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Star Vector

Star Vector for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Third Wire Productions located at 401 Congress Ave, Suite 1540 Austin, TX 78701. The game is suitable for Everyone 10+ (Fantasy Violence) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
It had potential... the graphics are nice and it could be a cool space sim, except for the damned tilt controls. Too hard to control a craft that requires much finer controls for maneuvering and targeting. Not giving the option to choose a joystick for controlling the ship was an unforgivable mistake. If this issue isn't redressed by the next update, I will have to uninstall... the tilt controls are simply not precise enough to enjoy the game.
The perfect space simulation for me. The trading system, the dogfight, everything is perfect. Upgrading your ship and getting better is so satisfying. All the missions are generated proceduraly just like the solar systems. The only problem is that there is no graphic options, because looking at the sun with all the effects makes the game lag.
Thrilling dogfights, amazing scenery + graphics, it could use some storyline(s), but definitely the most amazing game I've tried for phones! A must for space fanatics!
While ships seem slow this game features a realistic physics engine to calaculate mass to power ratio. The heavier the ship gets the slower it responds. Lighter ships equal faster but sacrifice performance in combat areas.
Everytime I leave the games my ship is reseted back to beginning ship with my level and credits are the same fix it
Its fun but needs a direction. Limited mission variety, enemy ships, and just things to do. A campaign or a story mode would make this a really fun game. For now its just a grind to the next level for the next best set of gear and no real depth.
This is one of the best ship games I've ever played! Great graphics and the right amount of destruction, farming and upgrade for anyone! 10/10!
Great game, I play it every day after work, my only criticism is that the ion cannon is unfairly useless, it should be able to disable a ship, without destroying it. I don't like having to kill every Rebel with a cause that crosses my path, I know it'd be a bit of work for you Guys, but if you would make this improvement on the ion cannon, it'd make a big difference. Permanent or temporary disabling of enemy combatants, give it a little thought... Otherwise, excellent work, kudos to you for making this game.
it was a fun game, upgradeable/expandable ship, it system and weapons. i really like it. but 1 day, after the apps version update(latest as on today), my ship reset to initial + all my upgrades was gone. upset, uninstall…
The game itself is fantastic! The graphics are amazing and the control is spot on. Free roam would be nice. The weapons and ship upgrades are good too. I'm updating my review. All my previous issues have been resolved. I'd like to see some options that are tweakable, sensitivity, volumes, stuff like that. A little more mission diversity would be great. Maybe capital ship attacks, planet bombing, bounty hunting, I dunno, "something" beyond the same same same.(androidv6.0)
Decent game until I loaded it and found myself in a location with no available gigs, not enough credits to jump anywhere else, and no cargo space to trade. Why do you have to pay to jump? Now what? I have to delete all my progress and start a new game. I'd rather just uninstall this P.O.S. Terrible design flaws.
What's the point of a space game if it's 100% instance based? Zero freedom. Am I in a spacestation, or am I on my ship? It's neither, I'm in a menu, and it's soulcrushing. Also headsup, aiplane controls don't work in space games. Period. Uninstalled after getting a fullscreen ad, while trying to give the game a second chance.
Game is a sad joke the whole targeting system sucks, every thing is so small you cant see it waist of time developer fix the targeting system and you would keep more players as im uninstalling it
I would like to have the following in this game: trade licenses for firearms and wildlife, more large warships, actual interspecies warfare, and ALLIES! Especially with the near-impossible high-credit defense and escort missions, having wingmen would be awesome. Also, if you sell enough high-techs item to a low-tech world, its rate of tech advancement should increase. If these concepts were added, the game would be perfect.
Good game once you get some credits earned and figure out all the upgrades and ships you can buy. You can definitely play this game for free. Its not galaxy on fire 2 but its still pretty fun. Good accelerometer controls. Tons of upgrade options.
Easy to play. The automatic Moga HID support had me giddy as a schoolgirl and this game controls SUPERBLY well with it. Even the standard controls are good. No complaints thus far.
Been trying this since 2014.This game has a lot of potential to attract players.Here is my suggestion to improve the game. 1.Make it sandbox like Elite Dangerous and Star Citizen 2.Add Open Online in your game to allow players to play together 3.the standard timer mode can be used optionally
It's a decent game, but still room for improvement, add touch controls such as a joystick and an option to remove ads and this could help a bit as some people don't like using gyroscopic controls.
This is the most stupid and boring game ever. Very useless and senseless. Pls don't waste your mb downloading this crap.
It's a good game but it can be a lot better the controls for the game is not good at all it conflicts with the movement of the phone, do to that I can't really get a kill at all, but other than that it's a good game.