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Star Traders RPG Elite

Star Traders RPG Elite for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by Trese Brothers located at Trese Brothers LLC 241 Dean Street West Chester, PA 19382. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 1.6 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
May i suggest something ? I feel that this game is lacked something, do i play for reputation only, a bit dull, no meaning. Maybe you can add bosses (Alien boss, battling with higher millitary capt, ex : a dragoon level from another fraction). Or, trying to occupy the entire space for a fraction !
A blast! Challenging without being overwhelming, deep enough game play that you feel the story, yet you can enjoy it in 5 minute bursts.
Honestly, there's not much to say. It's a better Star Traders RPG. The gameboard bigger but you don't have any extra time to compete quests. But, the quest rewards are bigger. Its a lot more cutthroat that way.
It's all in the name. It's a deep space RPG where you play as a captain of a ship. How exactly you play is up to you, merchant, bounty hunter, etc, but you'll have to navigate faction relationships and rumors of events in order to succeed. Very technical, not very pretty, but fun if you want some space feelings.
I enjoy the gameplay but there are too many instant death mechanics. A pirate lands a lucky Gun shot and destroys my engines from 100%. Exploring one of the safest planets and a random event kills 100% of the crew involved. I'm all for difficult games but dying to freak accidents feels like a cheap way to make a game harder.
on the surface it seems pretty hard to get into but once you understand how the system works it a lot like Tradewinds or any other resources hunting and trading game. it's fun, I got in on sale and never looked back, I even got the pilot and ship builder dlc because they do what good dlc should, add to the experience (and for a buck each who could complain, I totally paid for this game using Google opinion rewards)
I've played this game for ages. Change phones few times, uninstall a couple times, and here I play this again. Simply addictive. This one is a single player offline (except, of course, when you use back up feature) turn-based RPG where you control one spaceship (at a time) and do any mission (delivery, assassination, passenger, etc) from any (or all) six factions. Graphic is old school. There is no real goal here. It just how you will survive by getting money and air fuel. As it say, an RPG game~
I like it. It has character development aspects that all RPGs should have. Ship boarding is a bit more personal than previous versions . The turn based action system insures I can put it down when I have too.
So the difficulty settings are aptly named. Easy mode is really easy, but impossible is LITERALLY FRIGGIN IMPOSSIBLE!!! Just starting out? Alien attack. Exploring a planet? All your crew are now dead. Ship used 1 unit of water on easy? Now it uses 5 or more. And what's better is you have to get a certain achievement on impossible mode to unlock one of the ships, so if you're a perfectionist and want to unlock them all BE PREPARED TO CHUCK YOUR PHONE ACROSS THE ROOM SEVERAL TIMES FIRST. fun game
Really like this game. I miss the old Privateer PC games. This is a good stand-in. Could use a more interactive battle sequence like GoF, but I'm hoping the sequel has something like that.
Thank you Devs for an awesome app, it's a very addictive game and I really enjoy my game play. My only issue is that when I leave the urban screen into open space, the game freezes for short periods of time. But all in all it is in my top ten gaming apps. Nice work!
Paid everything in-app and tad dissapointed after finding out 5+ buck unlocks only for challenging levels & not unlocked til reaching unlock requirements 1st under normal level play. I suggest adding more unlocks. However, game play addictive and its the best game for old free space and poor graphics strapped older phones. Uses twenty of a %battery on ancient android 8 whereas Dungeon Defense 2D similar pixel game uses 6.5%. This and STF should be ranked higher than #76 ranked Dungeon Defense.
This is essentially the old Drug Dealer game that used to be played on TI85 calculators with a space touch. A lot of the flavor text becomes annoying and repetitive, and would be less annoying if it reflected anything in the game's mechanics. The buying and selling aspect is worthless unless you wait for "rumors" of shortages and surpluses. Trading in bulk is nearly impossible, as the cargo upgrades you need are locked behind a paywall/challenges.
This is a brilliant early 1990s RPG. It is well written. Nothing breaks. If you live to parse rules and/or treaties, then track commodities on a spreadsheet. This is YOUR game. The game will slowly kill your character. There are enough random events that have negative consequences. Eventually, for most of us, your character will die early. Meh.
I absolutely love this game for all the different things that you can do in it I wish that they would update it I know that they have a newer game but that one's junk comparison to this one I love having two different factions that I can work for everything is all right there it's easy to understand and very challenging if you need it to be been playing this game off and on for a few years now just really wish it would update this game it has a lot of potential
I've played this game for a couple years and it's by far my favorite game on my phone it's a very simple but extremely fun game with a high reply value I never get bored of this game...I was playing the free version of star trader I think about a year ago when I decided to buy the elite version... And that's crazy for me because I think paying for games on phones is stupid but it was one of the smartest this I've done definitely payed for it self multiple times over
I enjoyed this game very much. The UI is good, and the trading aspects of the game are pretty easy to get the hang of, imho.
Like it ! Havnt worked out the pricing averages yet but that will come whilst playing it. Great game!
This game is complex and as challenging as you want it to be. Lots of fun once you learn how it works, and many different ways to succeed. There are difficult and irreversible choices to be made. You'll need to read and learn to survive, and some of the data is a little hard to see and understand. Overall a great game, it's like a tycoon game combined with rpg; if you like to use your head to win you'll enjoy this.
The Trese Brothers games have basically ruined Android gaming for me. Heroes of Steel was the first one I bought and it was really awesome. Then a friend whose opinion I trust suggested buying the rest of the Trese Brothers games. So, I picked this up on a sale and it has me hooked. No other devs I know of make games as excellent as the Trese Brothers, with quality free versions that show you what to expect and to encourage you to buy them with the quality of the product. These are the best.
Good game to pass the time. Still haven't come close to finishing it or getting bored of it after years of casual play. Enjoyed the free version so much I brought the paid version.
this was the first Trese Brothers game I ever loved. turned out the first of many at this point. if you've an imagination and enjoy carving out your own characters amid markets, political factions and the endless span of space, their games will be like coming home to you. eight years on android and these games are the first I install, the most regular that I play and the last games I uninstall for something else. endless worlds to make your own. stories to live, fortunes to make and lose.
My favourite game on Goggle Play. This has been on evey phone i've owned for at least 6 years. Absorbing gameplay wrapped in a neat Sci-Fi 'Dune-like' political trade war between Great Houses and Clans. From 5 minutes to 5 hours, time will fly by when playing this game. Simple touch controls hide a game of surprising depth. Adjustable difficulty levels to suit every taste. Nice, clean graphics and a decent sound track. The brilliant developers continually update the game with new features. 5/5
Could be wonderful, but the difficulty mechanics are way too simple. it's on a clock, meaning the longer you play the harder it gets, rather than (for example) AI/enemies that level up when you do. Additionally, it doesn't work very well - rather than a gradual increase in difficulty, at some point the game seems to decide "that's enough", and (wherever you are, whatever you are doing) spams you with enemies until you die. that's not a game - you may as well just watch a sand timer run out.
try the free version first before you purchase this. but then again, if you come here, you probably have tried the free version and notice how great this game is.
Very difficult game unless you read every thing that is shown on the screen. Even then a lot of the game seems to be based on luck... I think the game is very complex and requires a much more in depth tutorial...
Amazing game. I recommend grabbing this at full price or on sale. Highly addictive gameplay, nice progression, awesome alliance/enemy system. I would love to see what these guys could do with more funding. Even picked up the editors for .99 cent.
It takes a moment to fully understand all the dimensions but once you do, it is highly addictive. Honestly one of the best space trading games I've played in a long time. The RPG element just adds to the flavour of being able to play how you want to. Perfect 5/7.
It's a lot of fun. Big quadrant to explore. Write down where you hide valuables. They're easy to lose. Difficult game to play straight given all the faction conflicts. Combat is a little clunky, but even then it's interesting and provides room for different tactics.
good game. lots of options, lots of things to do. but too many texts and too much to read. would be great if there's a quick access to events, conflicts, and logs. overall good game
This is a good game for sci fi fans. It can be played for hours or minutes and has plenty of possibilities to play with. My main criticism is that the game revolves around the re skinning of a few mission types and once you have done them all it turns into a minutes game with no real purpose. On console of say it's poor but for android is quite a unique expertise. Well worth having.
Have played the free version in the past. Hoping this part of description is true, but guessing it's not, since last update in 2019 was when the new game was released: Our development team is actively continuing development and updates of this indie RPG based on your feedback and is regularly updated with new content, features, and fixes. Please email us with suggestions or bugs!
My favourite game on Goggle Play. This has been on evey phone i've owned for at least 6 years. Absorbing gameplay wrapped in a neat Sci-Fi 'Dune-like' political trade war between Great Houses and Clans. From 5 minutes to 5 hours, time will fly by when playing this game. Simple touch controls hide a game of surprising depth. Ajustable difficulty levels to suit every taste. Nice, clean graphic and a decent sound track. The brilliant developers continually update the game with new features. 10/10
Was hoping for an Elite-like experience. Instead, hit by way too many choices right at the outset, unlikeable first mate constantly interrupting the experience, ugly UI, accidentally tapped wrong system on the map screen and ended up 3 star systems away from my target with no fuel. Deleted, waste of money.
One of my favorite games of all time. Couldnt have been nailed any better. Not a game where u have to spend tons of money to play. The elite version is worth it. I may not play every day but i always come back to this game and love it every time.
Game decides when you die. Spending countless hours into a character meticulously developing its skills and finances only to have it die by some stupid RNG that kicks in at specific points and literally stacks all the odds against you is ridiculous and a waste of time. I do well on the Crazy difficulty and am not talking about the increased challenges and risks, but the game's tendency to want to kill you with unproportional threats that seemingly spawn out of thin air. Regret my purchase.
I've bought this game twice now.. because it's soo--->addictive, the graphics are a little overwhelming but once you know where everything is it's not a problem. Like I said I've bought it twice.
This game, The 4x title, and "Frontiers" are probably the best mobile games I've ever played. I've bought this title several times for different phones because I enjoyed them so much. Absolutely top notch
Wow. What an amazing experience. I often get lost in this game for longer than I ought to. The only thing that would complete this game for me would be the addition of more visuals; Some artwork and scenery to go along with the different action screens that vary by planet and facton would be excellent. Regardless, it stands out in my mind as an acheivement, and a shinning example of what mobile gaming could be.
Brilliant Game. So many different ways to play this game I love it. I bought this game to keep me busy until Star Traders Frontier comes out next week. Pay attention to Reese Brothers in the future
Interesting space RPG game that has held my interest enough to buy the elite edition and play multiple times to pick up several unlocks. Controls are a bit awkward, and it can be a challenge to get all the info you need. Not sure how it feels at higher difficulty levels yet.
So, I ran into a MASSIVE, GAME-BREAKING GLITCH that NEEDS to be fixed. I had landed on an Independent planet and bought some fuel. I max out the fuel, confirm the purchase, and leave the Exchange menu. The screen does the grey transition, but then I'm back at the planet menu, my money is gone from the purchase, AND SO IS THE FUEL. Like, am I being robbed, because if this is a "feature", getting ripped off with no warnings or pop-ups, I'll be seeking a refund. The game is WAAAAAYYYYY too damn cool to be locked out like this less than an hour in. The graphics are stellar, the text is clean and without typos, and the game runs like a top!
As a pragmatic software engineer, I deem this game to have very serious game-design problems. - Popups come and go so quickly that I struggle to read them before they vanish. - On the world map's help, it does not show faction icons in the help, or planet names by the planets. - It is unusual when I know which action causes a loss in faction reputation (this might be exacerbated by the problem of not being able to read the popups) Fix these issues and I'll adjust my review.
Nice game .. Excellent strategy Turn based Space RPG game. You can play a few minutes and come back later.. I enjoy it. Worth the price .
I bought the paid version a while ago and it was a fun game, tried playing it recently only to discover they put what i had access to previously when i BOUGHT the game behind a pay to access wall. Removing features of a game i already paid for and locking em behind pay walls is ridiculous.
If there was a game made to plug directly into my dopamine receptors this would be it. Graphics are simple and old school. Interface is simple. Game play is fiddly. Lore is deep. There are unlockables. You have the option to pay for the unlockables, but that is just admitting failure.