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Star Trek™ Fleet Command

Star Trek™ Fleet Command for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by Scopely located at 3530 Hayden Avenue Suite A Culver City, CA 90232 . The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Just another PADI (Put Another Dollar In) game! After a certain level you got stuck, e.g. you will never get any uncommon crystal, ore or gas to upgrade your ships, no matter how much raw stuff you have. That su... What is even worse after every scheduled maintenance they have to do an unscheduled one because of all the bugs they put in. This of course jeopardizes your plan on upgrading and results in getting your base raided. For a pay to win game much too many flaws and basically no support.
Started out as a fun game. Which quickly becomes a pay-to-win game. If you're not willing to spend, don't even bother to start. If you are willing to spend, make sure you're willing to spend big. Purchases can be costly for stuff that doesn't look like its really worth the value you're paying. Missions are lacking and they may have objectives that seem impossible. May be a toxic environment for some.
Fun. Addicting. Described as casual but if you take it as casual you will be robbed of all assets constantly because it is pvp and you cannot turn it off or take it lightly. Have to be sure to keep your shield up 24.7. If you're too busy for that, you will be taken advantage of. Like me. Story line and single player part is fun when you're not trying to gather back materials because you can't devote your life to this. Would be more fun with the other star treks as well.
Buggy, Scopely money grab. They're in the process of making the game pay to play with all the updates they're making. And worse, the game is riddled with bugs. Help takes days to respond and doesn't help. On multiple occasions I've had to resubmit tickets multiple times for someone to actually help. The game itself is (was?) A lot of fun though. Much better if made by anyone but Scopely.
100% pay to play game. If you like players that are 10 times more powerful than you coming to take things from you while performing daily tasks. Had 2 battleships and my base defenses ready and 1 players ship can wipe all that out. There's no defense and the daily task requires shields to be down. Game is basically mining for more powerful players, which in turn forces you to attack lower level players. And in turn that forces people to spend money to tier up faster which is super costly
This game is lots of fun, even if your not a Star Trek fan. You never run out of stuff to do. I've been playing this game for a couple of weeks with no issues. (Update) Now that I've been playing this game for a few months I've changed my review from 5 to 1 star. Packages are extremely pricey. PvP is very uneven and not fun when someone 12 levels above you takes you out. Support is almost non existent and game is very glitchy. Free to play players are extremely disadvantaged.
Gene Roddenberry would be rolling over in his grave if he knew this game represented his idealistic vision of the future. It's certainly not Star Trek, but it's fun...just nothing like the show & what you've come to know as the IP. It's got a lot of the characters & ships to call itself Star Trek, but that's about it. Also, Scopely constantly messes up updates and has to take the game down to fix their blunders, but usually will compensate you with in-game resources to try to make good on it.
This is definitly a Money Grabbing Game. Story line is good, graphics are great. Down fall is how hard it is to level up in the game without spending real cash. $20 package or even a few $50 packages would be okay. Their packs for $99 is kind of greedy and crazy for a game. Even $50 is on the pricey side for the casual player looking to just play a game to take ther mind off the daily BS. THe game is structured to push you into spending your hard earned $ as well.
Its pure pay to win. Its not like Fifa where you have a chance vs God squads using skill - money ALWAYS wins here due to preset animations with zero skill. You have old men spending their pension on this game just so they can bully others likely due to some things lacking in real life. So if you are tired of being made fun of in real life, blow it all on this game and finally push others around! Oh and if you want the Enterprise - it literally costs $1,350 CAD to unlock. Im not kidding.
Overall good game if your serious about playing it, doing your dailies, completing daily events and helping your alliance. It really is a game that depends on a good gaming community, meaning ftp players don't quite early on in their leveling then write bad reviews about it and there's not that many credit card PTW whales just down to the cost of packs. To really experience this game you need to put the time in do dailies, daily events etc. Not only for your own progress but for your alliance
Mostly pay to win. You can play for free but then you won't advance quickly enough. So bottom line, you either pay $$$ or just become a lamb for slaughter. It's similar to gambling where they feed your need to become stronger by offering resource packs you can buy. Don't waste your time or hard earned money. Go buy a beer instead. Actually, you could afford many drinks with the money you would have spent on this piece of trash.
This deserves less than 1*! Starts out looking maybe ok, but that's a false facade. By level 10 (of 50), it turns into a horrible grind with obscenely expensive pay-to-win PvP (which is not optional or avoidable). It becomes very boring with all the grinding & waiting around; waiting to repair, waiting to arrive somewhere, waiting for thing A so you can wait some more for thing B, waiting ad nauseam. Progression hits a wall around level 10; unless you are willing to spend a fortune!
This is a HORRIBLE game and they do a TERRIBLE job of keeping it going. This game is filled with trolls and bullys! The game is set up so you spend money in it! A very toxic environment! Don't waste your time or your money! Truely a disappointment! If I could give it ZERO stars I would. They ripped off an old game called escape velocity and just put star trek on it! They should take this game down and look into the practices it's using to make money off of it. If it isn't illegal it should be!
Unless you are willing to spend thousands of dollars do not play this game. Once you reach above lvl 20 any level can attack you! And if a lvl 23 or above decides they want to pick on you. The game will be useless to play unless your willing to spend Thousand of dollars to match their lvl! This game needs to be investigated because it feels more like a money scam then a game! This Game came on my Note 20s and at 1st it was fun. But once I reached lvl 20 it is no longer playable unless 💰🪙💰💵💵
Know what it is - an RTS set up by people more or less familiar with the Star Trek universe. No away missions. No tactical control. That said, there is a lot to do and a lot to keep track of. You need to learn to manage your time and resources well, and know different ship/officer combos. Regarding paying - I am level 21 (a lower-middle level on our server) and I haven't paid a dime yet. The packages offered seem pretty expensive, but you can play and enjoy the game without spending money.
Most expensive game I've ever seen. You can play, but, not compete unless you pay, minimum $100 a month for battle pass. But, you'll fall way behind unless you can keep up with those spending $500-$1,000 a month! Think I'm kidding...load and play a month then relay this message.
The story in the game is great, and the amount of things you are able to do is amazing. But the thing I find hindering and has made me consider quiting this game entirely is how other players with much higher levels are able to attack you. I get it is a PvP game, but let's get real... your firepower should limit who you can attack. This has been a major concerns for many players and Scopely does nothing about it. It's really quite sickening when it's a fun game otherwise.
Wish i could say great game. Its not. Its a money grab. Unless youre willing to pump $10k and up into it you are just fodder for the PTW whales. Most of the game is boring and mindless mining. There is little group play and what there is is also dominated by whales. Play and pay at your own risk.
Good game for the most part, it does lack in areas like alliance features. Also price of packs are expensive. But over all good game if you have deep pockets. Packs are grossly over priced for content and full of people who concentrate on making your game miserable. And also full of bugs etc. Oh did I mention packs are grossly over priced. All missions lead to unbeatable ships, and take weeks to complete unless you spend a fortune on packs. Dick Turpin wore a mask at least.
Love the graphics and the missions. However the farther you get the longer the timers are for upgrades. Which leads to more and more money. Also the game always thinks I'm not connected to wifi even though I am so a big orange wifi icon stays in the middle of the screen then the game kicks me off and I have to restart it only to have it kick me out again. I have plenty of wifi signal.
I put up with the normal glitches, but now I cannot log in. Scopley support suggested all the basics, then when that didn't work, said they would escalate it and closed the case. At the end, the said if I had any other issues, let them know. I cannot log in, how could I have any other problems?
Terrible UI, stuck waiting for various menus to load all the time. Not sure why can't be pre-loaded like every other game in this category. Game doesn't tell you where various resources come from so it's confusing at the beginning where you jump from prerequisite to prerequisite only to find you don't have the basic resource needed to start the whole chain of upgrades. Missions don't seem to update correctly after completion, sending you to various screens for nothing.
I have been playing this game for almost 2 years. I haven't stopped playing because I have invested so much $$. I log 8-14 hours daily. This is a game that you cannot put down and walk away from and pick up 6 months later where you left off. Your base will be raided and your ships will be destroyed. Oh you can try FREE TO PLAY but Scopley has nerfed it to where it is near impossible to progress. If you haven't downloaded and played it, don't. If you have, delete it or neglect real life.
If I could give this game a 0 rating, I would. With each update the existing players get shafted by the developers. Much harder to impossible to upgrade to next level or even mine, with costs more than your base can hold. It is ridiculously that repair costs have gone from hours to days from practical repairs for ships and base. Issue of logging in or bugs is rampant on this game.
Great game except it is pay to win and has its fair share of bugs and glitches.I spent $5 in the beginning just for the developers and I'm doing fine without spending any more. It does however create false ego players with the stupidity of spending hundredz on a GAME! .... okay, they ruined a great game., Pay To Win totally! You cannot get truly ahead without paying. Really evil, thieving, conniving company. Should be held responsible and sued for rip-off!
Ridiculousness. I spent only $60.00 and that was entirely too much for what I get. Game do entertain but so far from human capabilities that one get to do the impossible. For instance, one ship can pick up a thing or person and deliver with another ship without first transferring item/person ship to ship. Another, serious flaw is one must travel to home station to exchange inter-ship personnel. One of the great things about star trek is the seemless ability to change personnel in flight. MORE:
If you aren't willing to invest 50 to 100 dollars a month. Don't waste your time with this game. I've been playing a week and i keep getting destroyed by the same type of ships. They had a sale you could buy this ship for 49.99 and its attack level 10 times higher then what you get otherwise. Ive invested about 30.00 in other stuff in this game. But if its this bad already then it's only gonna get worse the higher the levels get.
If you don't have 6 hours or more to play a day then don't download. There are about 4 teams that own this game, you will never climb to the middle, much less the top. If you love doing the same thing thousands of times in a row (touch an enemy then touch attack thousands of times in a row (especially the separatist events) then this games for you. 6 hour days, monotonous game play, slow load, forced to rate
Don't install its pay to win. If you're not prepared to pay, which im not then progress is at a crawl. I know people spend thousands on this game and thats all scopely are bothered about. PvP is pointless as you'll get owned by a credit card whale. Its now become a boring mining game and nothing like star trek anymore, if I wanted to mine I'd play Minecraft. Also if you do buy the packs you'll find they are INSANELY PRICED! £91.99 is their top price tier and its just robbery charging this!
I have 2 sides to my review... I play everyday, I always look foward to logging on and interacting with my STFC family.✌🏽 The in-game relationships I've made within makes it even that much better play. But!! I must say this is very unbalanced towards PTP vs FTP and it gets worse as you level up. A bit glitchy at times too. The "Whales"(Visa, MC & Amex spenders) pretty much own the game...your jus living in it at their mercy. All in all, the Graphics are good and the game play is fun.
This is a an addictive game to play, it does seem to follow the Discovery path, however it does contain officiers from the new star trek movies ( pike, spock, kirk, Kahn). While also bringing the Discovery crew. I wish they would bring in the older captains as well like Picard or Shatner( kirk) Otherwise its a fun game to play looking forward to how they continue this.
Run away from this game! The idea is good but asks for so much money for every little thing in game. It is almost impossible to be free to play. And the biggest problem is that the game has 1 billion lags and bugs. Nothing is working properly. Ships are getting stuck, teleporting all over the map, not reacting to clicks and attacks, events are not working properly. So you will end up with spending a lot of money for a game that doesnt work.
poor...glitchy. If scopely would focus on fixing issues then silly graphics that eat memory...this could be a much better game. company is for sure all about the money....new updates crash entire game...unable to perform normal dailies and not able to progress after today's upgrade to the new ship and events...sad. Even with the new events, Scopely is having issues and having to do maintenance like almost every 2 weeks.
A big Time wasting disappointment. 11 minute flight time to a hostile space, to die in 3 sec upon entering, is an example. There is NO free way of getting the advertised ships in a reasonable way. You must be online or shielded 24/7. Higher the level, the longer it takes to accomplish the simplest of daily tasks. You must be in a group for access to Events that give more resources that you wont have access too if you were not in a group. It is not a fun game. Its work.
Game is a good concept but like all other people's opinion it is definitely a p2w game in which people who have money to spend destroy anyone they see. Also as it is star trek I would of thought that the battle animations would be the main area of the game as star trek is basically space battles. So disappointed by the game.
Excellent game, with fun starship & base management with mission completions...until you hit lvl 10 & hit the PvP. Too much toxicity, drama, and "Rules of Engagement" that just goes out the window at the dev-run clan's convenience. If you're looking for a peaceful management game like the game seems to act like it is, then don't hit lvl 10. If you're all for war games, then by all means this is the game for you.
Glitchy but they've been making many improvements since it launched. Still very much a pay-to-win game. Can be free to play like I do but expect to miss out. If it weren't for the fact it's Star Trek I wouldn't play. If you pay $27 for monthly events you can get some more new stuff and faster. Ships are expensive, first paid one is $68 which you might be able to get from events for free but those are rare. Free ships are decent enough. Watch YouTuber Rev Deuce on how to play, helped alot
This is probably one of the more egregious examples of play to win ever. And not microtransactions either.. to level up without paying is likely to take years. One example. I need about 1k components to level and in 4 days of hundreds of kills, I have gotten maybe 12. The game is beautiful and could be great, but unless you want to spend hundreds of$, you're not going anywhere. The entire grind is based on your getting frustrated and spending money to just get a little further
Really needs some kind of tip option. Some of the missions are not clear if you finish a part and come back to it later. Figuring out thaf you need to destroy ships in an area was not always clear for instance. Materials can be scarce and frustrating to locate. It can take 15 minutes to look at systems to find that there are no empty nodes that you can reach.
Do not play this game. It has grown into a pay to play just to survive. You have no chance in advancing like the wallet warriors. It has also become evident in the past couple of weeks that you need to pay for resources and minerals just to move your ships around. Until they put the wallet warriors on a seperate server, play a game where you can actually have fun. Shame on you Scopely. If you decide to keep your wallet in your pants and grind, look forward to being glued to your phone 24/7
Game graphics are great, but the game requires way to much baby sitting. Impossible to advance and not loose your forward process because how the game is structured. Frustrating and very aggravating and at the end of the day, your just ticked off. Game is under maintanence way to much, they should get it fixed before launching it for play. What a rip-off this game is.
They make a glitch, which i didn't know about or use. But ive been banned anyway. Don't waste your money!!!! Any purchases are extremely expensive and do little to further progression. A lot of what is sold can be raided. Allowing others to take what you have paid for. You will not get any where in the game without spending hundreds to thousands of dollars (and no I'm not exaggerating). Customer service treats any problems as it's not thier issue. designers need to try watching a couple of shows
Sadly the recent changes mean I'd actively advise against starting this. The developers have put it into that phase games get to where it is all about milking a small group of mega spenders and screw everyone else. I'm continuing to play but spending less time on it and have stopped buying packs. The writing is on the wall and it isn't worth starting if you haven't already.
I agree with most of the others opinions on the players who use their high levels to bully others, I think the roe guidelines are a good change to that, on my part, the research and upgrade times are a bit long, I'd be spending less time on the game as I level up because of the times, other than that I think it is a great game, and please fix the latinum mines, I have no idea if it is my phone or the fact that they're spinning, I just can't go into a latinum system without my game crashing
Seen better programming by a 1 year old...it is fun to play but don't sink any cash into it unless your wanting to spend thousands. support never gets problems delt with and programmers always claim a upgrade or better this and that and yet it never works...if not worse... as for notifications something is going on like your peace shield expiring or your getting attacked. yeah good luck you wont get any
A bullies playground. The game is relatively fun but once you reach mid game it's too easy for bigger players to walk all over you. At lower levels you can only fight players 2 levels above or below you at 22 it becomes 2 levels below and 10 above, at that point there's nothing you can do other than take it or stop playing until you're big enough to become the bully.
These game is great.....except.....the whales have destroyed the game. They make this game all but unplayable. I don't mind spending money on a game when its fun and this is. But this game is very very pay to win. When the whales gang up, and they will, they will prevent you from pretty much doing anything. This newest event is damn near ruined because the whales can do what they want and go out of their way to ruin it for as many people as they can. Buyer beware.
At first the game was fun. But as i progressed, it became expensive to do anything. Every event now is another money grab. Played for a year even made it into the 40's where the original pay wall was nothing compared to what they now expect you to pay. Ships you cant use without spending hundreds of dollars. Space that has no end game content. The races are so unbalanced. Going klingons is a non starter but they eill never tell you that. Avoid at all costs. Scopely is all about the money.
Pay-to-win players and alliances will smash free-to-play players any day of the week. The only reason most avoid that, through abiding by ROE, is to ensure servers don't die off quickly and therefore leave little to nothing for payers to do. The way the game is structured really draws and retains bullies with big wallets. Anyone who's afraid of payers will gravitate towards paying alliances. Competition and PVP really do not exist. Graphics are decent though.
Fun, but truly p2w. They try to bracket players onto levels where they can only attack levels near you, but that expands out to monsters being able to destroy much smaller players. They also have a devious tiered purchasing system. There are cheap things to buy with real money, but once purchased, those disappear forever and are replaced with more expensive items. I made some purchase early on, and now everything is $20-$99. I would be spending more at smaller increments if the option was there.
This game is addicting. The interaction between alliance members and the complexity of the galaxy interaction is fantastic. Its got bugs and recently quite a few but the devs seem to be doing something about it so that's a plus. It's also got a paywall for some of the cooler stuff I game. Not against ppl making some money, but the value gets a little lost here and there.. it was a 5 dropped it to 3 when spending was the only way to progress comfortably without devoting an insane amount of time
Been playing sesne it came out. Concept is good, however be warned Scopely has the worst customer service. As a company they fail to make a bug free experience and fail to correct problems for years. They refuse to compensate individuals when these bugs cost players in game resources which some players pay real money for or take a long time aquire. Their rational is that is not fair to other players. What is not fair is bugs that result in players having to spend money because Scopely failed.
Constant freezes. Glitches. Work days, weeks at a time just to have it all stolen. Spend money and they can take what you bought. Hard to advance unless you spend money-lots of it. Games is based on stealing from and conquering others. Not on building alliances and being better people as Star trek was based on. Tired of losing hundreds of hours of time and sleep trying to time things in Hope of not losing them. Only to have others who have spent tens of thousands of dollars take it away. Ongoin
This game has gone from being free, to being pay-to-win, to now pay-to-play. CONSTANT Money Grabs and Glitches!!! This is honestly the most money hungry game I've ever seen in my life, truly. What's more, they heavily push their $99 packs like everyone should somehow be able to drop $99 every few days. Build wait times of months! It now takes weeks of saving up resources just to make the smallest of upgrades to just a single ship. Come back to reality, Scopely!
I played this game for eight months. The last two months, I felt like I couldn't advance at all without dropping some dollars. You have to be constantly engaged with this game to stand a chance of making progress. Base building is not streamlined - you spend a lot of time and materials in base upgrades for very menial benefits. The ship progression in this game is horrible. If you are not engaging in daily combat, mining materials hourly, your ship will not be able to complete missions.
Funny game but need a lot of time. If you are not active enough, I counting around minimum 2 hours per day, you are not getting enough materials for updates. Also very bad, one time you forgot to raise your base shield, mainly everything you are loosing und you need to start again, e.g. delithium. This part in normal very hard to receive. I had last time around 50 Mil., after lsst attack only something about 500. To much I think. I'm out of this game.
Far too addicting! Costs WAY too much. It IS pay to Win. It is also VERY repetitive and most days, feels like a job and not something to just enjoy. The biggest problem is, if you have invested any money, or even a load of time, you need to keep logging in to ensure you don't loose everything. If you are looking for a Star Trek game, don't play it, apart from being in the Universe, it is NOT very Star Trek... more like Star Wars!
The game rating has dropped from 4.4 to 4.0 in a couple months. Every month there seems to be an update that causes problems that keep the game from properly working for days so they can try selling another $30 scam. Often the game kicks you out for software updates or maintenance and it can happen several times a day. Otherwise it can be fun with a complex system that can require a bit of strategic thinking and teamwork.
Im a free-to-play user. The game is playable but it will be very slow progress. You won't be able to compete with the pay to play people so don't bother trying. I just wish there were more options to make up for the gap. I spend a few hours a day probably, in and out, to do what I can to make some progress. If you aren't patient, dont bother
Update after playing for 10 months: this game could potentially be very cool but sadly delivers one disappointment after another. The in game purchases are wildly expensive and don't provide near enough value for what to pay. The game is centered a lot around mining resources which is a total pain. I don't recall a single episode of star trek about mining. The events and new content are poorly designed and executed and don't provide good rewards. The whole design prevents progress. Lame!
This game is pretty; that is about the best thing that can be said. The missions are long and drag out to the point where to advance you have to spend a lot of time (or money of course) to travel places and even more time mining and waiting for upgrades to complete. There is also no way to protect your vessels, so get used to spending hours mining resources, only to have another player 4 times more powerful as you to swoop in and take everything you just worked for.
Lots to love about this game, but price gouging, and poor design that only favors the wealthier players makes me give it low marks. The systems are too crowded, with too few chances to gain rss without buying them. Nearly 95% of available purchases START at $100. Some req multiple purchases at that amount. When the game first started, 2years ago there were more options for non-wealthy players. Now, the rich bullies own everything. Unless you have extra scratch to throw around, don't bother.
Ok. This game should be called Glitch O Matic to begin with. Nothing on it works properly, from missions to upgrades. It will lock you out of alliances, even ones you created yourself by refusing to log in, refusing to find your alliance for manual log in and finally telling you that the alliance cannot be recreated because tag is in use. Second, the entire format has been transformed into a pay-to-play, overpriced money grab.
Designed to make you pay... The game itself is good fun however when you see how much 'uncommon' resources it takes for ship upgrades you realise the con. To make matters worse, you spend hours mining resources until you've got enough to convert but this only gives you a 'chance' of getting uncommon resources. Maybe 20% of the time. If you see the game for what it is then it's ok but don't get sucked into spending any money on this! Update: Still a buggy game designed to make you pay!
Just the latest in its fails , unannounced server maintenance, and developments own words indefinite length of time ! ( u weren't shell bad luck, spend another grand a week to play or just to recover what will be stolen from u). This 1 day after ROUTINE maintenance on a clone off every event before it just with different graphics! Going down hill 👎 What's worse THERE NOTHING WRONG FOR THE FIRST TIME IN 2 YEARS , at least not on that server ! Game was running as good as it gets EVA!
Right now the game is literally unplayable, there are too many bugs and server lag. It is too expensive to play if you want to advance. As a free player to move further up it becomes almost impossible. Also the PvP events are nightmare. I'm lower level and as soon as leave station to do anything you are destroyed by players much higher than you; essentially meant I've been unable to play at those times. It's not fun game any more and surely that's not the point?
Good concept, awesome community. Devs have rigged the game past level 28 to where you must pay to progress. They entice you with $5 packs that literally disappear and get replaced with $100 packs. Update: I am leaving the game for good, as thousands of other players have. This game is ONLY for pay to win players. Do not expect to be able to progress as a free to play player.
Lag, hang, freeze. Repeat. The gameplay is great when it works. But the constant bugs are an issue. For instance when you drop out of warp, it can sit there counting down 00 for several minutes. Constant freezing every 5 sec when trying to scroll. Sometimes the game refuses to target anything until you zoom in all the way. Incredibly the game has become worse than before, has been barely playable for days.
Great game.... you can play all day long.... Only reason I give it 2 stars is its customer service is atrocious.... I bought something from their store... first thing I ever did... and game errors out on me, although Google completed purchase. This happens, I understand this... But I put in a ticket a week ago... and they still havent fixed the issue and have barely responded more than just the automated response... fix this and I'll update my rating!
Loot Box City! Game consists of mining, mining, and more mining. Unless you pay, for loot boxes. You get scraps for your hard work of mining. Plan on getting to a part of the game where you can not participate in events because. 1. You ship is just not high enough of a level to make progress. 2. Your ships are not strong enough. 3. It will take you months to refine resources to level up a ship. 4. New events will render you as a non participant. Due to favorable event for high paying players.
It could be a very nice game. Graphics are good, game play is entertaining, interaction with other players is nice. All good things, but this game has just too many bugs. Every update contains new content and more bugs. Crashes, freezes, things just not working, incorrect display of game information, unexpected maintenance, etc. It's just terrible.
This game started out promising. But this is all about trying to get your money. Paying for shortcuts is fine and I applaud the enginuity. That said, there should be a path for success albeit the long tough road. I have now reached a point where I cannot advance without paying the shortcut. What a waste of time and effort. Don't gets sucked in unless you're willing to pay the money. I have never paid for a video game app because I like figuring out all of the challenges to get to the end.
I'm really enjoying the game. I'd like to give it more stars, but is has a really, really, really stupid flaw. When you have a peace shield up, your station is protected, but your ships are free gain when outside the station, but you can't attack any player ships, so, it's still gonna take you forever to mine the required resources, because you're gonna be attacked by a bunch of those pathetic players who feel they must destroy everything and everyone! Please fix this! ASAP!
I have had to lower my review of this game. Now a game I have invested a huge amount of time and a little money into as well, won't even open. They have continued adding content while not adressing many of the bugs, lag, crashes, etc that I was hoping would have been part of the past by now. I will add stars when Scopely starts taking their consumer base seriously.
2 years in I can tell you that it is the absolute worst. Storyline and content are okay, but the game itself is terrible. Nothing but bugs, lag and a completely unfair PvP bracket that they don't expose you to until you are completely invested in the game. Be prepared to spend $100/pack and buy multiples of these each month if you even want to remain average. Non-existent Customer Service. Copy and paste answers, never a resolution to anything. Mcdonald's burgers at Filet Mignon prices.
Do yourself a favor and don't even dip into this game. The amount of pay to win is absolutely insane. Daily, weekly, and monthly events are all pay to win. IF YOU DONT SPEND MONEY, YOU WILL LOSE. I dont mind spending money on a game thats free. But when it consistently asks for at least $50 a month its too much. Thats the equivalent to my phone bill every month. That being said, it is a well put together game with much potential, should they fix the greed within their company.
This used to be a 5 star game for me but since this latest update, it's been freezing way more than before. The game froze twice on me in 2 months before, now, it's an everyday occurrence and I have more than enough memory on my phone to run it. And if for some reason, if your internet connection goes down just one bar, it freezes so bad, I've had to restart my phone. My phone is only 3 years old, no way it's because it can run the game and there's 9 gigs of space on it, so idu, plz fix
this game would be cool, but the shields don't hold and they constantly say it's your fault even with pic proof shield was still up during the attacks. spend money don't get what you were supposed to and again, your fault cuz the special wasn't yours???? Update since 4/19, but game is seriously geared to make money.
Want to give it zero stars. I cannot even get through the tutorial because of bugs. I need to recall my ship, but when I press the button, I get a notice that my ship is already recalled, and I can't get it to move forward. Uninstalled and reinstall just to have it happen again. Twice. Stone walled after 30 seconds of game play. Nice work.
Traditional pay-to-win with great potential mostly undermined by greed, poor management, bad customer support, and endless glitches. The only goal here is cash, not a good game. No effort to balance mechanics, crashes regularly, and every game element is warped towards getting you to spend money. Make no mistake, this is a bottomless money pit. You could spend $10,000 and only scratch the surface. Play something else unless you like frustration.
Game is buggy. Station shields are flakey and the UI can lag actual game play by several minutes. I had an incident where my station was attacked, I raised a shield, but my action wasn't recorded until almost 15 minutes later... instead I was attacked an additional 44 times before I was notified. Also, BIG imbalance in PvP... casual players that don't pay will get bullied by those that do. Finally, customer service are politicians... reassure you that your opinion matters; never do anything.
Updated after extended gameplay: Their pvp is one of the worse in mobile gaming. You can buy a $100 package & easily lose product through glitches, they wont replace and this game is super glitchy. They promote conduct that will force you to purchase such as to continue game play to participate in events. I spend money in these type of games but they're unethical with how they operate. Tried really hard to give them a chance because I love star trek. Customer service is horrible. Bottom tier.
There is lots to do however there is little depth to the mechanics and you are constantly reminded of the Packs for purchase. This is pure pay to win, so expect to play the part of an NPC to those that have invested significant money in this game. You'll not have a chance against those in your level range as you are another gameplay dimension to the paying player, which I suppose is fair enough. If I paid a few hundred pounds, then I'm sure the experience might be more positive.
A lot of bugs, but that is bearable if you do not mind restarting the game a few times here and there. The big problem i have, is that I can no longer log in. Their crack support walked me through things I already did. They then said thanks for doing that. We'll escalate this, case closed. Let us know if you have other issues. Lol, how can I have other issues if I cannot get in the game?
Unless you have money to spend (think thousands of dollars) do not waste your time on this game. Their recent turn toward very agressive PVP events makes it impossible to advance in this game as it is stripped away from you by the rich players who are so much stronger than you. There is no attempt at balance in this game. UPDATE: Just for point of reference. I have spent several hundred dollars on this game so I am speaking from experience. UPDATE 2: PVP more aggressive with latest update.
This is really a terrible game. It has a lot of bugs which is just crappy. As you follow the missions to the end, many of them end with a boss you won't be able to defeat for many levels - so months later when you can beat them, you won't remember the story and you won't care anyway because your mission backlog is so long. And 99% of play is just hunting for a spot to mine materials and then waiting for it to finish and hoping your ship doesn't get attacked. Find a fun game instead.
While addicting and with nice graphics, this game is very glitchy. Assets fail to load, missing stats, quests not updated, lag. It usually means you need to reload the app, and it is very annoying. However, there is a big divide between pay to play and free to play. I bought a couple of the initial packages, but it quickly adds up if you want to continue. There is no way to prevent abusive, paying players from praying on free to play players. The power difference is huge, 4 to 5 times.
I was really enjoying this game until the latest territories capture update has ruined it for all players under level 25. Alliances have fallen apart, many have quit and many feel forced to rush to level 25. As for the whales complaint, I spend a little but not a lot compared to many. This is a pay to win LIFE and I cant afford a house or a posh car but the life whales can. If you don’t like it that paying players do better, go and play Farmville! But you will have to pay for that eventually.
I'm a big fan of Star Trek, but once I started to experience issues with one of my ships. Everything changed, I have contacted support, they've responded and I replied. After that, never heard of support help again. Its a good game to pass time. However, if you experience issues. Please beware of support help, they may help then again they may not.
I like the game but hate the pvp aspect. I have zero interest in pvp. Should be a way to opt out. There is more than enough to do with the missions and storyline. Could really be a fun game for the star trek fan if not for that. Update: Zero stars if I could make it that. Just awful.
This game is fun, until you realize it is as pay to win as you'll find. The game is very unbalanced and caters to higher level players and those willing to dish out hundreds or thousands of dollars.. They advertise "sales", yet practically everything is $99. The value of these packs is awful. The company is extremely greedy and won't compensate you for lost in-game materials and resources caused by the myriad of glitches that are always happening. I highly recommend you stay away from this one!
While this game is certainly fun, its longevity comes from the bonds you make with your fellow player via discord. The first 20 levels are a breeze, the real challenge comes after L20; sadly this is where the darker side of this game shows it face. While it's free to play, it favours the paying gamer and the more you pay, the more it favours you. The PvP groupings are totally out of balance from L22 onwards, and this excabates the imbalances of the paywall. Fun game, be warned it can be costly.
Too much time spent getting killed by higher powered players. They pay to get up in level fast. Then just spend time hitting lower player's so we can't enjoy game. Too much resources needed to advance. Just another pay to play so called free game. You will get tired of playing just so others with money can take your stuff. Game is big disappointment for having star trek name.
This game has gone from being free, to being pay-to-win, to now pay-to-play. CONSTANT Money-Grabs & Glitches!! This is honestly the most money hungry game I've ever seen in my life, truly. What's more, they heavily push their $99 packs like everyone should somehow be able to drop $99 EVERY FEW DAYS. It now takes months of saving up resources just to make the smallest of upgrades to just a single ship. Every update & improvement is just a new way 2 reward ONLY players who spend $100's monthly!!
You can play for free. But be prepared to get your butt kicked and your resources taken by the wallet warriors. And scopely caters to the big spenders. Going as far as to put certain content behind a paywall. It is just another free to play, pay to win game. Like 95% of the "free" games on the internet.
I enjoyed it for a while. Had a lot of potential if the developer was at all competant. But all the bugs/glitches/crashes drove me crazy. But they never get fixed. You report bugs, and they just close your ticket. Everything in the game tries to force you to buy overpriced items in the game store. If you buy resources, it speeds up progress unless you get raided and lose what you bought. Otherwise the game drags. Poor game balance in places. Some days the dailies would take hours to complete.
Great game overall. Pros are easy to use, numerous alliances to join and finding an active friendly alliance is key to enjoying the game. cons are the game is glitchy at times and geared more towards pay to play if you have time to invest or can pay a lot to play then this game is for you. You can play for free but it takes tons of time and patience as you progress.
I like this game for the fact that it's Star Trek. After that it becomes a bit hellish once you make it to the PvP level. The level of punishment that gets extracted from failing to keep up the peace shields is immense and frustrating. You can build up a huge stockpile of resources and lose it all because you have to work or you feel asleep without renewing a shield. PvP may be the lifestyle for some people, but I just want to enjoy the atmosphere of the game.
I am level 31 now been playing about a year now, and the first time in probably at least a couple of months i fell asleep and forgot to put up a piece shield (so other players can't attack my station) and a level 43 barely took any damage on his ship and obliterated all my defenses in the first strike and raided my station. Took everything I had stockpiled that took a lot of work in about 45 minutes. This is scopely's idea of player vs player. His ship was so big I had zero chance of winning.
I love Star Trek, I have enjoyed playing previous Star Trek games, and enjoy this game also. This is reminiscent of Star Trek Armada. The graphics are awesome, and the community is great. I have met quite a few friends on here. The gameplay can be enjoyable, it is what you make of it. Time, effort and money, a combination of 2 of these is what is needed to succeed in a game like this. Manage your expectations, enjoy the content, and remember your only playing for your own entertainment.
Game is super buggy. I never ever receive a notification I'm under attack... the game double and at times triple charges for the same transaction. Microtransaction garbage. Run away as fast as you can. Unit cost is stupid expensive and the time it takes to do anything is stupid long. Game is extremely unbalanced. From economy system. To the battles. To the building time. Stupid unbalanced. Game is designed to frustrate you into spending actual money to progress at a normal speed.
Scopely doesn't know how to code. They have had to take the game offline twice in the past two weeks because of "emergency" issues related to poor QA and testing. On top of this, their current system has broken the core game mechanics, such as raiding bases to the point that experienced players can no longer play the same way anymore, nullifying the time and experience put into this game. In short, the more they develop, the worse this game gets. Don't bite into their promises of new content and great game experience. This game is, at best, a glorified alpha, pretending to be beta and charging premium prices for it. Stay away.
Fun game. pushes for pay to play but you can get by without. great story lines. Update: I've reduced from 4 stars to 2. The game is getting money hungry and out of control. Latest update is forcing PVP play which will in turn force players to spend real money to stay competitive. Could be alot of fu. If it was still OK to play casually. Not anymore. Only reason I still play is cause I put money into it and dont want to waste it. But it's getting hard. Many of my friends that have played quit.
The good and the bad. Good: Fun game to play, period. Bad: They don't allow server transfer except for level 12 players. So, anyone else wanting to play the game together is out of luck. Also, it's a pay to play game. Anything Scopley says outside of this is NOT true. Let me clarify. Yes, you can play for free. However, your relevance to any other alliances does not exist. If you spend 10-20thousand, your experience will be fairly enjoyable until you meet the players spending 50- 500 thousand.
There is a reason the game has a number of lawsuits against them from players. PLEASE TRY TO GAME TO REALISE HOW BAD IT IS. Money grabbing bastardss, more bugs than the Amazon, the game is a joke, it's about about your wallet, and the support team are useless copy paste pre messages, 0 help from support when they mess up and cost you real life money they refuse to compensate. Its disgusting they has used the brand name for this game.
I'm editing my review because I decided to prove the money grabbing pit this game is. In two days we practically sunk almost $500 into this game to prove one thing, this game is a money grabbing pit. The more you spend on this game, the more you'll have to, as it does very little to help. Not only that, but their predatory practices is they give you some nice looking packages to reel you in, then they disappear and gets replace with $19.99 and up packages with little advantage. This is what I keep saying about microtransactions killing the mobile game experience. We took videos of this and now in the process of contacting the big game reviewers and sending them all the evidence of this predator of a developer. Hopefully we'll be able to keep future interested parties from downloading and putting money into this money pit. Shame
Latest! Scopley really blew it with their current Territory play. Set up so the biggest baddest, or just bullies, can take or deny system. Really needs some kind of tip option. Some of the missions are not clear if you finish a part and come back to it later. Figuring out that you need to destroy ships in an area was not always clear for instance. Materials can be scarce and frustrating to locate. It can take 15 minutes to look at systems to find that there are no empty nodes that you can reach.
This is a pay-to-win game. Be warned. If you purchase any products & regret that purchase they will NOT refund you nor compromise with you. The packages are expensive, they start out at 5$ but then jump to 20 & higher. I tried to talk (in-game support ticket) to the Dev's but I was dismissed. I feel cheated & unimportant to them. The game itself has potential to be a great game. It needs some work to make it more user-friendly. Just don't spend your money on this game, its not worth it.
Typical pay to win. Resources you pay hard cash for can be stolen by other players. Unfortunately farming other players is included, instead of there being some reasonable limit. Still bugs in the game requiring you to restart to get them sorted. Game play is good but ends up being a bit of a grind to level ships up.
I would love this game if not for the PVP element of it. You have these pay to play guys who come in here with jacked up stats and just wipe you all over the floor if you're not paying these folks. I understand there's no ads, but the only annoying aspect of this game is that I can't switch off the PVP element. Hell, I gladly pay every month for a version of this game that would eliminate the PVP/multiplayer element.
Game play good. Technically the game is free, but realistically, you need to pay. Last update caused me problems. Has to uninstall/reinstall game, and lost everything. I don't mind spending money on quality entertainment, but I have a huge problem with losing it all because of glitchy updates. Update: Scopely has attempted to help, had it up and running for a bit, but now gone again. Hoping this gets worked out, cause I was enjoying the game.
So buggy must be restarted multiple times a day. No "patch" works right. This is disgraceful for the "#3 highest grossing game" today. They do minimal testing and their software QA sucks. I have been playing about 3 months and have dropped over $1k into this game as everything would take days to months to complete a level without it. It can take 7 days+ to tier 1 level of 1 ship without using speedups. Update 11/15/20-New patch makes me restart literally 15+ times per day due to glitches.
While this game is certainly fun, its longevity comes from the bonds you make with your fellow player via discord. The first 20 levels are a breeze, the real challenge comes after L20, sadly this is were the darker side of this game shows it face. While it's free to play, its favours the paying gamer and the more you pay, the more it favours you. The level groups are totally out of balance from L22 onwards and this excabates the imbalances of the paywall. Good game but can be costly, be warned
The bundles that are in the game are already overpriced. So I'm not excited about that; however, I purchased a research package for $100 and tried using a $47 credit from Google play, only to come to find I was charged the $100 plus taxes and my $47 credit was drained. Overall I really like this game and I have already spent quite a bit on it. However I feel really burned right now.