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Stack Crush Ball

Stack Crush Ball for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by Lucky Games Dev located at Hongkong. The game is suitable for Mature 17+ (Sexual Themes, Simulated Gambling) and required Android version is 4.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
If there will be option of giving 0 stars then i will give it 0 rating. Useless game. It is a scam to fool the people. They will not pay you. They are always out of cash. Don't ever install it.
The game is nice but the issue is that I can't withdraw the money I earn there always on a countdown "out of stock" for days now, upon the data I wasted on ads. Mtcheeew very annoying. Let me uninstall it
Fake app i can't redeem my mony which i won..i tried Many times from last 4-5 months but i can't take away my money so this is a fake app they make us fool.
Game is not intuitive and the controls do not resemble the advertisements. Even with the "instruction manual" that I have only been able to find on the app page and not on the app itself, I keep getting a ton of game overs. The reason? "Don't break or touch the black stacks" despite the ads clearly show the ball BOUNCING ON the black stacks until it reaches a different color so that it can break through again. Literally the only benefit to that is that I can get a bonus for reviving a few times a day, which step of course requires watching more ads.
He very exciting game play game n earn money your paypal account this is best app so download this app n play game to earning money πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’°
This is a waste game,waste of time, after playing 4000levels I had reached 10$,but I am unable to cash out.. It's annoying..altime it shows the timer, says no cash available now, everyday it shows no cash available,that's it,it doesn't give cash,it never also..app not for earning money only just for fun,don't install for money,just only for time killing..
SCAM APP! DO NOT DOWNLOAD! I used to play the game everyday. As you reach closer to the cash out amount, you get lesser rewards and when you are just about to reach the amount, you get no rewards. I switched to playing the scratch cards. There also the same scam. When you reach closer to the cash out tokens, you stop getting them.
This is a very easy and good way to earn money but I have a reason for cutting 2 stars 1st star because this game says in the middle of the day out of cash come back tomorrow 2nd star because for every single thing there is are ads... Hope if this review helped all people..... Peace✌✌✌
Its very exciting to play this game,and so easy to finish the level.happy to playπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜‰and worth it to use this app😍😘😚😘
The game is nice, and enjoy. But that was so disgusting. I played last night, my cash is $15.96 then now is $15.56. so where is $0.40? Please dont stole my reward. I will always play everynight. Please Fix this issue. So that's why i'll give you 1 star for temporary. If i cashout $20 i will give you full stars. Thank you .
It's fun and very easy. If you want challenges, this isnt the game for you then. No challenge at all.
No cash ? Only time. 1500 complete. Very bad this app. you selfish dog, pig,animal retray tray again. Vosribale . Don't install this app
Every time I try to play this game it works until I complete the stack then it FREEZES UP AND STOPS WORKING !!! I uninstalled it. Too bad because it looked like fun !!
This is the biggest form of fraud and false advertising I have ever seen! So I finally hit $20 and it said ut was out of gift cards come back in 2 hours. 2 hours later it tells me to come back in 24 hours! We have to agree to terms and services but you don't have to hold up your end! I will be contacting my attorney to see what can be done about your propostrus actions! You people really disgust me!
How do you earn money and redeam it im very confused. But beside that the game is pretty fun and i enjoy.
They fooled you. I suggested that never installed this application. I am telling from my personal experience. Once you reached the β‚Ή1400 and apply for cash out it will not work. I am very disappointed with this application. I spent 3 months on this app to reach β‚Ή1400 and now the game development not accept my payout.. NEVER INSTALL THIS GAME PLEASE πŸ™πŸ»πŸ˜ πŸ˜ πŸ˜ πŸ˜ 
It was good, until I reached the required $10 payout amount, then for 3 days it said it was out and try back the next day, and today when I log in it tells me I need to get to $20 to cash out! And the coin amount is also insane. After playing for nearly 2 months, I'm at 1 million coins and need 6M to redeem. Waste of time.
It show the time as lastest 10min but it is not true at that moment it changes to 24:3:00min this is vast app in this play store. And more one thing my friend has submit but there donot received money there said 3day to be credit but it have been not cerdit 2week completed this is vast app donot download it
i tried several times to withdraw the $20which i wasted my time for 5months and it wont let me..says network error.i tried to email customer service,no response.dont download this app..its a scam!
Its amusing fun, but rewards are tiny 2 cents and 5 cents and after 3 to 4 wins a message pops up stating, "There's no more money to win today, come back tomorrow." WTH? Played less than 30 min. If game is ad supported and player watches ads, responds to some, why code a stop on rewards? Google should stop that. If a grown player wants to play all day they should be able to get rewards all day or explain why not, explain the ad and rewards model and scoring. No games on PLAY explain.
It's so fake that you'll even notice it via the advert. If there's quarter star, that's what this app deserves and that's because one can successfully download it, nothing more. Such a useless app.
After earning money I have tried several times to claim money, but while doing so network of website shows error. This is a fraud gaming app which claims earn money. But it is totally false claim.
Worst app ever.. I haven't got any money and it is really very difficult to earn πŸ’°20. So it's my suggestion to all the new users who wants to earn Money by playing this game do not install the app. Fake app 😀
This the totally worst app when i was arrived at 1400β‚Ή and try to take away it is always show countdown again and again , all my wasted we don't have any money to eat i thought that it would help some time, i used to spend whole time on it and the money is not getting depleted psl help me sir i need my money why you don't understand i always try to submit information about me it can't be submit
Took about a month of playing everyday to get 10 to cash out.... however they seem to always be out if stock... even logging in 10seconds after "restocking" and still out of stock... had high hopes for this app but seems to be another let down.... update 2-7-20...was on the game when the restock timer refreshed... within 5 seconds I clicked to cash out and was told they were out of stock already... dont waste your time if you are expecting to get real money from this app
Game is good but lucky draw scratcher is of no use because we never get the match from any one of them. And there is a option of redeeming the cents but no help ,how to do it. In advertisement it says we can get the cashout in paytm but it always ask for paypal account. Need huge improvement. Should be country option there along with their monry symbols to withdraw the reward easily.
Waste of time.. After reaching the amount $19.99 it says there is no amount wait for 24 hours.. Continuously it saying like that.. Dont install this game dont waste ur time.. Worst app
Im very disappointed !!!when you reach $10 you will see "out of stock comeback later""and also the time is running, waiting for 24hours to finish to start withdraw your money but the time finished to run they will automatically back to same time 24hours.!!? i suggest not to download this game very wasted time and effort...hyssst!!!!
Don't bother downloading this adware app! It keeps opening on its own even after I closed it. It keeps enabling itself after I disabled it! This thing is damn too intrusive! It takes ages to reach the payout limit without knowing if you would get paid! Stay away!
This game is bull. I have reached the $9.95 mark. The cash out is $10.... I have updated the game in case that was the problem... lo and behold it was not. Which is disappointing, hoping above all else that they'd be honest but no. It's a game programmed to fail. To which I am now deleting it. Thanks for th e interesting game but if this game is designed to work then it would work without having to send a ticket in to report a problem.
Worst game i have ever seen this game sucks i am playing this game for past 10 months i have successfully completed 10dollor and trying to redeem for past 5 months but i can't it says network error please try again later don't install and don't waste your time if you think you can earn some money with this app.
Earned $1.79 in the first couple hours of getting this app. Nice except for the fact that I was told that there was no money left. It would be there tomorrow it said. I went there tomorrow and without playing a single level and the timer had reset to 24 hours again. I kept checking for almost a week now and can't get a single cent more much less the $10 to cash out. Great money making potential but without the app's timer working, its useless.
I purposely didn't give a review until I was ready to cash out. Dont expect to reach the goal quickly, took me a month. Game itself is pretty chill. I then spent 2 weeks attempting to cash out. I watched the timer go from 1 second, cash out oh oops make that 24 hrs. The fact the game developers wont even pay out a measly 10 bucks is pathetic. Especially considering how much they are making with the commercials. 100% a scam, which is a pity bc its actually a fun game.
The game is fun, so if all you want is play then you can install this app.... but if you wanna earn real money, don't waste your time with this app coz the money thing is definitely a scam. I have accumulated enough balance to cash out and now it keeps on telling me it's out of stock which doesn't make sense to me.... uninstalling it rn!
All app made by Unity is just a waste of time. Because when you reached the certain amount needed to cashed out, it will tell you that it's out of stock or either you have a problem with your internet connection. Do not trust any of their games. It's a scam. They are the ones who can only earn from it.
It a little bit difficult, the ad too is too much and the cash is small. I give 4 star because it fun even without the cash
Update: scam app. I finally was able to select Take Away. But you can't upload the information they want. I can't cashout. I have over $20 and you have a specific time to cash out, but it won't let you. I had 7 min to go and then all of a sudden it jumped to 24hrs. They don't have redeemable rewards available, it's a scam app.
Game is good and I reached target but I can't withdrawal 1400$ I need your help.your game rule wise I waited 7 days but not happen withdrawal .i try withdrawal lot of time. It's say error and try again later. "Make it true your words get rich with our money game."
I play this game for a month but it didn't give the money that I earn πŸ™„ . Don't download this app it just waste your time
One of the useless App on Appsstore. Fake and useless Ads. Never install thid App. It will only waste your data for nothing. All it offers are fake, you cant redeem anything. At a point you might even get stuck for months just to make sure you cant redeem anything. Big fools
Worst Experience, do not download it for money, because their minimum criteria is 20 euros to withdraw but after reaching 19.50 euro they will stop giving you a euro. And to earn 19.50 euro you need to spend minimum 4 months. I wish I could meet this game developer and **********.
This game is amazing and it helped me a lot because I had a chance to get money and buy my dream phone the iPhone 11 pro max so if you do not have this game like what are you doing with your life download this game now.
Awful. Ads between every level, and every time you mess up. The longer you play, the less cash you get. After a few levels, the amount you get for finishing cash levels is cut in half. After a few more, bonuses disappear. I was stubborn and just wanted to make it to $10 and cash out. It should have taken about 2 weeks, instead it took 2 months. Now that I'm at $10, when I go to cash it it says that they're temporarily out of cash and to check back tomorrow. πŸ™„Ok... Waste of time.
Honestly, i love this game.. i always look forward for playing it everyday. But its just happen that the money i earn in daily task is not added in my earnings.. the money i earn too in every 5 game, it doesnt add in my earning.. hope you can fix this for me.. If you dont want your players to earn, then just make another app that doesn't earn money
The game itself is fun and nice graphics but it has too many ads and very little earning and doesn't look like you can cash out
Very worst game and its developer they are just misleading the people stating that you can win $10 but message displays that " out of stock " come here later back what is this non sense. my time gone waste. this only fruad games. I do not recommend such fraud games personally to everyone as they displaying ads on worth of time and money participants. Very worst game..........
Read the review before installing it. The price is solid fake the app store should remove this game and the other games that has fake price
A lot of problems.. 1. After every stage ads start automatically 2. Didn't show how to reedem coins 3. It was showing collect Rs 700 to cash out through paypal, after that it is showing collect Rs 1400 to withdraw. 4. Don't even know what will happen after reach Rs 1400 target. 5. Didn't get Rs 1 till now for real. I played this game only for real money.
This game is rigged so that you have to keep playing. The limit to cash out is $10 and I have $10.51. When I went to "cash out", the game said it was "out of stock" and it gave me a 24 hour timer. That was three weeks ago and I still can't get my money. I even waited the last two hours of the timer and when I pressed the "takeway" button it restarted the 24 hour timer. I just want my money.
Fake, Scam, Don't Waste Your Time Guys, No Real Money You Get With These Game, They Just Show You Money And Pull Money By Advertisements, 100% Fake, Just Report These Kind Of Games
Fraudulent app!! Game is a good concept however downloaded for cash element. Reached the cash out amount but unable to cash out. 24hr timer resets with 5 mins left saying out of stock...currently on third 24hr period. Watched a lot of adverts so have made the company a lot of money, but no cash out available. The app is a scam. Do not waste your time!
I am very dsappointed, I already reached 510php but I can't claim it because it keeps on saying out of stock. You need to wait 24hrs, I waited a couple of minutes when it's just 4 minutes late it refreshed and became 24hours and 4 minutes. This is a total waste of time!!!!
It is so good. If you are ever bored you know where to go. Just go to Stack Crush Ball. The only thing is that they show too many ads. Pls I think you guys should set that part.
This game from the beginning was ok, but on getting to the point of where u r able to get ur money, it misbehaves.. For the past 2 weeks, it has been telling me to come back in the next 10 hours for the game..it's just pure scam and am sure its owners earn through the ADS.. i have uninstalled the app..that's just what they wanted.. They earn through the ADS, then they fustrate u to the point of where u uninstall the useless game,and dey have nothing to loose.. Suckers..
Was a good app. But had money saved and was playing to try to get to the point where I could withdraw but the was not ae to.
Initially this app was simply loving addicting. But, when I completed Β£10.62 , it did not allow to withdraw cash as per game rules. Instead it started behaving awkward. After 15-20 days, when opened the app (being demotivated I stopped opening the app, and thought to uninstall ) all of a sudden it awarded me Β£8, making my total earning Β£18.62. Surprises are still there. Now they are refusing to allow me earn further money. Last 10/12 days it is showing no cash available. Is Google reading?
I have reached Β£19.97 and to cash out Β£20 is required. Now since few days, it showing daily that maximum price reached today. Come tomorrow to collect more cash. Even I am filing a police complaint against this app
I love this game and i played almost everyday and earned 1500β‚Ή but it's not letting me to cashout the same . Whenever i try to cashout it always shows countdown and it's been a month I'm trying to cashout . I would love to rate this game 5 star but because of this issue I'm just giving 1 star. I want some one to resolve this .
The game was good. The problem is in the "prize." I took a long while to get to my "cash out." I tried to cash out and get notice; "out of stock, back here later!" With a countdown of 21 hours. Next day...same thing...through a month and still lied to so I can watch the ads they get paid to advertise and pay with but won't pay. If you are playing to get paid don't come on this app. Plenty of other apps that actually pay out.
The game itself is good. But do not expect to earn real money just playing this. I played this since yesterday and im on level 116 already. at first its good to see that every task you completed they gave you reward even just a dollar cents but when I earned to the amount of $11.59 it freezes there even I win more dollar cents it didn't added. so if your goal is to withdraw cash by playing this its too far away from happening but if for enjoyment then well its really fun to play.
Very disappointed this game is nothing but a scam right before i reach my goal to cash out it all of a sudden has no network telling me to check internet connection but i have no problems with any other games or my internet service. Won't allow me to cash out nor collect the money to build up. It has been this way now ever since i reached the $10.00 collect paypal. What a joke would give a 0 star but that's not an option. Stop false advertising.
Good game to make money. Not hard if you keep up with the challenges daily. The game itself is pretty fun aswell. Update: I now have 17.12 in cash. It is no longer giving me money in daily rewards. Don't know if it's a glitch or what. I still do recieve small amounts in completed levels. However I still hopes this issue can be fixed.
It's a big con. Get to the cash out level and they double the minimum so you will never get to cash out. Dont waste your time if you want the cash !! Daily bonus payouts dont pay anything and scratch cards and spinner not available ??? If you do get lucky to get to the cash out you still dont get paid as you cant send the info they request so give this one a BIG miss !!
This is not a game app, it is a scam app when I was near to the $10 reward then it moved ahead. And, now it is not providing money while I am struck at $14.75 from last five months. This company is earning too much money by advertisements which will come with every second or third click. This is absolutely disgusting.
Very discouraging app. I never earn more above 1380β‚Ή. After the 1380β‚Ή the next day I opened the app it starts with the popup as "no cash today comeback later". I am very disappointed because playing more than a month. Kindly fix the bug and give a solution to use your app regularly.
So frustrated in playing this app. When I reach the $20 and tried to redeem it several times it always gives me a message saying "network error, please try again later". After all the effort I spent they won't give it to you. Such a waste of time.
It's a fun game but please don't lead the people letting them think they can cash-out once they reach a certain amount. At first, I already reach half way of the $10 threshold for cashing out buuuut surprise surprise. When I checked the pay out, it suddenly says I have to reach the amount of $20. The cash-out is obviously a SCAM. Looool gimme back all the time I wasted watching the advertisements.
same situation with other users when i try to redeem $20 always "connection error" if there is 0 rating i would give it, but there is no option so i give 1 star. this game is fun but when it comes to earning don't waste your time they are not giving you a money.
This app.! Was wasting your time!!! When you closely reach the required amount to cash out. It becomes smaller and smaller reward that they gave. When you are there they not let you cash out. Its a SCAM!! THE DEVELOPER of this game was only paid. And we pay them by playing it and watch the advertice. Wasting time.
They are doing serious fraud with the game upon our data that we were using playing it... To withdraw my $20 is now a problem after much efforts on the game and introducing it to friends It's pure rubbish to be Counting Days for me to get my withdrawal done
After level 700 it's give only 0.50 or 0.70 rupees some time reward completed but no money added in my wallet please fix this problem before I uninstalled this game
Chodu banave che....bhosdina ek rupiyo pan nathi redeem karta......madarchod aapno time invest kari a loko rupiya kamay che.
Fake app .I cannot redeem the money which I won through stack ball crush. Showing internet problem only at the time of submission, because they are actually not willing to give money. Then why are you offering money for winning game. Don't install this app.
I gave this one star becoz I can't send feedback without rating. This games is the most usless games I ever played in ma whole life it says that it will help u earn but it doesn't help. Minimum withdrawal was 1400β‚Ή and I read till 1356β‚Ή and now what happened is whenever I opened the game it says that there is no cash available come tomorrow. Please dear friends don't download this game it will just waste your time and data be aware of this game........
I'm halfway through being able to cash out and the game decides to "freeze" my earnings. It doesn't add up my new earnings anymore. Just stuck at the same amount even after playing a couple of levels already. I hope they could fix this. Edit. I was able to play until about 470php but when I checked the amount needed to cash out it's now at 1020. Last time i checked it was just 510 wew
Very worst game and its developer they are just misleading the people stating that you can win $10 but once you complete after 2 months in reward section message displays that " Out of stock" come here later back what is this non sense.my time gone waste .this only fruad games.I do not recommends such fraud games personally to everyone as they displaying ads on behalf of their clients earns money however there is no worth of time and money for participants . Very worst....
I try for ,3 days...but only ,12$ only.but im try play for another 3 days to cash out..but im trying to play liget or no...
Do not waste your time is a big scam game. And after reaching your limits starts glitches and Timer will never stop and u will not be able to withdraw funds. 'I lost mine' and Developer filling up their pockets' #scamapp
I love it.But when ever we finish a level and want to unlock a skin it shows that we have to watch an ad and when we want to unlock it,it shows that the video isn't ready.That is why I gave you four Stars.πŸ€—πŸ˜’
I'm so disappointed ! I want to cash out my money in this game but it doesn't work . It always say put a valid phone number, I put my three phone numbers but it still doesn't work ! I hope you guys can fix it.
Fun game but...The game starts and then in the middle of you playing, the game shows a pop up that says continue to collect your winnings. The problem is you only get passed level one, every other level shows that message that pops up during the game. Maybe thats what the developer wants so they don't have to pay you, and just push ads.
I have made $20 but it's not cashing out... It gives me the time of 24 hours to cash out but next day when I try to cash it out with the relevant time it doesn't shows take away but next 24 hours get started. This games sucks.worst game ever..pls. Pls. Pls. Help me to cash out.
Very interesting and fantastic application this is the very fun game if you are new you should try this game this game is very mind blowing and the sound is so satisfying this game is amazing that's why I give ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐. Thank you