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Starship battle

Starship battle for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by Mediawork located at 29-17, Gyeryong-ro 141beon-gi, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon, Korea. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is 6.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Good game but nuke are still op but infinite firing laser are now more op then nukes. Can u expand the grid size to 9h by 7w so u can have 4 max level titans in your fleet. The shield projector sheild should be as big as the grid size so u can protect your ships but u might need to increase the cooldown. Titans are nice but add a dreadnought Battleship should have 12 weapons 12 equipment 12 Pilots & can use any kind of weapon & equipment but u can only have 1 in a fleet.
good game. simple and clean controls. too bad i cant make any ship the way i want. som of the ships i love but are stuck to one type of gun
It's need more improvement on graphics , it's need to specify to single ship battle because after selecting place all ship go together not marking a ship seperately but good luck it's enjoyable.
I like the game it's fun and it's kinda simple too play the ships and fights are fun but thx too me on a tablet the game keeps crashing I've only just got too the second world and it's crashing when it starts but can do the other game modes so irk what too do
This gane is pretty good. I can imagine myself playing this for hours. Althoguh there are some parts that I don't like, I must say, this game is fantastic. Kudos to the designer!
good fun game but needs more solo content just running around from one linar planet screen to another doing the same old same old is kinda boring . and having all the extra support ships ie repair recon ect does nothing for progression if anything it makes it harder to vet the objectives completed number of crafts after the tth galexy should be like 6. and it seems like its near impossablee to get high lvl crew without spending pay content. sometimes to ptw. unlesz you farm days on end for mats.
It's a good game but I wish it had more ships and more PVP. Also, the latest update made everything fuzzy like the image quality dropped.
while the game does seem fun, the second level of the game constantly makes my game close. i would be willing to redownload it if this issue is fixed
Its such a good game but man is it unstable as hell can only play for a bit before i have to uninstall and reinstall just to keep playing even then i have to pray that my progress doesn't get lost which already happened twice
Pft, i'm sure this would be a GREAT game but MAN is it frustrating as hell! While i'm playing it'll randomly just close the game for no reason, no crash, nothing, as if i hit home button, but i'm not, please fix this.
It's a good game but I wish it had more ships and more PVP. Also, the latest update made everything fuzzy like the quality dropped.
Viable strategies requite some trial and error exploration but it does ultimately prove to be a worthwhile game if you stick with it.
Been waiting for three years for this game to be fix tried it on 7 phobes now still nothing just keeps crashing over and over again
Another free game that appeared ro have promise, until it forcefully created folders in my Media Section and Pictures section of my phone! Media was then added to these folders, each time the game was started! This is but 1 example of why the F2P Games are destroying the integrity of the App Gaming market!
Cool Space-themed Strategy game. Battleships are appropriately detailed, so it is appreciated. And the backdrops are also cool.
It is a fun game but you can not turn off the volume on any of the ads. Seriously that's just stupid. There is no reason for that other than just being annoying and trying to blast
this game truly has aspects to it like no others, as well as a balance with pve and pvp to keep the players entertained. a strategy mmorpg in its own league. i dont normally leave positive comments lol. but this game deserves one. i have some suggestions, i will just email. imagine taking this game to the reachings of an open roam environment with what it has already. thats your next high point level for this in the future. it can be done. and it would pay you devs off well tbh. lol. thank you!
Well a great game and multiple potential... Largely online mixed in battles kinda not kinda my meta hoping for clan battles or wars, Lan multiplayer battles, and other more... Add-in the friend and chat options also... Hoping it to be improved...
very fun and interesting game. dont see many games like this. would love to build a ship from scratch. very lagy for some reason. also cant finish the " asteroid field 2" mission. p.s. plz make more games like this that is more customizable! love it and see alot of potential in this game
Core game is ok. Writing is bad. Graphics are nothing special. Gameplay feels awkward and clunky. You'll be amazed at how clumsy and slow the ships are. Overall, game lacks polish and gameplay is clumsy, making grinding tedious.
Nice try, but poor AI & micromanagement in combat + crashes during forced ads between scenes ended my interest in this game.
The game has the illusion of strategy, but the mechanics aren't there. You fight opponents in a "eye of the storm" battlefield, directing your ships to intercept enemies, allowing them to auto-fire their weapons. Battles are just slug matches, because enemies function the same way. Again, the illusion of strategy. Tons of customizing options (crew, components, mines, etc.) for you minusha players. Enjoyable for a literal 10 minutes.
Good time killer, I'm progressing through all stages. It is about doing and attacking enemies ships which I think is an original idea On the final levels of each stages, I find it hard to kill the big ship, is there anyway of killing it at all? If so make a tutorial or tell us an effective way.
This game is, for me, rare as many scifi spaceship games requires me to keep online. This game has very much potential to improve into better game. However, this game isn't truly strategy game. This is more toward strategy RPG game which may contains unfairness in PvP games. My biggest suggestion for this game is endless wave survival gamemode which is the best mode for this game. I feel I like this game, but this game needs a lot of improvements to make it the best.
one of the best starship games and how about adding some ships from famous galactic franchises like star wars the ship from star wars will be the mc80 liberty cruiser and will be armed with pulse beam cannons (4 artillery slots,6 equipment slots, 4 crew slots & 4 thruster slots) & also a suggestion for a new ship class a dreadnought
It was fun at first, but the game crashes over and over again, and somehow uninstalled itself. When I downloaded it again, I lost all my progress, although, it has good gameplay and graphics.
Needs multiplayer!! has low player base?! bots nvr jump hyperspace as far as ive seen. The ion cannon is too op: the ion defense is 5 percent stop probability which would be nvr. shuts down all defenses armor and shields so no matter how much shielding (boom) no defense, ship is gone! and the amount of ships is limited as well as supply so nerf ion or make ion armor 85 percent at base up to 100. stations should not Fire at Rate they do. deter not endgame stations. Maybe reduce ion fire rate too?
I made it to #1 all time campaign score from grinding out all the mines. Truly rewarded for all that effort. Only 2 things I want is one more tier of shield and a better way of getting acquiring crews. Everything else is actually balanced and i love it. Except laser ships but if the get nerfed I'm out.
I love the game! It's a great space strategy, BUUT, The multiplayer is clearly fake, and just AI with names. it loads too fast, other fleets have no strategy and just brawl, no connection lag. Rename PVP to 'Single Player Skirmish' till you make a actual multiplayer. Suggestions for ships: ▪Carriers ▪Frigates (Take one plot, but have 2 ships in said plot but counts as only half a ship per plot for the fact they would be absolutely miniscule to the battleships) ▪Repairdrone carrier (team heal 2
Game is good and fun. Only four stars because the game is really slow and repetitive for progress and acquiring supplies. The campaign does not leave you set up for PVP
It crashed and crashed and crashed and crashed and crashed. Waste of over 100mb. Looks like a nice game, lots of information, for crew, battles, ships, but...😔😤🙄😭😔 Five stars 💥💥💥💥💥
Don't get me wrong, it's a really good game for an app that's just been released. Still, it does need some work. The graphics when destroying ships look a little iffy, and the PvP is basically you against AI. That being said, maybe you can put a bit more work on the ship designs? They look a bit plain.
Great game, no real complaints, except maybe on the controls, such as the booster sometimes dont register and it thinks ur trying to go that direction
This game was cool and I really like it. The reason I just rate 4 star because if there's a lot of enemy that I encountered I'm lagging so I can't kill them because of lag but cool game
Love the game mechanics, crew management and how ads are implemented which makes it more instantly rewarding and less intrusive. Would you be considering adding carrier ship classes in the mix? i really do have a thing for carriers in space, probably one with drone fighters!
Good game. Nice gameplay. Sometimes spawning of ennemies takes time, but you need to explore the map to find mines(gas, mineral) so it balances out. Ennemies fight one another, wish they'd wait and fight me all. I'm almost hooked............
Game was great. Until moment when jump on me some window with personalizing ads. Basically collection informations about me. Delete. - Re. Get special game currency for watching ads. Then it jump on me. Maybe you will not coolect my data, but someone else want them. Try play your game and watch ads. In that moment, when anyone want any agreement about my data I delete any app.
The pioneer mode is broken, it crashes constantly and sweeping the level doesn't actually give you anything. Please work on this.
Really enjoy this game. Controls are fun, progress is very smooth, all modes of play are easy to get used to. Running into an issue where the daily 'sweep' function doesn't pay out the minerals or gas after I got past level 50 or so. Please address this!
greetings dev, after I played it for a while, especially on PVP mode, I think those are not players at all, those are bots/AI I think because literally every single time, they didn't use fleet warp to run away when they are outmatched by stronger opponent, they didn't use gas cloud to stay invisible, and they didn't even use boost to run faster, or chasing enemies, and how they controls they fleet it's not player like at all, so tell me, is this still not a PVP, it's more like a versus AI/bots
It would be 5 stars if I could play the game. Force crashing when you load and kicks you off to your main screen
I see alot of opinionated reviews the game play is nice graphics are good but what people don't seem to realize this is a fairly new game yes there will be bugs and lag after some updates but usually there worked out within a week I like the game play it's fair and even out nicely all in all a rather great game
I'm really enjoying the game so far. There is ALOT packed into this game. lots of ships, components and upgrades. 3 different game modes. The rewards are awesome. if you watch an Ad, its a win for both Player and Dev. Personally I liked ship components EMP and Repair in fleet cuz it adds to strategy. :) Btw, liked the game soundtrack.
this game has everything i wanted in a spaceship game! rts, upgrades, customization. a perfect game. thats why its so cruel that it crashes instantly the last enemy on saturn and the pvp mode. i usually only write 5 star reviews, but damn, this game killed me. i was so excited i spent an hour figuring out the optimum upgrades fpr each ship, never to get to see how they worked. i cant delete, its too good. please fix
The most user friendly game. Supports online and offline. Ads are just optional but helpful. Tutorials.gave the exact things to be learned. Easy to play but tons of things to develop. Congrats for this wonderful game. ButI do hope you support PHP currency for me to also be able to buy stuffs.
Finished game, completely dissatisfied, devs never respond, was a lackluster ending, leveling was ridiculously slow and disproportionate, I'll give you 25 bucks for the game, all the rights and any app development you have, just so I can rewrite it to make it an actual good game, repetition is not a game it's a lack of imagination, and I have never seen one update... EVER.