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Stair Dismount

Stair Dismount for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by Secret Exit Ltd. located at Aleksanterinkatu 48 00100 Helsinki Finland. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Violence) and required Android version is 4.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This falling-body simulator has given me many hours of relaxing entertainment. Rag-doll physics plus humor plus creative level designs add up to one of my very favorite Android apps.
Great stress reliever. Would recommend. This game has alot of this done good. I never bought anything from the game yet it's still a good game. I got this game when I was 8 and i enjoyed it all the way. It's fun seeing the little guy crash. But still, do not buy anything from this game. I've seen people complain about how their money is stolen, but okay. I really want to play this game again, and if anybody brings it up I will definitely play it again when I have time. This game is a nostalgia trip for me.
I played this game when I was younger and I still enjoy this I give this a 5/5 this game very fun I want people to play this its very relaxing.
It is the best it relieves my stress every time when I get an F are migraines I just take it out on my principal I just tossed all the way down the stairs so add more ragdolls in the add more app like that more apps like add more levels make them so we can customize are Ragdoll I put customized on it put like a tuxedo on made with a gun in the picture of a gun
Mostly a fun game! Hard to not give 5 stars. A game where you can be on a tower and fall off is so amazing.
I love this app. Reminiscent of games played in my childhood. I chose the paid version and have had nothing but fun with it. Wickedly enjoyable to put the face of someone you dislike on the doll and then push it down the stairs, off a building, or down a mountain. The only thing that would improve it would be to leave some kind of splat, and a grunt or groan, at each point the doll impacts. Perhaps add the Wilhelm Sound when the doll gets pushed.
Great game, ignore all the stupid negative reviews, they're all just a bunch of impatient fortnite kids who don't understand how much fun ragdolling is and the Ads are not repetitive, the game does not force you to pay to play
Compared to Turbo Dismount, this game is garbage, you have to pay just to let your character be allowed to break apart and there is only like 4 free levels. Such a Let down
This game is fun but it is not that fun because you've basically have to buy everything and the maps that are for free are garbage
This game gives me turbo dismount vibes and I like it but add a little more levels it would make it ten times better
I remember playing this years ago on either my computer or my iPod. Either way, it holds up. Classic.
It's a very nostalgic game with great a concept but it gets boring after 10 minutes I would recommend adding even a few more levels. Even though you probably won't because there's no point as there isn't really much more you can gain from it but it's about the feelings!
This game is GREAT. But just like turbo dismount, ms. Bumblebee looks like an ant with a butt that disturbingly huge! Please make it a bit smaller in both games because she makes me feel extremely unconfortable.
I love the game its so 3D theres not a lot of ads too oh and yea never play fortnite once you play it it will get boring
he'll be better if the is purchasing one character ordered on it but then you put it like ability what the heck you should have made it better for free and the bonus level should be for free
It is similar to turbo dismount but can you add more maps, character customization and more ways to fall
This game is awesommme, its still funny as it was, also i remember trying to enter the chimney in the holiday map, good times :)
Game was great but turbo dismount was better, gave 3 stars because you don't many characters to pick from, not a lot of free maps (only 4) and you can't add obstacles also if you add body dismemberment it would be better but anyways great game keep up the good work
I love it so much, this game is so much fun and there's no problem with it but can you make an update for this app so like whenever you updated and you can record it and you can the video to youtube:-).
Not that great, the only 2 free charecters are the original and the android, but on only a few maps you can use the android
Lacks the action the first game once had and pretty much pay to do anything remotley fun (Play Turbo Dismount Instead).
When I was about 10 and had my first ever ipod I would play this game for hours on end. I got unlimited entertainment from this one app. I finally found it again today, I can confirm it is as good as I remember ❤
I mean it is fun but after breaking the rag dolls back and skull 30 to 50 times it gets boring!!!! It fun when you first play but is loses it's flare after after playing the same level over 100 times. I was going to give it 2 but i wanted to be nice and give it three just because.
I played this game back 4 years ago and still I laugh at the physics and the ways you can break the crash dummy. This game deserves a 4-5 star rating. My only problem is that there should be more characters and levels for free. Other than that, the game is awesome!
Fun but quite boring.Turbo dismount is more pretty fun.The physics are okay but the falling speed is slow.Its like floating in the moon.Please make it more fun.And also make some levels and characters free if you guys have enough money
Fun for 3 min then you realize there is nothing to do bit murder the same ragdoll over and over again
OMG ITS SO FUN I REALLY ENJOY THIS JUST NEED ONE MORE WORLD to buy i got almost every thing i need to buy thus rollercoaster level and im rich😎😳😄
This is what I play when I'm bored and want to hear some hone crackling and some femur bones breaking, ok most likely not your opinion to download it but a fun game. I would like more insane maps to the game too.
Loved this game back on pc as a teen . Got the modern one on phone. For what it is this game is brilliant. The only problem is no matter the doll or level the objective is to hit as many points as possible. It gets real boring real quick. Still it's a nice little teabreak tickler.
i like the game but theres one glitch ;-; i was in the map and i was ragdolled and i got teleported into a black glitch hole ;-; tell me th is going on?
This game has realy good psychics but i think it would be a cool idea to add hands not a weird stump and it would be awsome to be able to add spikes and other thing for the levels and thats why i rate 4 other than that the game is good
The game is pretty great except for one thing: I tried to buy the economy falls bundle but it didn't give it to me right away, and I had to pay for it again, so that's a waste of money AND a scam! But other than that, I love this game!
When I had this game before it was really fun it worked and loaded way quicker than it use to but now when I have it, it just doesn't want to load it shows the warning page for too long and doesn't really let you go into the game so I would really like to know what's going on with this but overall this game really good effort put into and like I said it is a really fun game
It's an amazing game very satisfying to.push a ragdoll of some stairs i only wish for more.levels though.
Best as always!! Love the developers! Thank you Secret Exit! What a fantastic masterpiece just like turbo dismount! Absolutely reccomend this and LOVED IT
There are bugs right now the main menu buttons are all wacky. Otherwise the game is fine I like it but please fix this glitch.
I feel like this app was making me spend more time AWAY from my family because it was addictive to me. But when I showed it to my family, I knew we were spending more time TOGETHER instead of AWAY from each other. My family has never been talking to each other. And we never had a relationship. It was because we were on our elictronics all day. But because of this game, it brought my family together. (And Roblox but that is a whole different story.) I thank this game. So I'm giving it 5 🌟 s.
It wont load any of the levels, itsl takes 5 minutes just to get it started, and even when I leave the app AND close it, it still plays the music. 👿
It was fun for a little while but it got boreing and you had to buy EVERYTHING. It's pretty much a money grab.🙄😒
Hey I think I played this game 1 year ago! Thanks for a adding the money keep my money I love the ragdolls and levels
If you don't pay, the game is mostly just a glorified demo. Even then, there's not enough substance either way, and the full six dollars that it takes to get everything doesn't seem like it's worth it to me. If all the extra content was just for a dollar, maybe I would change my mind, but as it stands, it's really not worth it.
Very good and fun! (especially on android with the special character). My only complaint is that you need to pay for the fun stuff, but if you get your stuff in bundles it's affordable. I would give this game 3 1/2.
Fun in all but you have to pay for almost EVERY THING if you dont pay for maps people it is cheap but can you make some of the players free and maps