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Static Quest: The Delivery

Static Quest: The Delivery for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by Cookiebit S.L. located at Av. Primer de Maig 6, Burjassot, Valencia. The game is suitable for Teen (Violence, Blood) and required Android version is 4.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
i love retro games. they could have worked a bit more on the background, maybe changed bg after a "day" or wave of enemies. i mean he's a delivery guy but he doesn't move. i get it =static=. but could have made a better back story. blade costumes are are cute, but powers become repetitive. 8 bit music is catchy at first but u can get tired of it. gave me ideas. i wanna make my own version of this survival game. :)
Great game to waste some time on. The mechanics and graphics are both entertaining but don't expect to play this for hours on end as it does get boring after a while.
Simple, cute pixel art graphics, simple storyline, but compelling. Use of levelled-up weapons until they run out almost turns it into a real-time resource management game. I'm enjoying it.
This game has a few flaws that don't really make sense to me. There are four equipment slots, but two of them are locked and the game doesn't explain how to unlock them. You give us the option to upgrade the enemies, but the enemies automatically get stronger when you upgrade yourself. Also, why can we only examine a weapon or spell after we buy it? It's these flaws, and probably some others that I can't think of, that really keep this game from being enjoyable.
Thus game is good .they really outdid themselves in making it.What i really like is how your characters changes its costume for each weapon/spell
You get Gold to upgrade by killing monsters, or by watching videos. You get a generous amount of coins from watching videos which happens to be about the same amount as one round. And then the monsters get stronger, requiring you to upgrade again which is made easiest by... watching videos to get gold.
I love using this game and playing because it is simple and fun. The only reason I took one star away is because it gets quite repetitive and hard to get $$$.
Tried it o it a little bit and it looks like something to pick up while you're bored. Looks like it it might get old after awhile though.
I can't log into my google plus account. Bought the extra weapon slot but did not recive it but the money was taken from my bank. And can't press play because the ad is in the way of the pause screen. Those are the main issuess. Once fixed ill give it more stars.
I like the game but I have one minor problem with it. There is no default ranged weapon that does not run out of ammo. I'm ending up dying because all of the range monsters are killing me and I can't kill them first. It's just annoying to be left helpless when u run out of ammo.
Like alot of reviews have said, the beginning 30 to 45 mins of play time is slow. But once you start upgrading weapons and skills you can see where and how the game becomes enjoyable.
I wanted to give the game 5 stars as it's an addictive game, so much so that I thought I'd pay for some extra coins. Money has come out of my account but no in game coins... Every time I try and click on the buy option it now comes up with Google play error. Either refund my real money or give me what I paid for!
I tought the game suck at first. But I really didn't give it a chance now when I play I tend to lose track of time. Its owsome how the character puts on the custom of the weapon he equips. When I saw the master sword naturally I picked it but was disappointed that they didn't use Link's signature spin move. The game gets gitchy with the bee's and there body stays where they died and gets confusing when new ones apper please fix and I'll rate 5
There HAS to be a sequel to this game I mean look @ the title "Static Quest: The Delivery" how about a sequel called "Static Quest: The Apocalypse" where a nuke goes off and the player has to stop the Zombies, Demons, Spiders, and you guys can make up the rest. Then a sequel to that called "Static Quest: The Aftermath" where the game takes player AFTER the events of the sequel "Static Quest: The Apocalypse" and has the player in a world like "Dragon Quest" and battles from the 8-bit Final Fantasies and the player can build a party of 4 heroes. Also the title screen is a little buggy on Samsung Galaxy Tab 3
I used to play it on the original galaxy s, and the game got boring after a while, so I quit. Now, it feels just as good as it was when I got it! Really good game.
If you could make the add banner half the size it is now I would give you a 5.... it's just a little inconvenient simply because I can't see enemies flying down from the top left which causes me to waste ammo due to poor timing and having no gauge on how many are coming or where exactly I should shoot to maximize my ammo conservation...
I wanted to play this game because the pictures looked cool. But when I tried to download it went to 95% and stoped. I still have 3 gigabites left of space. Please fix so I can play and give you a better rating
This app is ok, but it would be nice to be able to move. Also, why would you have limited knives if you're not throwing them? And why can't you stab/punch the flying enemies if they fly at the same level as the ground monsters? These kind of improvements are all this app needs to be great. You're so close to an amazing and entertaining game.
You die a lot. But you start where you left off and get new enemies to continue upgrading and make it farther next round. Well put together and graphics are awesome
It's alright, but I spent 1.99 on a ton of coins thinking I would be invincible and hit that 100% mark. Upon beefing up my favorite weapons the game suddenly became EXPONENTIALLY harder. My character, with all of his beefed up weapons, barely lasted 5% of the round. I hung my head in shame as I uninstalled, never to play again.
lots of weapons and endless fun. Yes, though it fun it is pretty hard due to ammo but just watch ads and get 130 coins each ad. GREAT GAME 12/10 *'S
Static quest is a game where you stand still and use weapons and magic to defend yourself from monsters. This may be simple, but it works so good. Any rpg fan should play this game!
Upgraded the enemies a bit soon. But still, i prefer melee and the second enemy is ranged, which was really annoying. You would think they wouldn't show up until later.
Speed is too slow... takes a whike for slime to get to me. Has room for improvement with graphics and ganeplay. I look forward to seeing future improvements. PS giving rewards for ratings is cheese.
They want you to buy the top tier weapons even after you spend forever leveling up. What a crock of bs ...
This is a great game. However, the only problem I have had is it will not completely connect to my Google account. Once this is fixed, I will rate it at 5 stars.
There's one superficial bug (HTC desire 610) where the mutant wasps stick in the air once they're dead. Also, it would be good if there was some volume control for music and effects. But overall a good game. Love the upgrades !
The game is nice and simple, easy to pick up, yet hard to master. But the game is also very repetetive, it's the same thing over and over... There are also many things that seem unfinished, e.g.: There are 4 equipment slots, but 2 of them are locked and the game doesn't explain how to unlock them, and I still haven't figured out how.
The only thing that is wrong in this game is that there's no option to turn off the sound. Thou' it has a great soundrtrack, sometimes i like to play games listening to music and I just can't in this game.
Fun game, good pace of leveling up. Annoying that i can't find an option to turn music off. I like to listen to podcasts and play gamrs, but that makes this game a no go...
It's like an onion: the game opens up a layer after layer. Gameplay is simple, but after a while a devil comes out of the details and you have to plan all over again. And that graphics (I have a soft spot for pixel art)... It looks cute and fits the game absolutely. Also, I do like short gaming sessions in mobile games and here you cant survive long. The only frustrating moments so far are those pesky flying monsters when you come out of magic and ammo.
The game was fine before. Fun game really. Recently ads have been showing up in the middle of the game and taking up a fifth of the screen making it impossible to see flying enemies until a while after they have appeared. Really ruined the game.
BUT not my favorite time wasted. Try Gurk. Gurk is a good, simple game and only takes up 100 KB Of space. But this game is also kinda fun.
The flying bees sometimes do not respawn after I kill them with magic, mostly the freeze magic spell. Fix that and I will give it 5 stars!
As I lay in bed at night this is my only comfort. The way I can harvest the blood of my enemies for currency leaves a lot to be desired in the real world
Neat, simple game with Roguelike gameplay. It's a grinding game, there's no way to beat it without repeating the same thing over and over again until you're strong enough. Sometimes boring, but easy to pick up and play for a moment. Would be more interesting if it were faster paced.
Really epicly fun only thing is that you run out of ammo too quickly and the adds take up half of the screen and I don't have the money to get rid of them plaese kake adds smaller and not taking up half of screen where you can't hit some monsters without being relocated to a different site so please fix that also there are som inapropreate ads