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Star Trailer: Design your own Hollywood Style

Star Trailer: Design your own Hollywood Style for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by CookApps located at 8th floor, U space building, 670, Sampyeong-dong, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This is so amazing So try it I know its a waste of time but isn't it beautiful its not easy to make another game of this so yuo can still wait the more you wait the more it can be beautiful right I like it because it kind of cleaning house make it new and make it fantastic. But they say 164 levels are not enough but they wait untill they finish all the levels but in waiting for 2 weeks they can't
THIS IS THE BEST DECORATING GAME EVER! Edit: At first it WAS SUPER FUN. Then, things went downhill. You can't pass scene #92! I hope the creators fix this soon or I will uninstall this app PERMANENTLY!
This is one of the most fun new games I've tried. The art is beautiful, I like the characters and the match three game part is fun and challenging without being frustrating. Really high quality stuff!
I like the game except.. No freebies as a daily gift, any powerups have to be purchased. Very expensive! Find another game.
Good app .... But when I was downloading this game that time the mb was 75 and when I downloaded it I see mb that was 130 ..... But I liked the game very very very much and I get fell of star when I played this .......
Please add a skip button at the end of levels. All of the extra matches don't add to your coins and wastes time. Other than that, great game!
I love the game. Especially the changes made in the games arrangements and new goals. Last.year I completed the game to the end 2 times. Love this.
LOVED IT! I would have given 5 stars if it had not run out of chapters! After the last update and completing the 1 added additional chapter, I was no longer able to play the game. Sadly I was forced to delete it again.
loved the storyline and characters and being able to design our little trailer but hsd to uninstall because the mini tile game stresses me out....i loved it other than that. i would play more games if they did not include stressful side games ... my life isbstressful enough lol i like to enjoy gametime
why hasn't the new levels come yet this is very ridiculous I'm going to uninstall this game. feels as though I wasted my time.
i love yhis game! The graphics are awesome and I love the characters! But i wish earning gems was easier.
This game is good but it takes a lot of time to load . Anyway ,rest of the things are good . It is game which an be used to spend the time. This game is that we are the stars and we will be given a caravan to rest and first ,there wont be any furniture so we have to play a game and earn money . By using this money we have to buy the furniture and another materials . And then we will move on to the next chapter . This game is good but will become bore after completing some chapter .
I actually loved the game but had to uninstall because of the incessant ads. They are there after every level. So, yeah.. It's very annoying
Builds You Up Then Kicks You Down. It started out so well, but came with no instructions. Nevertheless, I was enjoying it. Now I am stuck on scene 100. It is impossible to finish, though I have been close. So infuriating and so I have decided to uninstall this app. I have tried to get through dozens of times, but the frustration has killed any hope of fun. No instructions anywhere and I am unclear what is the usual method to break bollard type barriers.
10/7: Received response that a new chapter had been added. Still do not have it. As they are a small company will give a couple of days. Also, would like to know what the challenges tab is for. It's never worked. UPDATE: When are new chapters coming and what are the challenges? Challenges haven't worked since I down loaded the game.
It would help if you give more moves. The games become harder and the moves are not enough to hit the pieces two or more times to clear the objects. There are many wasted moves just to set up a move. It's just impossible until the computer lets you win and then you have no idea how you won!! I'm not going to waste my time on a game that causes so much mental anguish. You should take the apps down until you fix it. The bad reviews will guide you in what is wrong.
great game. but you need to update soon because ive been maxed out on levels for the last week. Update...... It has now been an entire week, ive recieved 2 notifications that new episodes will be ready soon, and still nothing. Going to delete. Not worth the storage space at this point.
I really like the game and I passed all the levels. It says new levels coming soon but it's been a while and it wont let me keep matching so the app is just on my phone and I can't even play. When are the new levels coming?- UPDATE BELOW Its been over a month and I've updated the game 2- 3 times and still no new levels and I still cant play the game. It sucks because this game is really fun and one of my first picks when I'm bored. I'm sad to say that I will delete in 2 weeks if no new levels
I love the game but the reason I give it 3 stars is because I'm stuck at level 53 for 5 weeks now and I can't move to another level. It's hard for me to get to level 54 😭
Absolutely stunning graphics. Great storyline. Best of all, all levels are beatable without extras. Addictive. Would give 10* if I could and I don't normally leave reviews on games because most end up with you having to spend money to play. Brilliant!!!!!
Rated it three because if i want to watch an ad to continue playing the game,it always says no ad available,THERE IS NEVER AN AD available,i would recommend it when you fix that but for now,not so good game
pretty cool that they made the games beatable! please dont change! its refreshing to play a game that isnt trying to cheat you but i wish we could win the 800+ coins and some boosters too. really enjoying the game tho pretty fun! thank you!
I love this game My problem with it is it's hard at some parts and I think the makers of this game should add a more fun love story
WOW. My last rating of 1 star "magically" disappeared. I guess the developers didn't like it. All I stated was the last update (8/23/19) broke my game. It gets to the screen to start the game and that's it. I can't play. It does nothing hir show me a pair of red curtains. Let's see of this rating disappears as well.
cool game while it lasted...no updated continued story line. Became a regular "bejeweled" game right in middle of story. kept playing waiting for update and now I apparently have reached the end of the "bejeweled" part as i get no "play" option now.
I have not that long started to play this game, and as a match 3 lover I have to say I am so far really enjoying this game!, I like the graphics, and I am really enjoying following the story 😊 my only quibble is moves are very limited right from the word go! It would be better if we had more moves! But it's a really nice game and so far the levels haven't left me pulling my hair out with frustration! Keep up the good work 😊
This is a fun game, but when you finish a challenge and win 800 + coins, they all don't show up/ add up in total so that you can't decorate a room. You have to play another challange: example. I won 910 coins and I already had 250 coins. So it should have added up to 1160 but it only credited me to add up 1000 coins. And the 400 coins when you watch a video to get 3 more moves don't show up either.
Giving it a two because it sucks a bit. After you are done with all the trailers,they say more episodes coming. Trust me after level 250, that's allπŸ˜’πŸ˜’
Y the hell will it stop working like if I want to open the game it never opens again just loading n loading
This is a really fun game... The scenes should be more realistic though, like not just standing in one place and just passing levels but making the backgrounds look more like the movies. Its a good game and it does challenge the player sometimes
I love this game. It's different and my new favorite. I had an issue not getting my items when i bought it and the developer not only responded right away, but they fixed the problem right then. That means alot since i spend good amount of money on games i love. Good to know they care about their customers.
Really wish i could give more stars i love this game but its making me so mad. I played this over 5 months ago finished all the trailers they had waited weeks for new trailers and nothing so i deleted. Just reinstalled and after 5+ months still nothing new!
Absolutely wonderful game with a new take on decorating..... Star Dressing Rooms/Trailers! Love it! Only one suggestion, they need to have a skip feature at the end of a game so you don't have to sit and wait for the extra moves to be used up.
I like this came but I'm near the end and it said coming soon new one I guess I hope it does I really enjoy all types of games like this one need more lol ty
This is definitely a much better game than your other home design games with repetitive designs. There needs to be an update with new episodes. And perhaps add LGBTQ+ possibilities for the love " calls " - the two women in the game now are just a mentor and a friend whereas every plot with a male is live oriented.
Lovely game. My favourite so far. Very nice storyline with the bodyguard and all the stars. But what's up with the new trailers. Been waiting for months and months.
Since the last update it says fans sent a gift. I press accept and it does nothing. I cant exit out of it either.
I really enjoy playing this game! The levels are challenging, but not so hard that you can't get through them even without a booster. Support staff is awesome and quick to fix any issues!
So far I really like this game. The mini game puzzles are challenging but not too hard unlike some other games!
When you reach at the high level the puzzle is soo difficult , so please do some changes inthe puzzles
I played this game and its so addictive 😍😍 But it has one problem they have no more trailer I complete all the trailer Its so good you should try it And yeah I warn you this is so addictive Play in your own risk
I absolutely loved the app but they need more trailers. I got through all of the different trailers in four days.
i love the game but im going to have to uninstall it im stuck been stuck 4 days nw and I don't c my way pass the level
fun time consuming but not extremely hard good graphics and a good story line get to really fancy up a small travel trailer
its great love it but its not giving me anymore trailers it just keeps saying Coming Soon! im supposed to be on level 160 but every time i exit the game & go back to play it again it starts me back at level 151..... ok so now ive passed level 159 & now its Not letting me go to the next level & its still not giving me anymore trailers it just keeps saying new episodes coming soon....
Love this game but you dont care tou bidnot update this game i finish it all plus i play for fun too but dont go no were you needs to up this game soon so hurry up it a good game to decor love everyone
It is a very good game for people who likes interior designing. It is an amazing app, I think so. I love it. Fix the things which are liked by you and design your home.
This game keeps going out of the app when i am playing very irritating worst game interninty the person who was making this game was clearly their head was not functioning well
Didn't have any problem download the game. It is a very cute game. It is veryfun to play. Good job with the game.
The game is great but i get to higher level it keep saying new levels are coming its been 4days now am ready to uninstall it.
I enjoyed the game while it lasted. i did however wish there were more ways to win boosters if the games are going to be that challenging. but with no more levels to move forward I will have to check back later to see what upgrades have been made. but until then I will have to uninstall.
loved this game but now when I try to play it won't load past 50% going to give it a couple more trys then delete if it doesn't work
I love how, you can style your own bedroom and and you can get more coins on this game,I can't stop playing!!! It's so cool!!! Evelina😁
I like the game but why can you earn diamonds also you need to earn more money for completing levels because some levels are hard but I do like the app
Andy is such a creep, it's hilarious πŸ˜‚ great graphics, storyline and music. My only issue is that there's no explanation as to what the *challenges* section is supposed to be and mine doesn't open. Also it would be wicked if the game connected to Google Play Games with some achievements. Great job devs πŸ’
Its very fun and i like a challenge but if you can let the player choose wair to put what would be nice
It's a nice game but for coins we need to play a game and the variety of the things like the chairs wallpapers etcare very less please make sure that u change this.thank u
I loved the game right up until I completed the last trailer, and it just says new episodes are coming. It is getting very boring playing only the match portion of the game
I like the game, but I wish it would give you a prize for checking in everyday like the other games do not just every now and then
I'm afraid i have to Uninstall this game. Its has great potential but how can you max the coin amount to 1000 when i have 25 moves left? So means i was supposed to get 1500 coins but that wont happen because the coin max is only 1000 and another thing when you win a level and i have lots of bombs etc left why doesn't that also count as coins that's so unfair.
Can some one tell me how to get passed level 40. Played it about a dozen times with no luck? I like the game just not the hassle it is giving me.
This game is ok but it keeps freezing. Very annoying,that is why I've given this only 1 star. Please fix this issue
I was so happy to play this game. Its super super fun. Loved loved this game. But now I been waiting and waiting over a week for the new levels to show uo. There was only 9 levels so far. I wont of downloaded if I knew this. Getting tired of playing the same levels over and over again. I love this game but right now bored. No new levels. I would of gave this game a 5 star. But foe now it has to be a 3 star because you can not advace there are no new levels. Just says comming soon.
Quite a good game though the best part I enjoy is renovating places even if it doesn't work out well at least I gave it a try and I enjoyed it so much I'm still playing it I won't say it the best cos,all the game's I've played so far are the BEST you know 5 Stars for this game thank you.
This is a fun and very enjoyable game! I love the graphics and the gameplay. I can play full screen which is particularly nice. I like the concept of combining a match game challenge with furnishing and decorating the stars trailers. The cast of characters is entertaining. I congratulate the creators of this game for a job well done. I can't say enough good things about this. Thank you for not selling out!
love this game so far! do u help with boosts if someone runs out of them or doesnt have $ to get any? i know one of my other games help i was just wondering!
My experience so far with this have been so wonderful, it not only serves source of entertainment but also abrain developer. So if you have'nt tried it yet go try it now.
ever since the current update i load in & a gift pops up. i try to accept the gift but it wont let me & i cant play until i get passed the gift
I really enjoy the game. The levels are challenging without being frustratingly difficult, the graphics are nice, and the characters are engaging. I like that you know how many stars you need to complete a project. However, WHEN WILL WE GET NEW LEVELS AND SCENES??? I would love to rate the game higher, but I have been waiting weeks for new content. I do not WANT to uninstall, but I will if nothing new comes. ☹
I notice you last updated Dec 2019! Dont you care about this game? It needs a good update with fixes! I like this game as I do most Cook Apps games, but I never thought I would complain about this but your ads don't work most of the time. They say unavailable so I can't get 50% more cash, OR an extra 3 trys. Please fix and I will rate higher.
I really like this game. I've played many games of this genre but none keep me entertained for long. They always get to the point where levels are nearly impossible to beat without spending real money. I'm a shut in on a limited budget and can't afford that. Thus I get frustrated and delete the game. So far this game is fun. The levels aren't too hard BUT, you really should increase the money earned as the levels increase. It takes 3 or 4 rounds to earn enough.
the game was working fine until the last update now I cant accept the gift at all the screen freezes up and you have to cut the whole game off
help!!!!!! I am in love with this game its soooo addicting the one and only problem is that I have finished all the trailors and theres a coming soon thingy and when are new trailors coming in I am waiting such a great games Hope new trailors will come soon waiting plz hurry otherwise the game will be History hope You will pay attention thnx and tysm for such a great game πŸ’• excuse me !! think so there is no importance of players changing 5 to 1 and deleting the games
Why make it so difficult to passa level so early in the game? It takes all your lives then some and who wants to keep trying the same level over and over again especially just into the second or third trailer. If not for the hour of free lives i would prob still be stuck in the second trailer. Its crazy. Should get harder as the levels get higher not right off the bat. Will see if i get tired of the same old level and uninstall. Ok im done. Can you say impossible to pass?! Uninstalling now!!
Adorable little decorating match 3. Interesting storyline, and short, which I love. I'm really enjoying it so far!
Really additive & fun! Few minor reasons didn't give 5 *. 1) you have to watch that it DOES CREDIT you ALL the points you win.2)takes awhile from scene to scene (waiting for clouds to clear).3)game pieces VERY SMALL. Decor you get to choose from could have more color/patterns. Right now it's lots of gray, white, brown. No brights that I've seen yet. Easy relaxing fun. Hard levels aren't kidding but rest is just REALLY enjoyable! Would recommend. 5*s if ever those few change (cloud time).πŸ‘Œ
I had completed the last trailer but continued to play because of new updates coming soon and i wanted to build up coins. Then everytime i opened the app it froze up. This happened all day for several days until i had to uninstall. Was this a bug resulting from an update? I hope this is fixed , i really enjoyed this game.
I really like this game but I have been at a total stand still for weeks. When I ran out of trailers I kept playing on the puzzles then suddenly it would not let me continue. The button to play the puzzles was greyed out so then I started just logging in for the erasers but I cannot get those either anymore. I made all the way up to over 83,000. My worry is that when the game is finally update so I can play all that will be taken away from me. If it does the game will be history at that point.
*updated response: thank you for that once I get it ull get 5 stars😁.*............ I like the game... I think I should have the option to connect to Google games to save my progress. I dont have nor do I want facebook.
Love the game, but like most, I'd like to keep playing. We desperately need new levels. I do like the fact that I can keep playing, however by the time yall put out new levels I'll have more than enough money to get thru them, then I'll be waiting forever for more... If that's the case, I'll just uninstall
Although I appreciate that there isn't any ads and the design choices are one of the nicest. However, they make level/scene 24 ridiculously hard to complete with very little assistance. I'll make a couple more attempts but if I can't proceed to the next scene I'm definitely going to uninstall it.