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Standoff Multiplayer

Standoff Multiplayer for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by Axlebolt located at 420107, Kazan, Tatarstan, Russia. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 18+ (Explicit Violence) and required Android version is 2.3.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This game is excellent example of multiplayer games. We can play with friendsπŸ‘­πŸ‘¬πŸ‘« private as well as public. Really enjoyable game. But the hackers make my mood 😢off. So please try to band these hackers and unlocks more modes and skins. Otherwise the game is awesome πŸ‘πŸ‘.
This game is really amazing but I only have one problem that sometimes when I click on any of the four different types of matches it start getting hang and automatically closed the app and I have an advice to add a jump button and a report button for hackers. Please Fix My Problem.
I love the game the graphics 4 men in each team i wan't to help you guys (axlebot) to improve this game make it even awesome ban the hacker for 2 weeks it is not good because their insane because they teleport on behind us and shoot us Its not fair.... and if it is not teleport they make glitches they don't even teleport but they glitch we can't even shoot him it becomes invisible to us please.num.2 i wan't you guys to add a camera like first person Third person like tis cam.πŸ“· plsrespnd 500word
Good game im having a lot of fun but I have one issue it does not have first person mode and please updade it
it does not work once you install it says "please check internet connection"technally the server is down. Please fix ASAP
Multiplayer online shooter "Standoff" The incredible online confrontation of terrorists and counter-terrorists in free multiplayer sessional online shooter "Standoff". Are you storm trooper, sniper or do you prefer stealth operations? Choose your role and weapons in multiple game modes like Team Deathmatch, Capture The Flag, Arms Race or Sniper Duel and show your supremacy. Overwhelming action, multiplayer and ranking system wouldn't let you relax. Play with your friends over the network
I Downloaded This Game I Thought This Game Would Be Bad,Cheap And Laggy And Then I Played This Game About 5 Minutes And Then I Realised Not Every Bad Looking Game Is Trash Thanks Axlebolt For Standoff!! :)
Great game of shooting and teamwork. Variety of different locations available. Option to move through different ranks such as major, sergeant, captian, commander, etc. Can play with friends and random strangers online. Different guns ranging from Pistols to Snipers are available. You can even chat with your teammates and opponents as well. Really enjoyable. Game for those who love shooting games. Would recommend to everyone.
Hackers is everywhere Really unenjoyable. All the player include me are feel uneasy. The type of hacker is 1. Go invisible and spawn in enemy base 2. Go invisible and spawn enemy over his head 3. Go visible when they are shoot only Please fix this. I really hoping 😭
I love the concept of the game. But hey Axelbot, I want you to do the following things for the game :- 1. Ban the hackers. 2. Fix all the bugs. 3. Add more skins for the players. 4. Improve the server connectivity. 5. Advertise the game. This will help to develop the game and its rating. And thankyou for the brilliant game :D
its a good game... i enjoy it. i do hate that there are hackers... a lot of them. i eant to be able to report them. also I hate the control lay outs for the chats. the chat button always gets in the way when im playing. number 2 is even worse. i hate the button layout. its really dumb.
it's a beautiful game, best game ever, playing it all day long. thanks and to the problem the only reason I only rate 4 because this one button near the shoot button is mixing up and it's not shooting instead its showing the game score so if u can fix it I will appreciate it. thanks again...
Good game with graphics very good My expectations for you were low but holy sheit, this is good... If you like great graphics then you might not be thaaat impressed.....
the game is so good but the network is so bad for this game . i can play any games in my home but I can't play this because of network
Game is good but there are many problems. The sniper mode shoud get a aimimg point without scope. There are shortage of bullets. The server needs high maintainance........after all game is very goood
I love this game. I'm playing this game for almost 2 years.The problem is that i cannot receive any kind of ads because when you watch an ad you receive a gift which contains coins,ammo for shooting range and different types of chests which contains different weapons skins and masks... please show the ads in this game..I gave 3 stars because of no ads.. but any way i love this game& again plz show me ads
Hassan Usman I love this game but I would like it if this can be offline the graphics are amazing but why play a game online when it's a local multiplayer game pls make an online play with people all over the world and local multiplayer for friends to play the controls are the best but a local multiplayer with an offline mode pls add more options
I'm playing this game from 1month but now when i open the game my game stuck at connecting the server (loading).Now its just running with vpn. But game is very nice grafics is very nice.
Game's not working, tired of no internet connection pop-up, though internet connection is good and all other apps are working fine
Nice game but the problem is mod using players. People call them hackers but i wont because calling them hackers is just like complementing them. Some guy who can hack just releases a mod and people just download and use them and ruin the game. Please bann them as soon as possible so that we can play peacefully.
Add new features like jump add ads to win Ammon's and add greadnite to game and new weapons and weapons skins.
Game is very good...I am playing this game for many years, the issue is that,when i connect my game to Europe server...,it cannot perform and the game is not open..So kindly check this problem and give a solution.. Thanks πŸ™‚
I would give it a 5 star but their are hackers in the game and they make the game less enjoyabble so could you guys help us to have a better game play and i love your game its really awesome just please fix the stuff with the hackers. Thank you. :-)
This game is awesome I can't express my views on this superb game and it needs some bug fixes and why don't we get coins after each and every match , spending 10 :00 minutes for a battle must give some coins at the end Plz look upon it πŸ™
The incredible online confrontation of terrorists and counter-terrorists in free multiplayer sessional online shooter "Standoff". Are you storm trooper, sniper or do you prefer stealth operations? Choose your role and weapons in multiple game modes like Team Deathmatch, Capture The Flag, Arms Race or Sniper Duel and show your supremacy. Overwhelming action, multiplayer and ranking system wouldn't let you relax. Play with your friends over the network or online with thousands of players from all o
Greatest game ever. Good graphics and one hell of a great battle experince. Excuse the language but the game is too awesome for me
Realy nice game i love it, the only reason i gave it 4 stars is that the game freezes for a few seconds which is enough to get you killed
THIS GAME WAS GREAT ITSELF..i like it a lot even i am having 2..5star accs but when it id gonna update really? i doesnot like the updates..comon guys update higly...there should be mode like defuse..and we can sse opponents peofile..there should be kd...and other things and clans...SO PLEASE UPDATE THIS GAME..i am waiting for this from past 5years unistalling when i get bored and installing again...
It is not bad For me I play it every time it is not Cool When someone takes you Out of the Game when you are haveing fun It is not cool for me but it does not happen that mach it the best
To be honest I love the game but If I was the creator of the game I will put in more guns and skins to unlock to make the game better also put in a offline mode like fighting bots without WiFi or data or something like a campaign so pls if you guys are busy with a update pls put offline modes on like campaign or player versus bots pls
This game is cool tbh,but pls add more contents like more gamemode,more guns,and the ability to play offline.It can be that we play with bots.Pls,and if its not so good for u then make it so we can only get rewards when playing online matches.Put this game on some ads.Also,u should add lan multiplayer in this game.This game gets pretty boring easily because of hackers,so improve the anti-cheat system.
Of course this is one incredible multiplayer game...but here,for me,its hard for me to target shoot and kill the people..but still it's a great game
Best shooter out there in my opinion, but please stop all the cheaters! They appear right on top of you and kill you every time!
Multiplayer online shooter "Standoff" The incredible online confrontation of terrorists and counter-terrorists in free multiplayer sessional online shooter "Standoff". Are you storm trooper, sniper or do you prefer stealth operations? Choose your role and weapons in multiple game modes like Team Deathmatch, Capture The Flag, Arms Race or Sniper Duel and show your supremacy. Overwhelming action, multiplayer and ranking system wouldn't let you relax. Play with your friends 🀣
Great app yet the pictures are not what on the game.pay to win!.like one European is a hacker and one shot one kill like what the never gonna play this again bad graphics and pay to win that a pretty bad combo although no ads it's still pay to win
Game i good but please upgrade the game apply new skin and new mode and new gun and new rank so better use for other players..! 😊😊 And please fixed the lak problems.. so i talk to you you fixed the uses and apply the new game mode skin etc... And very fun the good game is not bad but you fixes the problems so pubg and free fire feuture and low quality done the old games then standoff is world is best gameπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ˜Š
To the creators of this game it will be very much appreciated by me if you let us costumize our settings as in buttons and stuff and if you make it a fps:first person shooter and if you add a bomb defuse to it and a friends list and i hope thats not to much to ask for P.S Thank You
It seems like it would be a very bad and cheap game but when you go into it it is the complete opposite. A perfect first person shooter game to play with friends of course there are hackers but with the private multiplayer with you can play with your friends and it is actually very fun deserves 5 stars!!!
Good game Good graphics Good controls Also you can play with your friends Team death match , capture the flag , arms race , sniper duel Good game but I want the update please update this game More maps more guns more avtivity games Subscribe to Watch4Life
This is very nice game but some problems 1. hackers 2.add more modes 3.add more skins of guns and add fps mode
Always enjoyed this game more than standoff 2 i used to play this game basically since it came out i stopped playing bc it gets repetitive and it needs an update i found hackers alot of times and i dont see a report button the game is good i love the character and weapon customization πŸ‘
The most irritating game ever...It took a lot of time to upload and is stuck in "LOADER USER DATA" and saying internet problem. There is no internet problem. It was stuck over there for 5 to 6 hours. I used the Wi-Fi and it still shows check your connection. This is the worst game ever.
The game was awesome. But, I don't know why axlebot won't develope this further. Free fire, pubg graphic are similar to this game, if they develop this. it was the most game played by the world
This game is good.. But the problem is it's accuracy is bad.. This point should be in left side but it is in right side. So it's hard to control.. And a little bit improvement is needed in graphics.
This game is nice but when i playing with my friends is., when i wanted to switch another weapon from hand its doesnt switches after some time. I played another survival ground that time also it cannot switches after that i changed weapon when i respawns it respawning with pistol..... i'ave got soo much angry finally i broken my phone ......... please make is update and plzz make its controls..... now my phone is good condition.......😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑
I love this game because the system requirement of this game is pretty good and one more thing please add sprinting run button for runing because the player walk slowly so we want a button for sprinting please please
I'm totally biased the game is kinda trash but I'm so good at it now that I can blow some poor bastards head clean off from across the map. I rate 5/5 cuz nothing boosts my ego like a k/d of 29 to 3.
Great multiplayer game with good graphics. I like it too much. Very smooth and comfortable controls. It will be more fun if we can talk to our teammates instead of chatting.
This game is not bad, but sometimes when I play, some people are hacking the game, and the opponents apears unusually and sometimes in sky, sometimes here and sometimes there ,where his opponents is there he appears there........
My game just stopped every time i try to open it it always show net is not working even though my net is properly working 😑😑 I am not able to play the game i have unlocked every gun in the game and now this started plz do something
Very nice game please just improve graphics thatsall....now a days its not working my phone stays in 4g network only the game also work properly but after entering into game i made my first kill game cuts and says (network error please check) Iam depressed i dont have mind to uninstall it please help me.....please add grenade option
everything was working fine. however, now all of a sudden when I open the game it tells me it cannot connect to my internet. i have deleted & re-installed it. same problem .
This is a great game that i love.I use it for playing with my friends.This is that game that I was founding from many months.But i don't like the military place.
Wow is a great game i can play with my fans and stuf like that its rlly good but i wish they can fix the bugs but otherwise all is great!
It is fun to play and it helps you to develop the skill for this on other game like pubg,cod it's make lot easier but the money system should be change.But except that all is ok
this game keeps on jaming i think your face will be jaming once i find you now make it stop please stop it otherwise this game is going to get a big injury please please stop please every time I try and play everytime I try to put a video on the game it keeps on keeps on keeps keeps and keeps on clicking the game I don't know if your lazy butts or should I say your let me just say I don't know what you've been doing to this game but stop it I'm trying to play this peaceful game-winning my damn da
Downloaded and hit play , waited five minutes for another player to join the battle , to no avail , hahaha waste of time
The incredible online confrontation of terrorists and counter-terrorists in free multiplayer sessional online shooter "Standoff". Are you storm trooper, sniper or do you prefer stealth operations? Choose your role and weapons in multiple game modes like Team Deathmatch, Capture The Flag, Arms Race or Sniper Duel and show your supremacy. Overwhelming action, multiplayer and ranking system wouldn't let you relax. Play with your friends over the network or online with thousands of players from all
Up date this please in thanks . Fix it to where- u can load your progress from your Google account, if on another device .
Omg!! 😎😎The game is very massive and play experience is very super I like it so much.But one problem there is no jump button please get it🀩🀩....Update this game.please..please..please..
Dont play this game, its full of hackers, the controls suck, movement isnt instanteanous and the accuracy of the weapons is the worst. Im saving you some time and GB so just dont download it
Won't connect anymore had a colonel rank account and it won't connect.Even on a 58 Mb/s connection its asking me to check my internet connection while i can open up YouTube in the background and play videos in 1080p without buffer and play PUBGM with forced split screen with 108ms highest ping ???
Game is nice. But add battle royale mode survival time for 10 minutes. And add vault cloth case so that we can customize our own character. Please remove this too many ads. Thank you for making this game.
I like this game,its like csgo and valorant but one problem there is no bomb mode pls in new update fix this mode then this game is like famous like valorant ,csgo,etc .
Very good game its graphics are the best.But the thing only to improve is standoff 2 it has very dirty and worst graphics. I request team standoff to make it cool to play and it graphics should be improved. Thanks regarding. Gurpreet singh wadhwa.
I need help .. the game doesn't work the sec I open the game it gives me this message "check your internet connection" or smth like that and this message appears after another one says connecting to server my internet connection is good enough to launch a game like pubg with ping 100
Dear developer, I rated this a good star, a good "5 star", I should say, I am tired of these bugs, glitches, hackers, I do not know how to even take care of your game, too much hackers, too much bugs, and too much GLITCHES! Fix this or remove this game from being active/available on the play store, because I have had it! I am very upset, very disappointed, and very angry! If you fix this, I will rate it a 5 star and change the rating and maybe I'll say it's fun, until then, I will not change it.
Game was good and this game have good graphic but the problem is hacker . hacker always kill me with hacking he has unlimited ammo and 1hit kill and many problem . please you need ban all hacker in this game also this game is my favorite game nice.
It is a really good game I must say.. I'm playing this with my siblings and we all don't know or don't want to play PUBG.. Ok.. it a really good game for those who don't want to play PUBG. It is a chota packet badha dhamaka type game.. But only one fault is that you cannot upgrade the skin of guns after a point of time.. We cannot earn coins to buy accessories.. Only the users of iPhone can get it by watching ads or getting gift in the game.
Ally experience is good in the game all over all 4 modes in the game are good and controls are average but the aiming arenot good because whenever I try to kill my opponent the aim not able to kill it . For the game makers the game is good but I suggest that you have to work on aiming area and also it needs a update because i am bored of playing same things
Two problems, i cant join a match that started people wont join my match and i wish o could change shoot button. other than that its great.
It is a nice mutiplayer game. I enjoyed it very much. But please give some new maps... its getting boring on repeatedly playing on the same maps. Overall this game is good.
Hackers are killing the game. 2 to 3 out of 6 games are hacked. If not all of them. Great game otherwise. Will play a few more games then uninstall. Hackers are smart and should use their skills elsewhere and productively.
I really loved this game. I used to play this with my friends and random player. Whenever I am playing a public match, The online hackers hack the game very often. They play the game with hacking power. It is not enjoyable and there is always risk of keeping the privacy of player's phone. So, there is no point of playing this game anymore.
I loved this game at first because it is one of the best small mb multiplayer game. But now it is completely filled with a lots of Hackers. I request please fix this hacker issues for better game play and experience.
Well, there are cheats and hackers that ruin the game. There is no enforcement or admins to take care of it. and their support email does not work. Good game when you can find decent players but there is a major issues with South American players and Euro players playing in US servers. They lag bad and then think they are good players. Many frustrations. If they start fix these issues i may raise my rating here.
This game is good dont get me wrong but there are too many hackers on the game ever since you guys made standoff 2 because no one frequently plays this game is so this was fun at first when standoff 2 wasn't in the app store and play store I am not saying like abandon the game or delete it its a way better game the this with better controls and graphics and this games was the best untill the hackers just started to join in the game and mess with players ranks and everything else
Okay first this is a good game game but I have a problem that when open it first time first match there was very hard player so how can I practice plzz fix this problem
Graphics,, controls are not badπŸ™„but it need to look more attractive and easy control😊so two stars is betterπŸ˜‹
from my perspective this game deserve 2 stars, the controls are so bad, weird glitches and hackers all over the servers you can't enjoy but the maps and graphics are not bad!
Like the graphics. The only reason why you haven't got one more star on my rating is because I dont like the aim that much. It is as very good game tho. Like it!
Everything is okay and specially the controls. I have very good control on the shooting button it looks like a hidden firing joystick. I am on the rank master sergeant 3 and when your rank goes up, you get awesome guns, and I like the XM8, as the players use it to knock 17 to 19 headshots, and it's accuracy is awesome. If you haven't downloaded it yet, download now!
Well done alexbolt, the best shooting game ever. Lv ya works. Best game, just that i wish u can make the snipers aim more phsicaly instead of looking in the hole,cause is very hard to shoot. Please read. Still the best shooting game.
This is an extremely awesome game but why can we use a pistol and a rifle of whatever only...why cant we use like 3 or 4 types of guns in one match...but really good game...jus t like pubg
Why not add an Update where you Rank Up you receive Cash or Winning a Game by getting the First Place?
Ahhh the nostalgia. I remember playing this game 5 years ago, on my barely capable phone. Back then, these graphics were golden for mobile games... And the amount of fun it was... I was simply playing nothing but gun game cuntinously, we even had friends and cousins and my sister install this game and we would play gun game all day. Thank you Axelbolt. This is a fun game. There was no reson for you to create it. There barely is any way you can pay, meaning you made very little profit. Thank you.
I had to say the game is staning. But have just one problem, that the game ping in every region is very high and in asia its to much.. Europe is 350-ping others are 1000+ so i am sorry to say that i have deleted the game ....
Omg!! 😎😎The game is very massive and play experience is very super I like it so much.But one problem there is no jump button please get it🀩🀩
The good feeling when you played standoff multiplayer and forgot about it and then you are going to standoff 2 and then remember about this game. Thanks axlebolt for these two games and happy new year (I think 0.15.0 will be today at 24:00 in standoff 2) :)
game is pretty good,smooth yet average graphics,nice level up system and all which doesn't make you wait years for gun unlocks four modes of gameplay and all more very intresting and fun to play but lack of players is making this game kind of unplayable needs a better anti cheat engine though and more maps the game also glitches sometimes which makes you unable to get into matches on a particular server custom rooms are good but more options like map selection is required
This game is so poorly developed and maintained. Most of the times, it takes minutes to just establish a connection with the chosen server. Often when starting a game through the lobby; the other players in the lobby do not even connect to the game together. Less number of servers cause tremendous fluctuation in network bandwidth. Regardless of what graphic settings you've set, FPS remains unchanged for all of them. Every time an update is rolled out, the game feels very choppy. Matchmaking is absolute random, sometimes you get matched with new players and the other times you get matched with absolute professionals. Shop items and the 'Season Pass' are generally overpriced. Opening Boxes and getting a good skin is just fiction. Overall, very disappointed that such an interesting idea of a game is executed with such less effort.
This is personally the best mobile shooting game, I've been playing it when i was a little kid, before releasing PUBG and FREE FIRE, and i love this game more than any other mobile game, but please, keep banning the hackers cause they're unfortunately being too many lately. THANKS!
I like this game very much. I am playing with my Samsung galaxy trend plus phone that is very impressive. But in my game some times I can't move the enemies in the game is shooting spawning diying some times enemies in game all so have this problem. Other times this game is so impressive. I like this game very much. Thank you for making this game.β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…
This is a super game because we can play multiplayer in this game I play with my brother and there is four option first one is team deathmatch, capture the flag, arms race, sniper duel we get new guns and skins
Interesting the the controls are very amazing I can easy but I just I have to just say this game is very interesting and amazing for me everyone
This game is like...... the perfect online game for me. But I think things like l: jump button, knife, shield should be added.
This is best game it has some online hackers I will manage because I like this game and its graphics don't worry guys I know developers can find a solution for hacker but you don't quit this exciting game
Game is awesome but an update should be given and should add some other features like changing settings,larger maps in which cars and bike can be driven so that game will be realistic and fantastic. People be crowded to this game
I love playing this game is so easy and if u trying to learn how to get better at shooting games u could let this be the first game u play it's also so easy and fun to plays with friends πŸ˜πŸ˜‘πŸ’“πŸ’™ as it should be
If a map will be provided it will be better. Also they you should band the hackers and unlock more modes and guns. I love this game because of this reason I have not given five stat. If you will solve the problems I and my whole class friends (50 students) who play this will give five star rating.
Works really well with playing against friends in your own private game over wifi. But when joining a public game there is constantly someone hacking the game and interfering with the playability of the game. My bot malfunctions and does things I did not intend on doing. Opposing team players also suddenly appear where I respawn and shoot everyone respawning like nothing. This is so annoying that I am uninstalling it. But if they can fix this bug it would be a brilliant game to play.
It's a good game an I like it a lot and I like the skins and I played this game a long time and I enjoy it hope you do more in the future. I am addicted to this game and I like this game so much and I hope you add more skins
I love the game a lot! Playing since 2015 but sadly there have been no updates for like 2 years. Please make more upgrades to the gameπŸ™.Thanks!
The game is good but the controls... especially the shoot button....it would be nice if it could be like a normal joystick analog because it's hard to shoot.. but overall the game is good. If only u could update the game and change the fire button style.
Game is almost good but it have some problems β€’ No map,radar too , graphics good not perfect .fix these things....
I downloaded this game and played, it was really fun but the shooting isn't accurate, but the graphics and all those stuff are great I closed the game to go do something, when i came back to play the game doesn't open again And this is no phone problem cause it did the same thing on my friends phone The app opens for the first time and doesn't open again. After playing it i was about to rate it 5 stars until playing it again and seeing this If this can be fixed then fix it Worst game i have play
used to be the game that me and my friends are playing heck where there was a new skin me and my friends were getting it but that was in 2016 now they are focusing more on standoff 2 wich is good i also like that game too but they shouldnt forget that they still got players in this game too anyway this game is now abandoned and maybe soon will be taken down because of the low popularity but ill have this game in my heart
The game is Epic and I message successful but something is happening in my account that is whenever I am trying to play with my friends it doesn't connects with him and I cant play.and also once I had another account and in that account was ok and this account doesn't give video after every match and I never ever get money or something please fix this issue. Because I wanna buy some gun skins and masks but it doesn't happen
I love this game but there to many hackers in here. obviously your anti cheating system needs some work.. also I don't know what is called but that setting where you can talk with the people your playing with that'd be fantastic. So yeah. 3 stars it is.
I really like this separate multiplayer thing....the original game is very big(FYI-close to 900mbs) So,Naturally i went for this one especially for the Sniper Duel Mode.Thanks
this is game is very good . but the thing which annoys me is that after every 20 seconds it lost connection and then says connecting server . and also the match results button annoys the movement . fix it .
This game is good and graphics be good. In the game the skins are goods. I like this game hopeful you be like this game I rate this game 4 because the man rans very slow and thats why i dont give him 5 stars
Ok the shooting range is great I like maps and settings and the types of games there are 4 to chose from I also like that the players rank up, Im on majour this game is a great game especialy if you like action and you get new guns and skins as you rank up so if u havent installed this game yet plz do so now so Me and my gang can shoot yall!
I liked the the game but it should have better graphics and camera view & plz give an update for jump
The minute I starting playing I couldn't even figure out who my team was, and I never had a chance to even shoot because the minute the match started I was killed instantly!
It's a great game but it would be better if there is more modes and that you get coins by playing matches so u can get more crates Pls add this
Hey Axelbolt . This game has potential you know . So please just add a feature that can ban hackers or admins . Well it is a fun Third person shooting game . So please.......
Awesome game in this size. The graphics is good,and the gameplay and game modes are super. A best game to play. The games special advantage is it's size Such good graphics in only 150 mb.
This game is soooooo cool intense online Multi-player realistic graphics and did I mention that it's not a money grabber?. The only reason I'm not giving it 5stars is the shooting, it's kinda hard especially for smart phone users pls add Auto fire or Auto aim at least
It's a good game but there are a lot of hackers and I even have a lot of screenshots of these hackers. If the Dev wants the screenshots just comment on this review. Thank you
Too many hackers, and too laggy. This game was fun almost 4 years ago. Now it barely runs, people STILL hack, and i bought a five dollar pack, and wish for a refund please. I bought the last assualt rifle you could get. I bought it a day before today, so not that long please.
Over all very fun game,but please add wall bang damage,knife,new skins,rank mode or defuse mode,jump button,and ingame customizable controls and new weapons like usp-s,tec-9. And please give silver coins at the end of every match like in standoff 2.if u do this things I will be the most happiest person to play this game.hope u work on this :)
Iam giving you five stars because this game is greate but some changes have to be done like Improve the player like standoff 2 3D. And add some more guns and greanets and mapes. GOOD LUCK...πŸ‘
I love this game because I like how you can play with people from all around the world. But the problem is one day I was opening the game and it was not opening. So developers please fix it.
Great game! Very addictive. Only reason it is not 5 stars is because of the number of cheating hackers in this game.. i wish the developers can eliminate hackers.
One of the best game,just need some changes that is: 1] can you add to coustumize the controls on the screen? 2] please can you add gyroscope? 3] can you add battle royal mode? That is it please can you add it By the way i love these game😊
Lol guys standoff multiplayer has along time not update. Just look at the last update date. It was 10 Augst 2017. 2 years this gale not update. Just play standoff 2. Now axlebolt more focus to standoff 2 game
I like this game becouse graphics are very very very very good forever i likr this gun skins. Best skin is sniper i like this snipers and another gun skins
the game's great but then the setting of the game's limited . As a warfare game there should be multiple settings and add some more weapons , for example grenades , knives and close combat but overally it's great
sometimes when I click on the play button it just lands me in battle field with no other player, what am I supposed to do shot the goddamn wall
Game is so good and interesting but it need a little update where there are grenades,toxic bombs,landmines,a better menu,more items in shop to buy and more pistols
I love this game, i think this game is good for mobile i mean its like cs.go and standoff 2 is nice, but i like for my own standoff one nice graphics nice control system i love it
I would have given it 5 stars but where the developers went wrong is that when you have finished the coins there is no other way of getting coins rather than buying But anyway it is the best online action
Worse game ever. I don't even get any coins anymore. And I can't watch ads anymore because it keeps loading, even when I uninstall and install it back. Trash game ever. This game was my favorite game of all. I hate it now.
Very nice game please just improve graphics thatsall....now a days its not working my phone stays in 4g network only the game also work properly but after entering into game i made my first kill game cuts and says (network error please check) Iam depressed i dont have mind to uninstall it please help me......
Average graphics and gameplay. standoff 2 is better than it. control is not good. no visibility over enemies. 56/ 100.
I like this game because first it has my different skins and many guns I like the XM8 MOST and also sniper my league is commander. I done very hard work to go to commander league. And when we talk about the maps they are nice but their are some thing that I dont like that are first the maps are so glitchy and second there are my hackers is the game so plz fix it all thx
Awesome game but there are not enough maps and guns according to the game size,please add more new maps and guns.Also add health kits.
everything is good but the aiming control is not so good we cannot kill the enemy properly if you add a middle point at the aiming control you can can kill the enemy properly
Giving 2 stars only because the server connection is too bad ..i am unable to connect to sever always stuck on connecting to server..even when my internet connection is good im having a same problem...plz fix this problem asap
Hey these look nice but I want fps please make it to fps hmm but I think I want bots in offline mode but make we can buy anything not rank weapons please make it I will give a extreme good stars please make fps like I said your good at this making games please your the best I want that I know your the best please I might think you will do it so please please please add bomb mode and zombie and Santa Claus event
I love this game. i can playing this game for almost 2 years.about last 2 months i bought a new phone and when i install this game it starts from new.that is not the problem the problem is that.i cannot receive any kind of ads because when you watch an ad you receive a gift which contains coins,ammo for shooting range and different types of chests which contains different weapons styles... please show me ads.I gave 4 stars because of no gifts.. but any way i love this game& again plz show me ads
Nice game but can you pls update it like puting new and more guns,buyable skin with in game money,reports for hackers and cheaters,more maps,jump and slide ability,setting customization,and more to make it amazing to play:)!!!