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Stardunk for PC and MAC

Is a Sports game developed by Playdigious located at 11 rue Hermite 54000 Nancy FRANCE. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Sports game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Used to be a great game 7 years ago. The only thing that's changed since then is 8,327% more ads and lost online functions.
Denied its request for my location twice and all I got was a blank load screen and a frozen phone. Played this years ago and enjoyed it. Not now
It isn't loading, one of my favorite games. Considered an old time classic app, but won't load to even the start screen. Please fix this.
So uhh, sometimes a game or application wants your location simply for analytical purposes. Here's a hot tip: check out the other stuff available from that developer and make an educated decision. Are they trying to come invade your home, or do they want to know a bit of info to make better games in the future? And let's be real, a review isn't really supposed to be based on things such as that, or bc some rotary phones are newer than your cell, the game runs terribly. Please stop.
when this game was new a few years ago, it was a fun little game to play in your spare time. Now, there are so many ads it is hard to find any actual "game" at all. you will be bombarded with video ads after every menu button you press, at times. I wish I was joking.
Not as I remember this game. Loaded with ads, not well optimised for modern devices, and required access to my location, even after trying to deny access. Shame, because this game used to be great.
For some reason, I suddenly remembered playing this game several years ago and I (somehow) found the game and decided to download it and try it out. Let me tell you, it it NOT the good old game it used to be. It's filled with ads pretty much everytime you click something, online doesn't even work, and I don't remember the graphics being this bad. Like seriously. Plus, it needs access to your location, why? But anyway, I would not suggest getting this game unless you are ultra nostalgic.
2019 REVIEW: the awesome Stardunk you played back in the day is gone. Riddled with ads, poorly optimized for modern devices, and online is not available. Why did they give up?
If I could I would give it a zero it just gave me a black screen right when I opened the game I was waiting for 15 mins and it still didn't open
The game IS legitimately fun, but the amount, and frequency, of ads is beyond ridiculous. Open the app? Ad. Go to a different page, such as settings? Ad. Go back to home page? Ad. Start a game? Ad. Oh, want to remove ads? Ad, and then $3.
This game is really fun and addicting. However, every few days, I open the app and all my data, including my scores and balls, are gone. Please fix this issue.
Make and manage phone calls? My location? My contacts? NO THANKS. companies like this are whats wrong with the world.
I Remember Downloading This Game When It Was 2011 Wow It Still Really Exist, Guys Tip This Game Is Really Easy To Master But Hard To Buy New Balls Or Create Your Own Balls Yep You Can Create Your Own Ball, Guys I Really Recommend You To Download It And Rate It A 5 Star If You Like It
I used to play this way back in the day when it came out now it has ads and won't load half the time.
Used to play this game back in 2009, it hasn't changed a bit and had ages very poorly. In addition to that, the ads are intrusive and the online features don't work properly anymore
Used to be playable, not worth it now. Ads are always ready to pop up at any moment. Would've paid to get rid of them if it weren't $3.00 for a decade old game. 99c I'd pay for sure, but wow you'd think it would just be free at this point!
This game really is fun and addictive. It's simple, point and shoot at its finest. My only gripe is the limited backgrounds you can pick from.
I used to own all the balls & custom options, I put money into the game years ago to achieve that & paid for no adds. "Retrive account" does literally nothing. Now this game CRAMS adds down your throat every time you go to main menu. Too bad, this used to be one of my favorite games.
Loved it back in the day, but it requires location & won't start without giving it the permission. Bummer.
It's a great game but it takes so long to save up enough starpoints to upgrade the ball u have selected to play with
couldn't even play the game, installed and started it and every button i pushed just started another ad not even going to give it a chance if i cant get thru the settings and info screen without an add each time, i understand the need for ads but this is juat too much hope that ad revenue is worth all the lost potential players like myself
I have the iOS app and I can tell that this one is heavily outdated: there's missing patterns for balls and the text is way too big. Still a ton of fun to play but I was disappointed that I couldn't transfer my hard-earned themes and basketballs.
I played this game a while ago and since redownloading I can't get my purchases back no ads (according to payment history I've bought twice now) and my balls can you please help will give back 5 stars when fixed
Another childhood game ruined. Your location is required to run the game. Expect an atrocious amount of ads. Just sitting in the menu too long will play an ad.
I love the game back then but now I can't enjoy it with the constant long ads! It really destroys the experience. Sad to say that I have to uninstall this app.
-Simple -Relaxing -Great BGM synced with the simplisity of the game The perfect timw killer for a smartphone. (Though for a small smartphone It can be tricky to use)
From opening the game for the first time, until finishing the first game, I already watched 3 ads in between. I understand that you are trying to make as much money as you can, but that amount of ads just make the whole gaming experience very unpleasant. Furthermore, the graphic and resolution is dated. Uninstalling it after this review. Will play it again if they did update the game with better ways to generate income rather than slapping my face with ads.
The game itself is very good. BUT the actually app sucks!! Everytime you make mods to new balls or even buy and/or earn new balls..a few weeks later it all gets erased or rest. Meaning all the progress, mods, balls, are all gone. A waste of money if you buy starpoints.....now its full of ads.
I LOVE this game and when the servers left I was crushed. But now it's full of ads... While I understand the need, they are far too many and appear DURING a game. I want this game back, I miss it SO much. Just fix the ad placement, please! I don't mind ads, just... do it less, or at least put them in at appropriate times.