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Star Girl - 🛍️Fashion 💋Makeup & 👗Dress Up

Star Girl - 🛍️Fashion 💋Makeup & 👗Dress Up for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by Animoca located at Unit 411-415, Level 4, Cyberport 1, 100 Cyberport, Hong Kong. The game is suitable for Teen (Suggestive Themes) and required Android version is 4.0.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Please advise at first I was able to place ads in order to get votes when I enter the competition but it's been awhile now that I am unable to place ads now also want to join the VIP put it is not allowing me to buy it I have enough airtime In order to make the payment please advise as soon as possible thanks in advance I even went as far as to delete this game and reinstall the game still does not work awaiting a response
this game is the best game ever.I thank for competition's, boyfriends and there gifts,100 dimonds,shops,jobs,star cafe and star flirt,Agents and money. Animoca can you fix this issue? when I go to the star wow I give 40000 coins and it gives me an item I already own and it never gives me my money back. Also I thank for Marcus and Bolumbus on the streets because if it was not there this year I would have never got those three boyfriends.
Something happened to my saved account and all of a sudden, all the expensive dresses I bought were gone, and I saved up quite a bit for them. This is the second account I made and the first one got deleted, it's really annoying me.
I remember this game it was the first game I have ever played in my life I remember always playing it with my sister on our mother's phone it brings old memories and I remembered it then finally, I found it and I install it again❤
I used to love this game, but if you want to earn more diamonds, you have to pay them using your real money via debit/credit card so, you can buy more pretty clothes, also, it's often freeze and lead to crash to close the game without any reason and it pops up to Facebook so you can login it all over again even you didn't logout from it.
please restore my previous account of star girl ! few years back i installed this game and now when i again installed it i couldnot get my previous account back in which i completed losts of levels and exclusive cloths. My new id is (68H2NY). I want my previous game back.
Amazing game! I really enjoy playing it in my free time! But I have suggestion: why bot add cc in the game? Like certain celebrity clothing style! I'd love you for making a Billie eilish clothing style tab!! Love love keep it up!
What is the problem with this game? Synchronizing game progress....cant buy ads..make me wondering how winners can win over and over again. Hacking ads.Many hack dolls with crowns seen on ads...
very fun game. I used to play this when i was a little girl, now I'm 14. lots has changed lol. but 4 stars because some of the clothes that are diamonds cost a lil to much. and when once I got into a higher level , in the stores theres no new clothes that u can buy with coins!also I'm level 32 , I cant even save my game, buy promotions! or even buy clothing from starwow!!!
Star girl is my childhood game but for once i didnt win the competition .most of the winners in the competition doesnt wear the theme clothes while i wear themed clothes and still i dont win and i suggest put more promotion that cost game money not in real life money... and i think there should be free stuff on log in rewards for the begginners.. thank you!
it is very nice. my daughter also liked this game.please dowload this game it will give you good expérience and don't listen to critical review. This game will give you a good time.What you're doing?install now ok and have a good time for it and enjoy also.
this is such a good game! i rated it 4 stars because when my sister downloaded this game and played it and when i was watching her playing it i thought something it's not the same that we had sooooooo that's why i rated 4 stars: - ) but nice game thought i wish i had vip but nope....So yeah i love this game and right now im level 11 and im trying my best to get into a really high level🤗 thanks so much that whoever created this game i love it!
I would have rated it a five, but when i tried to download it in another device, IT JUST WOULDNT DOWNLOAD! just please fix this bug. I was really hoping to play this game.
I have a problem: I bought some expensive clothes to enter the competition and spent my whole days buying promotion, every hour so that I could get good rewards but I got "nothing". Not even in my competition history. What is this? I've never had this problem before. Please fix this.This is so UNFAIR! I got "nothing"!
I remembered when the company that produces these games were actually active but now they're dead in the ditch. How long has it been since the last time they updated? And now the games are experiencing glitches and bugs and one of the most severe bug that I've encountered and almost majority of players in the game encountered is the "Synchronizing" bug. Please fix this bug immediately. Even if you can't give us updates anymore, fix this bug at least. This bug is ruining the game.
I really like to play this game. I used to play this game when I was a child. Now I download again. but what frustrates me is that I can't save data and buy promotions in star girl competitions. So I hope you can improve this game. If it is fixed, I will download it again :)
I love this game but why I can't made promotion for the contest? Please fix this.. It's not fair because of that I lost the contest :( its not like I broke, i do have some coins and diamonds but it still loading like freaking of years (it takes for freaking hours to loading until I gave up on it) I had to wait it's loading until I tired of it :( but i love this game tho. Please fix this problem
Quite fun! The only thing that slightly annoys me is that you need Facebook friends to help you with the Bar activity. I have the Adele girl who is helping me but I still always lose. Could you add a feature to be able to send friend requests to other online players so they could help you with stuff? I think it would be really handy! Still, it's your choice. But to anyone who's wondering whether to install this game or not, you should. 💖
when i was child i really love this game, but now i think its not cause Synchronizing progress its too long, can you fixing this game?, cause the synchronizing game progress is too long, and i can't buy the promotion
This game is super fun.....I luv to play this....but all the price of the clothes must be in money not in diamonds......and mainly everytime the girl who wins in previous competitions will win all the time....But I love to play this game....😘
BEFORE YOU INSTALL, the diamonds are high in price making it impossible to buy stuff. The contest is rigged with the same players winning! Look at the contest book! It is is 25$ for Gold VIP. But your game does NOT synchronize properly making you lose your clothes! Customer support ARE THERE but they ignore your response! They delete Beauty Idol (a game) and not in Play Store anymore so they are there. But they don't respond lol!
The game is nice but I'm unable to backup my data and due to it I'm not able to promote my entries in the contest. Hope you see to that glitch and make it better.
I want to play from the beginning . I want to restart my level. Though I uninstall and creat new account,after I downloaded content,it's start from my past level(i don't wanna play my past level). Another one is Syncronizing game progress is soooo long and that I can't promote myself. The first one is HOW TO DO TO RESTART MY LEVEL. Second one is I CAN'T PROMOTE MYSELF.
I like this game but i have a problem with synchronizing game progress and i can't buy vip and promotions when i buy it it say "synchronizing game progress" for too long and i can't buy it pls help with that problem pls this problem is happen to some people too pls help (sorry for my bad english) Thank you.
This game is awesome. You can dress up , participate in contests and more. I do not like one thing is that when I want back up my saved data or promote myself in contests it takes forever to synchronize the game process! Pls fix this.
well actually i hope you are not making the flurt first in sight thing to where id have to connect with friends on face book cause i dont have friends stupid. not every body does. people think iam scared. well maybe i dont care to have any. after all iam the most self fish person i know. Rotten to the Corena practicly. all iam saying is just change that rule cause iam a soloist. all i care about is myself and my family but they wouldnt care to play it. another thing is quit with vip or whatever.
I really love this game!The only problem I have is that as a person who lives in Iran I can't buy VIP because we don't have credit cards or redeem codes.disapointing!!
I ♡ IT. Its better than Sims or IMVU. But I seem 2 be havin the same issue all the users r anytime I try GET VIP OR ANYTHING PERIOD it sends us 2 a Synchronizing Progress screen it stays on the screen rotating over&over&never says completed or exits The only way to end it is 2 click sumwere on the screen &then we DK if it saved it bcus it never says complete so if we keep not being able buy ANYTHING UR COMPANYS LOSING $$ THE FASTER U REPLY & FIX IT THE MORE U $$ YOU CAN MAKE
I used to love this game a lot but due to some reasons, i opened this game after 2 days and i found out that many of my items from the closet(expensive ones), boyfriend of 5 stars, and many more things were just lost. I couldn't find them anywhere and so i uninstalled it and i promise i will neither install nor recommend this game to you. Really bad.
My ID is : QVU9MF .It's fabulous 🥰. I liked it. It's events are also fantastic. Keep it up👍🏻 But I'm having a problem. Why does it takes a long time to synchronise the game progress.🤔
I think this is the best game in the whole entire universe but has some issues too. I would be happy if you would fix them! 1. It asks for too much diamonds in like the special boyfriend event like the mermaid one 2. The prices of some dresses are too high ! otherwise ☆☆☆☆☆
At first I really love this game until this last Contest which is Seaside Coutour I can't even buy ads and it's always synchronizing. I'm not the only one who have this problem but also a lot of players too. ☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️ Please fix this bug and update new challenges because it's become boring too.
Add :5RY4CK and M9UF7G. This game was my favourite. I always take participate in daily contests. The only way to succeed in the competition is to promote and get votes. But the thing is I can't promote myself because it takes forever to synchronize. Like what? It takes more than a day to synchronize data and I I could only try. I CAN'T PROMOTE MYSELF AND BECAUSE OF THAT Its impossible to win. you people should look into this problem.
It won't let me send ads and gives me purple error message "error 87749" please help and please fix this. Also it won't let me synchronize my data at all. Also it steals and makes alot of my clothes disappear and I can't get it back.
Star girl was supposed to be my favorite game but after all these updates this game became the worst ever! There's no wings available in the stores as before and i am facing problems whenever i participate in the contest and I am sick of these errors. Please fix it!!!!! I am not able to participate in the contest anymore :( plss fix this issue !!
Wow, Google Play, I love Star Girl games And you have all 5 of them. In 1 minute, Star Girl goes to stage 7 I told you that everyone loves Star Girl and does not know how to make money Go to Job Center, but he has to collect all the diamonds beforehand and write about those times Click on the next star to go to the next stage and all the money to buy Clothes and ... gives
Game is awesome but due to VIP system only VIP subscribers mostly win competition which is little unfare with other players. VIP system is not affordable for everyone so you should remove VIP from this game so non VIP users can also win the competition.
I love this game. It is the best dressing game! I feel to continue playing this forever. The dressing competitions and meeting friends, love it! If you never played the game then just try it. You will like it. If you are a girl, that is. I unintalled it because I don't have enough space in my phone. Otherwise, I would have not uninstalled it. 💄👠👜
The game is fun and enjoyable. The only downside is now that I have reached level 25 I am not able to buy the promotion ads for any of the contest or purchase clothes from Star Dazzle I receive "synchronizing game progress" and it stays that way for more than 30 minutes so most times I just stop playing. Can you fix this glitch? I do not want to loose any of the clothes that was purchased with real$$$.
Awesome as always ! What more? It was great ... This game interests me so that's it!...the characters I made was well and pretty .. No problems about it , it lags but I guess it was about my phone storage and internet connection.The game was still great.
The game is very nice but the only trouble is this the things are very expensive . Maximum things in the game needs diamond and money a lot and we have no way of earning gems . Only by wearing expensive dress we can get good ranking in the contest . We also can't use same dress as we don't get good ranking. Please can the community help me. Please fix this.
I love this game but it has only 5 flirt levels in the star cafe I want to know that why only 5 levels are there please fix this Kindly fix that problem and but I still love this game but not that because of this reason 👆
The game is very great and too good but I have many problem on this game. They haven't update this game since 2019 Feb. And today is 2020 Nov. , and they even dont add new dresses and dont even give offers to buy vip , in star travel from 2 years is coming soon and no new place has been came , they haven't even add new games in carnival , no events from many years , and the biggest problem is that it is not saving game cause of that no promotions can be happen and we cant buy star wow gifts.
i play game in valentaine star girl but icant rate it i hope all the problems fix and i have adea pleas add button for menu friend list its very hard go up and down scrool button for easy move if the problem isnt fix i must unistall the app and very bad for animoca company😑whats happen for star girl valentine😠
hey can u plz give me my prize i am not receiving it from where i have to get my coupons and money my rank is 11,701 but i didn't receive my prize it was written that 10,000-11,900 will get 5000 coins nd 2 coupons plz fixthis problem i will gave 5 stars of u will fix it😑😔
it has been the best game so far since I started playing it since 2017. but last week I mistakenly deleted some files from my phone and my start girl files was in it. on opening my star girl I noticed that every cloth, man jewelries, shoes etc I hv worked for all these years hv been deleted. pls pls and pls can u rectify this please. I will be so grateful if u did.
Great game but about the StarWow. We spend 40k on the mystery box and it shows the same item we've already got! It's just a total loss and so disappointing.
great game ✨ but I've stopped winning awards for singing and acting jobs even though I haven't finished collecting all the awards and I don't know why please help me fix it
I would leave five stars but i just lost like 390 dimonds and cant get them back. One of my boyfriends in the game was going yo give me a present and when i clicked it since it was ready it gave me the 10 dimonds from the gift but took away a ton of my dimonds as if i paid to get it early :/ those dimonds took forever to save and i probably will no longer be spending my money on this game.
i have been playing this game since i was 8 years old.. i like those time before they added vip..and when i buy the mistery box (40000) it always like this " you already own this item" i hate that..i always get the same thing to many times..and PLEASE UPDATE THIS GAME..A LOT OF THINGS HAS TO BUY WITH DIAMOND..can you please make more clothing that we can buy with the money? i remembered before this..we can go to star chat and chat with the boyfriend..but now it disappears..we can only call 😐
well it has a lot of defects they always seem to continue never get fixed. so what good is it for you complained? when it works properly it's fine I like the games.
Been playing this game for years and last time, I bought a bunch of clothes before uninstalling due to the lack of space. Today I downloaded it again and it seems that most of the clothing I bought was missing? The shops are all sold out too. I couldn't even join the fashionista as well, all it said was I have an error. Can you fix this? The game could also need an update too; other than my problem now, nothing has really changed since
I have been playing this game for a lot of years its fun! But the game progress thing takes forever! And why are the clothes so expansive? Its not fair. I cant even use star dazzle. I cant buy diamonds or coins or vip why?
I am very upset with stargirl Let's start with music. I sometimes switch off my music system in sg because I listen songs in the background and now from yesterday it is not featuring the sounds even after I turn it back...I have even restarted my phone 3 times but there is no usethe free diamond section is also off we could earn diamonds by watching vids but that ain't possible now!!! like what is wrong with animoca! Please take this review as a suggestion and fix the bugs!
This game is the worlds best game. I loved it There aremany competitions for us. But you could make it more intresting.
Game is great but..I have a problem! I'm not giving fault to creator but i can't get into competition and i can't add friends cause it says "No internet requied" but i have good wi-fi! Maybe it's cause i downloaded mod or maybe it's some stupid reason!.Please do whatever you can to fix this glitch..
very addictive but when i want to buy cloth from the store. .i've to purchase VIP card before. .very expensive and make me want uninstall this game. .pleaseee pleaseeee make the price affordable and every player enjoyyy to play and buyingg the cloth from the store
Okay. I'm gonna admit this game is amazing . The only thing is though . Its IMPOSSIBLE for me to become a STAR GIRL as all of the VIP's are always winning . Its the same people every time . That's the reason I only gave this app 4 stars . I would happily give 5 stars if they removed the extra votes that VIP's get to make the competition more enjoyable as it feels like you guys are saying "pay or you dont win" that's the message I'm getting. Please remove the extra vote for VIP's feature. Thanks
Not good its need an update, after completing buying all dresses exepct fashion concert, there is nothing to do, please develop the game with some more new items and unlock star bar, cafe boyfriends and add some more boy Friends
Why can't I download contest? I wanna join contest, I tried MULTIPLE TIMES to download it!!!! Please fix this!!!!!! It's not about the storage, by the way. I think I'm not the only one having this problem... But otherwise, best dressing game ever played. PLEASE FIX MY PROBLEM... :'(
I've been playing this game on and off for years and since I don't buy the bundles I don't or can't get any new clothes also it's stupid to have the same beauty pageants for the past four or five years same exact shhh so boring, no longer fun or enjoyable, lame and old period
I like the game but the problem is I am a VIP but when I selected remote save my VIP vanished... This game was great at first but get's boring later...It's also not fair that the same player gets to win in the competition everytime. Wouldn't recommend this to anyone
oodworstbut good morning myfor you to speak to just get your phone number and I will provide handles of social media so the user's can share any of their information instantly on social media and I am currently studying 10th grade from National Institute of Open University of Missouri and I am currently studying for my exams and should complete all the time haha yes yes you can improve your day going 👶 I just want you so you can get a chance of the time Mobile App Android phone to charge my 📱 p
I love this game but , I am very very upset because of the synchorning process in the game this issue is in my star girl promotion , star wow and then I could not able to win and I cannot do anythig please fix this problem 🙏
Very good app. Can I know which version I have installed? is the version written anywhere? And if we want to download new contents does it only need internet or we can do it with wifi also? because I can only use wifi. The wifi connection is very good here but when I tried to download the new contents it goes upto 100percen sometimes but it shows no internet connection retry. So what should I do? If anybody knows about it please tell me the solution.
ive played this game when i was little,the games great but the bugs my god it wont let me buy ads,so joining the contest is like not joining,cant save game progress alot of the same issues
I have given it 3 because it takes a lot of time to synchronise the game and if we delete game it will / we will lose your process and we want that if the game download in device 1 an dthe same process should come in device 2 Plz solve these 2 issue
I would enjoy the game more if u could fix the Thing that saves your progress people are losing stuff, like me. and are getting upset and sometimes quit Just please fix this problem Ive seen its been like many years and u havent fixed it please do so but take your time and if u cant fix it at all why put it.
This game has some problem because I can't do the promotion and the same way star wow is also not working I think it is because it has been not updated for last 2 years so I want to say that please update it otherwise it is not nice to play If you updated I will give you a 5 Star and sometimes there is a problem of hang the worst game ever
i dont like that you have to log into facebook for the battle club and that you have to download stuff for the game other than that its a great game you should play it
One of my favorite games to play! I love to dress up my character and make her look so pretty. I love shopping for the clothes and accessories for my avatar. i played this when i was younger and i loved it too!! So amazing! I love getting ptizes and awards from being im the top charts for the fashion shows!! One of the best games i have ever played!!!!! 10/10
This game is pretty much outdated. I've played this for years as a child, and nothing at all has changed. The servers are dead; the only players left are bots and your starter friend Adele. Little to no options work, and its VERY easy to lose your account. If you log out, despite connecting your google play or Facebook to it, consider your StarGirl progress gone. Just like saving data, it takes CENTURIES to load or even show a new message.
the hell,.!? i just completed the offer before its due. where's my reward? i wont rate this app even a single star until i recieve my reward,. or maybe i should uninstall this in my phone. the offered game much better to play than this though. so it cannot be posted without a star. huh.!? * tsk tsk tsk
I love this game, it's so fun and cute. I've played this game for a long time, ever since I was 8! It's very entertaining and addictive. However it is extremely buggy and the synchronizing data thing is really annoying. I am unable to promote myself on contests, buy things at star wow, or save my game data. I would give this game a 5 star if this bug is fixed, it's really annoying!!
It look like good in beginning.But really you will know it is so boring ,when you play it.In advertisement ,it tell it is include for fashion .It include fashion compitation but there is no fashion creation .It has clothes automatically .If I want to include in compitation, I'll have to buy this clothes This is the point ,this game is so boring.
This game is osum but because of some Problems that I am suffering in this game I have given it 2 stars When I go to Star wow, and when I want to promote myself in the fashion contest when I purchase something it always displays Synchronising the game process and I used to give a hour also but it always displays it everyday and the second problem is why job expires it takes a lot of time and if you are not able to receive it expires😡. Overall the game is nice but please solve my problem.
Gold VIP promotions, advertisements for promotion are all fake. wastage of money if you buy these promotions, with or without promotions our ranking in the contest Competition will always be the same. These promotions are fraud.
I would have voted it 5, but I couldn't get the promotions to work, everytime I tried , it would synchronizing game progress, and take a long time. my phone has plenty of space , so I don't get the problem. my Facebook is connected. but it takes too long to synchronize game progress
This is my childhood games. Im here to say that the synchronizing things suckss! I already sync the data. It was still the same, the game cannot be save!!!! Why they ask me to sign in everytime i want to play? So annoying.
I spent real money on this game and bought those items on those posters now it says sold out but I can't save the game like I'm supposed to I can't promote like I'm supposed to I can't buy a VIP items if I wanted to I can't save it you need to fix the game because it's not going to save my diamonds every time I win in a competition which is no fair because I can't even promote to even get to first place I'm always in the 2000s it's no fun because you won't let me promote you need update and fix
it is totally awsome game .I luv luv luv it. The only reason I give it 4 stars is that the boy doesn't reply at all . Otherwise it is the best game 😘😘😘😍
Over all game is good.. But I am not able to save the data. Please fix this problem or else we hv to delete this game becoz not only me many people are facing this problem. Firsty I though this problem is only in my phone but then I read all the reviews nd i came to know many are facing the same problem....
hi i have a concern animoca because the past winners was keep joining and joining pls fixx your game, to plss don't rejoin all the past winners to give way to those people who doesn't won plsssss im hoping to read this comment because we playing this for almost a year and we never won because the past winners are keep joining and joining
Its a very interesting and addictive game but i cant buy anything online with my debit card, am not sure if its because am from Nigeria,pls help wat can i do
I just love this game. It is very amazing and awesome. It has many clothes, accessories and more. We can dress up as we want. It has every type of fashion for every type of mind. But I never win in the contests. But I hope to win and to get many awards and gifts.
Its a great game however, many of us have the same problem about not having to synchronize the game. It keeps loading when I press "existing star girl user". Not only that but there's also a problem about the back up data. please fix the bug for us - Star Girl Users
I don't really like the things they could teach to younger kids. Apparently they think that its okay to have MULTIPLE boyfriends at once (Unless you have an open relationship.) Also, apparently flirting is shooting lazer beams out of your eyes with your friends. Interesting.
First of all, I really love this game I was playing this game since 2016. But, those cloths are really expensive. Also, this app need an update. When finish my job in this game, I didn't receive any awards. Please fix this.
It is the best game I have ever seen I like coco games too but they say everything to purchase so I don't like it but other games which doesn't say us to purchase their graphics r bad
I love this game but I have not been able to synchronize my game progress.. Therefore I'm not able to promote my entries, buy stuffs also because I will loose them when game is not saving progress. I already lost some items I bought not knowing I couldn't save the progress, so I lost the items on my next play. I also sent an email to this regard but no response from your agents. I'm so sad because I spend my real n hard earned money for all these.. Only to live with this glitch. Please fix it.
I love this game . Actually I think I am addict of this game . My sister always delete this game to download so other, new game . But i always go to play store ,. Type star girl and download this game. Absolutely great game . But the cost of dress are very high they need to be cheaper , as they are very expensive . But still ghis game is great . Edit after 2 day . Best game ever
I love the game but tbh it's quite boring not much to do. They should add more features but this is just my opinion tho. Still great game love it. Just wish their were more things to do.
good app and all, one of my fav games when i was younger.. but the problem is that whenever i would try to purchase something at Star Wow, a text would pop up saying 'synchronizing game process' and it would take AGES to load.. same thing goes for whenever i would try to promote myself and when i ACTUALLY want to sync my data.. please fix this issue..also, weren't there gonna be new stores and all? it's been years and there really isn't anything besides the Star Travel... :(
Okay so i loved this gme ever since i was little and i stopped playing but i wanted to play it agan 2 years later. So i downloaded the game and did some tsks. The last task i did was "go buy a dress in the vogue." I pushed the lower button that said start and i bought the cupcake dress. I got out of the shop and the task still hasnt been completed and so i did it again out of confiusion but this time i bought the orange one and still hasnt been completed. PLEASE. FIX. THIS. I'm getting angry wi
Please help Animoca... i cannot use star dazzle and promotion in fashion contest because it ways says "sychronizing game progress" and it stays like that for soo long. Can you fix this glitching? I love to play but... it keeps boring when i cannot buy new clothes from star dazzle and promote myself as well...
It's a really nice game and deserves five stars but it really needs an update. There has to be other options for buying promotions and getting diamonds. Plus the price of some clothes really needs some changes otherwise it's a nice game.
I love it but i am not able to buy promotions and star wow clothes gift boxes, because while buying it,it says that"synchorising game progress" for a very long time,one time when i am buying star wow clothes gift boxes,i am waiting for it from 1hour it doesn't works and also it's not making any sense to me and the same thing happened with promotions, please imrove this as faster as possible.
This game sucks . I used to enjoy this game a lot but now the game doesn't let me do anything . I bought VIP membership 2 times but when i tried the third time the Google pay page isn't opening . It's not even backing up the data no matter how many times i try .All i can see is buffering . I can't even do paid promotion in the contest . I tried to get help from the costumer support but that isn't working as well . Disappointment . Thumbs down 👎🏻
I like the game all concept minigames etc and all but it's true. Reaching at a particular good stage or status there is nothing to do with except that Fashion contest. NOTHING !! Please add some other features too. like you can get new features in Mobile phone, with friends like chats with them and so on. please can you get some of these features. Please ☺️☺️ And let me know when you get these features. ok thanks for reading till end.
Promotion and Customer Service not working. I have been playing this game for over a year and within the last couple of days the game won't process promotions, it won't process saves, and it won't let me contact customer service to report these problems. When any of these things are selected, the game just stays in "synchronizing game" mode until I have to stop it or it doesn't respond at all when I select "Contact Customer Service".
I used to love this game but like another person in the reviews said, the same people win over and over when we wear clothes that look like theirs. It may sound like I'm a sore loser but I actually know when I lose fairly. The same people win everytime. It doesn't give others a chance to shine. The game is completely unfair to everyone. I'm not so sure that I would recommend this game anymore.
The diamonds are high in price! Contests are hacked, bought, or rigged with same players winning over & over again! Look at the past contest book! No update on Beauty Idol or Star Girl! I really like this game but the developers abandons their old games. Syncing progress usually takes forever! Don't waste your buck on VIP unless this is solved.
I love this game but there was a problem that I saved my process but it minus my diamonds and money and I cannot change my Id you need to update this game and everything we need to buy with diamonds and it is so expensive
Can't pay for vip, it keeps on saying game is being saved for least 5-10 mins - whenever I try to buy VIP. You need to update your app soon or remove it from the store - pointless if you're not bother to try and keep up
I have lost all my progress because the app was not able to load my backup. Doesn't work as it used to. Stopped playing this app and uninstalled it long back. The customer support sucks too as you will never receive a response or acknowledgement of your query.
I think this game should be not for kids because it has a bar and in the mall it has underwear and bras you can wear and kids don't need JOBS!!! and kids are to little to have boy friends!!!!! and on the posters it says hottest and when I tapped what's new it said sexy in it
I love this game so many opportunities I recommend playing I am 9 years old and I say you can never be too old to play this if you speak a different language there are people that speak different languages to download the game I highly recommended it😍☺
This games is fun and all but it really needs an update. And at least the prices of the clothes should either be reduced or another way of earning diamonds has to be provided because some of us can't pay for the VIP or even buy the diamonds. The app is getting a little boring too. You can clearly only win the competitions when you purchase those subscriptions so it's mostly only those people that win. Please try and update the app. It'll help.
People i lost my skirt when I was buying a jean in star girl , so should I uni stall star girl /encourage people not to install star girl?advice me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
its a very useless game , please don't install this app. Because I had already experienced how bad it was so don't install it.
While it is a great game, I lost my lvl 36 account with like 3m coins and at least 20 dollars of purchases from clothing packages and 300 diamonds, all from having to clean off my phone. I want my account back >:(
I've been playing this app since I was 5 I loved it. l'm a giant fan of this game I wish the person who made this app will give me 9999999999 diamonds and 9999999999999 coins please I really really want it to happen pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I love this game!!!! It is so much fun and I love how generous they were with the diamonds and coins when you first get into the
you should add new eyes if not from the store then include them in the collections, and new lips too. also try adding more things to it the gme hasn't change much at all and it's been 5 years since i last played it
I've been playing this game for 8 months after years ( star girl was my childhood game and now I'm playing it), I like it very much and everything was normal but in the last couple of days the promotions and star wow are not working! the game stays in"synchronizing game progress" mode and I lost my participation history in contests + no saves for data and no respond at all from the costumer service . why ?🤔help us please 🙃.
omg love this app everything except that everything takes too long especially the career jobs.and it is bogus that we have to pay to be a VIP!!! seriously dudes find some other way to make money, these are children that are playing!!! so please no paying for VIP and more money for less time at jobs and I will give 5 stars thank you !!!#ninjago lover4
Hey I've been playing this game when I was 8 and everything was fine till now...please fix the coding to this game I'm trying to win at least one contest that's always been a dream of mine the syncing is making me upset I wanna buy vip but I cant
This used to be a great game. I recently just got it back. When I try to download the new content, it loads to 100% then tells me their is no internet connection even though every other app on my phone can connect to my internet. This is making me a little upset. Please fix this issue.
I'm giving this four stars cause i just love it so much but, the huge problem is I've been playing for like five years and they didn't even update the game in the past two years! Now I have problem with buying promotions because the synchronization never completes...! The hell am I supposed to receive votes?
Edit: Wait What?!?!?! Whats happening to this game now?!?! I join the game i see the girl who i dress her etc.. Her clothes are white and the short is ugly and the hair is when the first time we play the game. And all my beautiful clothes and everything gone. But there some of things still but i want the olds ones. I join the rock star and the others they say "sold out". Why?!?!?! I crying when i see everything i love gone but i dont want that now i have, i wanna know the reason and plz fix it
This game was entertaining at first but then I noticed one bug after another. For one thing, I couldn't save through the "sync" thing it would just load forever and do nothing. Secondly, I couldn't put up any adds for my contest entry it would have the same loading issue where it would literally do nothing, didn't take my money or anything.The worst part is that I contacted support twice and they didn't respond. I've waited forever with no response, that is just horrible customer support.Garbage
I like the game all concept minigames etc and all but it's true. Reaching at a particular good stage or status there is nothing to do with except that Fashion contest. NOTHING !! Please add some other features too. like you can get new features in Mobile phone, with friends like chats with them and also increase the world. The world is very small for a Star. Please can you get some of these features because it is one of my favourite games. 😊Please😊
This game kinda has a story. There is contests, make boyfriend's,and dress up your character! I really like it.
Your app crashes with every app in my phone. I can't even listen to other music while playing this game i can't even screen record a thing if this app is in my recent tabs. The game suddenly goes poof(dark) and still then its sick theme is playing even when i turn my cell off (not switch off). And i wanna Uninstall it so much but i used my real money in this game and u don't have good backup i have seen many players lost their diamond, bought clothes after they re-installed after uninstalling🤬🙂
I find the game interesting but I hate when u get on a different star girl app it still has ur same account and it won't let me make another one but the graphics,gameplay and all that are amazing.my favorite things is buying the clothes,making money,dressing up.the game is well designed too
Great game, been playing this for years, actually its worth 5 stars. However, I gave three stars because the game rn couldn't save progress, wont let you buy ads, and now I cant buy VIP, it just keeps on synchronizing and im pretty much sure that most of the players of this game are experiencing the same thing. Hopefully you fix this bug/glitch soon enough so that people can enjoy the game again. HOPEFULLY tho... ;)))) I used real money in this game and it would be a waste to quit yknow ;(
I'm done with this game. slow servers , bad customer service , item loss... this is the second time that this happen ; I open the game and when I want to save the game or open the stargirl contest it says you're not connected to the internet while I'm connected and can open any app that needs internet.
everytime I download the game I'm facing the same problem again and again! I can't buy any promotions for the contest nor can I backup my game. please fix this!! people need to buy promotions for the game. it just shows "synchronizing game progress" once again! please fix this problem.
I love this game you can buy every thing in the game (expensive clodes bags necklace and more) and also you can change the language just click the earth boton in the settings and thats all
good game, but it hasn't updated for a while and it's also a pay to win game which makes it hard for people without money
This is the best RPG ever but updates should be made with improvements such as graphics,more features and content and more mini games to play and more friends to make...if that could be a help Thnx...🙏
its keep on glicthing i lost evertything i need my clothes shoes hairstyles money and all my diamonds back i have a vip member ship i got it in january i am pissed
It is very nice game. I love to play this game. In this game there is a shopping mall and in the mall, there are very shops eg- star luxury,star salon,star wow,star bridal etc.But most beautiful dresses,earings are of diamond. There is also a job centre which is the source of income. I love this game very much😘😘
Not bad but the world is really small and the clothes are also really expensive too I would give 3 stars I used to play this with elder sister that time the clothes were very cheap and in the bar I cant go in other floors too and the best part you get to have a job and earn lots of money so I only like that feature but it is a fun game so I am playing this since many years so I loved it and I wanted a new game so I was on app store and then found this game which I used to play in my childhood
I like style girl because you can stay over a girls and you can even pretend boyfriend it's super fun I give it five stars hope you like you do bye
i lovee the app but lately it been stealing my stuff like the one collect and you win a ocean dress but apparently some like 5 boxes i got a earing and it said wait till tomorrow for the other prize now today i didn't get it i was really angry and sometimes my money gone but love your but pls fix this
im just level 7 iwant to level up so im doing the task because it has rewards that can help me level up , the task said i will buy 1 dress to star vogue so iwent there and buy a dress but when i click the task i cant get my reward which is 15000 and stars.
I absoutely used to love this game growing up. I personally think its very creative. The "Next Star Girl" events were my favorite, also there are minigames that are also enjoyable.
At first I liked this game but I am an existing star girl user. After reinstalling the game I should be able to continue the game from where I left earlier but when I open it, it shows loading save data. It has been showing this since 1 hour. Please tell me what to do. I cannot waste my earlier progress.
I love this game, all is going great but... I dont understand what happened to "Star Wow" it always says that the game is "synchronizing the progress" but it somehow takes so long, I havent been able to buy any gifts from star wow for days, and yes, the internet connection is and was high, please please help me with this or tell me what to do, thank you!
Always site of fb comes when I play this create problem while playing game and from where to get more diamond you should think on that because diamond extraction is less and 400 diamond should get reduced by 300
I love this game! ♥ Please, add "Google Account" Sync/Backup button! So, when I reinstall this beautiful app, I can restore my game progress that I'd previously backed up with my Google account! (I can't save my game data with Facebook ♥ Yup, there really are people who aren't on Facebook)
This game is pretty much outdated...... The biggest problem is that I am not able to buy vote and star wow. everytime I open Star wow or vote window, it shows synchronising game process. But it never opens.I have been playing this game from 3 years. And the hell they have not updated this game from like 1 1/2 years. Hello!? Have u forgetted you have made a game.But before all this happened, the game was pretty fine Edit : star wow and votes are working now thanks! But still.... It is outdated😶
I like the game all concept minigames etc and all but it's true. Reaching at a particular good stage or status there is not much to do. Please add some other features too. like you can get new features in Mobile phone like chats with them and also increase the world. The world is very small for a Star 🌟. Please fix this problem and add these features also. Also, I cannot promote myself. There is a problem in promotion. It Keep loading loading and loading.... please fix these problems.
I like this game. No,I love this game. I like the dresses that In this game. I love all my boyfriends too,And you? Do you like this game. I can't write English very very well,so,please forgive me for my mistakes.The hair are so so beautiful too.Who's this game maker?
i'm disappointed...the first problem i have is that i spent 3 month on this game and when i reinstalled i couldn't sign in my older acount...another problem is that when i wanna save the game and buy promotions it says "synchronizing game progress" and nothing happens after that...please help me
I like this game, but i want some more features , like if we can chat with friends and if the cost of the dresses will get lowwwwer prices , So 😐😑
Im a girl playing it on dad's id 😅😅😅 dont think too much...it's a really great game.... I love playing it.. but the problem is that everytime I try to promote or buy something from star wow it stops working... it happened many times...n all the most beautiful dresses n hairs are only in vip, there should be some without vip also... at the last... I wish there should be a system to talk to other girls in the game...so everyone can speak something they want to...😍😍
I'm the biggest fan of star girl. It's a too good game but I want to tell you Animoca that I appreciate to you that you made these kind of star life games but from 2015 to 2019 I'm playing this game but I never win fashion competition because not a lot of players voted to me why this happened why you guys do this please give some chances to other people to win fashion competition. l always noticed that most of the times the previous winners win the fashion competition.Love you animoca.
Love star girl the much dresser, cooling, beautiful and sexy as hell and him and he said you don't want me to come over tonight for dinner if you want me to 2 my best friend and I love you so much baby I don't know if you have any questions please feel free to contact me if you have questions or need anything else please let me know if you need anything let me know and we can set up a time for you to come home and get some rest tonight you can come over you can come by and pick you don't have uu
this game is quite interesting but the new version in which we have to join VIP is not good at all in that i face alot of trouble and still dont know that how to join it. so,plz if someone know plz help..
The game always asks me to download new content several times a day. It's quite frustrating, actually! The worse is that my girl loses her accessories every time it happens so I have to go back again and make her wear them.
This game sucks. I'm trying to play and it's loading then it starts over again and again. Do not download ever. Worst game ever made. Also, your trying to get in to one of the shops and it won't work , you should at least explain why when I put all of the most lips that I have (which in total is like 1000) and it won't let me i either. Same thing with the coffee shop. Never ever download, ecause it sucks.
The game is great it has potential to become bigger just like when the game was realised but. As the game got boring and more boring, lots of players quitted the game. And now the situation is way more worse no updates, bugs. It's like the game is dying with creators. I would understand if the creators doesent want to countinue the game. But at least give a message. Like I said the game is interesting but not long when you start playing. So please update the game or give an message at least.
This game is awesome but there is one problem when I want to save data I can't ,it takes a very long time and never done .why?
Need more functions like chatting with each other and only VIP people can win the challenges so I'm little bit dissapointed with this but overall it's fun
I really love this game but can you fix the loading?It is really-really-really-really slow...Well I've try to log in my facebook account in there,I was really waiting to logged in my account but the loading is so-so-so slow can you fix it?😔 I really hope that you can fix my problems..Maybe my internet connection have a problem or the game.I am not angry but I am really sad...I really hope for it,Thank you!take care always!!💕 (I am sorry for my wrong grammarization if I am wrong)
Buying your boyfriend is a terrible message as is dating to get gifts. Sadly, i like the mini games and clothes. I wish it was easier to make money in the game. The whole VIP thing is a scam.
Okay, so I deleted my Star Girl app because I didn't have any space. And now that I did have space, I brought it back. I tried to get my account back, but it said that it doesn't exist. So I entered the "New User" option to just go to the game and log in to my facebook account manually. When I did, it just keeps loading, it won't log in! Please help!!
I use to love playing this with my cousin when i was younger and i had all of the star girl games. But now there are a few bugs like sometimes it takes to long to save data and when buying promotes and star wow gifts it says sychornizing progress and doesnot open it.This game was gold but now it really out dated and u the creator of this game do nothing about it.
So stinking boring!!!!!!!!!! Seriously. Can you make it so players can chat and friend each other at least?! I'm glad we can dress up and compete but would like to see my rank and change clothes during a competition WITHOUT spending rediculus amount of gems and I'd like to be able to do more than one conquest at a time, and also would like to play a game were a bunch of lesbianic sickos,or perverts aren't dressing their "friends" in nothing during competitions.