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Star Legends

Star Legends for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by Spacetime Studios located at 11000 North Mopac Expressway Suite 400 Austin, TX 78759 . The game is suitable for Rated for 12+ (Moderate Violence) and required Android version is 4.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
No one plays this game. All they do is sit in the main lobby and sell or trade. The in game currency is useless because of how inflated the community has made the items at the auction house. Unless you buy their premium currency (platinum) you won't be able to afford anything or fully reach the max level for your character. Plus the developers have stopped supporting this game and now it's dead.
I'm a veteran whos been playing since 2013 at the least and i can say it has been a great experience and i will continue to play
This game is great! Even though the graphics is so way back, The gameplay is still nice and I'm so speechless lol. Keep up the good work
The market is a joke (only the rich can thrive) and pve is uninhabited most days. It gets hard to level up on one's own when maps get too hard for a single person and friends aren't around. They need to rebrand this game or something because it feels dead most of the time. Events are the only thing bringing people together, during which time only money and influence allow you to top leaderboards and secure the best drops. If you're not an OG or get super lucky then you're screwed.
The game its self is fine and enjoyable , however the support studio never helps with issues that they even say will help with per they're guide lines , it's dead with no new players and the market for any items or vanity you might like is entirely out of your control because money is inflated , a toxic community , and you can farm places for hours and hours clearing areas in literal minutes at max level and get nothing of value , all in all bad support from studio , rigged unenjoyable game
I dunno how I've missed this game all this time. A friggin sci fi mmorpg?! Thats amazing...first..there are very few sci fi mmorpgs...and on top of that it's on mobile...and actually fun. Try it, 100% recommended.
veteran since 2013, sad to see what has happened to the game but it was inevitable, the playerbase is in the low hundreds at most and the developers have moved on from pocket and star legends to work on other projects. From its glory days from 2012-2015 i'd say it was a 5/5 game
game is amazing all these people want to give bad reviews well first off number 1 learn how to spell before placing a review that generally means you suck at the game and have no intentions of learning number 2 learn how to properly write a review and explain in detail why you think it sucks to you and why you can't get Gud at it and yes I spelled it that way number 3 make sure that your review is ediquite enough to post otherwise you suck number 4 make sure that you know proper English
The game is neglected by the devs,sure it has events but new contents like as major as arcane legends not exactly.I suggest improving graphics and more enemies in levels.
I cant find any game that can beat this game . This game is my life but its going to die soon becuase no one knows about this game i guess they should make some ads about this game 😭
ohhhhh!!! i love thus game so much but i wish others would text more about the game then s).........watever
nice game the only thing that sucks is the mute and it always mute even tho u didnt swear screw the mute button when i was trying to type they it said ghey and i got muted fix your games mute option its so dumb instead of muting censore the words and also players keeo giving you advices to fix the game or improve it do they take it you may ask? no
i played this game since it came out but lost it and forgot the name, have been searching for it for the last 2 years, finally found it, now i can enjoy it like old times, great game.
The games just not what it used to be. Go back 9 or so years and you'd have a very active, friendly community. But the game is dying out now a days, any would be players are better off going to something else.
Hi im Dennis Elliott im the oldest active player in starlegends um this game was my life saver for me good kids great ideas but need to get rid of scammers ruins the game and it's not fun to lose a account even tho not to share email it's still to tempting and pvp weapons need to be equal not fair to the old players that basically got the game booming fix those things and bring back arbs sets trust me they will come plus every one loves Doomfanstic starlegends for life :)
Is there a negative 5 star? There's a few handful players but too much lag.. "Too much LAG will kill u in the game" lol
Favorite game and it's lagging to where its unplayable. The ping jumps to 10,000 when I login. Fix please.
You guys screwd it up,it was better with the previous cash cap,and you don't make the old vanities dropable anymore that sucks and the sound effects omg lame af serious updates needed the mod machine screwed up the whole of PvP I quit this game because I was done with it...
You dont understand how much this game affected my life. I grew up on this game and I dint care what anybody else says about how it's not fun or the graphics arent good. I really just want to thank the devs for creating such a unique game. Not only star legends, but arcane legends, dark legends, and pocket legends. Thank you Spacetime Studios.
only 4 stars because graphics suck. if update would allow for more modern graphics engine then 5 stars for sure. other than that great game
It plays like a series of dungeons, each level with a quest or two to clear. Then you move to the next level with them getting progressively harder. Hub world full of people and people can drop into your game and join. I've made a few friends and we spent the night fighting through levels and it's really fun. You can host a game with friends to make a party and there are guilds and such. Lots of loot. I'm unsure if there is a PvP element yet. For one night play so far definitely 5 stars.
Please Update this game often add more things, less people don't play this game and it was really boering who rich spoiler poeple got the over power gun and it really hard to obtain, at least add something like less pay to win things
A cool game and relaxing at the same time i would rate 5 stars if there is a more simple way to kill the monster
The game looks bad, really, really bad. Other players can steal your loot, even if you clear the room, and that other player doesn't do anything. Abilities and basic attack lag behind use.
Do not waste your money on this game, it is not what it used to be. At one point, this game use to be very active with frequent updates, new content, and events. Now it rarely gets new content and when it does, it's just old content that has been recolored. The one moderator that keeps the game running, only makes decisions that will benefit Spacetime Studios rather than the community it has built. Not to mention, the extreme unprofessionalism with the way he communicates with the community.
Its a really good game but if they had more events it would be an even better game but otherwise from that its a fantastic game😊
Well... pls make players ask for cheaper pieces. Everything is priced to make u pay for paltatium. It is so pay2win. Pls change this
What a boring game....nowadays, all players sl doesn't play this game bcoz of boring....just a same events and their still have a bugs
I dont know about this game, it could be better, it seriously needs a map. Its a little repetitve too, i can only give it 2 stars, only because its getting boring.
Try to recover back my account from being hacked, but the developer never give respond, and now the game play is different from 2011 already, price raised crazy RIP
As a returning player i was shock becuase no updates till now and even though i have good signal its lag idunno why.
This game reminds me a lot of Phantasy Star Online and the multiplayer aspect is really cool in the PVE. It would be so cool if there was voice chat though, insted of having to tipe everything.
This game being from 2011, it still beats a lot of today's games by entertainment. I hope the folks of Spacetime studios can work on a similar game like this, but it's a western.
Idk this game isnt that great..its not clear and its confusing..the graohics suck and the controls suck..I cant figure out anything and the colors in this game make it hard to see...Im level 10 and have level 10 guns that I cant equip..the graphics and colours make the screen hard to read and the words are so tiny I cant even make out what us being said...has potential but thats it...