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State.io - Conquer the World in the Strategy Game

State.io - Conquer the World in the Strategy Game for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by Airion Games located at Россия, г. Санкт-Петербург, ул. Лени Голикова. The game is suitable for PEGI 3 and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Fun game. There are loads of ads though. I even got an ad after buying three upgrades with in game money. I'm not opposed to ads, but the ones in this game restart a number of times making the ad watch much longer. Finally when prompted to rate while in the game, selecting a 1 star just closes the window while selecting a 5 star brings you to Google Play.
It would be a decent little time-killer if there wasn't an ad every time you changed screens. I paid 9.99 for no ads, but there are just as many ads as there were in the free version. No way to get refunded as far as I can tell. Lame.
Game is fun for a while, but then starts recycling levels endlessly. And after upgrading 'offline points' too many times I came across a bug: Offline my game generates 150k coins per hour. I didn't play for a day, and then got a 4x multiplier, resulting in having 7.5million coins in the bank. But now all upgrades are greyed-out and they say decimals like "1.35 E+08". Seems like when you get just too much money, the game breaks.
Seems like a fun game at first until you realise you're watching 90 seconds of ads to play about 30 seconds of game at a time (30 seconds to triple your money, 30 seconds to get a free upgrade and 30 seconds for your "gift" every 3 or 4 games), can't really recommend it since the actual game is pretty simplistic
It was going great the first few weeks, but then, I wasn't able to multiply my offline rewards, I wasn't able to get some of the other rewards and overall, there are just way too many ads. I understand it's how it makes money, but if you didn't have as many, the game would be even better.
DONT INSTALL THE GAME!!There's a bit of a game in your add I think. Seriously, after every game an add or 2, if you watch a video to getore coins not only do you have to watch an other one after but I'd doesn't even give you the right amount of money, saying it will give $7000 but gives $2000 or less. And honestly, the game isn't even that good, it's very simple and easy. No need for so many adds. Mabey if there were less it would be playable but it's impossible to play.
This is one of the best time spending mobile games to this day, I would highly recommend. I play this everytime I go to sleep and I have no regrets thus far. However, the lack of new things is really getting to me, I would love for there to be a harder mode with more complex AI and/or a sandbox level where you just grow and expand and maybe conquer the entire earth; adding onto it, story mode? Maybe even a multiplayer mode? Just to make this game more enjoyable.
Great game. As everyone mentioned its an Ad server. There is nothing new you see in the game. As the level advances, same maps but the difficulty increases. If you are watching ads after every level, you get so much coins and you can upgrade the units and production speed. This makes you win every level. The logic is simple. You will go ahead with the game as the chances of failure is less and they get money out od ads.
Fun simple concept but still too easy after 15 levels and more time is spent watching ads than playing, even if you "choose" no thanks on the ads you still have to watch a shortened ad that you need to X out of TWICE. Maybe there are more interesting and unique gameplay mechanics in later levels but I'll never get there if I have to play repetitive easy levels with forced ads in between.
Basically too easy, at no point whatsoever does the game get more difficult, it cycles through maps and the AI is extremely forgiving to your mistakes so that losing is nearly impossible. The game is also bloated with ads waiting around every corner and the set price of 9.49€ is just insane to remove the ads. All in all the gameplay is meh to okay at best and the ads really just ruin the experience.
fun game, decent strategy, but the ADS! you already have a constant banner ad at the bottom of the screen, and then, on top of that, there are ads at the end of each round. even if you decline the ad to increase how many coins you get, an ad still plays, only this time, without a reward. i'll still play for the game, but if the ads get out of hand, i'm done
There is a clear reason for why I chose to give this game a 1 star review. No matter how much you upgrade, the bots in the game always seem to have BETTER upgrades! That's not strategy. In strategy everyone starts off with nothing and build their way up by growing their army and expanding their influence. It's hard to do that when the bots always have better army rebuilding, and always start off with bigger numbers. A real strategy game would be like RISK. This game is a mockery of RISK.
Fun game. A lot of ads, but so is every other game these days. I wish the maps were bigger to make it more challenging.
Terrible amount of ads. Uses ads to triple your coin count. That's fine. But if you say you don't want the ad you still get one but don't get the triple coins. Once you get the logged off coins amount up you make so many it breaks the game. This could actually be a really good strategy and territory control game but the ads are a total joke and £8.49 to remove the ads... Hahahahahahaha hahahahahahaha see... Funny! Avoid until they fix it.
Add after every level. There is no challenge, hardly any maps they just repeat. Also updated it to change how many coins it takes to upgrade and to completely changed how much you make away from the game.
Made it to level 50, was hoping at some point I'd be able to play against other humans but its all AI. Game has no depth and I am surprised I even lasted that long playing...very dry.
Ok game but what set it out was the fact that I'd got this after seeing an ad(which I've never done before) but this game is littered with ads e.g. I can watch an ad for a reward "no thanks" it gives me an ad anyway. I turn off wifi and it still gives me ads, HOW. This game will break physics just to give me a damn ad
It asks if you want to view an ad for extra rewards. You say no, and it plays an ad anyways. Then, even though it plays an ad anyways, it doesn't reward you for the ad. This game sucks.
Stay clear of this game: Too easy and WAY too many ADDS! Fun at first because I like this kind of games. But in the end it's too easy. I never lost any battle and got bored after 10 or 20 of them. Mostly however: there is always an add. After every level. Even if you don't tale the bonus you still have to watch an add. Feels like they just copied a popular game for the purpose of making money by adds.
Good game but I will give it 4 because there might be a bug with the upgrades and I can't buy any more upgrades because is costs like 100 million coins never mind about the scientific numbers but things are getting weird with the upgrades but still it is a good game
1 star because it offers a rewardnto watch an ad, gives the option to say no, then still plays the ad even if you say no. Difficilty too low. Ads too frequent. No online multiplayer that I can see. They want $10 for ad free.
The game is a lot of fun and i really like this game. Now, this game as it is, is great but I'm giving 5 stars due to that. But I'd like to see s chance to play with other people. Similar to amongst us, with other dudes and create rooms with bigger maps. Not necessarily country maps. I think that'd be a huge thing.
Ads. You can click no thanks and they'll still show you the ad. Just without rewards! :) Those aside, the game is mediocre. The best strategy is just attack the plot that just sent troops, since it sends all of them so you get a more or less free plot while the enemy sacrifices a number of troops attacking unclaimed stuff. Occasionally they'll even wait for me to start so I can cap on troops for the battle. Remove the cursor btw, I know how to attack after 50 levels.
Hilariously easy. You're playing against an inept computer. If it's upgraded, you can use the idle bonus to collect more than playing the game, vastly exceeding the computer's capabilities. Kills battery life way worse than more complex games. Even after paying to remove ads, every bonus requires watching an ad in the exact same place there would have been an ad before paying (you don't have to watch them, though).
Game is good - simple fun and easy to play, but there's way too many ads. You have an option to watch ads for more rewards, which is ideal, but even if you select "no thanks" you're treated to another ad anyway. Fix this and it's easily five stars. Until it is, I'm uninstalling.
Good game, not great. (This review I am currently level 500 in every upgrade). Great concepts: - I enjoy the gamble 2x,3x,4x - The battles are great, but the enemy can stop attacking, but the player cannot. Only redirect attacks. I hate: - Every unlockable is blocked by an ad. - Manipulating the player to want to watch adds, by locking all benefits with a "watch this add to gain _". - Worst, when you opt out of watching an ad, the game forces you to watch another. Ads are not a way of life.
Meh.. Not that hard of a game, kinda fun. The main problem is the ads.. The downtime caused by ads is insane. Also if you dont watch an ad to triple your coins, you get a skippable ad either way, sometimes a double ad. It's insane how the mobile games revenue model became this. I know they need to make money, but when it turns players away, its just too much, too many ads.
Good game but i hate sneakiness. I paid £8 to remove ads, and yet the game still had 30 second ads if you wanted 3x bonus etc. £8 is alot to remove ads so you really expect no ads at all if you're paying for the option of literally "no ads" Also didnt like how if you chose 1 or 2 star review within the game, it did nothing. But magically if you choose 5 star it takes you straight to the google play review page. Like i said. Good game, just petty and sneaky in some areas
The game itself is fine, but the ads are ridiculous. I understand helping out small developers, but this is just unplayable. Literally after every map you're forced to watch an ad, as well as every time you start to upgrade your stuff. You have to watch an ad to get cosmetics, you pretty much have to watch an ad just to even breathe. Gameplay wise, it's fun though, one of the very few good mobile games. Please just take it easy on the ads. Everything is behind ad walls.
bad. its just a stupidly simple game that throws adds at you even if you ask for no adds. so you left with the decision of do i watch an add or do i watch an add every time you press a button. its obvious they dont care about the game only the add revenue that comes from it. hope the company goes bankrupt
Terrible game. The AI is stupid, way too easy to beat. Looking at all the latest reviews it's obvious they bought good reviews. No way this app is worth anything more than 2 stars.
I like this game but once you have accured over 2m points the game doesn't allow you to upgrade as the maths part doesn't understand high numbers, shame really as I find the game relaxing
Do not pay to remove the ads, it is a total scam, you would think for $10 they are removing the ads, but you cannot earn any in game items, colors, shapes, or characters without watching more ads, even the prize for winning four battles requires an additional ad... AFTER PAYING $10. Google refuses refund be cause it removes an ad from somewhere I'm not sure, but the game is just ad after ad after ad after paying to remove ADS. SO F this company for their deceptively unethical business practices.
The game's actually fun but the amount of ads is insane and the levels are too easy. You are forced to watch at least one ad after every level even if you don't want an extra reward. You end up spending more time watching ads than playing the game. I have and old phone and this game makes it run hot. It feels like the ads are just burning through the battery because this game shouldn't be that demanding. Or it's just poorly written.
You will need to watch ads at ever turn. Ad central!!!. And its pricing to remove ads is not worth the $$$ for game value. Sad, because its a lovely addictive game. A bit cheaper and it would have been worth it.
It's fun. But the off line coin multiplayer does not work. So can't get the bonus for being offline. Have conquered the world 7 times now. Have run out of gifts to win. Says new content available soon. But when? If it does not improve soon will probably just delete it.
I can look past the ads and the one brain cell you need to win this game. But you get to a point were the upgrade price glitches (goes form 60k to 1 billion) and then its game over.
Alright game, fairly fun, but ruined a little with excessive ads, as are all mobile games nowdays. But- one thing really pissed me off. At the start of a game after a day when your money builds up, you can multiply it by watching an ad, there's an arrow that moves back and forth and depending where you stop it will determine how much it multiplies your money, well, if you've got the reflexes to stop it on x4, it skips it and makes you try again until you land on x3, it's bullsh!t and misleading.
The gameplay is simple but had potential to be very enjoyable, but the seriously low quality AI plus neverending ads (literally 2-3 ads after each 30-45 second round) make it pretty much unplayable. Once you understand the mechanics it's literally impossible to lose unless you work at it. The AI almost seems to make decisions at random and never in a way that shows strategy or even an understanding of how the game works. Could have been fun, but ended up being unplayably boring.
The ad they gave was what I got. The ads in game don't (90% of the time) interrupt Audible. The ads you watch give you 2 to 4 time the currency and at this time I still find that amount useful. This is fun, mostly mindless game that still let's you feel like you're racing against the other colors. The rewards still feel rewarding.
PLEASE READ THIS I once installed an app with my friend for fun from App Holdings, called 2 Player Games Free. Overall it was trash, but there was one game that was amazing: Castles. And guess what, this game plays exactly like castle but with less love put into it. Of course the quality is better, but the idea is still stolen, and i wish the devs could see this. EDIT: I also wanna point out that the gameplay in 2 Player Games Free is much better and there are nearly no ads.
The game gives you a feeling that it might be a challenge. Once you realize that the AI won't attack your last location no matter what, the fun is taken away. At level 50 the AI can have every territory while you have one, and I would bet $1000 that someone could still come back and win the match. The other part that lost this another star was when the app wants you to review it in the app store it won't forward you unless it's a 5 star rating. Adding "If 5>self.rating: do nothing" is lazy.
Awesome game, very addictive. 1 issue, just got my offline earnings to something like 3m an hour and for some reason its dropped to 150k per hour, even though its on over level 100 usually I'm getting like 30 mill today wasn't even a mill
It is a great time waster. That is the only good thing I can say. The ads are plentiful and DATA HUNGRY played it 5 times on cell data and they chewed up a GB of data. To bad I like the game but make it so I can turn the data permissions off and play it with no ads
I don't give reviews. Infact this is my first review. I felt that a negative review should be given on this abomination of a game! The game is ridden with ads and poorly written codes to handle ad transition. Game gets stuck all the time trying to recover from aplaying ad and a game restart is needed, which is counter intuitive. I like the idea, but implementation is $#!T. BTW I 'ran' this on a 8 core, 4Gig RAM device.
The game is fun, but easy and very repetitive. Maps are disappointingly limited to the Americas and Europe, but the biggest issue is that you end up spending more time watching ads than playing the game. Seriously - games are maybe a minute long at most, but you end up watching 2-4 ads between each match. I understand the need to monetise the game in some way, but this is beyond absurd. EDIT: In response to the developer below...I thought the suggestions would be self evident? Far fewer ads, and more maps covering the rest of the world.
Game is good but the ads are WAY too intrusive. I don't mind paying a small price to get rid of ads, but over 9 dollars is just daylight roberry. For that price you can get so much more on platforms like steam. I suggest the devs learn where this games place is and lower the price... 3 dollars would be the absolute most I would pay to get rid of the intrusive ads.
A fun game ruined by shady business practices. Advertisements are understandable in games, the devs have bills and put in hard work, but this game has unskippable ads squeezed in at every opportunity, on top of extra ads to accept rewards. I tried to pay to remove ads, turns out they charge 10 DOLLARS for that. The cherry on top? They ask you to rate them ingame, but if your rating is below a 5 it cancels it and doesn't send you to the app store to leave your review. Explains the 4 star rating.
I think the developers meant this game to get increasingly difficult, so you would buy upgrades and care about gold... But once you understand the strategy, you don't need any upgrade. So far I'm al level 34 and I haven't bought a single upgrade. And the AI doesn't seem to get any smarter.
Too many ads. So I took off a star. And you can't do one huge one where you just take over the whole world, so it lost another star. But all around really fun. And it's easy to get dummy OP too. Just upgrade the idle cash and leave it for a couple days. Then keep doing that and you'll make billions in about an hour. Good time waster.
It is a very fun game, ads aren't too annoying but you need to watch an ad to get the "gifts", not much of a gift if I have to watch an ad for it, that is the only reason not a five star Edit: I now give the game a three star because it restricts the multiplier mini game to not allow getting a x4, and recently when I started getting more money it's restricting to x3, and besides you are forced to watch a ad no matter what, even if you decline the multiplier mini game all together
This game is super fun, great to pass the time. Quick and eazy battles, altoght i would say they are too eazy, in few level you may find yourselef in a difficult spot but its kinda rare. Would love multiplayer battles and a giant battle between alot of people fighting for the entire world, or maybe a giant boss fight were the boss has a ton of "life" making it very difficult to pass.
Bad game. Could be very fun if multiplayer but it isn't. Gets Boring fast and it's very easy. At the the end of levels there is an option for more money but watch an ad but of you two no thanks you get an ad. .Io in name but not a .Io game.
Great game, but way to many commercials. Would give 5 stars if not for ads. Willing to pay to remove ads, but $10. Who do you guys think you are, Bill Gates, to fetch that high a price? Get over yourselves! Honestly, if not for the game being fun, I would uninstall and tell you to pound sand.
Decently fun, but it's way too easy and quickly gets boring. On lvl 138 and have maybe lost 5 games. Computer players don't change at all, you don't need to change strategy at any point. Also the ads - even when you choose not to double exp or get the gifts you still get an ad, and half the time it crashes the app
An ad between every two-minute game. At the end of a game, you always have an option to watch an ad to get a reward, but if you click "no thanks", you get an ad anyways but with no reward. That is highly insulting. That is not what "no thanks" means.
The game is half made. Not worth $10. Not to mention, the game is easily exploitable to win. Just send your dots to a territory where enemy dots are leaving, time them to arrive around 0 remaining enemy dots, and you'll take the territory with little to no cost. Repeat the process every time the enemy attacks a new territory and you'll win the game in minutes.
Fun at first, buy quickly gets boring. I am confident that, when you upgrade your production rate, it also boosts the enemy, so it's pointless. Also, the pictures of fighting in Ireland, Britain, Europe or the whole US are lies. You only fight in ~1/4 of mainland US, and the game just cycles between which quarter you fight in. Also, the game is easily cheesed: just wait for the ai to attack, then attack where they attacked from. There is no counter to this strategy.
I'm not sure about others but this game is quite good! I'm addicted to it now. For some reason everyone else is saying they are getting each time the level end. With my gameplay a ad only comes up every state you complete for example: I've taken 5 maps and I'm onto the next stage. It runs very smoothly and we'll!
Exactly what other users have said; decent game concept, but horrible, greedy ads. Expect more than a third of the time the game is open, an ad is running, with no benefit to you. Ads should not run every minute if I said "no thanks" to an ad. There's also no multiplayer element, only games again basic computers on simple maps, which would seem to be important improvements for the game.
Fun game, but the adpocalypse. After every match. What reeks of predatory ads, though, is the "claim" video at the end of every level, with the "no thanks" showing up a few seconds later. Makes it look like the only option is to watch a video if you want to click right along. The amount of real estate used for ads and store stuff on the screen is exhausting
Not a bad game, but gives you a choice, get a reward with an ad, or No thanks. (which is still an ad anyway) Devs if you see or reply to this, don't just say "ads help us keep the game free", like you have to others. that's a pretty obvious fact. Reply telling me why you show "no thanks" but still play an ad anyway, give me a decent reason for lying with "no I don't want an ad" but "screw you here's one anyway". A decent reason for shoving it in my face anyway and I'll edit this review.
It was so fun but this some idiot in your company made our offline earnings less. Not a little bit, but a lot. I used to get 3 million gold per hour now i get 150k. This isn't logical and upgrading is now impossible since the price is not even readable because of some letters in it l E. Please bring back the old version.
I like it it is easy to play and has minimal issues. My only issue with this game is how repetitive it is. Many people complain about the adds you can choose to watch an add or not only if you want to double it. I have some ideas also. Once you got done with the ENTIRE world including Asia and Australia you would move onto planets in the solar system.
The game play is really simple. If you do watch the ads, you can very easily earn rewards to dominate the computer. This is not a game made by someone who likes making games; it's made by someone who threw code together to try to make a quick buck. With all the ads, it's a good game to play on the side but not when it's your main focus. The ads make it not fun when you have nothing else to pay attention to. Best played by an aquarium, where you can watch fish instead of ads every 30 seconds.
I'm giving it a 3 because of the ads and the small maps. It's a decent little game but I wish you could expand the maps. They're all either little or small. With only a max of like 15 territories between 4 enemies. I like it. Just wish it was bigger.
Too easy. Too many ads. The game doesn't really get more difficult, the numbers just get larger. You only get to play on small sections of the globe and the sections don't get any larger as you level up. There is an ad after every game but you can close and re-open the app faster than the ads would take to play. And they definitely bought reviews I can barely find 5 star reviews.
First of all, it wouldn't open the app store unless I gave it 5 stars (which as you can see I've lowered to two). It would've been three stars but there's just too many ads. It's a fun game, but for the amount of time spent playing vs watching ads its not worth keeping. Also to get rid of ads, instead of paying between $0.99 and $2.99, they want $10! Thats way too much money to spend on a free game.
Its a good game but in order for me to give it a 5 star hear are the things 1 the game needs to run smoothly 2 no sluggish results on my device and 3 little or no ads well I could play this game for hours it constantly slows down not only the app but my whole device to! Even though I would've gave this game a 1 or a 2 star the game it self is good
The game is fun but the ads are kind of annoying. There are times when you're given the option to watch an ad and get a reward (like more coins, etc) and even if you decline you end up getting an ad anyway. So it'd be nice if that was changed but overall it's a fun little game to pass time with. Also the coin boost for when you open the game after a while doesn't work right
I think I like the game, but really turned off when I noticed they will only allow 5 star ratings. If you click anything other than 5, it will not send you to Google play to rate. Super shady. I really wanted to love this game because I think the style is really cool, and the gameplay is something I like. Please don't be shady. Also paying for ads should eliminate ads.
Fun game but way too many ads. Ads after each level. On every screen. After every tap. Everywhere. More ads than the game play. I enjoyed the strategy but quit the game because I'm sick of the ads
The game is just too easy. Within a couple days you have more money then you can spend. There is no challenge to this game which makes for a very boring experience. Invest in offline income, come back in a few hours and repeat. Do that for a couple days and you have enough money to have 200 starting units and can wipe the maps in no time
Obnoxious vehicle for ads. Fine at the beginning but literally just repeating the same 7ish levels over and over. Little to no tactical decisions to make, but mindless fun if you're in to that (I am sometimes ngl). Could be halfway decent if the ad pushing was scaled back and more levels where a thing. I've put way more time in this game then it deserves but that doesn't excuse it's huge flaws. Edit: After reading the description I'm lowering my rating to 1/5 for false advertising and lies.
I paid your outrageous $10 price for no ads. And right after my payment went through I was hit with an ad. I gave it the benifeit of the doubt and updated the game closed it out. No I still have to watch ads to unlock stuff and extra bonus rewards. $10 should be more than enough to disable them from my app. If not I want a refund, immediately!!
I play this game a lot. It is fast and entertaining enough for me to keep it. I have lowered my rating to 2 stars however. They eventually added Europe, S. America and Africa. That's great. There's a reminder at every level, "New content coming soon!". WHEN?? every level has me starting in the same place as last time. Ads come after every level and some of the are damned pesky to close. They want $9.99 to get rid of ads. That's pretty pricey compared to much richer games at 1/3 that
When you have the option to not watch an ad. If you select not to watch it, it will still force you to watch. Levels take 1 min to play and you get an ad after each. Network is always transmitting when this game is installed. 90MB used in 24h