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Stay Alive

Stay Alive for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by Dokole Paroli Limited. The game is suitable for Rated for 16+ (Strong Violence) and required Android version is 6.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Love the game but it freezes up and buffers way too much causes you to get killed and lose all of your items that you have and you have to start all over again and that's not too cool it needs to have a few things fixed in it get hungry and thirsty way too fast energy just runs out before you can really do much but as far as the game is a great game to play it just needs to have these issues fixed
Great game so far, but the durability of items needs to be fixed, projectile weapons break way too fast, and it feels a little like im pushed towards spending real money to stay on top of repairs, apart from that keep up the good work
The most impressive thing about this game is the graphics. The environment is beautiful and the animation is so smooth. There are some small issues though: the sound system could use some works, everything close is so loud and unreal like the sound of a walking boar; enemies shouldn't see through walls and obstacles and stealth kill button should be a little more friendly.
Only 2 stars, the game has potential but it's lagging the controls are delayed... I've played many zombie Survival games so in comparison to those this game lacks many things...hope you makes some changes... looking forward to play it in future
Needs a lot more work! It seems like a decent game if it could stop buffering long enough for you to actually play, especially when youre getting attacked and can't fight because its stuck! Then you lose everything youve collected even the clothes you're wearing😑 Uses too much energy before you can find basic things to get started. Get hungry &thirsty way too quick..every 10s. Theres a lot of potential but its not thought out enough for players to actually enjoy playing. Uninstalling..
The playability of the game is great, all the details is done well, seeing it is a game to stay alive it would be nice if you could add a eat function where you can eat the berries if your inventory is full, to allow for more play time and possibility to run and survive.
Good game but the bad network logo shows up every d*an minute and that gives me a headache and that kills me very often too
Love this game plenty of places to pick up items and don't have to wait ages for areas to produce again
I can't connect. It only tells me it can't connect to the cloud on both my tablet and my phone. I would really like to play this game but it won't let me. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling, I've tried restarting my phone and tablet. Nothing. 1 star until this is fixed.
It's your typical explore, collect, craft/build game, so if you enjoy those then you'll enjoy this one too. The only con I have is the grind, I understand that you'll need to grind in this type of game but it's crazy. A branch picked up from the ground gives you +1 wood and 5 exp but you chop down a tree and get +2 wood and 5 exp, it costs 3 or 4 wood and stone to craft an axe. The durability of items are basically none existent, most of your gear breaks after 4 or 5 attacks. Needs an update.
It's an alright game. It's an overall fun game, but there's a few bugs that need to be ironed out. A main feature I didn't enjoy. 1. Durability. Most survival games have it of course, but it feels like weapons and armor break too quickly for the cost. There's no reason to craft basic armor since you can find it, but it usually breaks in the first area if you're not stealthing. 2. Crafting. Relatively basic components are kind of a pain to get. Grinding is one thing, but 4 logs for 1 wood plank?
This game sucks. 1st the internet connection of this game. 2nd the game is buggy. In the tutorial it wants me to kill a zombie, but no zombie spawns everytime i pick up the weapon. Tried opening the game many times and it is still the same. Nope, don't tell me to redownload this awful game to fix it. Mobile data isn't cheap. Already downloaded the background resources.
Constant connection issues are infuriating. Dying while waiting for the game to reconnect is NO BUENO! I'm sitting 2 feet from my router with a full signal. Fix it.just received a response from the developers...very quick. Did not know this game is still in development. Not enough servers to prevent high ping in some countries. Quite understandable🏆💥💥💥✌️
I've only recently started playing this game, it's a really well made game....and even like the fact that certain items depend on other items to be made....so you kind of have to use your resources wisely and time them depending on your needs. Would however have loved it if it was multiplayer....is there a feature in the future? Also, the number of diamonds it takes to save loot should be a little less than 70.....70 seems way too much compared to how difficult it is to earn the gems.
Its a Great game i can't lie about that, it's that zombie survival game you've pretty much been looking for, but there's one problem, it's the "connection issue" problem, i think there might be a problem with the servers because everytime i loaded up the game, it told me that there was a connection issue, it'll give you 2 options to start a New Game or Retry. Whenever I chose Retry, it'll begin to start to load the game, but no matter how long i wait, it just doesn't load, so PLZ FIX THIS!!!!
Hello I am giving this game four star cuz the effect is good...I got some problem of this game...1.the connection.2 can you add little bit faster button sometimes I was been attack while collecting stuff and I was being attack so I was trying to press the X button but it's slow close or speed...and put a little durability on armor...also can you add the multiplayer mode pls🥺...I am not asking you to do it...but it's up to you..pls fix the rest of the problem if you want one more ⭐
It's a decent game I like it but it's needs some work lots of buffering when your trying to quick move stuff from box's and inventory weapons and armor depletes way to fast but I do like the repair method like it alot I like how tasks gives you exp cus lvling up takes some time to do I love the time and afford on the looting spots and how the areas are set up and their design but but those are little things that can be done but it should be done soon so the game and fully be playable😊😁
This game is improving. Sana hindi na mag lag saka sana mas bumilis pa ang loading time per area. Keep it up, thanks
Stupid games. Theres a delay action and its not auto aim. And if you died everything will lose. Unlike the other suvival games like this. If you die, you can get back all the loots in your dead body. But this game doesnt it will lose all your item. NOT A GOOD GAME
Nice but... Whenever i want to move an item or craft, it takes at the beginning of the game 0s then the second time about 5s, then 10s then.... It takes cumulative ages and becomes unplayable when I have to wait a good 30s at least, only to move ONE item from my bag to the box... I won't spend 5minutes to move 10 items, hell no! Hardly enjoyable in this state...
Its a great game besides the times when it loads even tho my wi fi is good I have to close and open the game back up and I wish pistol ammo stacked I like 3 raids a day but when I have 50 diamond it doesn't let me refresh but I also thank the developers for a fantastic apocalyptic survival game😃
Best Game ever! Yes has some bugs but what game doesnt from the beginning? Still doesnt stop me playing! It isnt hard to get resources and the grind isnt too bad or long! Easy to get weapons by finishing tasks. Definitely recommending this game to all!
Love the game. Great graphics, better then any game of this kind. Well designed maps. Big thumbs up to the devs. Small lagging lowers the gaming experience. The only reason why I won't play the game is energy required to move on the world map.
When I first started playing this game was 5 stars. Easily. Then an update came and the crashes started. You did an update today, to fix the previous bugs, and now I can't play at all. It stays on the introduction loading screen and still keeps saying Im losing connection to my wifi. I'm super excited and anxious for these bugs to get fixed! But until then, I'm gonna have to give a 3 star rating. ETA: finally am able to play, still a little laggy, but it's definitely better than before! 🤘
I'd give a better rating, but it's kind of obvious it's designed , so that you can't really play without spending a little, and items wear out way too easy, it's not even worth the time to try and make clothes as armor, I'll also add. One gem for watching an add is rediculous, I won't be wasting my time on those anymore
I don't like the way the gameplay is choppy and everytime i do certain actions the game loads like crazy and blames it on internet connection when my wifi works just fine and I've checked. Regardless it has potential but i would like to see a lot of bug fixes and optimizations to convince me to change my review and play it again.
I play lots of games this is my new favorite crafting game!! Only issue is I wish there were more food item's to plant, and trees to plant so we can eat, and more rodent's and animals to hunt! I also would like the clothes and weapons to last longer. There should be a crafting table to repair!
Everything is great, but my only problems are; the clothing/armor it wares out too easily and it eats up resources to make more any chance y'all can make armor/clothes more durable plz? Last thing maybe more resources? It's a real ordeal to get rope you know make more resources help the grind please and thank you. That's all. Hey great game everything looks solid so far keep up the good work cheers 🥂🥂🤠👍🏼
The game seems to be a bit laggy, but there isn't plenty of bugs that might ruin the gameplay. The on screen buttons is much smaller thus making it much more difficult for th players to control.
Giving this game 2 stars because I've had to reinstall several times and the game is still getting stuck on load screens everytime I go to a different location. So far all I've been able to do is go to home base. When I try to go anywhere else the game stays on the load screen. This is very irritating!
I took some time to play the game and it's very fun the lag is annoying but that's a normal thing I used play last day on earth survival (still play it) and well this game is amazing for one stealth actually feels like stealth and armor actually is armor and does what it's supposed to do (blocks damage) the sounds are amazing as well stepping mud sounds like stepping in mud and stepping in water sounds like stepping water this game is just great and I hope it gets better in the future it 👍
Gave 1 star because every time I tried to enter my base, the game stopped loading. I tried several times reloading game, but still no luck. However what little bit I did get to play this game has potential. Is similar to LDOE, was hoping it would be a game that wasn't super demanding pay to play, and give the casual F2P gamer a real chance at success. Anxiously waiting to try this game further.
Until you fix durability im not playing anymore clothes break way to fast and on last like 15 hits from a zombie and weapons breaks way to fast too, do what Last Day On Earth did make durability much higher
No connection, can't play... even after the new patch it's still the same. Worked for the first week I started playing and as soon as I spent $ it lost connection. Kinda weird... not really. It was a top 10 now it makes me want to smash my phone everytime I try to play it cuz I can't and all the $ I've lost because of it.
Good game if I could play it. It keeps telling me I dont have internet but I am sitting by my router with full signal. Otherwise I would have given it 4 stars based on the fact I can't move my walls always have to build new ones when I change around my house. Upped it to 4 stars, connection is better and they actually read my review and answered it with more than a general reply.
Glitchy, rather pricey , would be good to have food and water visible on main screen. But it is a work in progress, and I new that comming in. Keep up the good work guys, might have a real winner here.
Pretty good game so far, I'm enjoying it! The only two issues I have(I'm aware the game is not finished) is server issues which could easily get you killed if you're trying to clear a map. The second issue is rope not being craftable. Considering the nature of the item I think it should be craftable. Besides these two things it's a neat game.
The game always logging and i always get hit or killed because of it. Even the transfer of loot seems to be difficult.
Lots of bugs! 1) Everytime I moved the joystick by accident while picking stuffs, I need to do it once I again. 2) Some hard-to-kill zombies could fully regenerate HP when we leave the area, but not moving to another area 3) Just wait until more bugs appear in my rating list! Thank you! Love ur game!
It is a very good game and they helped on a couple of issues,then I could not load any kind of weapon making the game unplayable for me and they stuck with it and quickly found a solution, Great job guys ! It is f2p with everything you need to play the game being found somewhere in the game .
Just start playing this game earlier and i found it real fun to play however the only reason i'm not giving it 5 stars because the armor and weapons durability is so low you can lose all your weapons durability by just entering one zone and its hard to find basic items...keep up the good work and please add a story line and events that way the game will be much more interesting
Imagine you are in a raid mode and got a jackpot one because there's a lot of resources that you need then suddenly when you access the inventory to manage your resources the game doing a loading mode and it gives you a "no connection" sign when your wifi signal is stable and then when the loading is done, you found yourself is dead and lose your loots (except you pay it with 70 diamonds). You guys should fix your unstable server immediately and nerf the sniper guard who can kill us in 1 shot.
Problems with crafting and receiving crafted items. No wifi screen and loading screen keeps popping up. Game is great however, can't wait till the bugs are fixed Edit - loading problem during inventory screen, died and lost my loot, cause I couldn't exit the inventory screen. PLEASE fix this problem ASAP
I love this game graphics but this game load tech too much time and I didn't play this game because of loading I don't like this game I have not given give any one star also to this game
The game is lagging really much, even if I'm next to my wifi source it says I lost my connection, when I explore and attack enemies my character lags, and I can't attack anyone and I die for this. I would really appreciate it if you could fix this problem. I only started the game now. If I have more problems I will update this review.
Downloaded this game and it just stays in the load screen. No idea how its played. Got rid of it after a third try at opening. I have a vrand new high powered phone too. So there shouldnt be an issue. But alas there is. If i could give no stars i would. So heres 1 i guess.
Too fast to be hungry and getting thirsty... Please make it slowly.. I will add a star again if its done... Thanks.. Thanks like the way you fixing all the bugs
Just another survival game. Everything breaks easily, learn gameplay as you go, "quests" make you remake items you have already made. Low storage/ invintory space, Back and forth running between places that can take quite a while. Entire store catalog for purchasing limited usage items that you lose on death. It's not a bad (periodically) waste of time game but it's not good either. adding a block, dodge and sprint button while increasing durability of items nd reduce craft times is needed
Hopefully the devs see this. Haven't played a game like this in ages. Love them but all of them are p2w. This one seems f2p but it's still new. I like it but I'm not getting my hopes up yet. The only problem I'm facing is when taping anything whether that be inbox items, eating berries, putting items in crates it has a bad delay. It takes around 6 seconds to actually work. Which is a massive pain. You have to sit and wait until it works. It should be one tap and instally does it.
Game was good, a little buggy, but good. Last update messed everything up though. Had all my crafting table slots unlocked via gem purchases, now they have been reset. Everytime i go to take something from a crate it freezes and says i have no connection. Ive made cash purchases in game, would like to see issues fixed.
I can give you 5 star but there is one problem is because of laggy problem that's all. If you solve this issue and I can tell you that this zombie game survival is much more better than last day on earth , Because your game is more much easier than last day on earth. The guns in this game is easy to farm, no need to use a real money to buy a gun. All you need is grinding the item only. This game totally free to play. I hope you can add side quest or story mode so your game can more perfectly.
After some hours into the game. I have notice several cons about this game. 1) there is no fixed position for controls. Which makes the controls glitchy. You press the map-> you attck. Probably the whole right side of the screen is attck button. 2) delays in picking up items , delay in consuming food. -> poor server. 3)Everything breaks so fast(You can get a pair of pants with 70% dura. It will break while fighting 3 walkers) I like the idea of manual aim shooting. Thats all.
Plz dont give up. Make this game better one, need graphics like pc level, and weather too. You can do this
i'm going to change my review because after the new update( patch fix) game work perfectly and its really enjoyable. game has very good potential and need some improvment like to fast get hungry or armor durability and there is still some bug need to be fixed like when a weapon broke still show in character hand the broken weapon and cannot be change during a fight so you will die if the zombie is hard one after all its really good game thanks developers
Good idea but the buffering/loading happens anytime inventory is accessed and sits for minutes at a time, maybe longer (I force closed the app so maybe indefinitely?). Unfortunately the game continues to progress, so you get hungrier and thirstier and potentially attacked but you can't do anything because you are stuck in the loading screen and none of the buttons work. Essentially unplayable at this time for me, uninstalling. Razer 2 on Android 9.
I will give you 5 star because the game looks good. I found a real bug which wont let you play at all. Is a bug when start a new game even if you played once. After the game starts and you take the bat. The next mission is to kill a zombie but the zombie does not appear and this wont allow you to progress further. (I think I found out the problem. It happened because I did not wait to download the rest of resources)
Hi, it's a good game, but i have an error that lasts for about a couple weeks. I can't play the game because everytime i logged in, the game always brought me to my last place when the error begun for the first time. It was the army truck mission. I always summoned on the exit gate at the 1st stage altough i never finish it. I don't bring pick axe so i can't destroy the rock blocking my way to the entrance. When i entering the exit gate, the game always stopped and don't do anything. Please help
Game is really good nice graphics and smooth movement...only problem I ran into was sometimes I can't move stuff from inventory I got to split the stack that I'm trying to move and also attacking a zombie is pretty slow I have to directly face them to hit them. When there near me I should be able to just attack them without me having to manually face them to attack.
I'm really enjoying this game so far. I really like the ability to repair weapons, buy it's costs to many gems, especially with how quickly the integrity of the weapons go down. Weapons and armor should be more durable. Hunger and thirst also decrease way to fast, and so far it seems my time is spent constantly trying to eat and drink.
I can't even play . I get stuck at the loading screen and it says I have no wifi signal when my wifi is just fine . It's a little frustrating since I just got the game but I still can't play it . But the few 20 secs I do play the game seems fun. I would love a chance to actually play .
A might tricky figuring out the controls at first, but hey part of the fun. For all the environmental items going on, such as the wild life moving, grass and leaves blowing in the wind, etc. The very small pauses, weren't worth writing home about. Having it jump out in the middle of a fight for server maintenance with no warning is another thing. Not sure if it would be possible, but a way to bring down those infected that are just hanging around, but to be able to search them would be nice.
Liked the game, great map, great graphic overall it's a nice game but the only problem is its lag a no signal icon always popup in the screen eventhough my connection is good and its bit annoying when ur in event and this no signal icon just popup then died this is y I give 4 that's the only problem i see in the game rn overall it's good game
Oh my God this game is so freaking gorgeous, and so fun! There are so many games like this out there, but I think this just might be the best I've played! I think it still has room to grow. I've recently run into a connection issue, I think. I can't touch any buttons or anything, even while a zombie is killing my character. I know it isn't my phone/Wi-Fi. I don't know if it's the server I'm on, or the game itself. But it's really annoying.
The game has potential, but I'm looking for a survival game that I can play on the go in dead zones since I live in the country side, and I think it's kinda BS that I have to be online to play a game, that lets me play, by myself, the resource limit sucks, and the amount I get to succeed in my goals to move forward in the game is severely limited because of the inefficient amount of resources you gather, weapons don't last long enough, neither does clothing, there's no day or night cycle either
It is a good game. Its just you lose all your items from all the slow loading, movement controls stuck, long loading screens. Even have to watch in frustration my character get thrown at and die while controls are stuck. Hope you can fix this up as this game still has promise*sighs* and is a good stress reliever during this tough times...
Amazing and so very addictive, good smooth game play and great clean , smooth graphics. I'm not far into it but I'm impressed! I'll continue playing, how's that for a review!!??!!!!!!!!!
The worst game I ever played and installed you can't even get a item in your bag or change a weapon to kill zombies with out the game getting frozen everytime and they expect people to waste money on items for a game that doesn't really work. This game would of been five stars and the best game I ever played if it wasn't for all the problems that the game has. I wasted my time playing this game just to delete it five days later
I can give this game a full 5 star but the only reason I'm giving a 2 star is because of the lag no matter what I do is lagging even if I just claiming a reward and also the automode system is so slow on detecting item to loot. Please fix this problem. I really enjoy your game I'm just disappointed.
Has alot of bugs, needs fixing. Lags, connection issues that interrupt gameplay. Other than that terrible flaw that goes unnoticed and unanswered by the careless developers, who seem not to give 1 damn about the consumer. It's an awesome game, so sad, has so much potential. Like a child who just has awful parents, this game will never get a chance to blossom into the greatness that it is. What a waste of creating it if you aren't going to nurture it with love and attention. SHAME ON YOU!
So far so good I might update this review later... But one thing I would love to be updated is when you are going to clean something or any thing like that the buffer time is pretty long. Again it's fun so far and I applaud you for creating a game like this good job. If you didn't drink water you should...😁😁
Nice! The character moving fast.. Pls fix this when you click an icon it's 2to3second before its open or its use.. You die before you click the bandage.. Overall nice game
I've been playing the game for a couple of hours now and it has been very good. But I have to use a VPN to enter the game and this will slow the game too much not the gameplay but when using the inventory takes too much time sometimes I'm inside the inventory and it won't close and the zombie will kill me! Hope you guys can fix it. edited: I see I will be looking forward for future updates. And also I'm very thankful for the fast and honest answer.
The graphics on this game are way better than most zombie games so I give a five stars for that but I do got to say from playing it why can't I move my walls that are already built to another spot? And it does have a little glitch here in there so that might want to be looked at I can't really explain the glitch it just freezes for a split second and then moves I've got a gig up and a gig down of fiber optic