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Star Zone

Star Zone for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by Luis Moral Guerrero located at C/ Princep Jordi Nº20 Piso 2º Puerta 2º 08014 - Barcelona (Barcelona) España. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Good game, gameplay is simple but challenging, difficulty increases over time with new ships and enemies, like the graphics and atmosphere they are appealing
I like it I enjoy it so far only been 10 minutes but it's okay would like more maybe point defense for asteroids or maybe additional turrets
This is one of the best online games I have tried yet! I recommend this to everyone who likes action and classic shooter games!
This game is quite relaxing but keeps you on your toes at the same time very impressed. I do hope to see new ships and weapons soon. Although getting the top ship is time consuming its not impossible. Please add more ships missions and weapons. This game is great but would be better if there was a little more content
May change later, but this is a bit silly.... Another 5* bought rating game but actually a game that stands a bit far away as it's pretty good. It's hard to work out what to do...
It's a fun time wasting game. It can hold your attention for awhile if you like grinding money to get better parts for your ship. I don't mind it for the most part. I got bored of it and moved on. That's not a slight on the game as it is fun, more just my inability to stay entertained by one thing for long
Star zone is really good android application ..It takes advantage of the new timeline and they have fairly regularly events. You can just grind along or speed up your progress with purchases. As with any MMO there are not-so-nice people but for the most part I have had a good time. My other issue is the price point for purchases.
Short simple game. Not terrible, but it's just not interesting or fun. It could be a good game. It is not a good game
Great graphics, engaging gameplay. Only one criticism, it's too short, a weeks play and it's over. Expand the game please it has great potential.
Finally a fun space shooting game, well designed, good gameplay... UI could use a slight overhaul and idk what to do when I've completed the game, but definitely fun to play!
still seeing ads! I paid for ad removal and got another one five minutes later. not even amused, please fix this for a better review. EDIT ads have disappeared thanks to dev for quick response. good game, simple but challenging due to number and abilities of enemies
Simple concept but pretty enjoyable if you like it. Graphics are nice and runs fine. Good good to waster a few hours!
I have been playing Star Zone - Spaceship Command since it was first released on google play store now its on steam and couldnt wait to get my hands on it. It takes a different apporach then the moble version. Has a TON of new features not on mobile. Game has SOOO much potentiol but encounter so many bugs it becomes unplayable. Losing hours of gameplay due to saves not saving correctly or when I save the enemy ship or quest is no longer then and no matter where I go theres nothing.
An original take on the space shooter style, lots of fun. Only critism is that it was over too soon. Need more levels and more types of upgrade - get creative.
Forced ads. Very grindy. Turret jyst stops firing for no reason other than to let enemy missiles hit you. Shields activate without taping ship. And for the insulting things devs say to CYA their chease weaselness. 1. Yes I had lots of energy. Over 400 left. 2. Only happens when attacks incoming. 3. Turet only locks up ( turning and fireing ) when attacks under way.
The game was fun.Why the ship was big,and have a space but can't install one more weapon in the ship .you can buy more weapon but every time was install one and use. So stupid.can update the game and fix it.
The game is like orgasm.... Awesome but short lived. Anyway, you've done it so well. Just make the plot more deeper....etc
This game is great but the boton needs to be biger thats all its great down load you will have a great experyenc
Really like the game, easy to start but gets harder with each mission. A few more ships and enemies and a bit more variation would improve the game a lot, but all in all great game!
I like the style,I like the upgrades, more variety would be good.... a lil bit same same.repetitive. otherwise solid.
Alright, my first review was unduly harsh. I'm editing this to reflect what the game truly is. The games designed so you lose the first 3-4 times you play level until you've aquired enough currency to purchase upgrades and then after you upgrade turret speed 2 times you can pass the next few. I was just so used to being able to beat the game mechanics so often on games, passing through the tutorial and then decently beyond without having to purchase many upgrades. Not this game lol, upgrade!
Less than 1hr play time and I went looking for the option to pay money, rather than watch ads. It's simple, but incredibly fun. Better than arcade Asteroids. My phone is great, but isn't for gaming, and so far there's no lag or stutter even though I've been killed several times.
It is a bad looking game and the base has been laid out. Yet, that about all that has been done. There is nothing to it. Click the screen to see a turret turn and shoot. The upgrades cost way to much considering there is so little to do. I'd like to see this get some nice updates in the future.
Won't let me add a second weapon so I am stuck with one weapon turrets aren't even working for me either
I would rate it more but it Would be cool if u can put more than one turret on the hull then just one and make a storyline.. fun to kill time
Love the game fun time killer and it looks gorgeous. There is another game I enjoy, Event Horizon, I wish that game looked like yours...is that wrong? Or rather that your game offered an expansive universe, like dozens of factions at war, exploration of worlds, variety of ships and weapon. I can't shake this feeling that Star Zone could be the framework for something more ambitious , bigger and better.
Simple fun, would always love some more expanded upgrades, like different ships secondary weapons and upgradeable skills, good start but some more expanded evolution could make it amazing
One of the most graphics in this star zone game..It's definatley entertaining. Only bug I've come across so far is when replaying a mission after a defeat, the level will replay in real time however you cannot see your ships, enemy ships, the hud (apart from the pause menu button) or the battle. Very addictive and repetitive but in a good way that...
Great game for this genre. I just finished the missions and I love the concept. I hope the developer will add more missions. Right now I have the third ship and I have no reason to grind to get the rest of them
A great little game for what it is. Kinda like 80s missile defence, with rpg elements. Ship is static, you point and click on incoming asteroids and ships to shoot them down. Don't expect the next AAA game.
This is super game of star zine is One of the best Mythos settings that is rich and addictive. You choose out of 9 factions and help build the foundations within a new galaxy. Each Faction will have refugees arriving as you navigate Politics and balance rediscovering and implementing technologies to survive the void; and ultimately
Could be a great game, graphics are good ut game play is next to impossible unless you have mucho$$$$$$$ to invest and the outcome would still be ???
The game is "Meh". It's zoomed in so close, you have no tactical advantage. The levels are so bleeding short you just begin to feel the fun set in and it's over. I want to experience the game, but I can't because all I get a good look at is my spaceship. It was nice to look at for the first few minutes, then it just seems to be an obstacle or screen clutter that gets in the way of me having fun.
Incredibly boring. Enemies have same patterns, same missions, too much adds and no plot at all. Just grind :/
Fun game if you are into 4X (eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, eXterminate) strategy games. The free version has 3 of the 9 factions available and limits the technologies you can research, but is still fun. I'm considering buying the full version after my first play through and I never pay for mobile games....
Forced ads are a bad design choice ; controls are kind of buggy, world gets triggered if I multi press on the screen
Really fun, if you can avoid some of the major bugs. Really look foward to seeing where this goes. I got about 2 hours of gameplay out of it before hitting the last mission, and that's because I went to A LOT of areas before I found it.
game felt limited, small and ilogical. Start ship has 500hp. Even the smallest rock hitting you removes 90% of that. upgrades tiny, limited, boring. +25hp.. why... gun runs out of energy fast, feels boring. you constantly have to tap to shoot which isnt fun to me. Small view field, cant zoom out. Makes game stressing not relaxing. Shield last but a few sec and must be activated, guess they have poor scientists.. i felt no reason to keep the game after 10min play. Graphics was fine. Sound too.
Loved the atmosphere and graphics, enjoyed it a lot, please keep working in the game and add more ships and enemies!
In new update can't buy new upgrades [N/A] - should write 'max' or something. New challenges for lategame pls. Still cool game.
Great game, not sure where people complaining about the controls. My only issue is after 3 days of playing, I'm maxed out on everything and I'm done with all the missions as well.
Star Zone - Spaceship Command is a spaceship simulator that revolves around a small, micro-managable crew that runs a starship and interacts with the game universe on the player's behalf. You run missions for various factions in the galaxy, from establishing trade routes to destroying other space ships (in the most glorious manner might I add) while hiring new crew, upgrading your systems, and buying new ship models. That's amazing game!
Controls completely ruin this game 100 percent. There needs to be two little joystick circle options on the bottom of the screen, one for aiming and the other for firing the cannon. The problem is the three people I know that played this game ran into the same problem as me, your hand is always in the way of one side of the screen and can't see everything coming at you
Fun little distraction. I cleared it in 2 days, not much replay value but if you want a game you can play in bite sized chunks this is a good one for it
why i can not steer my ship to the right or left ? just controling the turret is boring you know. another active skill still not big change for me until you make biger map and make the ship capable to turn right and left. . if you keep the game like this thn this is the worst game even for a kid wont like it. and old space game in 90's better than this
the game feels like it's in beta. not much customisation, no story that i have noticed. the bare minimum for this game in my opinion could be something along the lines of "..and so you happened to rise through the ranks to command an independant freighter and embarked on your first mission....". the rest of the story can be told later. the ship could have multiple outer "slots" so that you could choose to have 2x turrets, or 1x turret and 1x shield at the beginning.. and later ships get more.
Highly recommended! - the aesthetic is consistent and attractive. I think the changing backgrounds are very pretty and I like the parallax effect on them. The whole thing looks like you put a lot of thought and effort into it. Nice job! - the gameplay is genuinely fun! I got up to mission 7. You've definitely created an enjoyable product. - the controls are quick to pick up. - I like the way the difficulty is balanced and progresses with the missions, in a way that encourages the upgrades without forcing them on you. The upgrades are reasonably priced too. - I liked the indicators that show the enemies coming. I like features like that that encourage players to think ahead, especially when implemented properly in such a simple game. Overall great game.