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Stacky Dash

Stacky Dash for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by BORN2PLAY LTD. located at 上海市 金山区 枫泾镇 万枫公路 2498弄 181号 2幢 1175室 CHINA. The game is suitable for PEGI 3 and required Android version is 6.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Way, way, way to many ads! I don't mind an ad every 3-5 levels, but one every level? The level takes 15 seconds to beat and the average ad is 45-60 seconds long. Ridiculous! I know the game is free, but it's not worth the amount of "ad time". The game is fun, but not with that many ads.
One of those games where you watch a ad for every other level you play... literally will spend more time watching ads then playing the game, smh. I hate games like this. I get it, the creators need to make money too, but you can choose to watch ads to double your coins, play bonus levels, or unlock characters..
Cool game, simple but enjoyable. As you go along stacks get a little more tricky and your not forced to watch ads like some of the other games played. I've read other reviews not sure why they say they are forced to watch ads when I have the choice to click to watch them. Download and play, make your own decision.
I started to like the game but there is no help on slowing down the speed. Please upgrade the game for the future, I just have to uninstall it because it doesn't let me go to next level at all or to see how many levels there are. Thanks
This would be an OK game, and it's an original idea which I like, however I am rating only one star due to the CONSTANT ADS AFTER EVERY SINGLE LEVEL. Each level only takes about 10-15 seconds to complete, and the ad runs for 30 seconds or more. Therefore one spends more time watching ads than actually playing the game. I understand the developers need to make money, but the amount of ads just makes this potentally fun game absolutely unplayable.
Nope. Downloaded this because the ad looked kind of fun, but this is not fun. The "puzzles" are so easy that it takes no effort to pass through a mission, and it's asking you to watch an ad all the time - this is just an ad farm. Do not download this one.
An ad after every one to two levels. Incredibly annoying. I don't think there's an option to pay for no ads either. It's an okay game but for this simple of a game, there's way way too many forced ads.
Whole game feels crooked, as in off camera angles and clunky controls. FULL of ads and there is no real way to fail, whoever made this was tryina make a quick buck, dont give it to them and save hours of time you would waste on ads.
While the concept is interesting there is nothing to make you want to keep playing. Played only until I'd unlocked all characters ... Less than 2 days of speradic playing. Also repetitive levels and lots of invasive adds.
*SWIPE TO MOVE* brought me here. Only reason I installed it just to give it 1 star for false advertisement on ads. Sick of these swipe to move fake ads where u touch the screen and instead of giving game play, it lands you on Playstore.
The ads in this game make it look like it can run smoothly with a big challenge and has simple charming graphics, it is a laggy mess with too much downtime, the levels in this game take 30 seconds to complete (if it wasn't for the lag) and after every game you have to wait 5 seconds for your character to go across a bridge giving you a multiplier to the coins you gain which do almost nothing but get cosmetics you spend half an hour getting but only get a random character, you cannot lose
It would be cooler if each avatar did something different after each win. It is win, ad, win, ad, win, ad etc., but they're usually only about 5 secs long, so not too bad. That said, I'm quite enjoying the game. It's more relaxing than I thought it would be. If you want a fun relaxing game with no pressure, this is it. Enjoy!
The game is fun to play and all, however, its rigit..., i feel like it lacks some other features that would maintain the fun and make it more enjoyable... like TIME for instance, where we have race against time and get to the finish line before it ellipses.
The game is programmed well. Controls are a bit sensitive, but work well. The puzzles are not very difficult, and it is a long time between new elements being added to the puzzles. Even the new elements don't really increase difficulty. I have yet to see the bonus stages, because the button to go into the stage does nothing. Likewise, the button to accept a new skin does nothing. Both buttons are supposed to launch an ad to grant access, but the ad never launches, so nothing happens.
i thought it would be a good app, (the ad is a lie) but I hate it. I can't get past level 6 because it just goes all the way to the other side which makes it so i cant go where i need to go, and i had to turn airplane mode on just so i didn't have to watch the ads. Im deleting it, worst app I've ever downloaded :)
game is sorta fun, but none of the buttons to buy or unlock things work. I can't try or buy new areas, I can't click to watch an ad for bonus gold, I can't play bonus stages etc. pretty lame. it's a bit more than half a game.
This is a fairly unimaginative premise for a game that will hold anyone's interest for very long. The controls seemed a little fidgety at times, not responding immediately to the directional flip on the screen. Each maze presents very few choices and after 25 levels I only had to restart one. I don't see this game being very intense or attractive for a considerable length of time. It was nice to try as a one-time knock-off, time filler, let's see what it does game, but I'm going on install it.
Gets stale a few levels in. It's also a shameless advert revenue money grab, but that's fine. Hint: if you have your Internet switched off when you open the game it can't force you to watch ads. I always use this trick to spite greedy game devs like this one.
Ok for what it is. Everyone knows ads come with free games, and intermittently is fine but why give the chance to say "no thank you" to doubling points/rewards to not watch ads if they're going to play automatically? If you think that's going to make you CHOOSE to watch the ad, you're wrong. I quickly dekker the game.
It's a good game to pass the time. I'm not a fan of an ad for every video but it's a free game and you can buy the ads to turn off if they bother you enough. The only reason to get currency is to get skins for your character that rides the tiles(which seems unnecessary but it's their choice to design it that way), or for a world skin, which are kinda worth it, they're cozy. But, I wish there were some kind of power ups you could buy (stop in place, teleport to certain tile?). It's decent.
Presents the option to receive bonus coins if you watch an ad - shows an ad even if you decline watching one. This is a pathetic scam. If there was actually some degree of thought process begins the levels it might actually be tolerable, but here we are: lowest common denominator - how many ads can we show?
Okay this is rlly fun but i have a problem i like playing this game but whenever i wanted to watch an ad to get something extra it doesnt work like i watched the ad but i got nothing and it bothers me A LOT cuz i'm used to watching ads to get extras when i play a game so pls fix this bcuz i love this game A LOT♡ alright that is all i wanted to say Bye 👋🏻
There are adds everywhere. All over the main screen and 30 second adds between 10 seconds of play or less. Its fun but you're going to watch 4x as much adds as you are gonna play. You can't even purchase an option for no adds. Just adds everywhere
Twice I've downloaded this game and at level two it just glitches. My kids were really upset as they seen this game advertised on another game. My 9 year old daughter the first time we downloaded it, said "you should go back to technology school and learn to make a game." This second time i didn't tell the kids and i must say i agree with my daughter. Waste of time. Fix the massive glitch and we may try again.
This is not a fun game, it often gitches and freezes in the middle of a game. When playing around the third round, the game suddenly freezed and then suddenly cut to and ad. The graphics and designs are also bad and boring. As you can tell, it is a simplistic game thats easy to play and levels don't get much harder, it gets boring really easily. Don't recommend.
Its a great game with really good animation The reason I am giveing 3 stars is because when you click skip /no to an ad it shows it anyway Thats because the dev has coded it that way as a game developer my self I understand how it works its wrong to add misconception to a game I fully understand why ads are there But it shouldn't go against what the players agree to thats a bad thing to do as a game dev trust is gone Change it and I will happily grant you a 5 star review
Stacky Dash is an easy but fun game! I really like playing it to cool down after a long, tiring, and stressful day. Stacky Dash is for anyone that really just needs to chill out, and take a break. I totally understand those who think that Stacky Dash is too easy, they just need a challenge, and that is totally fine! 👍😜
Honestly, I didnt expect much going into the game. Its brainless swiping if you could even call it that. I could barely swipe at all for that matter. I had to practicly slam my finger to my phone to get the little person to move. It only got the one star cause its ads are better then the actual game.
Just downloaded it after an ad on another game, thought it looked smooth and cool on the ad clearly was misleading as when first opened up the app I was immediately struck with an ad, skipped it, played the 1st level, very laggy, finished it, freezed so I didn't complete it, this then ended up to me uninstalling. These devs need to fix their game ASAP, I would not recommend installing. RUBBISH!
This game is a simulating game. It is not so awesome type but it's good. The number of ads is not so high. I love this gamr it depends how you see and play it. At last it a tricky game. You have to know from where you have take the dash to where you leave it.....
I'm not sure why people are hating on this app. It's a simple game, it's not something you are going to play all day long but it is fun. And it's free. That means there are some ads, but its not crazy. There are short 5 second ads before each level and you can watch a longer ad to get a new skin. Because it's a simple game most of the levels aren't very difficult, but after looking at game play I don't know what people expect. I personally like it.
It's a decently fun game when you wanna play something to pass the time but HOLYY the amount of ads is unacceptable. I'm watching ads more than playing the actual game. Round after round, I understand you need to make money off ads but I can't even enjoy the game at this point.
I gave this game a.... Meh. (1) It needs a timer to make it a challenge. (2) And it needs to give a limit on moves to make it a challenge. (3) And it needs enemies to chase after you if you take to long, it will speed up the pace of Stacky Dash in order to make you think faster. (4) Stacky Dash needs many characters that kids and adults can really enjoy. For example parodies of superheroes, celebrities, aliens, cartoons characters, least a woman in Stacky Dash and other characters.
The "player" in the ad for this game was so bad, I thought "let me try..." I wish i didn't waste my time! I was hoping that it would get challenging after 20 levels, but it is just more of the same with only minor new level features. Very. Ho. Hum. (Boring)
Don't waste your time y'all, I did it for you. This is just a means for someone to make money off all the ADS you have to watch. There is no progression in the game. Looks like all you can do is unlock skins and different back drops but the mechanism is the same. It was fun for 30seconds and that's all.
The game has a decent concept, I will give it that at least. Here is my experience with the app. There is CONSTANTLY a banner ad at the bottom of the screen, and if that wasn't enough ads then maybe the small one that is on the screen just as the level is starting is for you. Oh you want more ads you say?? Well you can watch ads to multiply or gain rewards, which you might as well do because if you opt out you are force fed an ad for AT LEAST 5 SECONDS. Then you repeat the process, don't play!!!
the game would be alot better if it could run better than my 48-year-old aunt after she broke her leg. the questions at the bottom asked if this game was sad and if it was a tank game. i answered yes because it's sad how terribly easy the levels would be if the game didn't break whenever i tried to play, and the ratings are bound to tank until the game eventually is one of the lowest ranked games on the play store. but, this was a learning experience. never download the games you see on ads.
It's really fun! I like it a lot, the skins are nice but I wish there were different levels, they just repeat over and over again after a bit. Other than that it's a really good game. UPDATE: Theres more levels! And the graphics look better, I like the fact that you can change your scenery, the new levels make the game more fun, I really like it!
Too repetitive. The game almost immediately starts repeating patterns and though they do introduce harder levels, there's no progression. You don't need to watch the ads for coin since you'll get more than enough just playing the game to open everything up. Unfortunately, it's not worth opening up.
Very good game for as long as you still have levels with differences, lots of ads that you can mostly choose to not watch. I don't imagine I'll play it for more than a few weeks, however very enjoyable while I do.
If you still run ads after someone declines from watching an ad, you're not making a fun quirky little game, you're making a dead horse. Better yet, why are you not offering an option to make it ad free for, idk, ten bucks for example? I'd be happy to pay for it, but no. Instead the game's experience is kept as annoying as possible, and you don't even have an option to unlock or get more coins, other than by ads. At least have the decency to put in microtransactions if you're gonna sell out.
Great concept. Love the fact it is not timed. It's cute and enjoyable, if you need a moment to unwind. Easy enough for most minds/ages. Could use a little more challenge. HOWEVER... if your going to give double, triple, or even five times the amount of points/coins. Please go back to basics for multiplication. I'd give more stars; however, your math is off. Please return to coding to fix it. Hope this helps.
I was playing and it kept on glitching so I thought that maybe I could keep playing and it's just my WiFi but it wasn't it was the game itself, it's also very plain and not really the best stack game ever. Well I wouldn't even put it on the top 10. But maybe fix the glitches and make the map a little bit not boring, ty ❤️
Another ad game (not a surprise there). The sliding puzzles are fun enough, but I always have issues with these games: 1) The fact you need to watch an ad to get your "free" skin is always silly to me. Maybe have the person spend coins on it (like an 80% off thing) 2) There is a shop but it is never mentioned. 3) if you do the bonus level, it is the exact same as the next level in the game, just with coins (bonus after 5 is level 6, bonus after 10 is level 11)
It's a fun little time waster but it gets old quick. [On a side note]... I don't mind watching ads(especially reward ads),I get why they have to show them,people need to quit complaining about ads and be a little more patient. The game itself, well basically... You can unlock characters & collect gold coins in very repetitive levels. I played for a few hours, that's about all I can put up with!! 3/5
Fun concept, bit the entire app is advertisements. No fun. Example: You win a match. You want double XP for that match? Just click right here for that and an advertisement. No? Ok...well how about 125% XP boost? Click right here for that and an advertisement. No? Ok thats cool, well we see you're doing well so here's an advertisement. Lol. ITS ALL ADS. No fun. Jesus.
Played all of 5 minutes and uninstalling. Having an ad play after EVERY level even after having an option to not watch an ad for extra coin, is very annoying. Only takes a few seconds to complete a level the forced to watch an af. If you must have ads, then have them play after every 5 or 10 levels.
After the 2nd level, every single level has an ad after it, and that is after AT LEAST two prompts to play an ad already, on top of an ad on the bottom. I get it. You want ad revenue. Its cool. There are better ways to do it.
I really like this game since its simple yet challenging at times, it's also fun and has a great concept. I've seen people complain about ads a lot, if they really annoy you then you can always just turn off your wifi. But overall I'd give this 5 stars :)
TRASH just TRASH !! It seems like nice game at first . But those ADS just pushed me to the point of deleting the game ! After every single round , an ad will pop out !! I would rate 0 stars but it just does not let me rate 0 stars !!!!!!!!
Like others have said this game is loaded with ads, which sucks. But my big problem with this app is the difficulty level. It is terribly easy. I'm not going to play through 100 levels just to see it finally get harder. It also feels lazily made. I will watch an ad for a bonus level, complete the level, then the next level is identical to the bonus level. Super lazy making me play the same level twice.
It's a fun game I like playing it there's not a lot of ads which is good and it doesn't glitch at all bc lot of games I used to play glitched so this is a very good game it has good grahics and great designs very fun game for when your bored it just needs music that's all great game I recommend downloading it
Downloaded because I was absolutely irritated with the purposefully bad play in the advertisements, and continued to be irritated upon opening the app. Couldn't even pass the tutorial, as nothing would even respond. What a waste of my time and space.
I don’t give reviews often but this one game is just terrible. I really liked the idea but that's about it. The game is extremely resource heavy and the ads practically make the game unplayable.
So 30 seconds per board. Ten seconds before you can stop the ad between everyboard or watch a thirty second add for rewards. Yes another one of these games built around shoving ads down your throat with weak game play. Minimal customization and simplistic problem solving. Fyi the gold boards are just next board with coins instead of tiles. So I wpuld have to take another star away for lack of creativity.
This game is good for mind numbing boredom. Not a great game and if you are smart, its just a waste of time. Honestly, it'd be better if you guys made it a bit challenging by subtracting a tile after so many tries on trying to get the tiles. I spent an hour at one point in time knowing exactly what to do to get all the tiles, just going back and forth for no reason. Nothing happened. Finally an hour later, I decided to finish the board. Nothing happened and I still got the chest and 100%. SAD.
Would have been fun but the adds ruin it. Had the game for less than a minute and imediatly uninstalled. There is an option to watch an add and double your earnings and if you press no, your still forced to watch an add. It just sucks that there are so many games on the app store that have potential but get ruined from developers who think there is no other way to make money besides loading their games with adds.
Puzzles are not challenging at all. If you give this game to 7 years old the, the kid probably will find out to beat all stages. Filled with ads (unless if you pay). You will able to unlock all the skins really easily (also the ads)
This game is amazing and fun. But it has its flows first the game is soooooooo boring sometimes there are no challenges and it's just repeating the same thing all over and over again. And don't get me started on the ads they pop up unnecessary and unexpectedly which ruins the game. The freezing in a middle of a game has to STOP it's annoying. To be honest I wouldn't recommend this game😠😠. It's a waste of time,money and space
This is really really horrible. It was really really fun at first until the game just started lagging automatically, which caused my tablet to lag every single time when I done with the game and once I play the game and when I start moving my person it starts to just lag in my screen freezes. When I try to turn off my device it doesn't work and when I try to get out my home screen it doesn't work. This is very annoying and if you have the same experience I recommend not to download it.
Game is fun. There's an ad after every single level so you spend as much time trying to close out of ads as you do playing. After a certain point there are no more unique levels .. you just get the same levels over and over again. Fun for now if you can deal with the ads, but it'll get boring here in a bit.
It was OK to start with, not very challenging, but kept me interested. After I'd got enough money to buy the skins and watched adverts to collect the additional ones, I found it slightly tedious and repetitive. Once you've got all the skins, there's no point in playing much longer.
This game is ridiculous. The actual game itself is fine, a nice brain teaser. But literally every level has an advert before you start, an advert banner at the bottom and then between EVERY level I had to watch the same 10 second video. I spent more time looking at adverts than playing the game. When will advertisers realise if you keep pushing adverts on me, it means I DON'T want to play anymore!!!!
Ads ads ads ads after every level forced to watch a 5s ad and a options to watch even more ads...gameplay was actually fun, not too challenging in the early stages, but I HATE being forced to watch 5s ads.... I'm playing for a few mins on the bus, on my lunch break etc.... Ads just waste my time and ruin the fun. Yes you need to make profit, if I could try your game more I would pay for as removal and also I don't mind paying or watching ads for power ups.
Really fun app. Slows down and lags a bit if you play too many levels in a row. I just close and reopen the app and that seems to fix it. Would be 4 or even 5 stars if the ads were after ever 5th (or even 3rd) level or so instead of after EVERY level. With levels being so short, I sometimes feel like I'm spending as much time watching ads as I am playing the game. Decrease the ad frequency a bit and it will definitely be a 5 star app that I would sink a lot more time into.
I like this game. It's a good way to sit, relax and waste time. I don't know what everyone is complaining about. The ads don't just start on their own, you have option to watch an ad or not.
The lag was terrible. Seems like a decent game but refreshing 5 times and not being able to complete second level was what did it for me. I'll try again in a couple months, maybe bugs will be worked out by then
The game itself is okay, but there are way too many ads. There is an ad after every level even after I say no to watching an ad to get extra coins or to get a higher percentage towards the next character. It is super annoying.
It's good but after every level it does an add and that's like a thousand ads in the game. it would have been a 5 star game if it didn't have any ads. It's prety boring too because you are just swiping.
Saw the reviews abt the ads, im leaving this 1 star bc i believe those, i will edit this once i finish level 1 or 2 Edit: yeah im keeping it 1 star Game is SLOW HAS HELL and is basically an ad farm would not reccomended unless u put on the fabled airplane mode
This game is kinda nice cuz after to levels a ad comes out and I am tired of and the ad takes 20 seconds to skip and please make the control easyble to use because I can not go to exit while I am right side and exit is in the middle so when try to get to exit it doesn't so that's why they are only 3 stars well it is a good game well.
Great ads, in between u can play games too, but the ads are great.. after every ad u have to play one level of the game, and unless u complete the level u can't see the ads, that's disappointing, plz remove all the levels and add more ads!!
Kind of fun at first, but it gets boring fast. Progression is so slow, it seems non-existent. You earn coins for finishing a level, but there's nothing to spend them on, and then finally, the ads after EVERY SINGLE LEVEL become very tedious.
Do not play, awful game. Seriously, it has an invasive amount of ads. Even if you tell them no you don't want to watch an ad they still try to play one, and then they are all over the beginning of the actual game play as well. Just don't waste your time. It isn't that much fun and you will end up uninstalling before level 20 unless you are a child or are some 80 year old with no understanding of fun is.
This game is very disappointing. I want it to be known that this so called "game" upsets me from the stomach out. Adverts every two minutes and this game slows down my device (just so by the way). What a waste of time, data and space on my device.
It's a pretty easy game, you can easily beat the levels. Ads use that bad tactic of being bad at the game. The game is pretty repetitive, and the skins don't make it exciting. Pretty bad game to be honest.
After a certain levels all the next levels are very repetitive! I loved playing this game but as the levels were repetitive it became less fun. There were also a lot I mean a lot of ads. Please change that.
These guys are money hungry. When you finish a level, and a character being ready and you don't want to boost the percentage, ad. Is like you are forced to watch an ad. Plus if you want to go back and you made a bad move, nothing. Plus if you swipe up way to many times, it recognizes the next move. I don't recommend it. This will be featured in part 3.
I don't really like how fast it goes when you move, and if your trying to get all the blocks so you can stack up, it doesn't let you easily do that, beacause it takes a lot of control because its going so fast. So I gave it a two.
Forced adds from the moment you start playing . The game gives you an option to watch a video after each level for x2 payout, but even if you choose not to you are forced to watch one anyway . You will be watching ads more then you actually playing the game. Top bad because the game could be fun and challenging if they wouldn't let you move back to grab tiles. Then it would make you think before moving .
The game has a basic idea, but the levels are extremely easy. There's ads after every level past level 2. You make progress towards skins by playing the game, but have to watch an ad to actually get the skin. It's just ads, there's nothing else.
The game is good. The game is really satisfying atleast for me. Its good when you really dont have anything to do. Sometimes its hard but thats alright. I didnt really have any issues at first but then the game doesnt save maybe its just me becuase i shut it off before i reach the end. I am really happy installing the game, and im sure you will be too when you install it. I really hope this review helped you
I like the game. It makes me think a little in the later levels. But still something to play while watching tv. So far the only thing I don't like is that when I got to the point where it just zips fast in the corners, it finished the level before I got all the tiles and did not give me the option to go back and try again to complete the level. I could not find a way to go back to previous levels.
Ad simulator. We all see the ads, i choose to play and give fair reviews. This game is unoriginal in the terms of excessive ad placement to gameplay. Want to just play the game instead of watching ads for bonuses? Just click the "no thanks" button that still plays ads, not to mention the 2 perma ads on screen. Peep the gross bot response that comes after the 1 star review.
This game is really fun if you play offline there will be no ads . Play if you play online there will be so many ads I would play this game offline for the best experience
Its a fun game overall. Short time killer but there is always a banner ad at the bottom of your screen and after the 2nd level or so, an 30+ seconds ad (but possible to skip after watching for 5 seconds) after will pop up every time you clear one level. If you dont mind the ads, its a good time killer. Motive of developer is very obvious which is to get revenue from ads. Its free and with no in-app-purchases but a flood of ads.
Spoiler alert: It's a puzzle.There are 3 parts to the puzzle: 1) Are you smart enough to collect every tile before crossing the bridge? (I wasn't at first, and got low scores on the first 3 levels.) 2) Are you smart enough to figure out the functions of the special tiles and incorporate those functions into your game play strategy? (I've been playing for half an hour, and haven't been stumped yet.) 3) Are you smart enough to figure out how to turn off the ads? (Just disconnect the wi-fi. DUH!)
It is really good I hate the ads but if you are patient you should definitely try this game but like it's really good anyways so anyone could like play it at anytime it's really good just one thing that I'd like to get changed or something is that when you go onto the beam like you can't control it's a bit annoying and I rather if you could but you should definitely download this game
Ohh.....So mobile Games, therw games that are scams, because The Ads are endless. This game is super fun and may seem like this game couls be diffrent not having as much, ads the first time u play but once u get hooked you CANT STOP! PLAYING THIS GAME IS LIKE CRACK. But The Ads are gonna make u wanna watch that New YT video. ALL THESE GAMES ARE MADE BY THE SAME GUYS AND THERE STUPID ROBOT VOICE APP. The ads make you want to play, its fine but dont go out of your way to get this ad filled game
Im giving this a one star rating because I don't think there are enough ads. I mean only 1 after every round, that's it? When I press on a game like this one I enjoy spending as much time watching ads as I do playing the game.
After a while the levels just repeat. Feels like the same 5 puzzles over and over again. I thought changing the background might change the levels but nope it's just visual effect. The animal skins look weird and the other skins are pretty plain. Play it to mindlessly pass time but that's about all it's good for.
Great game to pass the time. Bad thing is that the boards start to cycle back after 8 or so. I'm on 284 and the patterns are becoming the same as the last. There might be 4 or 5 different patterns. Only reason I gave it a 3. Figured the higher you went, the more challenging it got. Not in this case.
Cut back a little on the ads The game itself is, addictive, and fun to play. But after every single round. I understand it's free so you need ads. But there's 5 rounds per level. Each round it asks if I want to watch a ad to get 20% more. I click no thanks only to get another ad. It would be better if it was one ad after the 5th round.
Less than mediocre and repetitive gameplay, only meant to show yee ads and the "prizes" that are supposed to be unlockable via ads, can't be unlocked, because it won't open said ad, but then it'll show an ad in between levels instead....
Pretty okay game. For some unlockables you have to watch an ad, but that's not too bad considering that there's barely any ads otherwise. The levels aren't that difficult and get somewhat repetitive, but it's still a fun game to zone out and play. It reminds me of a fidget toy, something to just fiddle with.
This game is not very hard. I like challenging games and this isn't one. Very predictable. And just so easy. Very bland and just more or less- boring. It lags and gives me a bunch of ads. Fix this game
The game was cool I guess? It was super easy but whenever I went to buy a new character, it would take my money and not give me the character. Would not reccomend, Stacky Dash Ads are a joke, and dont waste your time.
It is too laggy and so overwhelmed with ads. If you pr gonna ask me to watch an ad to get a reward and give me an ad anyways then you better give me the reward. It's just another greedy game that wants money. I don't recommend any games similar to this.
This is a very cool game... Makes you think and keeps your mind sharp... I have noticed some of the puzzles are repetitive and thats why it doesn't get a full 5 stars.
So, downloaded the game, and after a while I noticed that I can't click on any of the videos to either get 20% more for a costume, go to a bonus stage, or even get a costume. I haven't seen any ads and am still in the free version. Guess mine glitched the opposite way as others?
It was a fun game until I realized you get an ad after every single level :( it got old quick and I wasn't for it. So I was saving up my percantages earned from levels to win a prize, but beforehand it gave me the offer to watch an ad to get the prize for free, but I decided to earn it. Well, turns out you have to watch an ad after you already have the requirements for a new skin. It's all about ads.
It was fun for 20 levels or so...but then there's nothing new. Over 250 levels done now and feel like it's repeating a handful of levels... having to watch tedious adverts for the pleasure is a bit of an insult.
I saw your ad on Tik Tok. I had to download it to make a review. The game is pretty good. The problem is that theres too many ads. Also, the ad you uploaded on Tik Tok was so annoying and it made me angry. Its because you didnt use your brain to make a normal ad. Why act dumb? Stupid ad of yours. acting dumb
This game is very irritating.... After every game the ad gets started on its own. Not for fun at all. Also it got stuck in the Middle of the level and then it got restarted which happening not only once but again and again. When I saw its ad it seems to be very fun to play but after playing this game it seems to be very irritating.........
Cute concept, simple and reasonably well executed. But doesn't even offer a way to purchase ad free, and absolutely bombards you with ads. There is an active ad on screen at all times, forced ads between every level, and multiple different "watch an ad for a reward" prompts. It would probably be worth 3 stars if it offered a way to get rid of the ads, but its clear they only made this game to earn ad revenue.
THIS GAME NEEDS SOME MUSIC !!! , at some point u can't get all the squares and u need to watch an add to get the costumes and the bonus round and the coins u get are actually useless . But when u are bored to that point , u can play this game just to pass the time P.S this game really needs music , like it just vibrates and that gets annoying real fast