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Spotlight X: Room Escape

Spotlight X: Room Escape for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Javelin Ltd. located at Osmussaare tee 8, Tallinn. The game is suitable for PEGI 3 and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I thought it looked interesting, but right as I used the correct password for the safe on the first level, I got an ad that I couldn't exit out of. I left the game and came back, and it didn't save the fact that I had entered in the code. I tried again and the same thing happened. I can't progress.
I was surprised and happy to see a new installment of this, played a Long time ago and just found it recently and was happy to see the story continue, very fun, will rereview later
Excusme! THE ADS IT SO ANNOYING, actually this is a good game , but the ads it's covering the gameplay hhh
So far it's really good other than the fact that when you get something right you will have an add pop up
Finished the first game and needed more, so I downloaded this one. I love finding all the clues and figuring out how they all fit together!
Just finished my first room. So far so good.Great graphics and smooth interface. I'm enjoying the game.
Yes! Yes! Yes! I love the progression of the game so far. I love mystery games and this is my favourite. Would defs recommend.
Great game...and the people complaining about ads...turn off data to not see ads...as its not an excuse to not play such an amazing game
I just finished the first chapter so not that far but so far I am really enjoying it. Glad u can get unlimited free hints you just have to watch a video each time you want one. Not too hard. Hope it won't make me pay for things later on and if it does I will be uninstalling it
It's amazing nd fun nd really challenging I rated it 4 stars only because When something happens the game just litaraly says "something happend" nd then u dont even know what happend plus the first spotlight game was waay better the levels were longer and more challenging nd detailed nd we used to gain stars based on how much time we spent not by finding things this one is too short the game play is so fast nd it has no logic
This game is absolutely nonsense. when I click on any object for any clue nothing will happen, but when I click with hint in same object I will get the clue. They are making more money by fooling us. Also most of the puzzles doesn't have any sense. we are forced to click hints. Forced ads. This is really a potato game ever developed.👎
Not bad. In nightfall ch1, was somehow able to bypass the puzzle behind the picture with vases and exit stage.
Bruuuuh. The game went from challenging and interesting to "makes no absolute sense". Some puzzles are nicely logically connected to each other. While others make ABSOLUTELY NO SENSE! I could not have figured it out some without hint or youtube tutorial. They are that bad. Not that im not capable or something, they are just illogical. And some useful items are hidden in the corners of the actual game buttons so that you wouldnt even try to tap them while there are ton of useless stuff all over.
In the latest level, change the hint on the paper to 12=1*2, 37=3*7 etc because the current hint 15=3*5 is throwing us off from the actual solution.
The most crapist one iv played, tried everything and doesnt do anything. Why make a game when you cant even get past the first level
Absolutely great escape room game. I enjoy passing the time by playing these games resulting in losing track of time altogether. First series of Spotlight chapters were a little better IMHO. I've played them all and can't wait for new chapters!!! Additional chapters say "coming" ??!!! I'll test beta to feed my addiction. Give me more! Also played escape room apps from Escape factory but not as good as Javelin Ltd.
i think i found a bug in the game. in the first level of the second chapter I can't put the code in the safe, and if i ask for a hint (a free one) it takes me back to the safe, and the completion percentage goes up without doing anything, yet the code is still not added in. if i go for a hint again, the same thing happens. could you please look into it?
I'm giving it a 4 because I was clicking on objects that might be a clue and nothing happened. But when I click hint it was the same thing I click on but it worked after I click hint so very weird. But I like it so far.
Hints don't majd much sense, the clues don't seem to add up, there's a paper that tells you x * 100 + 1356 that doesn't seem to be used for anything, and misleads you into using the glow number for the sum, which doesn't work. It also closed down on me 3 times in 10 minutes for no reason. The previous spotlight room escape was so much better than this. This feels cobbled together with no finesse. Could do better.
Some of puzzles make no sense at all, its like they rushed to put together a game that makes no sense, more like 0 stars.
It seems like it'd be a good game, but I couldn't make much progress before being Interrupted by an ad that I couldn't close (there was no x) and the first "free" Hint was not free I had to watch an ad. If these issues were fixed then I think the game would be playable, until then no thanks.
It is a fun games and i love it but one time when I was playing and had to get off it just removed all my progress otherwise 5 star
The level shadow has a mistake...face down triangles counts as 9( 4 single triangles 4 double triangles 1 biggest triangle) not 8. Great game 👌
Finished chapter 1, so far so good. It can be difficult to solve puzzles sometimes, but hints are useful.
I gave this 4 stars because the first few rooms were really good, they made sense, it was challenging but still kept you going. Absolutely loved it. However, these last recently added rooms felt lazily made, it's random and some of the clues are so far fetched, if you do figure it out it's almost annoying that that's what they thought would be a good idea to incorporate. Please make the next rounds as well as the first few.
Fix your hints every time I go to use it it switches to a black screen and shows there's no video.. I got to use the hint button once!
I very much enjoyed it. I did have to use a ton of hints but my intelligence doesn't usually lie in the obvious lol. Despite that it was very fun. The ads were short and entertaining. So theres really nothing to complain about there. Ill be keeping an eye on it to play more levels. Keep up the good work yall.
I am sorry but from all the escape game ive played, this one mostly doesnt make sense at all. Some of the puzzle rlly need more hint and logical hint so that it can be solved. Nobody can just guess what should we do with just a little hint (which cant be called a hint, cuz its not helping much). I love that u want to make smth difficult but at least make it more plausible to be solved. Also, some objects have such dark colors that it cant be seen easily😩
Devs, be more careful with the adds you allow on the app, they are distorted without X Button. Can't play the game past first add.
This game is really good, I understand all the puzzles and the story is pretty cool, but everytime I get to the briefcase and unlock it an add pops up and I can't exit the add. I have the X button but it doesn't let me leave the add. Fix it please!
Was scary asf...and took the ads were obnoxious...but other that that a really great game. The only thing I would suggest is making it a little more kid-friendly-ish?? I'm probably just a sissy baby lmao
Good graphics but deleted once I figured out the game doesn't have controls. Add a thumbstick to move around, crouch button to let the person crouch to open a lower drawer, etc. Add an option to switch back to the original version for people who prefer it. This would make the game 10x better & keep the player invested in the game for hours! It will also create a big step from basic escape room games where you navigate in boring pictures with no character to control, like this one.
I love escape games, however this one is hard to use. Also I'm not sure if it's red herrings, but I sometimes end levels with extra stuff.
Worst game ever I spent £20 on hints and some of the puzzles and clue are really hard to play as they make no sense.
It's very a very nice game, I like playing your games especially this spotlight x I would suggest if u can add animations. Keep it up!
The game is good. I would have been happy to pay up front instead of suffering ads until the remove option presented itself. Worth the price, though.
May i ask? Is this a game or only a trash? ..Why you have to use a video to show the hint? Can you just directly show where should i press the hint if i stuck.. And some of the stuff or clue or thing or whatever it is ..its useless..i'd play this game and honestly i lil bit disappointed which some issue i can't submit it..i dont want to say more..just i hope it would be good game in the future ..
This team makes the best escape puzzles, hands down. I love the background music as well. Spotlight 1 music was better but overall this game is pretty dam good.
Good, but Spotlight Room escape was better. (It seemed more logical & felt like there were more puzzles/conundrums per room in the previous game.) Despite this, I'd recommend playing it (These were amongst my first foray into the 'escape room' genre!) I'm awaiting further rooms with anticipation!
This game is so amazing but I would love if it was multiplayer so me and my brother could play together it's one of my favorite games right now so keep up the good work and I highly recommend this game to anyone :))
The game is great, but way too simple in comparison with the 1st part. Don't simplify your games, instead get rid of illogical and confusing puzzles like "clocks in white collar" in 1st game, or "art critic" in 2nd. About the latter, do you know the conventional meaning of apostrophe? It means "skip", or feet or minute. Since when apostrophe means "remove the digit"??? If you invent unconventional meaning to punctuation mark, you have to explain it somehow, we can't read what is in you mind
The time difference between updates is nowhere close to justifying the amount of content in each and the story seems to be going nowhere. Would be better to just have a single mega update and end this misery.
So I try to type in the code to open the picture frame then it takes me to a Denver mattress add that I can't exit out of. It won't let me continue furthure into the game.
I don't know whats wrong with this. I had watched walkthrough also and they had also done the same and they are successful but when i had done that its not working and its not also because of differnt country. The way they had done I had also done in the same manner then also its not working. Please look at this.
Intresting game...the clues could be slightly easy to see but i suppose that brings the fun...would recommend to any mystery game nut out there...they can see us X.
Not bad, don't like the having to watch 2 ads for a hint, but at least the puzzles I can salve, hopefully I will be able to finish the game with out having to pay to continue
Way to much ads, look like you cracked a code, here an ad as a reward. Here how to improve, have ads at the beginning or at the end of the level.
What makes people say the puzzles make no sense? I mean, yeah, there can one or two of these in any game, but the majority were substantially easier to solve than those of "Spotlight 1". The difficulty is the THING about "Spotlight", it's not supposed to be solved within seconds or even minutes. But hey, that's just my opinion.
Dissapointed. I thought the people giving this low stars for not making sense were just bad at the puzzles. But the the puzzles are outragious. In the nighttime level of chapter one we get a ton of shapes and numbers. None of the shapes end up used and the code that I was given (had to watch 6 ads for the hint) didnt even line up with the numbers provided. Someone said the game tries so hard to make the levels difficult that it becomes unlogical and impossible. They were right.
Big downfall from the first game. Grafics are improved, but the gameplay is not as good. There is no indicator that I'm pressing buttons, othert Han the sound, thatI often cannot have on. The biggest problems are the ads, after I open the safe in the first room there is an ad that I can't exit from, so j have to force shut the game. I managed to pass that only by turning my connection off. It also happened after I opened the suitcase, I have no intention on shut-in my internet off. Fix it, pls
One of the best puzzle game ever. Takes time to understand but when you start understanding, it's like copy and paste
Weird aspect ratio means the game is not full screen; there is a 2cm black bar on the side. That, and a big persistent ad. At the bottom made me uninstall within 20 seconds.
Pretty good game, nice puzzles and escenario, a little bit harder but thats what the game is looking foor lol
I was really excited to play this but have been getting more disappointed with it. Some of the clues make absolutely no sense regarding where you are in the level. The light panel in the lastest level is beyond frustrating and is always a different combination so even when watching a walkthrough it doesnt help. Games should be fun not frustrating.
All-around good "escape" game....! Great graphics and backdrops. Good story and logical progression. Most anyone can complete these with a bit of "outta-the-box" thinking... Well done and keep'm coming !
At first I didn't like it but as I went along and play I got the like it even better and I love it I wish there were more games like this for free I love the escape games that real make you think about things and I just love this cake make more games like it
Too many ads. I guess you are suppose to play this offline and only go online for hints. Because you get ads everytime you solved a puzzle. I like that you can do extra things to get 3 stars but you can still continue without them. Puzzles and story are pretty good, just make sure you play offline if you don't want to see ads. It's a decent game.
It's a fun game and definitely challenging but It's difficult to follow the story line and there's way too many ads.
I am so hooked on the Spotlight series of escape games! The price is fantastic, plenty of gameplay, and the puzzles are good. I would compare it to Glitch Games but without the long storyline or all the manuvering from one end of buildings to the other. Tons of puzzles and some are very challenging. The puzzles are real puzzles - not "put random item A into weird location B then combine with hidden compartment C" - but actual logic based puzzles.
LOVE these games! The puzzles are challenging; I like picking at them during doctor appointments or other down time. I'm currently stuck at an electrified gate. Solved the puzzle several times but there is a glitch....so I can't move forward. Can this be fixed please? Thx!
the levels have about 5-10 ads in them if ur watching them for hints as well (about 3 minutes worth of ads are needed to get a hint). other than that the puzzles are often dead-ends, there are leftover items in ur inventory at the end of the level, and often there are hints that mean nothing and aren't needed for completing the level. some puzzles don't even need to be completed. and in order to get stars u need to complete random tasks. there's hardly any story other than "escape"
Not very good overall, but it's made worse by one ad that I can't exit out of. (I understand very well that's it's a free game and that is why you have ads, my problem is that one of the ads can't be closed when ended making it so I have to close and reopen the game that is the issue, I repeat not the the fact there are ads but that one can't be closed that is the issue.)
Well .. seems interesting. Unfortunately in first episode after solved briefcase, advertise appeared without change to close it. Restart of game didint help. So im done in first episode.
It's a fun game nd the puzzles are real puzzles but the ads cover the whole screen with no x out button Ive had to exit out the app multiple times because of this nd I've yet to get pass the part I should've already passed because of this.
Good game the game is scary att the start of the game I started the game it's scary with the front door when the hoody guy pops up on my face
Keypad to door in level 3 not working ... I got all the clues to the password already, but when I try to press the numbers on the keypad next to the door, it doesn't work, can't press even one button at all.
Very simple and mysterious plot. There are a variety of challenging puzzles that really force you to think. Great game to pass time.
The puzzles were not intuitive at all, and in a lot if cases I would not have been able to get beyond a level without reading a walkthrough. But what really drives this review down is the complete lack of being able to beat level 6. The Activation code on the key card? The Activate button know the computer would not work. I even read the full walkthrough to make sure I didn't miss anything, and still it wouldn't work. Uninstalled without finishing.
Awful. Not a single button on the safe lit up or showed, the puzzles are dead ends and after a while I found myself rapidly tapping the whole screen and found absolutely nothing. Opened the office, but that's as far as I got. No answers to any questions and just all rounded, really really bad. Might just be incredibly hard, but I'm very good at puzzle games and even I just couldn't crack it.
Decent game but it is locked every so often with ads that are not videos, are un-closeable, with no timer, no fast forward and no "X" in the corner, it just stays there. The frequency of ads is not an issue but when that paticular type of ad pops up, it makes the game unplayable. You have to close out the application and boot it again, then you are required to re-do whatever task you were working on before the Ad locks you out because it doesnt save what you were doing right before that.
Spotlight was great so just started spotlight x. Fun so far. Hoping theres a ton of rooms free keeping me busy form a month like the others. Update: awesome game. Tons of free, ad free levels with lots to explore. Very Challenging puzzles at times which i LOVE.. Cant wait till you update more levels.
So many ads everytimes I solve.. I finish and solve all except last chapter projector hint and note hint not make sense at all. Not hard but not make sense at all.
Every time you solve a clue, you get an advert. There is an advert banner across the bottom of the screen!! Too many adverts.
Seems cool but also seems to play an ad after every puzzle solved? Or often? Which isn't in itself a problem since I understand free games have ads, but the issue is the way the ads are displayed - there's no X or "close" button for me to close them. I've tried shutting down the game and starting it back up and it often puts me back before I solved the puzzle and when I solve it again I'm back with an ad I can't X out of
I really love the gameplay! The setting gives me the feel to escape. I'll look foward to see more like this game!
DEFINITELY NOT AS GOOD AS THE FIRST. The original was very detailed compared to this one. You can even notice in the number locks. Not as much effort put into this one. The chapters are also too short and sweet. Solved all of these in a little over a day. Little easier too. Still a very good game. Puzzles were still unique. The three little easter eggs you have to find to get all three stars in each chapter was fun. I guess I'm just angry because I was expecting much more.
Still beautifully made, but levels are shorter/ shallower than on the prior volume, and less intuitive to solve. Had high expectations that weren't quite met.
This game is so much fun. Little or even no money is needed to play. I am hoping that there are many more made by this company. As an avid "adventure game" player, I would say that this game is in my top ten.
It is the first time I try Spotlight games and I really liked! The puzzles were so fun! I am really waiting for the new levels! Keep it up ★
Such interactive gameplay 😍🙌🎉. Its like being in a movie and watching it at the same time! Spotlight rules the role-play gaming platform!
Ads on the screen horrible choice . pop up ads when i unlock or go in a room that i cant even close because the x dosent show ... Half of the screen is dark . good game horrible placment
I like this game. It kind of calms me down. The graphics are awesome and I like the challenges. There seems to be a story which makes it even cooler.
This game is amazing, everything about it is superb the graphics the game play, I love this game. Well done to those that made it.
Poor, got stuck on the case even though I'd entered the correct code, I hadn't removed the paper from the wall. Not thought through before releasing
This game is fun but the ads is too many. Sometimes, no x button on ads so must force out the game and start again. Like the first one better than this. In order so no ads while playing, we must pay. Its so annoying and expensive.
In 2016, I rated the original 'Spotlight' game 5 stars saying it was one of the best games I had ever played. 5 years later, 'Spotlight X' is pretty much the exact same game but the escape puzzle game genre has evolved so much it's left it in the dust. This game is trying too hard to be hard and puzzle solutions often don't make sense which makes this game not much fun to play. I couldn't wait to be rid of it and uninstalled after 8 levels even though there are more levels still to be released.
Some of the puzzles are just not at all self explanatory. Even though I'd find the right things and materials and understand what is needed- the explanation of how to use (i.e. numbers) was just bizarre and difficult. I couldn't even finish the game either because it would glitch and not allow me to put the stencil on the number grid. Even though I knew the answer- the game has a halt mechanism that wont allow you to move forward unless you complete exactly the sequence of actions. Deleted.
Can't even get past the advert :( either doesn't fit the screen and I can't see the skip or continue, or it's stuck!