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Star Traders RPG

Star Traders RPG for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by Trese Brothers located at Trese Brothers LLC 241 Dean Street West Chester, PA 19382. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 1.6 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Just scratching the surface on this game. I'm hooked. Despite a ridiculous learning curve, I am having fun with it.
Far too much info for a phone screen .. probably best played on tablet. In fact far too much info for my liking - but that's personal taste not necessarily a fault of the game. Those who live for detail will love it. .... myself...meh! Absence of ads is always an endearing feature of a sample game..big plus. Playability ?? .. I found it cluttered; but that's someone else's idea of immersive ... control is simple enough tho. Overall a nice, honest game, just not really for me.
So far I'm enjoying this game. The only thingd that are bugging me are after purchasing the elite version, I have to start the game then go to Google to start the elite version. Secondly, the messages that pop up during the game are way to quick to read. Other than that, great game so far!
A whole lot of fun. Feels basic, but entertaining enough to play around with different mechanics. It's a great game, regardless of whether you want to play for a few minutes or a few hours! I'm definitely curious about the more recent one!
Just needs a slightly lower difficulty curve, for early game harvesting and exploration. Fun game love the old school feel
Information overload in every screen; UI is confusing, poorly labelled, and overly complex; artwork/gfx is off-puttingly high school level ; gameplay is a mile wide, a mile deep, but so murky that I don't want to dive in. Game has a lot of potential but it's evident that it's the product of a passionate but amateurish studio. Especially the artwork...I played ASCII games so I usually don't care about gfx but the art here is so rough I wish it were just ASCII instead. Game's too raw to recommend
It's an interesting game, very hard to get ahead but its definitely worth a play if your into old school rpg
I generally dont play games on my phone. the marketplace is full of junk. Star traders is one of those few games that I install on every one of my phones. I dont know why, I'm pretty bad at it, but I always enjoy trying again to not die somehow. well done, it's got me coming back for years. and one of these times I'll survive long. haha.
The UI could use some improvement, but it's a great implementation of the classic space trader genre.
Classic star trĂ der game with no adds. Premium version is not required but highly recommended. More of a strategy game than a shooter but very addictive once you get into it.
Cant build a fleet. Graphics are poor. Relationships with factions to easily damaged. To easy to have a string of bad luck, and lose hours of progress, while doing something simple like landing on a planet to resupply.
If you like games like Elite, this one's for you. No ads and 100% free with simply less content than in the premium version(which I'm going to buy now). Thank you Cory for this amazing game!
Super fun game if you like Rogue-esque space things. Easy to pick up and put down, so its a great casual phone game, but there's lots of depth and customization if you want to dive into it. . Love that there's free edition to try, and look forward to playing the full edition.
I've been playing this game on and off for years now and still has a great replay value even then. I'll eventually be able to buy the Elite version, but for now this will do. Gotta admit though, the first time I've played this I couldn't understand a single lick of what I'm supposed to do.
It's 1992 again! Good reminder how much fun those games were. Could use more of everything (ships, planets etc.) but really good blast from the past.
First one I've played in a while that made want to replay more than a few times. I'd recommend it to others who like this game style for sure.
Battles are way too random, and there is little explanation for any of the multitude of actions you can take in the game. This game suffers from too many options with very little documentation.
Nice idea but poor execution. Tried to play several times but just gave up due to too many bugs/design issues. Specific issues encountered: 1. Accessing cargo info gives encounter chance. Terrible design choice. 2. No planet names on map. 3. Search always finds contraband even if none was there. Many more. Really wanted to like it but ended up deleting after several tries.
Only a few bugs with factions and allies attacking me. Other than that, I wish the tutorial section helped a bit more. Thankfully there is a help database built in game.
You know, I played this when I was younger and greatly enjoyed my time with it. Its amazing how every Mobile game has turned into a cash grab filled with Ads. Thank you guys for keeping this game up and running, and spending so much time with development. You guys did a great job, making a good game with lore and a story RPG. I wish I had my old phone with that account! I just re-download it to play when Im fighting my kids to sleep haha. [I even bought the game before on my old phone]
Just started...the first thing says we have been approached and contacted by a de Valtos syndicate military inspection ship. My First mate says they know us, just need to inspect for contraband and we should let them inspect, then we'llbe on our way. So I just started the game, have no contraband, I already chose to be part of the de Valtos faction. They know us and is a routine inspection. So I agree. Then..says you have been taken over by a hostile force due to failure of captain (me). Huh?
Legit one of my favorite games of all time. I've put in HUNDEREDS of hours on my old phone and am now re-installing it on my new phone. Star traders lead to me downloading the rest of the brothers games and when I found out they were also on steam I had to get it on my laptop too! I Jacob T. Heil as most GLORIOUS man alive declare that you should AT. THE. LEAST. TRY Star traders or one of their others games once minimum. ~JH
I like what the game is trying to do but why can't you ever add armor or repair your guns?. Thank you I'm new haha
used to love this game. more recent updates have made it less appealing to me. got a bit grind-ish for no good reason I can see.
Cool game to play but got zero graphics and if you don't buy upgrade your very limited to what you can get.
Star Traders is a fine game to while away the hours with, always plenty of missions to do, loads of ships to buy, trade and upgrade, plenty of battles with ships to plunder with cargo to steal and sell all the while raising your rank among various competing factions. Easy to learn, intuitive controls and nice graphics...a joy to play. The Trese Brothers constantly update the game too. 5 Stars!
One of the best turn based strategy games I've played on my phone. Had it one iPhone and now my android, although I do prefer the android version. Would play this game for hours, love Ritch backstory. The help page is an exhaustive resource for how to roleplay. There are so many great roles, although if I had to criticize one it would be the smuggler, since although the given definition of a smuggler does fit, it would be better if you could transport illegal products to a black market which are legal in other markets. Rather than the permit method that's in place. I do enjoy the build your own ship feature, always fun to create a custom ship. However I would have hoped the bug that lets you build it for practically free, was fixed by now. But still is a pretty cool feature. I hope you guys continue to add subtle updates or even start a remake or another similar game. Thanks for the fun gaming times!
The game should hold your hand a lot more. Instead your given short summary of gameplay that didn't help at all. I got to the planet and I struggled with what to do once I made it to the planet. Way to many menus to navigate thru. The game should help you out by flashing what you can do when you get to a planet. Instead it's up to the player to figure out what to do in this game. This is on the first mission. If I have to look online to play your game your doing something wrong.
Amazing! This game brings back experiences reminiscent of the classic Traveller RPG! Rich emergent gameplay. I only wish there was a story component to go along with the overall experience!
I have always enjoyed playing simulation trading games like Patrician 3 and space themed games like Endless Sky. Graphics are very simple and the interface is pretty text heavy but it gives an old school RPG feel. Thanks to the folks who developed this game! Awesome work!
Excellent game. Though there are several features that can only be unlocked by paying for it, the free part of it is great. The open endedness of it has me hooked and it runs great on my antiquated android.
The game has a steep learning curve, but once you get over how things work it's ok. One can spend quite a bit of time playing with the different captains, finding out what works for you which can be fun . The lack of advertising is great and though I haven't bought the full game yet, I am tempted.
Great game even with the rng and constantly raising difficulty conspiring to end me. Part 2 is awesome but i still play this on a junk phone whenever I have issues with my new one acting up
I came across this game time after time and finally got it and im enjoying it its fun and relaxing. Im still in the learning stage but its not that hard to pick up and play. the ships are pretty good, the battles are fun to play out also.
Good game reminds of a similar free to play game on pc but you can see the enemy vessels as you move which this game seams to be a kind of copy, but can't remember the name if anyone knows please put it in review
Faithful to the RPG theme reminds me of the games of my youth. Tried and tested gameplay Worth a look for RPG fans.
Great little game that's actually quite deep if you want it to be. Also there's no ads and it's not pay to win so I bought the expansion because fair developers deserve it and need to be encouraged.
Boring just going on and on without real objective. Modified: thanks for replying, the game is cool and easy to maneuver just that it get boring at the long run so mayb in your next release, you could just put a storyline someone can work on so it wont just be traveling from one star to the other till you get tired of travelling and making money
Great game, have come to it multiple times over the years. You can play it at whatever pace you prefer and have a pretty good time. Harder difficulties are just that, so test each one out until you find the right challenge for you.
Great and somehow immersive game deserve 4 star nice rpg space sim tho i wish i can design my own ship for free .4 star because there's a glitch/bug in exchange wherein u can endlessly duplicate items to sell and this bug is super annoying when u dont intend to earn loads of money i hope u guys can fix that (while waiting for a fix i guess ill earn a few more millions in crazy mode lol)
It's decent I guess. Bit too much going on. Hard to keep track of what you're allowed to do and not do. Too easy to lose reputation.
this game is the most complete of its kind that I have ever played, with some tricks all its own. mechanically it's on par with sid meier's pirates...except no dating sim, not in the free version anyway.
I would love to give this game more than 2/5 but I can't due to one single issue. If you are a space pilot and you land on a planet, how do I end up in a deep space engagement every single day that I try to go to the city, WHERE I AM ALREADY DOCKED. That was a -25 IQ development choice, RNG encounters should take place while exploring and traveling, not while docking when already docked.
Great game, free version is exemplary of what free/premium balance should be . as for now its a tactical roleplay game , would love to see it getting some character storylines which could in turn make some long term impacts and add strategy level depth. only minus is theres no real objective except surviving which at some point becomes just too easy. Also would love to see pc platform game from you guys cause this is great work here
I rate this game 4 of 5 stars. It has been clearly developed over many hours into a smooth, carefully constructed work of art. The game's tutorial is short and to be honest, I uninstalled it the first time I played due to my perceived difficulty of learning the game. Returning some time after I have found that it is a captivating and open-concept space RPG. Lots of content locked behind Elite edition but still a fun game.
a few stuff are behind the "premium edition" yet totally playable and it's fun, BEWARE, is not a game for everyone(specially if you are for a fast hardcore action game avoid)
At first its not very clear as the world is as alien as LOTR but the battles are nice ,the fractions are confusing ,lucky they have auto gps like drive so u let them bring you to your quest .not meant for simple minded players,the options are plentyful in the free version . good work but the background markers are annoying the most
I've had a lot of fun with it. Simple, engaging, and no purchase needed to enjoy it. I eventually decided to buy because it's a lot of fun and its not expensive
Never got it to work on my pixel 3. I saw some potential yet the breakdown after the char gen screen combined with infinite going options and this game went off fast than on.