animation for the things we do like the (Drill,Jumping through windows, getting in cars/stealing them maybe hot wire) that would be great. If you added these things I think this game would be much better ThanksπŸ˜‰
It's a wonderful game but if the thugs for hire option was available and the controls make it harder to do stuff.
I played this game alot but it need improvement and the game is really easy I would like to for you to improve more houses more tools more cars and make it more like realistic and it's really boring when it's to easy and it's not really fun I will give you an 5stars when you do the improvements and read other comments pls
Very great game. Please fix something. When I'm at a house, and I get noticed and cops look for me, I hide inside the house and I get caught. I used to hide inside the house and nothing would happen. Now I get caught when inside a house please fix it please
This game is amazing I wanna tell you something make more levels and also thugs for hire too also when u relese thugs for hire you should also make it multipalyer and like even in offlinr the city is big wide and more bad thugs you fight with guns and You get the point right ?
its easy a little bit but it was hard for me i like challenging games so keep up the great work!πŸ˜„πŸ˜Ž
Can definitely use some work but it's a fun game, you should add challenges like in thief simulator and just add more content to it all together like new skills and tools and different ways to flip items and just all around polishing the game
This is the fun game I've seen ever! Because I found gadgets and the drone work! And I fell very good from this game! Is so cool, and I so much fun! I like the Skills I like the drone gadget, and I like much the new car! This game is so cool! Nice work to make this game πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰
I like this game but there is one thing i dont like. The cops can capture you even you are inside of house.. And theres only one map and its boring so pleasee update the game... I really like this game.
This game is amazing compared to most other thief simulator games. But I rated it a 4 instead of a 5 is because, 1, The cops can catch you like across the map, even when you don't see them. 2, The graphics need some improvement, but not a major deal. But other than that, can we get another map. But yeah, still a great game.
I'm giving it a 3 star review due to while playing the subtitles on like how to safe crack the safe . Love it but its really annoying because I don't know what it says plz fix this bug
Thats super amazing!!😍😍πŸ₯°πŸ˜Ž I loved it its not good graphics and physics but its amazing game!!
Thanks budd!!! Your game is the best robbery game!! I appreciate that. And who can't play the game that means his/her ANDROID/TABLET it is not in accordance with the version. Please make it accordance with all version of ANDROID/MAC/IOS/TABLET/etc. .Thank you!! Oh, and add some save cloud like from google play, hehe. Thanks alot!
Shore fun this game is so fun but I like where you can get new things you boy Sutter anyways the game is good the graphics are good I gave the five out of five it was a good graphics bye
how to use this game because it says that steal n loot is responding can someone plz help my ipad name is Lenovo yoga tab 3
love it, would like to see the value of the items and see how much exp you get per item, when you open your backpack ^_^ it's still really fun
Best game ever before on my other I played this I didn't reach the last lockpick level so I wasn't a master thief but now on this phone I got master thief in 1 day this is the bestest game ever but could you please add more stuff and. Houses and more updates so this game could be more cool and add some more skills and more cars to buy please
It's better there a lot of the other games like this it could be better and should have longer gameplay and is short other than that it's a very good game.
The game is ok but I demand that they make the hitbox bigger because I cant steal slot of things because of that Please Update That
This game is great but you need to adjust the graphic, police and controller. Add more tools and skills.
Not bad of stealing game there is a lot of ripoffs this one is good keep working on this maybe someday you'll get some money but no ads
love this game hope u update it zo u can do everything else i have finished the whole game and hope i can unlock more soon
This game is really fun I love the way your able to hide and the skills I would definitely recommend this to my friends Also May you please add multi-player it would be fun to play it after you finish the next update thank you for making the game I have something to look forward too now😁